The Salesman

“Have a seat Mr. Raye, I’ll be with you in a minute,” ordered Hannah Stern, as she finished up a telephone conversation! “Now,” she asked while putting down the phone, “how may I help you, Mr. Raye!?!” Winston Raye had made thousands of sales calls in his day, but for the first time, his tongue was literally tied as he stared at Hannah Stern’s incredible body. “Mr. Raye,” she said impatiently, “I’m a busy woman, can you please get to the point of your visit.” “Uh, yeah, sure,” he stumbled, “I represent the Cool Image Lingerie Company, and I’ like to show you what we have to offer, and of course, if you’re impressed with our products, we hope that you would carry them in all your stores.” “Mr. Raye,” she replied, “we already have three other lines that take up too much shelf space as it is, how on earth do you think we can take on a fourth!?!” “I don’t,” he replied quickly, “I think that after you see how competitive our pricing structure is that you’ll drop your least profitable line and pick up ours.” “Well since you’re here,” she replied, “it wouldn’t hurt to take a look.”

“So these are your bra and panty sets,” she asked, while feeling the material with a practiced hand!?! “Yes,” he answered quickly, and we can give you these a fifty two cents a set less than any of our competitors.” “Mmmmmmm,” she hummed, while showing more interest, “how long would that rate hold!?!” “Two year guarantee,” he responded, “that’s at least a year better than anyone else will give you.” “She stood up and stretched, which only accentuated her huge bust, and again practically knocked the wind out of Winston’s lungs just looking at her. “Your samples all seem to be in smaller sizes,” she opined, “nothing in that you’ve shown me would even come close to fitting someone like me.” “That’s no problem at all,” he replied in a shaky voice, “of course we handle all the regular sizes, and of course we have our matronly line for the fuller figured woman.” “How long have you been in the business, Mr. Raye,” she asked?!? “About fifteen years, give or take a year,” he replied proudly. “And you would consider yourself and expert on women’s lingerie,” she went on?!? “Yes I would,” he replied, “I think I know the market, and I certainly know my product.” “In that case,” she went on, “what size bra do you think I wear, just form your visual observation!?!” He was a little taken aback at such a personal question, but realizing that this was some sort of test he dove right in and replied, “Well, you would need one of our larger models for the bra, and a regular size for the panties, and by the way your customers can always mix and match their panties and bras separately, just as you would have to.” “Always the salesman,” she said with a laugh, “now back to my original question, what size am I!?!”

“May I have a closer look,” he asked, “I’m a little far away to make an accurate estimate!?!” “In that case,” she replied as she stepped around to the front of her desk until she was almost touching him, “is that better, Mr. Raye!?!” He gulped once or twice, and then in a very unsteady voice said, “Uh, I-I’d say that you were a double d-cup, and probably about forty inches on the chest measurement.” “Very good, Mr. Raye,” she said smoothly, “you get a gold star, you really do know your lingerie.” “Now,” she continued, “what is the largest size you have in you case!?!” “Let me see,” he replied while going through his inventory, “I have one forty d-cup, in the black lace.” “That’s close enough,” she said casually, “I never buy anything unless I test it for myself.” He handed her the garment and waited for her to get up and leave the room to change, but to his utter disbelief, she calmly took off her blouse and removed her white satin bra as if he wasn’t even there. He tried to keep quiet and act nonchalant, but as her huge mammaries fell into view, he made a a loud audible gasp at he sight of her incredible melons. “Mr. Raye,” she admonished, “I’d like to think you’ve seen lingerie models before.” “I-I have,” he barely croaked, “you just surprised me that’s all.” “How would I measure up to the other models you’ve seen,” she asked seriously!?! He didn’t even have to lie, when he replied, “I’ve never seen anyone who could hold a candle to you, you really do the product justice.” “Why thank you, Mr. Raye,” she said gratefully, “so, how do I look!?!” Winston just stared at the bounteous display of feminine pulchritude, and stammered, “If we could put a cardboard cutout of you dressed in one of our bras by each of our displays, we’d sell out in an hour.” She laughed a high lilting laugh that only made Winston break out in a cold sweat when she asked, “Can you see my nipples in the cups, I think this model is designed to show through!?!” He swallowed hard and replied, “Y-yes, you can plainly see them.” “Oh my,” she said as a shiver went through her, “they just got all hard, I’m so embarrassed.” “Don’t be,” he shot back quickly, “they look very sexy that way, all hard and everything.” “Thanks,” she replied, and then asked, “do you think I should try on the matching panties!?!”

