Jack peeked out from underneath the covers at the digital clock on the night stand and moaned, “Six thirty already, what a day I have ahead of me.” He lay still for a couple of minutes before whipping back the covers and so he could hop out of bed! He was just making a move to leave when a soft warm hand grabbed his arm and the silky smooth southern accent came lilting from the other side of the bed, “Jack, honey, you’re not gonna run off with giving me some morning sugah are ya!?!” He looked over his shoulder the tousled blonde hair of his beautiful young wife and pleaded, “Not today, Cindy Lou, I’ve got to get to work, the boss wants to see me first thing.” With one smooth motion, she peeled back her side of the covers and exposed her nubile naked body, with the slim hips and large firm breasts. “Now, sugah,” she whispered, “can that mean old Mr. Owens offer you anything like this!?!” “Sweet jesus,” he said while sucking in is breath, “you know I can’t resist that, it’s just not fair.” “Honey,” she cooed, “everything’s fair in love and war, and this,” she said while running her hand up and down her perfect body, “is meant for love.” Slowly she spread her legs, and then after grabbing a hand full of his hair, pulled his mouth to her now bulging vagina and settled back while her husband orally satisfied her. As her orgasm washed over her, she wondered if the fire that burned in her pussy could ever be extinguished, she certainly hoped not.

Cindy Lou was sitting at her kitchen table, wrapped in her bathrobe, when she heard a knock on the back door and the familiar voice of her best friend calling out, “Hey, Cindy, have ya got a cup of coffee for a friend!?!” “Come on in, Nora, and help yourself.” Nora went over to the coffee pot, poured a cup, and sat down across the table from Cindy and said, “Jeez, Cindy, you look like you’ve just been pulled through a ringer, what the heck happened.” A small smile spread over Cindy’s face, and before she could reply, Nora retorted, “My god, girl, you gotta give him some rest, you’re gonna kill him.” “What ever are you talkin’ about,” Cindy replied in her deep southern drawl?!? “I think it’s that damn accent,” Nora opined, “the northern boys just aren’t used to it and it drives them crazy.” “You mean you think I’d use something as underhanded as my little ole voice to seduce poor Jack?!?” “Hrrrumph,” Nora snorted, “I think you’d use every feminine trick in the book if you needed some cock.” “My goodness,” Cindy replied in feigned shock, “such a naughty mouth on such a nice girl, what ever would your mother say!?!” “Jesus,” Nora said softly, “even I get a little edgy hearing you talk like that, I can’t even imagine how Jack must feel, the poor devil doesn’t even stand a chance.” “Goodness gracious,” Cindy scolded, “you act like I hog tied him to the bed and forced myself on him.” “Cindy,” Nora said softly, “with that body, hair, and voice, you don’t need a gun.” Cocking her head to the side, Cindy Lou thought about that for a second and then replied with a laugh, “Ya know, hon, I do believe you’re right.”

After they finished their coffee, Cindy Lou asked Nora to help her install some new window shades in her bedroom, and Nora readily agreed! The two women had trouble getting the old shade out of its bracket, and during the struggle, Cindy Lou’s robe pulled open revealing her incredible body to her embarrassed friend! Catching Nora staring, Cindy said softly, “Now you can see why Jack can’t resist me.” A flustered Nora quickly looked away, but it was evident that her cheeks had turned a bright red because she was caught sneaking a peek. “Do you know what I call Jack when I’m trying to seduce him,” Cindy Lou said in her best southern accent!?! “I-I’m sure I wouldn’t know,” Nora stammered, now even more embarrassed than before. “Of course you don’t,” Cindy drawled, “I call him sugar, but I leave off the r and pronounce it sugah, don’t you think that sounds sexy!?!” “Uh, oh, good,” Nora replied quickly, “look, I got my end of the shade out of the thing a ma jig.” “Nora, honey,” Cindy replied, “you never answered my question, don’t you think sugah is a sexy thing to call someone you wanna fuck!?!” “Cindy Lou,” Nora answered, “I-I don’t think what you call Jack is any of my business, do you!?!” “Well, sugah,” she said barely above a whisper, “how does it sound now,” while letting her robe slip from her shoulders leaving her completely naked!?!

