Wife Learns To Make Creampies

As we prepared for my upcoming office party, Tammy looked for some pie recipes.

Tammy is my wife and she also happens to be absolutely beautiful.

As she looked through her cookbooks, she kept frowning.

“I can’t find any good recipes. They all seem so average.”

I told her to try the Internet for some ideas. She wanted to bake a cream pie or something like it for the party. She sat down at the desk and began typing.

I heard her say, “Oh my gosh!”

When I turned and looked at the computer screen, there were some pornographic pictures on it.

“I don’t know what I did?” she said.

I looked at her search and she had spelled “creampie”. I told her that she had left off a space between the two words.

A creampie must be something that is X-rated. I also noticed that she still hadn’t closed out the search. In fact, she seemed mesmerized by it instead.

“Can you believe this stuff? It says here that a creampie is when a man ejaculates inside a woman and then they watch it drip out,” said Tammy.

I leaned over her shoulder and hoped that the topic would get her excited. I knew we had plenty of time to fool around and I was always ready.

I said I wanted to see what she was looking at also.

As she scrolled through, she stopped and clicked on a site and said, “Let’s see what this is all about?”

This was unusual for her. Tammy and I never looked at porno on the computer together. I could tell that this was getting to her. I figured I’d make a move on her soon.

The site that she had clicked on had pictures of beautiful women who had semen running out of them.

When she saw a picture of a woman squatting over the mouth of another woman, she said, “Oh that is so nasty. Can you imagine being the woman underneath her?”

I figured I’d just go along with what ever she said. So I told her that all that cum must be nasty tasting.

She turned to me and said, “How would you know?

I meant the two girls being together. Not the taste of the cum. You don’t mind it at all when I swallow it. Do you think it’s gross for me to swallow your cum?”

I figured I’d better fix this or else she’d never swallow for me again. I told her all I meant by that was that there was a lot of it.

She said, “So you don’t think it tastes bad?”

I reminded her that I wouldn’t know.

She seemed satisfied with that answer. I thought I was off the hook.

She kept looking at this particular site and then clicked on the story button. Moments later she told me, “There’s a story about a husband who will eat his wife’s creampie here.”

As she read it to me, I stood behind her and rubbed her tits. Her nipples were hard like pencil erasers. I kept rubbing them until she got real hot.

I got an idea and moved around in front of her.

“Why did you stop?” she said.

I told her to scoot forward in the chair and relax. I knelt down in front of her and between her legs. I lifted her sundress and leaned forward.

When I found her panties, I saw how soaked and fragrant they were.

I heard her say, “I’m so horny.”

Of course, I already knew that.

As I removed her panties, she lifted her feet up to assist me. I slid them over her legs and then I removed her sandals. As I moved in to start eating her, she asked me to stop.

“Get under the desk and eat me as I read. This way I can pretend you are really eating my creampie. This is so exciting.”

This was very out of character. I loved eating her box but this seemed like she was using me to get her off as she read porno on the computer. None the less, I slid under the desk.

She pulled her chair forward and slid to the edge. “Now hurry, please eat me!” she urged.

I leaned in and first inhaled. Her musky fragrance was overpowering. She was trimmed up and glistening. I pushed my tongue in deep. She was so hot and juicy. I heard her start moaning.

I sucked and licked her through several stories, not just that one. Finally, she must have put the mouse down because she grabbed both sides of my face and pulled me into her.

“Ohhh… here I cum. Suck my creampie. Swallow all that cum” she cried.

She was still fantasizing about being eaten with a load of cum in her. I never saw her so excited. I sucked her clit hard and then went back to her hole while I used my fingers on her clit.

She came harder than I’d ever seen. Her pussy clenched my tongue as she gripped my head with her hands and between her thighs.

She finally let go and I tried to push the chair back so I could stand up. My cock was as hard as a rock.

Instead she pushed me back and said, “Where are you going? I want to read another story.”

After one more story and her having one more orgasm, she let me crawl out from under the desk.

“Reading this stuff gets me hot. If you’ll eat me from now on under the desk while I read, you’ll definitely get lucky more often.”

I nodded my approval and pulled my shorts down to present myself to her. I was desperate for relief after the nearly forty five minutes under the desk eating her wet box.

She stood up and pushed me into the chair. She kneeled down and began to lick my pole. It was leaking cum and bobbing in the air.

She engulfed my prick with her full red lips and slid them down until she had me completely in her mouth.

I felt her tongue sliding from side to side on the bottom of my cock. She started massaging my swollen balls as I gently began thrusting into her mouth.

She kept up her rhythm as I kept up mine. I knew that after a few minutes, I would have to explode.