It only took him three seconds to find the matching panties, and much to his sheer delight, she stripped off her skirt and pantyhose leaving her totally naked below her waist. This was too much, the tent in the front of his pants was a dead giveaway, he had a hardon the size of the Washington Monument. Oblivious to this fact, she slipped into the sheer black undies and posed provocatively for him, with her huge breast spilling out over the top of her bra, and her dark brown pubic hair, easily visible through the transparent fabric covering her pussy. “Well, how do I look,” she asked while posing with her hands on her hips!?! He tried to answer, but no words came out of his mouth, but it didn’t matter, because it was at that instant she said softly, “Winston, you seem to be having a problem inside of your trousers.” Now totally embarrassed, he stammered, “I-I’m very sorry, Mz. Stern, it’s just that, well, you see, it’s like this, you’re all dressed in those things, and…………” The cutting him off she said, “You mean that little ole me did that to you just because I’m wearing a simple bra and panties!?!” By now he was growing delirious, and all he could do was nod, while his stare shifted from her huge chest down to her bushy crotch. “Do you know what I think,” she asked softly, “I think you had better let that cock out before you hurt yourself, don’t you!?!”

In all his years of sales calls, this was the first time anything like this had ever happened to him, and unbelievably, it was with one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on. Seeing that he was in such distress that he was temporarily frozen, Hannah Stern unzipped his fly and extracted his now fully erect penis. “Oh, Winston,” she gushed, “you have such a nice erection, and to think that I’m the cause of it all, I’m so sorry.” “S-sorry,” he was able to stammer, “you’re crazy, I should be on my hands and knees thanking you.” “Really,” she said innocently, “and what would you do for me if you were in front of me on your hands and knees, please, show me.” With gentle pressure, she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him to the floor in front of her, where without even a warning, she pulled his face to her satin covered vagina and said softly, “Okay, Mr. Winston Raye, suck my pussy.”

The aroma of freshly aroused pussy was more than merely exciting, it was completely intoxicating as Winston’s nostrils flared while trying to inhale as much of the scent as possible. “Winston,” she said sweetly, “can you eat me through my panties, they’re so thin that I’m sure you can make me cum that way, don’t you!?!” His mother had always taught him not to talk when his mouth was full, and besides, he considered it to be a rhetorical question as his tongue poked hard against the satin front of her panties. “Ooooooooooooo,” she moaned when his tongue found the tip of her clit hidden deep inside the forest of brown pubic hair, “you have such a nice mouth, Winston, you really know how to make a girl feel special.” He kept working her clit, but found it frustrating to work against the thin layer of material that separated his mouth from its target, so without a moment’s hesitation, he pulled the crotch of the panties to the side and bored in hard on her now fully available clitoris. “Oh, yes,” she moaned, “do it harder, do it for mama, make her have a nice hard orgasm, she needs it so bad, make her cum hard.” That voice, it was like the angels speaking, so lilting, and so incredibly sexy, that it was all he could do to keep form blowing his nut right then and there, but somehow he controlled his pecker, and yet skillfully brought Hannah Stern to a cunt wrenching climax with his over active tongue.

Her legs, already unsteady do to her climax, slowly gave away as she slid to the floor while whispering grateful thank yous, she then adding, “Now it’s my turn,” while taking his erection into her warm mouth a delicately running her tongue all around his velvety head. As his nut sack began to tighten, he pinched himself in the leg just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, but he wasn’t, and the proof soon was filling Hannah Stern’s mouth, as blast after blast slammed against the back of her throat.

As they lay together in a tangle of arms and legs, Hannah Stern asked, “So, Mr. Raye, how long does it take for delivery!?!” Now quickly regaining his senses he replied, “About two weeks, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to stop by every month just to make sure everything is running smoothly, don’t you think!?!” “Nope,” she replied quickly, “I was thinking more along the lines of twice a month.