Super Bowl Party

Since this is Super Bowl week, my wife and I are getting ready for a big party this Sunday. We are very much looking forward to it – especially my wife Jill – because of the experience we had at last year’s party.

Let me tell you a little bit about Jill. At 36 years old she is five years younger than me. We have been married for six years now. But most importantly, she is what the guys at the beach call a “hardbody.” Which means her legs and ass are tight, her belly flat, and her full, luscious breasts soft, round, and inviting. She has a great, sexy smile that, combined with her other assets, gave me an immediate hard-on the first time I met her. Oh, and I almost forgot, a smooth, bare pussy that stays sticky and wet because of her perpetual horniness.

For last year’s Super Bowl, we had a house full of guests who came several hours before the game. You’ll remember that the game was very exciting and wasn’t decided until the last play, so everyone was glued to the TV for several hours. Jill was the perfect hostess, flitting around the party in her skimpy, short sundress, keeping everyone’s drinks fresh and plates full. I had convinced her to wear the thin-material dress and nothing else, thinking that by the time the football guests left, her build-up of sexual tension would lead to a great “after-the-Super Bowl touchdown” for me. (She dresses like this often. We call it “bare and breezy” for obvious reasons and it never fails to result in great love-making for us afterward.)

Because the game was so long, by the end most of our guests were ready to leave. Soon it was just me, Jill and three of my best buddies from high school – Tad, Johnny and Larry. We all have known each other for years. And these guys are at our place all the time because we play basketball together on my driveway.

Anyway, we still had plenty of beer left and we were all just sitting around drinking and enjoying the warm afterglow of a great day together. Jill was sitting on my lap and I was kind of stroking her legs as we talked. After a pleasant, contemplative pause in the conversation, Tad said, “Wow, Tom, just look at you and Jill. You sure are lucky to have her. Not only is she also the perfect hostess — who happens to likes football as much as the guys — but she’s also a total babe!”

I was feeling pretty good and without thinking I answered, “Yea, and she’s great in bed, too!” Jill turned and looked at me with surprise that I would say such a thing, but she smiled and said nothing. That made me even bolder, so I added, “In fact, she’s not like most other gorgeous women. She likes sex at least as much as I do – probably even more.” And then as I stroked higher and higher on her thighs, pulling the dress so high that I’m sure my friends could almost see her bare pussy, I added, “In fact, this little dress is the only thing she’s wearing and if I asked her, she’d probably even take it off for me right here and now.” With that, Jill did the one thing that I never really expected. Without a word, she stood up facing me, with her back to the guys, and slowly peeled the dress over her head, revealing herself to them in all of her naked glory. Then she dropped to her knees and started unzipping my pants. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, or the surprise, or both, but I was more than happy to lean back and enjoy myself as she started working on me, in full view of my friends.

Jill gives a great blowjob, and it wasn’t long before my dick was huge and throbbing. The other guys were enjoying themselves too, with a perfect view of her lovely ass and sweet, wet cunt lips getting them all worked up as she continued to tongue my dick. Soon that unmistakable aroma of sex began to permeate the room. I had closed my eyes and was relishing the blow job when I heard Jill moan unexpectedly. I looked up to see Tad right behind her, rubbing his dick up and down her ass and in between her legs. She released my dick and reached back to guide him into her waiting pussy. It was then I noticed that the other two guys – Johnny and Larry – had their pants at half mast and were stroking their raging hard-ons at the show Jill was putting on for them. So, just before Tad plunged his thick 8-incher into Jill, she crawled over and positioned herself so that she could treat both Johnny and Larry – or rather, Johnny’s and Larry’s dicks – to the kind of tongue service I had been enjoying. So now, I’m left to jack off slowly while I watch my wife fucking my best friend and giving my two other friends expert, simultaneous blowjobs.

Jill gets very talkative the more she gets turned on during sex, so before I know it, as Tad slowly rams his dick in and out of her pussy, she is moaning and sucking, and pausing occasionally to enjoy all of the sensations and she loudly proclaims, “Oh FUCK yes! Fuck me fuck me FUCK me!” Before long, Tad is grunting and I know he is cumming and that seems to get Johnny and Larry going too, because just after Tad filled Jill’s pussy full of hot cum I watch as first Larry and then Johnny pump loads of cum into her mouth, on her face and all over her chest and tits. And I know Jill has cum several times (which is normal for her with only ONE dick, so I can imagine how much she is enjoying this!).

When she is finished with them, and all three of the guys are looking exhausted and limp dicked, she smiles back at me and walks over to where I am still slowly but surely playing with myself. With a nasty, sexy, satisfied grin, she straddles my lap and lowers her sopping, cum-filled pussy onto my dick and covers me with yummy cummy kisses as she slowly but insistently fucks my brains out too.

Although we had talked about it often before that day, this was the first time for us to actually bring others into our love-making. But Jill loved it so much, we’ve experimented some more during the past year (the best was some college guys she befriended on a trip to Cancun, but that’s another story). I’ve come to enjoy more than I ever imagined watching Jill with various lovers. But nothing has been as good as that first time because it was so unexpected, so intense, and with such good friends.

So, now you know why we have been looking forward to this year’s Super Bowl party so much. Tad, Johnny and Larry and cumming again (so to speak), and this time their expectations (for Jill, not the game) are sky-high. She already picked out what she will be wearing when our guests arrive (a cut-off tee shirt and painted-on short tights). Oh, and Jill limited the this year’s guest list to just guys, so there’s no telling how many men will score at this year’s Super Bowl party. I’ll let you know later.