Sunbathing Saturday

In the summer of 1973 Aunt Patricia came to visit. She wasn’t my real aunt, not a blood relation, but she was my mother’s oldest friend and I had always known her as ‘aunty’. I didn’t know much about her really, just the bare bones of her life. I knew she’d met my mother in London during the dark years of the Second World War, when she was 16. She’d been orphaned by the Luftwaffe during the blitz and had managed quite competently on her own despite her tender age. No doubt her pretty face and voluptuous figure opened doors for her, and she was a very wealthy woman in 1973.

Patricia arrived in mid July and was still there a month later on a hot Saturday afternoon in August. She’d made a fuss of me when she eased herself elegantly from her Bentley, teasing me mildly about how much I’d grown, how I’d filled out etc, and I was treated to a butterfly winged kiss on the cheek, her subtle scent gently enveloping me when she briefly held me close to her bosom. Patricia was grace and elegance personified. She was always tastefully dressed and immaculately groomed, simply oozing sophistication. Her face was still beautiful and her figure voluptuous and curvy at the age of 46. It was her figure that I noticed on that fateful Saturday afternoon when I spied her sunbathing on the patio at the rear of our house.

I’d been out, and mum and dad were away. We weren’t expecting them back until late Sunday, and it appeared that Patricia had taken advantage of being alone and decided to get in a spot of sunbathing. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw her from an upstairs window. She was stretched out on a sun lounger gloriously naked, and I feasted my eyes on her magnificent, oiled body. My cock stiffened instantly as I gloried in Patricia’s total abandonment. Her full, round breasts and dark brown nipples glistened with the sheen of her sun oil and were a magnet for my hungry eyes. I was captivated by the sight of her crinkly haired pubic bush, as my eyes roved over every glorious, naked inch of her voluptuous body.

I’d never seen a naked woman before in my life and my stomach flipped and fluttered as I stood for long minutes, drinking in every detail of Patricia’s nakedness. The lust for the mature woman was an ache in my hard cock, and I conjured up vivid fantasy images of her in my fevered 18 year old mind. I longed to suck on her big, rubbery nipples, to maul her heavy tits with both hands, and to stab at her experienced cunt with my virgin prick.

I had a brief moment of panic when Patricia sat upright on the lounger. Her tits swung and wobbled weightily as Patricia raised herself, and I was relieved to see that she was just changing position, turning over to sun her back when she settled down on the lounger again. I committed the detail of Patricia’s shapely figure and fleshy buttocks to memory as I spied on her from the cool interior of the house. My cock was still throbbing stiffly, begging for release, and I found myself standing in the doorway of Patricia’s bedroom.

I had no idea how I came to be in her room. I had moved on automatic pilot and the first conscious moment I can recall is the remnant of Patricia’s scent wafting on the warm air of her bright, sunlit room. I went to the chest of drawers and, ever so quietly, slid the drawers open one by one. I found her underwear and pulled a lacy brassiere from the pile, a silky pair of cami-knickers dropping to the carpet as I pulled the bra out. I picked up the soft, velvety panties and felt the soft texture of the garment with my finger tips. I held the brassiere up to my nose and sniffed Patricia’s scent deeply, unzipping my jeans as I did so.

I wrapped the silky panties around my cock and wanked hard. I was filled with desire for the mature Patricia, and the closest I could get to fulfilling my fantasy was to masturbate into her underclothes. Looking back it was complete madness, pulling my cock in our guest’s bedroom, her underwear drawer hanging open. I was tempting fate, begging to be caught in the act, but the sight of Patricia’s unashamed, abandoned nudity sent me temporarily insane.

It didn’t take me long to come. With a low moan and a vigorously pumping hand, I spurted my hot semen into the delicate fabric of Patricia’s undies. The silken garment caught most of the flood, but a few thick drops of white, sticky goo dribbled onto the carpet. When my cock finally stopped its spitting, and my breathing had returned to near normal, I put the bra back in the drawer, cleaned myself up as best I could, and taking the ruined knickers with me, left the room.

I hid the panties in my bedroom and went down into the kitchen, making some noise so Patricia would know I was back and could get herself covered up.

