The Pool Player

For everything there is a first time. This story is about the first time my husband, Patrick, and I ever partied with another man. Patrick and I talked about opening our marriage, but until that night, it was just talk. But we knew it was only a matter of time before we went all the way, before we invited another man into our bed, into my pussy!

It happened kind of suddenly. We were out at a club, shooting pool on a Tuesday night. The club was quiet, with a total of about twenty people in the entire place. We played leisurely games of eight ball. I enjoyed teasing Patrick with both my words and my actions. I guess I should explain how I was dressed.

Whenever we go out, I always let him pick out what I’ll wear. I started that for a good reason. If I got a man too interested in me, Patrick couldn’t say it was because of how I dressed, because he picked out what I wore. That night, he selected a black leather skirt, with seven buttons up the back, hose, garters, four inch spikes, (which he always called my fuck-me pumps, and a red satin blouse. No bra, no panties.

I must admit, I did look hot! My 38DD breasts pushed against the satin blouse; my nips were clearly visible. Knowing they were so prominent got me hotter, which made them stick out even more. I started the night with five of the seven skirt buttons fastened, and the blouse was buttoned completely except for the collar. I intended to reveal more skin as the night wore on, but for starters, I wanted to leave a lot to the imagination. This club has three tables, and we were playing at the far end, nearest the rest rooms. The only other game was on the opposite end. As the night wore on, I made trips to the restroom, mostly to adjust my clothing. Each time I came back, there was one less button on my skirt and one less on my blouse still buttoned. By ten that night, I was down to two buttons on my skirt, and three on the blouse.

My long legs were flashing each time I’d walk; my tits were there for anyone to observe as I’d bend over to shoot a ball. I’d had my eye on one of the shooters at the other table. He had his eyes on me. Or maybe I should say on my breasts. He looked down my blouse each time I bent forward to shoot, and Patrick told me that every time I’d bend over the guy would wait till I shot before he’d continue his game. Yeah, the boy was interested.

Patrick invited them to play us as a team. The taller one, Jerry, had been making eye contact with me all night. His friend, Jim, was cute too. It turned out that Jerry was from Utah, Jim was local. Both men worked for the same company. Jerry was in town for the week. Patrick introduced us to both men. Jerry put his hand out for me, but I stepped forward and kissed him squarely on his lips. I intended it to be a friendly kiss, but he had other ideas. Pressing his lips against mine, he pushed my mouth open with his tongue, in the middle of the game area, with Patrick standing right there! Fuck! I liked this guy’s style!

I didn’t even try to shake hands with Jim. I figured if I did, I might end up getting fucked right there in the club! Well, we started shooting and I started flirting. After a little small talk, the subject of a wager came up. I knew Jerry wasn’t interested in my money, he wanted something else. I played coy and asked him what he had to bet. He told me to name the stakes. Looking at Patrick for guidance, he only smiled and shrugged his shoulders. I was on my own.

“I guess I could bet you an hour of my time against say, a hundred bucks?”

“Lady, you got a bet! If you win, I’ll give you a c-note. If I win, I get you alone for an hour.”

“Oh no. If I win, I get the hundred bucks, but if you win, you get me for an hour, but not alone.”

He leaned closer to me, close enough to feel his hot breath on my ear, and whispered, “Baby, what I want to do to you, we need to do in private.”

Taking a step back, and speaking loud enough for him, his friend, and my husband to all hear, I said, “Jerry, whatever you want to do to me, you can do in front of Patrick. And Jim too, if he’s interested.”

“I don’t think you understand…” he started.

“Oh, I understand all right. You can fuck me, but only in front of my husband. Deal?” To make sure he knew I was serious, I took back the step I’d taken away, standing very close, reached my hand down between his trouser legs, and gave his cock a long, hard squeeze. His cock was rock hard! He looked at Patrick, who was watching my hand fondle Jerry’s cock. Patrick again just shrugged his shoulders. That was all the encouragement Jerry needed.

“Rack ’em, bitch. Let’s do it!”

Now as I’ve said, I’m a hell of a pool player, but this boy was as good as I’ve played. I racked, he broke, and he damn near ran the table. Each time a ball dropped into a pocket, a chill went up my spine. Up my spine and back down to my pussy! He sank all but the eight ball on his first turn. It was my turn. I looked first at Jerry and then Jim, and then, I looked once more at Patrick. The swelling in his jeans told me the whole story. I only took one shot. I sunk the eight ball.

“Damn! Looks like I lost. Ready to go?” I asked the three men who were still looking incredulously at the pool table. It was obvious I’d lost the game on purpose. Patrick just smiled. Jerry looked like he couldn’t believe it, and Jim, well, Jim was still a bit confused.

