Anal Sex At The Football Game

I have wanted to tell this story for a long time now. And with football season about to start again, I just have to get it out. It was last year in November during an Oakland Raiders game. I was sitting drinking a beer when this drop dead gorgeous blonde walked down my aisle. I tried to make eye contact and she gave me the ol’ “not if you were the last man on Earth” look down her nose.

Well that made me want her even more and so I stared at her perfectly round ass that swayed in a short dress with each step. As she turned I saw her huge boobs were barely contained by the low dress and I wondered what in the world was she doing here? I got all my buddies to check her out and agree she would be one hell of a hot fuck.

The next thing you know, she is standing at the front rail leaning forward, giving us all a good look at the shape of her ass and the thong splitting her nice round cheeks. She was leaning forward to show off those big boobs! And half the stadium was watching them instead of the game, including my friends and me.

I got a brainstorm (in the head between my legs) and said “let’s go down there” to my buddies. She was much too caught up in the attention to notice us surrounding her. In fact she hardly noticed me grinding my hard cock up against her ass at first. When she did notice she also noticed the crowd of guys pinning her in and also that everyone in the stadium would see if she made a scene. So, she whispered “bastard” at me while smiling down at the crowd and leaning forward to make her boobs jut out even more.

Knowing that I had the advantage, I edged her dress up until my hands could roam her soft white ass cheeks. She pushed back with her ass (like that was going to scare me off) and I replied by pulling my stiff cock out of my pants and pressing it between her ass cheeks. Her eyes went wide at that but just then a TV camera focused its attention on her and she again became all smiles for the crowd. This was way too much to pass up and I pulled her thong aside so my cock to probe at the opening to her pussy.
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Shadows In The Dark

“Christ, Bill! Did you bring the whole refrigerator?” Gail cried out as Bill hauled the third cooler from the back of his Dodge Caravan.

“I didn’t want anyone to go hungry!” Bill called back, and then reached in for yet another cooler. “Or thirsty!”

“He’s got a metabolism like a rabbit,” Lara, Bill’s wife, explained as she came around the back of the minivan, her long red hair whipping around her waist as she moved. Gail walked up to them, holding out her able hands.

“Gimmie somethin’,” she requested. Bill handed her the smallest cooler. Clinking and clanking noises came from within it. She raised one of her eyebrows at Bill, who grinned as he bent down to pick up cooler number one.

“Wine,” he explained. “We had a few open bottles and figured this weekend would be a good chance to finish them off.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Gail said as they headed up the short path to the lake cottage she and Rob owned. It was a hot July day. The sun was bright in a perfect blue sky, its rays bouncing up off Owl Lake’s mirror surface. Lara was eager to get into its waters. The humidity was thick like syrup in the air and was already making her body damp in the short time she had been out of the air conditioned van. She threw her backpack onto one shoulder and bent down to fetch cooler number two.

“Need help?” Rob, Gail’s husband, suddenly called as he stood right before Lara like a genie who had suddenly popped out of his bottle.

“Uh…yes,” Lara stammered as she found herself glancing straight up at Rob’s crotch. She took her eyes away from it, giggling.

“What?” Rob wondered, tilting his head like some mammoth Saint Bernard.

“Your package is right in my face, Rob. Thanks for the view,” Lara explained. Rob’s face turned a slight shade of pink as he started laughing.

“Oh, shit, sorry. I didn’t mean…”

“It’s alright, you big lug. Help me carry this stuff.”

They headed into Rob and Gail’s cabin. This was the first weekend everyone could make a trip together, and they all seized at the chance. The cabin was massive, with four bedrooms, two and a half baths, sauna, greenhouse, large kitchen, dining room, great room, den, and a Jacuzzi on the balcony outside the master suite. The floors were all hard wood with some area rugs, apart from the bathrooms, which were carpeted. The decor was Native American. Lara gasped as she walked through the front door and cast her eyes upon the open staircase and the great room that lie beyond, deeper in the house.

“Oh my God! Gail! This is fantastic!” Lara shouted, setting down the cooler for fear of dropping it.
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Head Cheerleaders Anal Cherry

The year was 1994. I was 18 years old and about to graduate high school. The prom was only a week away and I did not have a date. I was an average looking guy. I was 5’10, 190 lbs, short dark hair, and dark eyes with a decent build. I guess my best quality was tucked away in my pants. My dick was nearly ten inches long and very thick. Having had a girlfriend in private school for three years, whom I had just broken up with, word had not really spread throughout school about my goods.