‘Oh, hello Richie,’ she said as she padded into the kitchen on her bare feet. ‘Have you had a good time?’

‘Yes thanks, aunty Pat,’ I replied, allowing my eyes to flicker over Patricia’s now bikini clad body.

When I looked into Patricia’s face I noticed that she’d seen my brief appraisal of her voluptuous curves, and I reddened at the fact of being caught in the act. If only she’d seen me 15 minutes earlier!

‘Well, I’d better go and make myself decent,’ Patricia said brightly. ‘I’ll go and cover myself up. It’s not nice for you to see me half nude,’ she added.

Was she teasing me I thought to myself as I watched Patricia’s lovely arse wiggle in her bikini briefs when she left me alone in the kitchen. She’d seen me ogling her big tits for sure, and I would have been happy enough if she’d stayed in her bikini all afternoon. Even though I’d spunked my load only 15 minutes earlier, I could feel my cock thickening again as I thought lewdly about my mother’s friend.

When Patricia came back downstairs I noticed a strange look on her face. I couldn’t define it, but it was a sly, feline look. A slight upwards curl at the corners of her mouth, and a narrowing of the eyes. What did that look mean? I asked myself. Or is it just my imagination? I wasn’t sure at all.

Patricia had bathed, washing the oily residue from her body, and was now dressed in a light coloured cotton summer frock. The dress that Patricia was wearing was showing a generous amount of cleavage, and I surreptitiously admired the light, golden hued upper slopes of her bountiful, braless breasts. I could see the outline of her thick nipples as they pushed against the thin cotton, and a vivid image of Patricia’s earlier nakedness flashed across the screen in my mind like a slideshow.

‘I’m going to have a glass of wine on the terrace,’ Patricia said as she opened the fridge door. ‘Would you like one?’

‘Er… sure,’ I replied as Patricia looked at me, her head tilted to one side questioningly.

Patricia poured the wine as we sat down together, the warm afternoon giving way to a balmy early evening.

‘Ah, that’s good,’ sighed Patricia appreciatively as she took a sip of her wine and leant back in her chair. She crossed her smoothly shaven legs as she relaxed and I noted the clean, elegant lines of her exquisitely sculpted calves.

‘So Richie, how are things?’ She enquired, opening the conversation.

‘Yeah, not bad thanks aunty,’ I responded. Not really giving too much away at all.

‘How’s college? You must be fighting all the young women off.’ Patricia said, a glint in her eye. Was she teasing me? I couldn’t fathom her out.

I reddened at the reference to girlfriends, and Patricia laughed softly at my discomfort when I mumbled that I didn’t have a female companion.

‘Well, I would have thought that a handsome young man like you would have any number of eager young girls to choose from,’ she said in a low voice, looking at me with those narrowed eyes over the rim of her glass.

My face burned as my embarrassment heightened. Why was she teasing me like this? I had the notion that Patricia was playing with me, and I was very uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going.

‘Hmm,’ Patricia studied me coolly. ‘Are you a virgin Richie?’ The question stunned me by its directness, and I could only stare at Patricia with disbelief written all across my features. ‘Well?’ she persisted.

I nodded dumbly and Patricia leant forwards, almost whispering her next question. ‘Were you in my bedroom earlier?’

My mind boggled. How did she know? Had she noticed the missing knickers? Had I disturbed something? It was irrelevant anyway; she knew I’d been in there, and that was all that mattered.

‘Sorry aunt Patricia,’ I said with a hangdog expression. I was ashamed of my behaviour, but I had been in the grip a lust fuelled insanity, powerless to resist.

It should have dawned on me then. If Patricia knew I’d been in her room, why wasn’t she spitting with rage? I had invaded her private space, rifled through her possessions and defiled her with my obscene act. Rather than being angered, Patricia seemed amused by the whole incident. Of course the shock of her questions, and being caught out in such an indecency had fogged my powers of logical thought. I was more concerned with the consequences.

‘Did you see me sunbathing?’ Another nod from me, I hung my head with the shame.

