The Amulet Part 2

As Drew became more familiar with the power of his new “toy”, he came to receive a perverse pleasure in humiliating people he thought to be, shall we say a bit pompous!!! One morning on the way to work, a mean spirited woman verbally abused a young boy who had accidentally stepped on her toe! After listening to her upbraid the lad for at least two minutes, Drew gave her a suggestion, and to the delight of the men and the shock of the women, the old biddy lifted her dress and masturbated to orgasm in front of at least forty on lookers!!! In most cases, when Drew would bring someone out of “the spell”, he made it so they didn’t remember a thing, but in this instance, he made sure she came to when she was at the height of her climax!!! Needless to say she was not only shocked beyond belief, but ashamed as well!!! Anyway, the aroma of fresh pussy wafting through the bus give all the men hardons before they even got to work!!!

Another time, Drew was at the bank depositing his check, and being helped by a pretty dark haired teller with large boobs and very curvy figure!!! Since no one else was in line behind him, he decided to have a little fun with the teller by suggesting that her pussy was so aroused that she could achieve and orgasm just by squeezing her thighs together and answering any questions about sex that he asked her!!! Before he could even get the first question out, the teller made and audible gasp and had to steady herself by holding on to the counter top!!! Drew looked her straight in the eyes and asked softly, “Is your vagina wet, dear?!?” Barely able to stand, let alone speak, she mumbled, “Y-yes, very wet!!!” “Are you going to have and orgasm,” he went on?!? This time she just nodded, as small beads of sweat began to break out on her forehead!!! “How old are you, hon” he asked?!? “Twenty three,” she whispered! “Do you like to fuck,” he asked softly?!? “Oh, yes,” she moaned, “I love to fuck!!!” “Who do you fuck,” he pressed on?!? “M-my boyfriend,” she said with a stammer!!! “Does he have a big cock,” he replied?!? “Very big, oh my god, my pussy is so wet,” she said with a moan!!! Do you suck him too,” Drew said while looking around to make sure no one was watching them?!? “I suck him every morning before coming to work,” she said through now gritted teeth!!! “Do you want to suck him now,” Drew asked?!? “Oh, god yes, I wish he was here right now so that I could take him into my mouth and blow him!!!” “Of course you do, dear,” he replied gently, “but now, you have to cum, so think about your boyfriends big pecker in you mouth, and squeeze your thighs together tight and cum for me now, okay,” he said barely above a whisper?!? Her entire body trembled for what seemed like almost half a minute as her climax wrenched her cunt and twisted it into a pretzel!!! After he was sure that she was finished, Drew thanked her sweetly for the fine service he had received and calmly strolled out of the bank and made his way down the block to a lingerie shop!!!

“May I help you,” a buxom forty five year old woman asked as he looked at a display of bras and panties?” “Uh, yes,” he replied, “what size bra do you wear!?!” “40DD,” she replied as if you asked her what day of the week it was. “Hmmmmmm,” he hummed, “I think we should go back to the dressing room and have you model your bra for me, don’t you!?!” “Of course, sir, follow me please,” she said evenly. Once inside the small cubicle at the rear of the store, the woman calmly slipped off her blouse and jutted her chest out towards Drew in an overt display of her feminine charms!!! “You have a lovely chest,” Drew said while rubbing it through her bra, “tell me, dear, does your husband or boy friend suck them every day?!?” “No,” she replied, “I don’t have a man in my life?!?” Drew was a little taken a back at that answer, because even though she was a little on the plump side, she was a very attractive woman to say the least!!! “Why is that,” he asked!?! “I’m a lesbian,” she said, while now cupping her huge jugs!” Elated at his discovery, Drew pressed for more details!!! “Are you a fem or a butch,” he asked softly?!? “A fem,” she replied quickly! “Do you have live with a butch,” he continued on?!? “Yes,” she replied” “Take off your bra for me, please,” he ordered, “and by the way, do you suck your girl friends cunt!?!” While shucking her huge brassiere she replied, “Of course I suck her pussy, at least once a day!!!” “Does your girl friend suck your big tits,” he asked?!? “Mmmmm, yes,” she said with a sigh, “I’m always naked around the apartment just so she can have me when ever she wants to!!!” “Does she let her friends fuck you, too,” he questioned her?!? “Sometimes,” she replied, “but mostly she keeps me for herself!!!” “Does she use a dildo on you,” he replied?!? “A big strap on, a black one,” she said softly! “When’s the last time you sucked a real pecker,” he asked!?! “Over twenty years ago,”she answered! “Well,” her responded, “you’re about to get another chance!!!”

With her big chest swaying from side to side, the busty saleswoman dropped to her knees and took Drew’s throbber into her soft hot mouth, and for not having done it in over twenty years she did a more than admirable job of bringing him to a quick hard orgasm!!! As he slipped his dick back into his pants he said to her, “It must be like riding a bike, once you know how you never forget!!!” “Sir,” she said questionably?!? “He patted her on her shoulder and replied softly, “Forget it, honey, you did a good job, but I want to you to wait here for a few minutes, okay!?!” While nodding her head in agreement, he slipped out of the cubicle and found a young woman looking at some expensive teddies! He walked over to her and said, “There’s a woman in the dressing room that needs her pussy eaten, if you will just follow me, please, you can take care of her right now!!!”

The sandy haired twenty year old offered no resistance while Drew led her to the dressing room and ushered her inside!!! “Have you ever sucked a pussy,” Drew asked the pretty young thing!?! “No, I haven’t,” she replied. Looking at the pendulously built saleslady, he ordered, “Off with your skirt and panties, then sit down and spread your legs!!! When she was seated and spread, Drew nodded to the blonde and she quickly attached her mouth to the gaping slit of the middle aged lesbian!!! “Is she a good cunt lapper,” Drew asked the lesbian!?!” Her shallow breathing already had given him the answer, but he wanted to hear her say it!!! “Y-yes, she’s very good, ohhhhhh, god, she’s so goooooood!!!” After a few more minutes of watching the two strangers doing it, Drew ordered the young blonde, “Okay, stop sucking her pussy and do her nipples, and you, masturbate for me,” he said to the lesbian saleslady!!! The young blonde quickly found a large nipple and began nursing on it like she was a baby, while the lesbian began furiously frigging her hot erect clit!!! Drew slid his hand inside the blonde’s jeans, found her clit, and gently massaged it until both she and the lesbian were having an orgasm together, while both of them collapsed in each other’s arms as the blood drained slowly from their engorged sex organs!!! Deciding to have one last bit of fun with the two of them, he left them with the message to stay exactly as they were for the next five minutes, that is, with the blonde burying her head in the lesbian’s big chest, and then, for both of them to regain their normal self control at the same time!!! “That oughta be good for a few laughs,” Drew said with a chuckle, as he left the store!!!

Back at office, his secretary, stuck her head in the door and asked if there was anything he needed before she went to lunch! “No,” he replied, “I think everything’s just fine, just fine!!!