Flirty Wife Pays The Price

The Christmas season was fast approaching and that meant another Christmas work party. I had been looking forward to this for weeks as I wanted to show off my new husband, Tom. Tom and I had been married eight months ago, and while it was my second marriage, it was his first. My name is Jenny and I’m 39 years old, 5′ 7″ tall and I weigh 125 lbs give or take a few. I’ve never had children and have worked real hard to keep my body in shape. The five days a week at the gym had kept my 36-25-33 body very firm and I took great pride in the stares I received from men wherever I went.

I get along really well with the guys at work. I work as the Marketing Manager for a small firm and report to the VP of Marketing named Jeff. Jeff was a pretty nice guy who left me pretty much to my own devices when it came to getting my job done, and I really appreciated that. For the past few months, I had gotten quite friendly with a number of guys who like to flirt around. I’m getting quite good at the flirting game and didn’t see anything wrong with it since they all knew that it would never go anywhere. This week, however, the guys were getting a little bolder with their comments, asking me what color underwear I was wearing, or how much they wanted to see my tits and how they couldn’t wait to get me alone at the party. Of course, I just played along and told them there was only one way to find out about my panties and how much fun that would be, but unfortunately my husband would be coming to the party too. We all laughed and went on about our business.

Anyway, Tom had been in Europe on business for the last two weeks and was arriving home today, Saturday, the day of the big party. It was around 4 pm and I was lying in the tub surrounded by bubbles. I began thinking about being with my husband again and quite innocently let my hand trail down my body, over my full breasts, along my flat stomach and eventually between my legs. I wasn’t thinking about anything when my fingers found their way to my clit. I let out a little yelp as my fingers touched it and was more than a little embarrassed when I realized what I was doing. I quickly got out of the tub and toweled off. I wrapped my towel around my body and set to work with my make up. I knew I looked good and wanted to look my best for Tom.

I dropped the towel and looked at my body in the mirror. Yep, I still had the body of a twenty year old. I put on some deep maroon; lace bikini panties with a matching bra, along with black stocking that had flowers around the top. The hugged my thighs tightly and I again admired myself in the mirror. I slipped into a black silk dress that came down to just above my knees, but was split on one side all the way to the top of my stockings. I was still sexy at my age and I knew it.

Tom’s plane was supposed to land about six-thirty which was the same time as the party, so we decided that he would meet me at Jeff’s place, a multi-million dollar estate on the edge of town. He had really been a pain in the ass about the party for about a month, telling me how much he hated things like this. I basically told him tough shit; that we were going and that was final.

I arrived on time and was greeted at the door by Mike Stallings, one of the company Directors who I had been shamelessly flirting with.

“Well, well. Don’t you look sexy tonight, Jen,” he said slurring his words a little. “Where’s Tom?” Obviously he had started a little early on the booze, but what the hell, it was Christmas.

“He’s flying in from Europe tonight; should be here soon,” I answered with a smile.

“Well come on in,” he said as he leaned towards me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. I noticed that he didn’t waste the opportunity to look at my cleavage as he did so. “What can I get you to drink”, he asked.

“How about a martini, dry,” I said as Phil Johnson came lumbering up with a leer as he looked me up and down from top to bottom. “Hey, Jen. You look good enough to eat, girl,” he said with a big grin on his face.

“Hi Phil,” I said with a return smile. “I’m sure you’d like the taste too. Too bad Tom’s on his way I laughed.”

Mike was already back with the martini so I took a couple of sips as we walked into the main living room. I no sooner got into the room when my phone rang. It was Tom, telling me that he had missed his connection in Berlin and wouldn’t be getting home until Sunday night. I was really pissed off so I walked out into the back yard as we talked.

“Damn it, Tom. I know you missed that flight on purpose. You made no secret of the fact that you didn’t want to be here tonight,” I said rather nastily. Of course he denied it and we fought for the next ten minutes. I finally hung up the phone disgustedly and finished off the martini. I walked a little farther out into the garden with tears falling down my face. “Damn him,” I thought as I realized we had just had our first fight. I sat down on a bench in the garden and cried a little, when all of a sudden, Mike was there with another martini.

“Here, this might help” he said offering me the drink. “I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but over hear your fight with your husband.”

He offered me his handkerchief and just sat quietly until I stopped crying, finishing my drink at about the same time. I told him how embarrassed I was and that I didn’t want anyone else to see me like this. He told he’d get my purse and makeup for me if I wanted to go the guest house on the other side of the garden to get cleaned up.