Patricia said nothing more for the moment; she just looked at me levelly. Then she spoke, ‘You don’t know much about me, do you Richie?’ I looked up into her face, puzzled. ‘I met your mother during the war.’ Patricia seemed to slip into some sort of reverie. ‘I was 16,’ – she continued absently, a distant look in her eyes as though she was actually looking back into the past – ‘and your mum worked as a secretary for a man at the Home Office.’ She paused there, and her eyes focussed once more as she looked directly at me.

Patricia told me the story of her early life. About how she met my mother during a party that had been organised for my mother’s boss, who was also Patricia’s lover. He was Lord ‘somebody or other’, a big wig at the Home Office, and had found the ripening Patricia very much to his taste. He had established the pretty, young girl in a smart little pied-à-terre, lavished her with gifts and taught her how to please a man’s carnal desires. Despite the circumstances of Patricia’s private life my mother and she had become firm friends after that party,. Whilst my mother followed the more conventional route of marriage and quiet suburbia, Patricia had trodden a path towards high class call girl when her lover took his interest elsewhere. She was the most sought after whore in London by the time she was 21.

I was shocked by the revelation that my aunt Patricia was a prostitute, and she left me to absorb the information when she went in search of a fresh bottle of white.

‘I have 3 houses house, and several girls working,’ Patricia continued as she returned with the chilled bottle. That explained the money and the lavish automobile, the collection of expensive clothing and shoes. A lot of pieces to the jigsaw suddenly fell into place now, but I was puzzled by Patricia’s decision to tell me such sensitive, personal information. As if reading my mind she explained. ‘I’ve opened my legs for lords and common men alike, and I’ve turned a pretty penny indeed,’ she said in a low voice. ‘But…’ She leant towards me, placing her elegant hand on my thigh. ‘I have a yen for young men.’ Her fingers squeezed gently and moved higher along my leg.

I just sat dumbly, my brain not making sense of Patricia’s blatant invitation. She had basically told me that she wanted to fuck me, that she liked young men and I was on the list for tonight, but I was pole axed by everything she’d revealed to me and incapable of acting.

Patricia stood up and held her hand out to me before she led me through the kitchen and up the staircase towards her room. I held her hand as we climbed the stairs, still not fully realising what was happening.

‘I know you saw me this afternoon, and that you came into my room,’ Patricia whispered as she released my hand. ‘That looks like cum,’ she pointed to where my spunk had spattered onto the carpet that afternoon. ‘You pulled your cock right here, didn’t you?’ She was very close to me now, I could smell her and feel the heat from her body she was so close. In spite of my fuzzy brain, my prick rose to the occasion and stiffened swiftly in my jeans.

Patricia kissed my dry lips gently and pushed the palm of her hand against the bulging front of my jeans ‘Did you like what you saw?’ she asked throatily. ‘I think you must have,’ she continued and answered her own question, ‘Otherwise you wouldn’t have wanked in my room. You’re such a bad boy.’

She unzipped my jeans and undid the button, allowing her access to my rigid cock. ‘Mmmm, you won’t have to wank any more darling,’ she said as she scooped my prick and balls out of my pants. ‘My, my, my,’ she said with genuine appreciation. ‘That is such a lovely specimen.’

Patricia peeled my foreskin gently back and revealed the spongy, purple dome of my cock head. I groaned out loud as she gently squeezed and massaged my prick. ‘Do you like aunty Patricia playing with your fat cock?’ she asked. The vulgarity of her phrase excited me beyond words, and the perverted reference to her being my aunt only fuelled my desire.

She laughed when I gulped and nodded. I looked down to see my thick cock held in Patricia’s slim fingered hand. She was expertly wanking me, bringing me very close to the edge, and she must have sensed my threatening explosion and stopped her manipulation.

‘Take your clothes off,’ she ordered, and pulled the cotton dress she was wearing down over her shoulders. She wriggled free of the dress as I hastily disrobed, and then stood in all her magnificent, naked glory, hands on her broad hips, looking at me with a haughty expression on her pretty face.

She strode over to me, her big jugs wobbling enticingly as she walked, and kissed me once more on the lips. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and we kissed like real lovers for the first time. I had kissed girls before, but this kiss was different. It was the first time I’d kissed a naked woman, and it held the promise of my sexual awakening, my initiation into manhood, and the taking of my virginity by this experienced, mature goddess.