Through out my senior year I was in love with the Jeanine. She was the captain of the cheerleaders, the Student Government President and had been elected homecoming queen easily back in the fall. However, she had been dating this guy named Dan and I figured since they had been together for two years, they were never breaking up.

Much to my surprise the week of the prom, Jeanine & Dan broke up and Jeanine was now dateless to the prom. I seized my opportunity and asked her to go. Since we were friends and she knew, I too was coming out of a relationship, she figured we would have fun.

The night of the dance, Jeanine looked gorgeous. Decked out in a black strapless dress, that ended two inches above the knee, her 34 C tits were well accented and of course her blonde hair and blue eyes started giving me dirty thoughts as soon as she opened her front door. To make matters worse, Jeanine was wearing this sexy red lipstick and all I could think about was what it would be like to have her luscious lips wrapped around my dick.

I got a limo for Jeanine and me since she did not want to go with her friends because Dan would be there with his date. I took her to dinner and then off we went to the prom. In the limo we shared a bottle of wine and we were both feeling very good as we entered the prom. I was loving life considering I had the hottest girl in school on my arm.

Jeanine was also a member of the school dance team so needless to say she was a fun date. It was during the song Rump Shaker by Wrecks N Effects that I knew our night might get interesting. Freak dancing was huge at the time and during this song I was behind Jeanine who of course at the start of the song was grinding her ass on my cock. I could not stand it and got full erect almost immediately. Jeanine reached one hand behind my neck and pulled me in and whispered into my ear, “Easy tiger.” As that song ended a slow dance came on and of course Dan came over and asked if he could cut in. Jeanine said no, and of course Dan made a scene. I suggested he go back to his date but instead he pushed me. So I clenched my fist and clocked him in the nose. Jeanine smiled and thanked me, a few others patted me on the back, but the principal suggest I leave.

Jeanine and I got in our limo and she immediately grabbed face and stuck her sensational lips on my mouth and kissed me deep. Her tongue darted into my mouth and did amazing swirls. It was with out a doubt the best kiss of my life. She tasted so sweet and I wrapped my arms around her, held her tight and enjoyed her tongue in my mouth. As we were kissing, I could not help myself and had to grab her ass. It was so firm and of course the perfect size. I mean after all, she was a cheerleader and dancer. She stood 5’4″ weighed 115 lbs.
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Angela Gets Gangbanged

Let me relate to you what happened to myself and my lovely wife Angela a few years ago. I will start by describing us; we are both in our mid-thirties and enjoy an active sex life. Angela is 5’3″, 110 lb. 34c-23-35, has shoulder length curly blond hair striking blue eyes and a face reminiscent of Anna Kournakova. Having never had children her body is smooth and tight, like a 20 year old and is frequently mistaken for being much younger, her I.D. is frequently checked when we go to a out drinking.

Our adventure started when she related an incident that happen to her just before I met her when she was 18 years old. She was traveling with some friends when they stopped off in New York City for a visit. While there she met this black man named Lee. He was quite taken by Angela and asked her to go back to his place. She had never made love to a black man before so she was turned on by his attention and told her friends that she would catch up with them later. They went back to his apartment and made love all night. She enjoyed herself so much that she contacted her friend and told them that she was going to stay with him for a while and to go on without her.

Now the idea of my lovely woman making love to this black stud was enough to really turn me on, but nothing compared to what she told me next. It turned out that he was a pimp and after a few days of showering her with attention he somehow convinced her to participate in a gang-bang involving three men. The idea of beautiful Angela being ravished by three strangers got me very excited and I blurted out, “Boy, I would really like to see an instant replay of that night!” Angela was surprised by my reaction but judging from our hot love making that evening she asked me if I was serious. I told her I was and before long we were planning on how to make this happen. We decided to try and contact Lee and miraculously we were able to do just that through directory assistance. It turned out he was still in the sex business and might help us. After viewing a nude picture of Angela we sent him, he told us he could arrange to have this happen for us. We picked a weekend and booked our flight to New York.

Lee met us at the airport and drove us into his apartment in the city. As we unpacked he fixed us some drinks and we sat around and chatted. Lee was now a large middle aged man with a shaved head, not bad looking and very sure of himself. After fixing us a second drink, his mood turned serious, he looked at Angela and said:

“If we are going to do this I must insist on your total submission and that you be my whore for this weekend. You will fuck anyone and do anything I tell you to do, is that understood?”