“Oh thank you, you’re so sweet Mike,” I replied. I made my way to the guest house and waited there for Mike. It seemed like it took him forever, but he finally arrived with the purse and another martini. I thanked him and went into the bathroom to clean up as best I could. When I came out, Mike was in the living room waiting patiently.

“You ok,” he asked as he came over to me and gave me a hug.

“Yea, I’ll be fine. He just pisses me off sometimes,” I said matter of factly.

Without saying a word, Mike leaned back and kissed me lightly on the lips. I know I should have known better, but I wasn’t in a good frame of mind, and the alcohol wasn’t helping me think clearly. I returned his kiss. Mike’s tongue entered my mouth and danced with mine, as my head swirled from the alcohol and the feeling of a man pressed against my body. Finally I regained my senses and pulled away.

“Mike, we can’t……..I’m….Tom….,” I stuttered.

“That’s OK. Nothing will happen if you don’t want it to happen,” he laughed. “I couldn’t help myself. You’re so damned sexy, Jen.”

My head was all mixed up and I needed to sit. Mike sat next to me on the couch and I started to talk about my marriage. He just leaned back into the corner of the couch while I talked. Once I was talked out, I leaned against him with my back to him and put my feet up on the couch. Mike put his arms around me and held me without talking.

“You’re so comfortable,” I moaned softly. Mike leaned over and kissed me on the neck as his hand moved up to cup my left breast. I snuggled closer and moaned softly as he kneaded my breast. I had been flirting with Mike for weeks now and this just seemed so comfortable. I decided to enjoy the company and closed my eyes, smiling at the thought that he would find me attractive at my age.

Before I knew what had happened, Mike had my dress unzipped and off my shoulders, expose my lace bra in the dark room. I turned and kissed him as I fell into his strong arms and surrendered myself to him. It didn’t take him long to shed his clothes and my dress, leaving me feeling so sexy in my lacy underwear and stockings.

It was dark but I could feel his hard cock press against me, bringing me back to reality.

“Mike, no I can’t,” I whispered.

“We don’t have to fuck,” he said. “Just let me feel what it’s like to be inside you. Then I’ll stop.”

“But that would be cheating'” I said confused.

“Not if we don’t make love. I’ll just lie inside you for a minute and then we’ll get dressed.”

I didn’t say anything so I guess he took that as an ok. He laid me back on the couch and pulled my panties to one side. He moved slowly forward until his swollen cock head parted my lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god,” I groaned.

Without saying a word, he slipped the head inside my pussy. Damn he felt so good that I just lay there waiting for the rest of his cock. Because it was dark, I couldn’t tell just how big he was, but it was certainly bigger than Tom’s. He pressed forward ever so slowly, giving me every chance to stop him.

“Are you sure this is ok,” I asked between deep breaths.

“Honest, Jen. This isn’t cheating unless we really fuck,” he said as his cock slid further into my sopping wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh god, your sooooo big, Mike,” I stuttered as he drove farther inside me. Finally I felt the head of his cock press against the back of my pussy just as his balls laid against my ass. “Perfect fit,” I remember thinking to myself. True to his word, Mike just lay there as my cunt twitched around his throbbing cock.

“That’s enough,” I hissed.

“You’re right,” he replied like a true gentleman as he began to slowly pull out of me, leaving a big void where I had felt so completely filled. When just the head of his cock was left inside me, he lifted up on his knees and said loudly, “Now.”

In that instant, my eyes shot open as lights suddenly filled the room at the same instant that he slammed the entire length of his cock back into my cunt. The sudden shock of him filling my pussy again and the sight of four other men, completely naked, standing around the room with hard cocks jutting out from between their legs, drove me over the edge.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH fuck, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,” I screamed out as my body was racked with a violent orgasm. Mike just laid there with a look of victory on his face as my body thrashed around the couch, impaled on his rigid cock. “Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh god, I’m cummming, I’mmmmmmmmmmmm cuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmming,” I screamed. As I began to come down from my high, I looked around at the smiling faces of Jeff, Phil, Danny, and of course, Kevin, the CEO and owner of the house. Then as if hiding in the shadows, another man moved closer to the bed. I was shocked as I saw that it was Tommy, the two college graduate that I had hired a few weeks ago. My god, they were going to let a subordinate fuck me as well.

Mike started to move in and out of my cunt ever so slowly as Tommy pulled out a video camera and started to film our lovemaking. It was too much and I pulled Mike down to me and drove my tongue into his mouth as I began to push up against him to meet his thrusts, fucking myself on his beautiful cock. I guess it was too much for him to handle as I felt him stiffen and begin to pump his hot cum deep inside me.