As we kissed deeply I felt Patricia’s breasts squash up against my chest, and I could feel her slightly abrasive pubic bush against my thigh. I was in a state of high arousal now, and I was achingly desperate to penetrate the mystery of Patricia’s cunt.

Patricia, being expert in all matters sexual, knew that my need was urgent and sought to calm me down a little. She drew a hot bath, and after tenderly washing me down with soap and a flannel, she joined me in the steaming, foamy water. I lathered up the soap in my hands and soaped up Patricia’s body, not because she needed washing, but because I wanted to feel the texture of her skin under my hands. I savoured the feel of her springy, heavy tits and the thickly erect nipples that tipped her full globes. Eventually we left the bathroom and made our way to Patricia’s bed.

I watched in delight as Patricia lay back on the soft bed and spread her long thighs for me. I gazed in awe at her sex and saw a smile of amusement flicker across Patricia’s face.

‘Come here,’ she said, her voice leaden and heavy with lust. ‘Get between my thighs and let me show you how to lick a woman’s cunt.’

Her use of the word sent a frisson of delight through me. It was shocking to hear Patricia use such profane language, but I did as I was bid and lay down on the bed, Patricia’s freshly bathed pussy inches from my face.

Patricia reached down and parted the thick folds of her loose labia with the tips of her fingers exposing her gooey pinkness. She gave me my first lesson in how to please a woman with my tongue, and I proved to be a willing, and apparently capable pupil.

‘Oh yes,’ she moaned as I tentatively dabbed at her large clit. ‘Lick my clit baby, that feels so good.’ I tongued at Patricia’s opening as she requested, and tasted the syrupy juice that she was dribbling. ‘That’s it baby. Oh yes, that’s beautiful,’ she cried as I moved from the rim of her pussy to her clit and back, licking and probing at her, her moans of delight spurring me on.

‘I’m going to come darling. Come on… that’s it… on my clit… harder… up and down, baby… ooooh!’ Patricia was panting as her climax built; her grunts taking on an animal quality as I furiously tongue fucked her. Finally she exploded into a noisy orgasm, her body shaking with the intensity I had brought to her with my tonguing. Patricia held my head tightly and pushed her sopping sex into my face, smearing her juice across my chin and cheeks.

‘Baby, that was fucking gorgeous,’ Patricia said when she’d calmed down a little. She manoeuvred her body so that she could kiss me again and she licked her own cum juices from my face before kissing me deeply and passionately. ‘Darling, I almost pissed cum,’ she said when she released me from the kiss. ‘You have great potential, if that’s the first time you’ve licked a woman… phew.’

Patricia pushed me over so I was lying on my back. I put a couple of pillows under my head so I could watch as I was about to get my first blow job. My toes curled when Patricia wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. Her warm mouth was wet and welcoming, and I felt her busy tongue move slickly around the knob of my cock as she sucked on me. She wanked the root of my cock with her hand as she sucked, and I knew I was going to blast off very shortly.

As she sucked and wanked at me Patricia managed to look me right in the eyes, winking at me as my thick prick distorted her lovely features. Her lips were stretched around the girth of my cock and I was staggered by how much of the length Patricia could get into her mouth. ‘I’m going to come aunty,’ I groaned out a warning. ‘Oh, God, I’m going to…’

The spunk spurted from my cock, forcing Patricia to swallow fast. It just kept on spitting from me and I kept my eyes locked on the sight of Patricia swallowing furiously, my seed overflowing from between her stretched lips and my shaft. She let my still spunking cock slip from her lips and was instantly rewarded by a jet of thick, stringy come spattering onto her cheek. More of the stuff landed wetly on the upper slopes of her divine breasts and finally, I was done.

‘That was a lot of spunk darling,’ said Patricia as she wiped the goo from her cheeks with the back of her hand. ‘That’s why I love young men, they’re so virile and can come buckets.’ She heaved herself to her knees, and before I knew what was happening she had squatted over my thighs, and was easing her thick lipped cunt down over my still hard cock.