Angela lowered her eyes and said, “For this weekend my body is not mine, it’s yours to use as you please. I will screw anyone and do anything you say.”

Lee said to me, “There will be interference from you, no matter what happens. These men have agreed to let you watch and we want no trouble, O.K.?
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Reluctant Wife

I met Peter when I was at university and we started dating. Peter was studying for his doctorate and was six years older than me. Our relationship developed and I spent my final year sharing a tiny flat with him and a friend of his.

Although I was not a virgin when we started dating I was not very sexually experienced. The early years of our relationship were wonderful and Peter took me under his wing and gave me lots of new experiences. Three years after we left uni Peter proposed to me and we married the following year. Life was good and I developed as a woman, opening myself up to the experiences Peter gave me.

He was much more worldly wise than me and had much more involvement with the opposite sex. He taught me about oral sex and encouraged me to masturbate in front of him and in turn he masturbated for me often ejaculating over my body. Peter introduced fantasies into our lovemaking and we would fantasise about having sex while someone else was watching us. We went on holiday to a naturist camp and he loved seeing me naked in public. As time went on he tried introducing me to anal sex. I was not keen on this at first and found it rather uncomfortable but he was very keen so I persevered and got used to it. Over time I actually grew to enjoy it.

I was twenty nine by the time Peter started to suggest that we put some of our fantasies into practise by gong to a swingers club. I say ‘our’ fantasies but in reality they were his fantasies . For some time I would not agree to it but over time through his persistence and my desire to please him I started to weaken and the fantasies started to focus on us visiting a swingers club where we would have sex in room watched by other men and women. Peter would drop constant hints and found a club in Manchester which he said would be perfect for us to try out the fantasy as part of a weekend away.

Eventually and with great trepidation I agreed to visit the club with him. We arranged a weekend in Manchester and booked a hotel not far from the club. I had agreed to the visit with no obligations on me, just to see how things developed. We arrived in Manchester on the Saturday morning and had a nice lunch but all the while I was growing more and more nervous about the visit to the club. In the evening as we got ready to go I was a bag of nerves so Peter opened a bottle of wine which in my nervous state I drank far too much of. By the time we were ready to leave I had finished most of the wine and was getting quite tipsy.
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Maggie and Sam

I was sitting at the bar and staring down into my cocktail, trying to ignore my roommate. Julie was all over this obnoxious frat guy, playing with her skirt and pushing her tits into his face. I was pissed at Julie at the moment and wanted nothing more then to go home. Normally I could identify with Julie, we were in college after all and she was one beautiful girl, not a physical flaw on her. I on the other hand was the “cute” friend. A little too short and a little too much hips. Maybe it jealousy on my part but Julie had a string of boyfriends that she treated like shit and they still lined up for more. Almost certainly she would go home with whomever she wanted. While I seem to always end up fighting off some drunken asshole or going home alone.

Just as Julie was getting ready to leave I noticed Sam in the corner. Sam was Julie’s last boyfriend until he caught her cheating on him. He was this awesome guy who treated her wonderfully. I always was attracted to him but he was dating my friend. I got up and sat down next to him.

“Hey Sam, How are you doing?”

“Hi, Maggie.”

He then slumped down into his drink. I could see him taking glances over at Julie. He looked so miserable. I wanted to reach out and grab him and kiss him. Tell him that he was better then her but I just sat there in silence. A voice came from behind me

“Mags, Billy and I are gonna hit the dance floor. Why don’t you come over and dance with one of his friends? Oh, hi Sam.”

She was being so obnoxious. She was rubbing this new guy in his face. I was disgusted and apparently so was Sam.

“Good night Maggie.”
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An XXX Story

The door slammed shut with a BANG. I pressed her sweet physique up against the now shut door. I slipped my hand in between her arm and her waist and flipped the deadbolt over with a small click and grinned. “All alone now” I whispered in her ear and felt her body squirm in excitement. I slid my head down her neck and gave her a kiss, placing the hand I had already behind her on her ass and the other to her breast. She grabbed my face with a moan and planted her lips on mine. The kiss was delicious, a twist of passion and lust all mixed up in saliva that spread to the both of us.