I told her to stop, if she didn’t want me to cum yet.

She pulled me out of her mouth and said, “Please, cum in my mouth, I want to taste you.”

That was it. She slid me in deep and began sucking me as if to quench her desire. I clawed at the chair as my cum was being drawn up out of my balls.

I thrust my hips up and started to cum. I felt wave after wave shoot in her mouth. She kept swallowing until I was drained.

I looked at her face and there was my cum on her lips and chin.

She said, “Wow, you must have liked those stories also. You came like a horse.”

I was empty. I just lay in the chair and listened.

She said, “I feel so good, I want more of this, Okay?”

I knew she meant tonight, so I agreed. Then she leaned in and gave me a sloppy kiss. She sucked on my tongue passionately. I tasted a faint hint of my cum still in her mouth.

After the kiss, She looked at me and said, “I’m so glad you’re not afraid of a little cum. I could never enjoy swallowing again if I knew you thought that it was gross. I love you.”

If kissing her after she had swallowed a load of my cum made her love me, how could I refuse.

We cleaned up and she went back to her recipe book as I watched some TV. Tammy announced she was going to the store.

While she was out, I went back to the computer to look at the creampie site. There were loads of pictures of women with cum dripping out of them. I started getting an erection.

All of a sudden the door swung open. I had forgotten to lock the door.

It was Tammy. “I forgot the recipe.”

She looked over at me by the computer with a hard on. She recognized the site and smiled. “I knew you’d like it.”

She turned and headed back out. The rest of the day was pretty normal. She made the pie and then we got dressed for the party.

We had a good time. It was a formal party for work and everybody really looked their best.

Tammy wore a long black dress with a slit up the side and no back. Her heels made her legs seem even longer than they were already.

I noticed that her toes had a French manicure. She knows I love her feet and I always suck on them during sex.

I asked her for a slow dance and we left for the floor. As we danced, she purposely would rub herself against me. I was as hard as a piece of granite and she felt it.

She said she wanted to tell me something. So I bent down and she started to tongue my ear. She stopped and said, “I hope you are in the mood for dessert later.”

We sat down at our table and she reached under the tablecloth. I felt her begin to rub my hard cock.I was afraid someone might see us but she wasn’t.

I got really got nervous when she slid my zipper down. When she started stroking me, I stopped caring. She did this for a few minutes.

I was slowly filling up with cum and I knew I wouldn’t get relief until later. So I pulled her hand out from my pants. Her fingers were shiny and wet.

One of my co-workers walked up and asked me if I had tried out the dessert bar? Before I could answer him, Tammy said, “I did and I got some sauce all over my fingers. Taste this, sweetie.”

She pushed her fingers in my mouth. My co-worker walked away laughing. Tammy meanwhile enjoyed watching me swallow the juice she deposited in my mouth.

She looked at me and winked with her long lashes. “That was just a sample. I can’t wait to feed you a whole slice. I’m so wet right now.”

I would have left right then but she wasn’t through. We danced and danced. Everybody was admiring her beauty.

Finally, she grabbed my hand and said, “I’m all danced out. I need to get out of these sweaty clothes. Any ideas on what we can do then?”

I would have run to the car with her if I could.

On the ride home, Tammy was all over me. While I drove the car she laid her head in my lap. I told her to stop because I might wreck the car.

Instead of stopping, she opened my fly and pulled out my stiff cock. She slid me deep into her mouth. It felt so good.

Then she stopped and said, “I’ll stop if you want me to?”

I just pushed her head back down. It was a thirty-minute ride from there. She sucked me slowly, bathing my cock with her saliva. She brought me to the edge over and over.

When we finally got to our house, she thought it was cute the way I could barely walk to the door.

She said, “I’ll race you upstairs!”

She beat me in my current state. However, I beat her in the clothes removal contest. She lit some candles and I jumped in the bed to watch her undress.

Watching her strip was like watching a picture being painted. Each piece of clothing was a brush stroke.

She said, “I don’t want you to cum too quickly. So just lie back and relax.”

I lied back but she wasn’t going to let me relax. I felt her long hair across my stomach and her lips on my cock. Her oral assault tonight was unrelenting.

She sucked me slowly with a nice rhythm. My balls were swollen. I needed to cum very badly. This beautiful woman had teased me for half the night.

As my balls drew up tight and were ready to fire, she pulled off. I let out a groan of desperation.

“I think you’re ready now.

Ready for what?! I’m begging you, please, let me cum!

She slid back up and kissed me. I tasted my cum in her mouth.

She said, “You’ve gotten all the pleasure so far. I want you to pleasure me from head to toe.”

