Therapy Session

“So tell me, Janelle,” asked Dr. Scott, “in your own words, what do you think the problem is!?!” Janelle, with her head down, looked furtively over at her husband, Kurt who was sitting silently in the chair next to hers! “Don’t look at Kurt,” the doctor admonished her, “he doesn’t have the answer, we want to hear your side of the story, so come on now, speak up, that’s what we’re all here for.” “Uh, well,” Janelle began slowly, “it’s just that he doesn’t ever listen to me, or take me seriously, I’m just there to make sure everything goes his way and make sure I don’t rock the boat.” Up until now Kurt had been sitting quietly, but that was too much, so he interjected, “Now wait a minute, Jan, you know that’s not true, I respect your opinion, and you know it.” “Hold it Mr. Dobson,” the doctor rejoined, “you’ll get your chance to give your side of it, but right now Janelle gets to speak without interruption.” “Well, okay,” he growled, “but she’s not telling you the whole truth.” “Is that true, Janelle,” Dr. Scott asked gently, “is there more to it than that?!?” For a few moments the room was dead quiet as no one said a word, that is, until Janelle all at once broke down in tears and began sobbing uncontrollably, leaving both Kurt and Dr. Scott dumbfounded while they stared at the crying woman.

Kurt was the first to speak while putting his arm around his shaking wife, “Jeez Louise, Jan, I didn’t mean to make you cry, I’ll keep my big mouth shut until it’s my turn, I’m sorry honey.” “T-that’s not it,” Janelle said between sniffles, “it’s something else.” Kirk look over at the doctor, and shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he had no idea what his wife was talking about! “Janelle,” Dr. Scott said soothingly, “why don’t you calm down and tell us about it, that’s why we’re here.” “It’s too embarrassing,” she said softly, “I don’t think that I can.” “Now, Jan,” Kurt admonished, “coming here was your idea, so since we’re already here, you gotta open up and tell the doc what’s bugging you.” “That was very colorfully put,” the doctor added, “but essentially that is the case in a nutshell, so please, Mrs. Dobson, let’s get down to it.”

“Okay,” she said while wiping the tears from her eyes, “you asked for it, Kurt, and I don’t think you’re gonna like what you hear.” “Okay,” he shot back, “I may not like it, but I’ve gotta hear it, so give, tell me what’s up.” “We’ve been married for how long now, about eight years, right,” she asked?!?” “Yes, yes,” he replied impatiently, “so what!?” “Well, in all that time I’ve never been able to have and orgasm, and I just think that it’s not fair.” With his mouth hanging open, Kurt slumped back in his chair and while shaking his head replied, “Jan, I didn’t know, I mean it seemed to me that you were, I don’t know, you always seemed fine to me.” “You men are so full of yourselves,” she almost spat, “you don’t have the first clue how we woman feel about anything.” Kurt looked helplessly at Dr. Scott who then chimed in, “So tell us, how do you feel, dear?!?” It was if a giant weight had been lifted from her slight shoulders, and she tore into Kurt like a hungry dog attacks a piece of steak. “All those years and never once did you ask me what I wanted or how I felt,” she said bitterly, “all you ever cared about was getting yourself off, never once did you take the time to make sure that I was being satisfied too, and now it’s too late.” After that little exchange, Dr. Scott said slowly, “Okay now, everyone take a deep breath and relax, and let’s see if we can’t work through this thing together.

“Since we can kind of see where we’re headed,” the doctor opined, “why don’t you tell us exactly what want in your sex life, Janelle, and please, be specific.” “A little tenderness for starters,” she replied, “but even more than that, we always do the same old thing, I give him oral sex and then he gets on top of me and we have intercourse until he cums, and that’s it, nothing more and nothing less.” “Any comments, Kurt,” Dr. Scott asked softly??? “Well, uh,” he stammered, “I guess that maybe Jan has a point, and we may be in a sort of a rut!” “A rut,” Janelle shot back, “it’s a fucking canyon.” “Please, let’ s try to keep to the point,” the doctor admonished her, “recriminations will get us nowhere.” “So,” the doctor then went on, “what would you like to do to change things, Janelle?!?” “It would be nice if just once he performed oral sex on me, I’d like to find out if it’s as good as everyone says it is,” she replied. “What do you think about that, Kurt,” Dr. Scott asked!?! “Yeah, we could try that,” he said quickly, “anytime she likes.” “Good,” the doctor said, “then how about right now!?!” “Y-you mean here, and now,” Kurt stammered!?!” “What did I tell you,” Janelle retorted, “he’s never gonna change.” “Now wait a minute,” Kurt responded with the color rising in his cheeks, “if you want it here and now, well by god, I’ll give it to you.” “Okay then,” the doctor replied, “both of you follow me, please, I have a special room for just this type of therapy.”