I pulled away from her and grabbed her hands, leading her to the bedroom. She followed happily, ready to move on to stage two. By the time we reached the bedroom we both barely had clothes on. I was left standing awkwardly by the bed in just my boxers, erection at full force inside, wanting to be unleashed and she was just behind me scantily clad in a bra and thong, neither leaving a whole lot left for the imagination. No more did she reach the bed then she pushed me down onto it playfully. I scrambled up to the top of the bed, barely laying my head on the pillows before she landed gracefully on top of me, straddling my body with hers.
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New Sensations

The department store was practically deserted for a Saturday afternoon. Caroline had spent the past hour in lingerie and must have tried on twenty bras but still couldn’t find just the right one. The problem, she knew, was the size of her breasts. They were just too big. The truth was, her whole body was just a little too bulky at five foot seven and one hundred eighty pounds.

The fitting room attendant brought her a couple more bras to try on. Handing them over the half door she assured Caroline, “These have some serious support and are still a little sexy, try them.” Caroline tried one on. She didn’t much like it. “Why can’t it look as beautiful on me as the model on the package?” she complained to herself. She knew the answer, the model on the package is a size five and wearing a 32B version of the 38DD Caroline had squeezed into. It felt like a rubber band. She tried taking it off then, but the hooks, all four of them, seem to be caught and twisted around a loose thread.

The fitting room attendant had introduced herself as Margie. Margie was no more than 21 years old, Caroline figured, and wore a size two skirt. She had little or no boobs visible to the naked eye. Hell, she probably didn’t even own a bra herself. “How would she know anything about fit and support?” Caroline groaned to herself, then asked Margie for her help.
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The Pool Player

For everything there is a first time. This story is about the first time my husband, Patrick, and I ever partied with another man. Patrick and I talked about opening our marriage, but until that night, it was just talk. But we knew it was only a matter of time before we went all the way, before we invited another man into our bed, into my pussy!

It happened kind of suddenly. We were out at a club, shooting pool on a Tuesday night. The club was quiet, with a total of about twenty people in the entire place. We played leisurely games of eight ball. I enjoyed teasing Patrick with both my words and my actions. I guess I should explain how I was dressed.

Whenever we go out, I always let him pick out what I’ll wear. I started that for a good reason. If I got a man too interested in me, Patrick couldn’t say it was because of how I dressed, because he picked out what I wore. That night, he selected a black leather skirt, with seven buttons up the back, hose, garters, four inch spikes, (which he always called my fuck-me pumps, and a red satin blouse. No bra, no panties.

I must admit, I did look hot! My 38DD breasts pushed against the satin blouse; my nips were clearly visible. Knowing they were so prominent got me hotter, which made them stick out even more. I started the night with five of the seven skirt buttons fastened, and the blouse was buttoned completely except for the collar. I intended to reveal more skin as the night wore on, but for starters, I wanted to leave a lot to the imagination. This club has three tables, and we were playing at the far end, nearest the rest rooms. The only other game was on the opposite end. As the night wore on, I made trips to the restroom, mostly to adjust my clothing. Each time I came back, there was one less button on my skirt and one less on my blouse still buttoned. By ten that night, I was down to two buttons on my skirt, and three on the blouse.

My long legs were flashing each time I’d walk; my tits were there for anyone to observe as I’d bend over to shoot a ball. I’d had my eye on one of the shooters at the other table. He had his eyes on me. Or maybe I should say on my breasts. He looked down my blouse each time I bent forward to shoot, and Patrick told me that every time I’d bend over the guy would wait till I shot before he’d continue his game. Yeah, the boy was interested.
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The Bride Confesses

Can you imagine how it feels 2 months after your wedding to discover that you’ve married one of the biggest sluts in town?

I didn’t find out until she let me know that we were expecting our first child.

“Darling, I have a confession to make and it’s going to test if you really love me as much as you say you do.” My wife said to me after dinner one night.

“Cindy dear, you know I do love you very much. What do you have to tell me?” I asked inquisitively as I held her hand.

“Honey. I do love you very much. You’re the only boyfriend I’ve had that’s treated me like a lady. The only one that respected me for the real me, not my body. You really are the man of my dreams. The husband I’ve wanted and needed. The man I’ve wanted to be the daddy of my children.”

Listening to wife made my head swell mentally. I pondered what was she leading up to, but I was enjoying the ride so far. She went on.

“I didn’t tell you this before we got married for fear of losing you darling. But, er, well I lied to you. I did have sex with someone before you.”

“Oh, I-I see.” I said softly, not expecting that this was the path she was heading down. “What was his name? Have I-I met him yet? You know with me being new in town and all.”

“Well, actually honey it was with more than one fellow.”

“Oh, er. W-Well, have I met them?”

“Well, you’ve met several, but not all of them.” She replied looking deep in my eyes.

“S-Several. A-All of t-them?” I gasped.
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