“OOhhhhhhh fuck me,” I groaned as he shot stream after stream into me. When he was finished, he pulled out and high fived Jeff as he moved between my legs. Before he could enter me, Kevin grabbed my wrists and pulled me up on the couch so my head was hanging over the arm. Jeff moved up and drove his cock into me with such force, I screamed out again. Jeff was thicker than Mike and seemed to stretch my cunt as he drove forward.

“God, I’ve never been so filled with cock,” I screamed. “Fuck me damn it, fuck me hard,” I begged as Kevin shoved the head of his cock in between my lips. He slowly forced his cock into my mouth until I thought I couldn’t take any more. Then he grunted,

“Come on bitch, take it all.” He grabbed my tits and shoved hard until his cock head popped into my throat. Everyone started to cheer him on as he began to forcefully fuck my throat. In the mean time, Jeff was slamming his big cock into my pussy like a madman. It didn’t take long for both of them to cum hard. I swallowed as fast as I could, but I couldn’t keep up with Kevin. Finally, the cum shot out of my mouth and down over my face until I was completely drenched with cum.

They both laughed and pulled out, but before I could object, Phil sat on the couch and lifted me up and onto his cock. I was facing towards the room and the video camera as I sank onto his throbbing cock, again letting out a primeval groan. I was acting more like an animal now as I began bouncing up and down on his rod, my face completely covered with Kevin’s cum. Phil reached up and filled both hands with my tits as he pulled me back onto his chest.

“Damn you’ve got beautiful tits, baby. Tell me how much you want my cock, baby,” he urged.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Phil. Fuck me hard. Make me cum like before.”

“Do you love my cock,” he asked.

“Yes………’re soooooooooooooooo big. Fuck me Pleeeeaaaase,” I* begged for the camera.

“Bigger than your husbands cock,” he asked.

“Yes.Yes……’re sooooo much bigger than Tom,” I cried out as I thought about my husband and what he would think if he saw me right now. My body shook violently with another orgasm. I shut my eyes and didn’t see Danny until I felt him try to shove his thick cock into my pussy beside Phil’s cock.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……..,” I cried out as I realized what was happening. Too late. Danny slipped inside me as my cunt stretched to accommodate two big cocks. “Holy shit,” Tommy cried out. “They’re both going to fuck her at the same time,” he laughed.

“aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh,” I grunted as they both began moving in and out of my cunt. My body was in one long continual orgasm now as one of the guys zoomed the camera in to get a good shot of my double fucking. They fucked me for what seemed like hours before they both cried out at roughly tha same time, filling my pussy with more hot, sticky cum.

Danny pulled out first and rolled off the couch laughing as his cock began to wither. I rolled off the side and laid there with cum running from my pussy, down my legs and onto the couch.

Kevin stepped forward and took the video camera. Then as if he was directing a movie, he ordered Tommy to move between my legs and lick up their cum from my legs and pussy.

“Hurry,” Kevin ordered. “I’ll zoom in and get a good shot of you cleaning up her cunt. Then you can have her ass if you want.”

I felt sooooo used as Tommy did as he was told. I had never had a man eat me after I had fucked another man, but I have to say I liked the feeling it gave me. Tommy slurped noisily as he lick up as much cum as he could find before finding my clit. I didn’t think I could cum anymore but I was wrong. I started trashing around the couch as I grabbed his head and pulled him to my crotch, fucking his face for all I was worth.

The rest of the night was a blur, as Tommy did my ass while Kevin fucked my pussy and Jeff fucked my mouth. I think each one of them did me at least three times, never missing a second with the camera. At about 4:30 in the morning, I showered and got dressed, leaving the mansion and heading home. That was the first time in hours that I thought about Tom. I vowed never to cheat on him again and prayed that he wouldn’t find out.

But later that day, I realized how easy it would be to break a vow. The doorbell rang and when I answered it, the was no one there, just a small package on the door step. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to find a video tape inside the package. As I stood there looking at it on the dining room table, the phone rang.

“Jen, this is Kevin……didn’t you get my little present,” he asked as he chuckled.

“Ye….Yes,” I stuttered as I stared at the tape.

“Good. Now be a good little girl and put it into the recorder while we talk.”

I was in a state of shock as I popped it into the recorder and turned on the tv. “Ohhhhhhhhh god,” I moaned as the screen filled with the image of me sucking on a big, hard cock. I was on my back and you could actually see the outline of his cock move back and forth in my throat.

“Now,” he said. “Lets talk about you’re new job at the office!”