The room was fairly spartan, with a queen size bed in one corner and an easy chair and an end table several feet away. “I’ll take a seat right here and record the data, while you two get undressed and get into bed,” the doctor ordered. “And then what,” Kurt asked?!? “Then,” Janelle replied quickly, “you’re gonna do what ever I say, isn’t that right, Dr. Scott!?!” The doctor chuckled a little and then said, “Essentially that’s it dear, but let’s stop talking and start undressing.” Even though they both were a little embarrassed to be taking off their clothes in front of Dr. Scott, by the time they were naked, Kurt already had a very large erection, which prompted the doctor to say, “Even though you’re having problems, Janelle, just look at the beautiful erection you have given your husband, and believe me, that’s half the battle, he does want you.” “I-I realize that,” Janelle replied, “and believe me, I do appreciate the fact that I so easily arouse him, I just want a little more out of it, is that so wrong!?!” Before the doctor could reply, Kurt took Janelle by the arm and carefully lay her back on the bed and very gently pushed her legs apart. “I’m so sorry I haven’t been attentive to your needs, Jan,” he said in barely a whisper, “but I’m gonna change, I promise you that,” and with those words, he lowered his mouth to her bulging vagina and gingerly began licking the moisture from her damp crack.

“Oh, my,” she moaned, “i-it’s wonderful, his tongue, it’s everywhere, oh, oh, yes, right there, that’s my clitoris, do that for me, faster, oh yes, faster, do it, do it, do it, yes, yes, yes, yes.” Kurt was stunned at the animation in his wife’s voice, never before had he heard her so forceful or insistent in her demands for satisfaction, and incredibly, it was turning him to hear her want it. As she became more turned on, she began using gutter language to describe what she wanted.”Oh, fuck yes,” she said with a moan, “eat my pussy, lap it up, do my fucking clit you cunt lapping bastard.” “Holy smokes,” he thought while boring in on her erect little clit, “she’s acting like a whore, and I love it.” Just then her hips bucked and an orgasm that had been years in the making, exploded in her cunt like a stick of TNT, and luckily it was a sound proof room or everyone in the building would have heard Janelle’s scream. Only seconds after her climax, she pushed his face from her crotch and ordered, “Now fuck me, fuck me hard.” He started to mount her in the familiar missionary position, but she stopped him and said, “No, I want it from the back, I want you to fuck me like a dog, I wanna feel you taking me.” “Uh, sure, hon,” he replied meekly, “what ever you say,” while she quickly turned over and rested on her hands and knees, just waiting for his rear assault on her now wide open gaping pussy. When he didn’t move quite fast enough for her she said almost angrily, “Fucking hurry up, I’ve been waiting eight years for this, don’t make me wait eight more.” “I-I’m sorry, dear,” he stammered, “here it is.” The head of his big cock slipped easily inside of her, but the fierce attack she had been hoping for was not forthcoming and she demanded, “Fuck me harder you useless piece of shit, what do I have to do to show you what I want, draw you a fucking picture!?!” That did it, he wasn’t going to take that kind of sass from anyone, not even his wife, and if she wanted a had fucking, well he was gonna make her wish she never brought this whole thing up. “Okay, slut,” he muttered, “take this,” and with a mighty plunge, he buried all eight inches of thick cock flesh deep inside of his smart mouthed wife’s pussy.

“Oweeeeee,” she roared, “give it to me harder stud boy, harder, harder.” “Y-you want it harder, bitch,” he said between breaths, “I’m gonna fuck you to death, take this,” as he rammed into her with a ferocity that even scared Doctor Scott. But incredibly, Jenelle laughed at him and said, “Is that all you got, I could get better from a sixty year old cripple!?!” “Y-y-you, fucking bitch,” he spat, take this, and this, and this, and oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m cumming so hard, I-I’m filling your pussy with cum.” Janelle couldn’t believe it, it was unreal, getting fucked hard for the first time in her life. Never before had Kurt’s pecker felt so good, and incredibly, she was cumming with him, for the first time in her life she was having an orgasm along with her husband, and it was heaven.

Afterwards, in the afterglow of hot sweet sex, Janelle asked Kurt softly, “What’s wrong baby, you look unhappy?!?” “I’m just sorry for all of the wasted years,” he said with a shake of his head, “how am I ever going to make it up to you!?!” Janelle looked over at Dr. Scott and with a twinkle in her eye said, “Oh, I don’t know, I guess I’ll think of something.