“Where are you staying?” I asked Jim.

“The Hilton. Room 832.”

“I’ll follow you. I’m going to stop at my house and get something. But it’s on the way. See you in half an hour.”

I was out of the club like a shot, and raced home. I’d left Patrick with the two guys. That way they knew I’d really show up at the hotel. I knew what I was going to do. By the time I reached my closet, I was already out of the blouse and skirt. I withdrew a black see-through floor length nightgown. Over the gown, I slipped on my coat, and headed for the hotel. I pulled in front of the hotel room with minutes to spare. Before walking away, I tossed my coat inside the car. Fuck! Standing in a dark parking lot as good as naked my breasts and pussy clearly visible through the gown. My heels clicked on the sidewalk. I was ready to be fucked!

The door opened before I got to it. I walked right inside, and looked at Patrick. He watched his wife enter the room, almost naked, obviously looking for action. I realized I’d have to get things started.

“Well, Jerry, here I am. I believe you had something you wanted me to do to me?”

He looked at Patrick, then reached out and touched my right breast. Stepping closer to Jerry, I found the latch on his zipper.

“We need this opened if I’m going to give you your hour’s worth, don’t we?”

He didn’t answer as I lowered the zipper’s clasp. In seconds, my entire hand was inside his jeans. I felt his cock grow as my fingers wrapped around it. I pulled my hand out, and his cock. I knelt in front of him, in front of his hardening dick. Looking at Patrick, who was watching his wife fetch another man’s dick out of his pants, I took Jerry’s cock into my mouth. Without breaking eye contact with my husband, I began sucking the other man’s dick. The room came alive. Jim reached around me from behind, cupping my tits, squeezing them, twisting my nips with their fingers. His hands felt my tits. Patrick came closer to me, close enough for me free his cock as I’d freed Jerry’s.

With Jerry’s dick in my mouth, and my husband’s cock in my hand, and another man’s hands feeling my tits, I felt like a total slut! It was a good feeling. I was a whore in front of the man I loved! Jerry pulled his cock out of my mouth, and helped me to my feet. I couldn’t believe it. I thought for sure he’d come in my mouth. I started to panic. I wasn’t ready to stop yet. I wanted more then just a sample suck of a stranger’s dick! I needn’t have worried. I was no sooner back on my feet, then Jerry scooped me up and carried me to the bed. Laying me on the mattress, he lined up my ass on the corner of the bed. Grabbing my ankles, he parted my legs and moved his hard cock between them.

“You’re not getting off with just a blow job, baby. I want to fuck your pussy!” I felt his cock slide inside me. It was the first new dick to fuck me since I married Patrick. And it felt so good. Jerry raised my legs high, causing my gown to slide up my legs. What a picture I must have made, as this man stood at the corner of the bed, pushing his hard dick inside me, while my husband stood there, watching me take a strange cock like a two bit whore. I motioned Patrick closer. He knew what I wanted, and he gave it to me. While Jerry fucked my pussy, Patrick dicked my mouth! Jim stood on the side and I jerked his cock in unison to the two men who were inside me. I felt Jerry’s dick stiffen, felt him push deeper inside my cunt. I knew he was going to come, to spurt strange cum in me. I felt like a whore! I’d known this man less than three hours, and he was fucking me like a tramp. As his cock exploded inside me, I felt Patrick’s climax start to build. Jerry pulled out of me, but before I had a chance to bring my legs back together, I felt another cock entering my wet, used pussy! It was Jim. I didn’t care. I wanted him to fuck me as well, I wanted to be used, to be treated like a slut. He lasted less than a minute, his come spurted inside me as Patrick came in my mouth! I’d never felt that before. I’d never had one man spend his come in my cunt while another shot his load in my face! Patrick pulled away from my lips, leaving only the memory of his hot cock. But he didn’t go far.

I felt someone licking me, licking my pussy, my well fucked, overflowing pussy. It was Patrick! I understood why he did it. He was showing me that I was still his, that he still loved me. The moment I felt his tongue on my clit, I did what I needed to do so badly. I came! Oh, did I come! Jerry and Jim had recovered. One of them was inside my mouth, the other one licked my tits. I didn’t know who did what, nor did I care. That night, each man came twice in my pussy, once in my mouth, and one of them, (I still don’t know which one it was) came in my ass! It was daylight before we left that hotel room. I don’t remember much about leaving, only that I was full of cum, leaking it from two holes. One of the men offered me a sheet to cover my nearly naked body on the trip to the car, but I declined, after all, I came there as a whore…I was determined to leave as one as well. Patrick took me home and put me to bed. The last thing I remember about that night was Patrick’s mouth, kissing mine, and then…kissing my pussy!