I wasn’t sure I could last but I was going to try to make her squirm now. I lied her on her back and kissed her neck and then slid to her breasts. She tasted salty from her sweating on the dance floor.

I alternately sucked each nipple as she moaned. I felt her push my head down to her crotch and I put my mouth on her clit. It was sticking out and engorged with blood. She was in heat.

Instead of taking her over the edge, I moved down to her feet. She begged me to eat her.

I told her, “All in good time. “I lifted her left foot to my face. They smelled delicious. Her toes were delicate and her French manicure was new.

I ran my tongue up her sole and sucked her big toe in my mouth.

“What are you doing? I’ve been dancing on my feet all night? Don’t you care?”

Her feet tasted salty at first but I didn’t care. They were beautiful. I answered her question by popping another toe into my mouth.

She shivered with pleasure.

She now started moaning and twisting on her nipples. I alternated sucking on each toe and then licked in between.

When I was through with that foot she practically jammed her other foot in my mouth. I guess she didn’t mind the attention to her feet anymore.

“Suck my pretty feet while I rub my clit.”

Pretty soon I could see a desperate look on her face. “Fuck me now. I need you inside of me,” she said.

I started to eat her box instead.

“You can eat me later, now I told you to fuck me!”

I figured I’d fuck her a little and then pull out to eat her some more. I slid inside her warm tight pussy and knew immediately that I was in trouble. I knew I’d never last.

She reached back to grab my hips and then hooked her legs around me. I tried to pump slowly but she was like an animal. She started thrusting back at me with each stoke.

After all her teasing and sucking, I knew I needed to slow down but she wouldn’t let up. She pushed me on my back and started bouncing up and down on my cock. I was trying not to think about cumming.

She looked down and said, “Hurry up and cum in my pussy. I can’t hold out much longer and I want to cum on your mouth. I saw you on the computer today so I know that you want to eat my creampie.”

I really didn’t want to do this, but she did. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I buried myself deep inside her and began shooting. My swollen balls were finally getting relief. The load was enormous. I came and came. All of her teasing and sucking had done its job.

“I can feel it. You’re filling me up more than ever. It feels so hot and thick. You’re going to love this too. I love you and the way you always make my fantasies come true.”

Then she lifted off of me and moved towards my head. I wasn’t sure about this. Then I looked up at my beautiful wife. She was excited and I knew she wanted this.

“Here it comes!” I heard her giggle.

As she lowered her pussy on my face, I saw that her pussy lips were shiny and red. When she made contact with my mouth, I smelled my cum and felt its heat. She spread her lips open with her fingers to unlock its cargo.

“This is going to feel so good. You almost made me cum with your dick. Now suck me out first.”

I opened my mouth and felt the first drip. It was hot and thick. I swallowed instinctively. I noticed the taste. It was a little salty but not as bad as I thought it would be. So I stuck my tongue in her pussy as far as I could to get some more.

She sat down with all her weight. I looked up. Her head was thrown back. Her nipples were erect and she had sweat all over her. I sucked her pussy real hard and was rewarded with a sudden rush of thick hot semen.

“I just felt a ton of your cum pour out of me. I’m so glad you like the taste. To think that your eating all of the cum that was in your balls a moment ago and not me, is kind of funny.”

She giggled at me as I swallowed it down.

“Mmmm, that looked like a mouthful. Now open your mouth again, I want to watch this.”

I opened up and she lifted up off my face. Again, she spread herself open with her fingers. When she tightened her abdominal muscles, a huge strand of cum flowed down into my mouth.

She looked down and said, “Yum, yum, yum.”

That was it for her. She slammed her crotch back down and started grinding on my out stretched tongue. As her orgasm approached, she worked her clit onto my tongue.

I sucked it hard as she rode my face to a crashing orgasm. She fell to my side. She was exhausted. As I swallowed the remnants of her orgasm, she regained her composure.

“Thank you. I don’t know why that excites me so much. Did you enjoy eating your creampie?”

I told her that I loved making her feel good and that my orgasm was terrific, too.

“I could see that it was. You just swallowed a lot of cum and to think that you came earlier in the day, too.

Next time I’ll tease you for a couple of days before I let you cum in me again. We’ll make a jumbo pie for you to eat!” she laughed.

I told her if that’s what she wanted, it was fine with me.

She seemed pleased with that answer and said, “We’ll have to save all that for this weekend. Now, I want some more of your delicious cum in my belly, so lie back. You taste so good and I never got any tonight.”

As I lied back and enjoyed her lips on my cock, I realized how much I loved my wife. Our relationship changed for the better that day. We are now more open and playful.

I love her.