I watched in amazement as Patricia’s sticky pussy lips enveloped my prick, and I felt, for the first time, the sublime sensation of a vagina gripping my thickness. I was in a strange place mentally. On one hand my senses were being overloaded as my brain tried to recognise all of the new sensations at once. The warmth and wetness of Patricia’s cock hungry opening, the tightness of it gripping me as she flexed her inner muscles, the sound of her moaning in satisfaction as she impaled herself on my manhood, the smell of her arousal and the heaviness of her weight as she used her hands on my chest to steady herself, all clamouring for attention within my tortured brain.

On the other hand I was somehow detached. I can still recall, with great clarity, the way Patricia’s big, heavy tits swayed and wobbled as she fucked up and down on my cock. I can still see the puckered texture of her nipples, as they stood out long and thickly erect with her excitement, and the look of ecstasy on her contorted features. Patricia’s eyes were tightly shut, her mouth open in a silent scream as she let herself be taken by the feeling of my hardness deep in her belly.

I reached up to feel Patricia’s breasts, and she opened her eyes to smile down at me when she felt my hands upon her skin. ‘You feel lovely baby,’ she said. ‘So thick, you’re stretching me open. It’s divine.’ Patricia continued to slap her fleshy buttocks down hard against my thighs, the sound of our fucking cracking sharply with each thrust.

After a few minutes of energetic coupling, Patricia lifted herself from my glistening prick. It was coated with her juice, and I could see that my lover’s thighs were slick with the wetness that had poured from her. Patricia lay back on the bed and offered herself to me again in a wide legged invitation.

I pushed myself into her and Patricia wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. We kissed and made tender love gently for a while until her need grew urgent. I lifted myself up onto my palms, arms fully outstretched, and I began to fuck into Patricia with hard, savage strokes. Her back arched and her fingers clawed at the sheets as I powered into Patricia’s soaking cunt, slamming myself viciously against her, my pubic bone clashing against her large, oversensitive clit.

‘Come on lover; make me come,’ she cried out shrilly at my efforts. ‘That’s right, hard and deep. Come on, fuck that big, fat pick into my cunt,’ she exhorted. Patricia was certainly vocal when she was aroused, and I found her use of profanity very exciting.

‘Come on, that’s it… I’m going to come. Oh yes… fuck me, fuck me with your lovely, fat fucking cock… YES!!!!’ Patricia screamed as her orgasm took her. Her hips bucked spastically as she let the waves of her climax break, her big tits wobbled on her chest, and I saw the cords on her neck stand out alarmingly as Patricia screamed out her joy.

Finally I fucked my mature teacher from behind, holding her broad hips in my hands as I fed my meat into her. Patricia was on her elbows and knees, her big, shapely arse high in the air, and she was sobbing with sheer pleasure as we fucked like a pair of rutting animals.

‘Oh fuck, I’m going to shoot into you,’ I said through gritted teeth when I felt my spunk begin to surge.

‘Do it in me baby, let me feel it shoot inside me,’ Patricia responded, panting as she lifted herself, resting on her hands now rather than her elbows. She pushed back against me to meet my thrusts, and the sight of her rippling buttocks tipped me over the edge. ‘Fuck, oh shit… here it comes,’ I grunted as my cock began to spit its hot load deep into Patricia.

‘I can feel it, I can feel it,’ she cried delightedly as my seed jetted into her molten cunt. I could only grunt in reply as my prick unleashed its venom. It felt as though Patricia’s body was sucking the very core out of me, the marrow from my bones, and I sobbed with the intensity of the release.

I pulled my cock out of Patricia and lay spent, my body glistening with sweat from the exertion, my chest heaving as I fought to control my breathing.

Patricia cuddled up close to me and pressed her soft body against me. We kissed and talked long into the night and I fucked the wanton bitch 3 more times before dawn’s early fingers lit the morning sky. My parents weren’t due back until that evening, so I had ample opportunity to play with my lover for the rest of that day.

I wonder how long my aunty Pat is going to be staying? I think I’ll have to go and visit her at work sometime when she goes back. Perhaps meet some of her girls!