Nora stood nervously holding the old shade in her hand, unable to look at her naked friend while replying, “I don’t think that this is appropriate behavior at all, I think you’d better stop it right now.” “Stop what, sugah,” Cindy replied softly, “I haven’t done anything to you, have I?!?” “Well, uh,” Nora stumbled, “you’re calling me sugar and everything, that’s something.” “My, my,” Cindy said with a shake of her head, “you are the jitteriest thing I’ve ever seen, and just because I called you sugah?!?” “Not only that,” Nora retorted, “you’re standing there naked as a jay bird.” “Mmmmmm,” Cindy hummed, “I guess then, you’ve never seen another female naked before, right!?!” Now turning to face her, Nora replied a little exasperated, “Of course I have, just not like this.” Cindy stared at Nora for a second and then looked up and down her own body and said questioningly, “Is there something wrong with my body, no one’s ever told me so, but maybe there is!?!” Now rolling her eyes, Nora replied, “Of course there’s nothing wrong with it, that’s not what I meant at all and you know it.” After letting Nora’s statement sink in for a second or two, Cindy Lou responded, “Maybe you’re right, there could be something wrong with me, come over here to the bed and let me show you something.” Not waiting for and answer, Cindy grabbed Nora by the arm and tugged her along over to the bed where she sat down and left her friend standing. “You promise to tell me the truth,” Cindy Lou asked seriously, “cuz I hafta know, okay?!?” “Sure, sure,” Nora said impatiently, “what could possibly be wrong with you!?!” “Just this,” Cindy replied softly while leaning back and spreading her legs wide apart, “look at my pussy, sugah, I keep my lips shaved nice and smooth, but maybe that’s the wrong thing to do, what do you think!?!”

Nora made an audible gulp as she stared down at the bulging vulva only a few feet from her, never in her whole life had she seen anything so sexually arousing. “I just knew it,” Cindy Lou said sadly, “you think it looks just awful, I can tell just by lookin’ at your face.” Hearing Cindy Lou speak brought her out of her momentary muteness, and she replied quickly, “Oh, no, it looks just fine, I don’t see how you have any problem at all.” “Oh, thank goodness,” Cindy said gratefully, “I was beginin’ to think I was some kinda freak or something, ya know, just to be sure, let me see yours so I can be sure.” Taking a step backwards while shaking her head from side to side, Nora stammered, “I-I don’t think that would be such a good idea, please, stop that, please no………..” But she really didn’t put up any fight at all while Cindy Lou tugged down her jeans and panties with one tug. “My oh my, Nora, honey,” Cindy whispered, “you have a forest growin’ between your legs, I think we should take you into the bathroom and do something about that. “Y-you’re crazy,” Nora stammered as Cindy Lou led her into the bathroom, “Hank’ll freak out if I shave it off.” “Pshaw, sugah,” Cindy Lou replied, “he’ll be thankin’ ya for it every time he puts his mouth down there, believe me he will, now stop talkin’ and sit up on the sink and spread your legs for mama.”

Cindy quickly turned on the hot water and began soaping the dark mass of curly pubic hair to soften it before touching it with the razor. Nora simply closed her eyes tightly and waited while her friend worked her fingers all over her hairy mound. “Nora, honey,” Cindy said softly, “if I do say so myself, you have a fantastic pussy, honey, and your love button, well Hank is a lucky guy.” “T-thank you,” Nora said in a barely audible voice, “how soon are you gonna do it?!?” “Right now, sugah,” she replied, “and don’t worry about a thing, mama’s and expert at givin’ haircuts down there.” Slowly and painstakingly, Cindy used the twin bladed razor to remove all of the hair from Nora’s pretty vaginal lips, leaving only a small vee of brown fur shaped in a cute little vee above her clit. “Ohhhhh,” Nora gasped, “it feels cold, now.” “You’ll get used to it, honey,” Cindy Lou replied, “all finished, take a look,” as Cindy Lou picked up a hand mirror and held it in a position that allowed Nora to have a good look at her freshly shaved crotch. “D-do you think Hank will like it,” she asked doubtfully, “what if he doesn’t!?!” Cindy slowly set down the mirror, and then looking Nora straight in the eye said, “I’m gonna show you why he’s gonna love it, now just be still and let Cindy do her thing, okay!?!”

That was really a rhetorical question that required no answer, because a second later, Cindy Lou attached her mouth directly to the now gaping slit that dripped between Nora’s shaky thighs. “Y-you can’t do that,” Nora stammered, “it’s not right, ohhhhhhhhhhh, myyyyyyyyyy, that feels so good, oh yes, do my clit, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Cindy frantically ate Nora’s pussy for the next five minutes or so, until she had her right on the edge of a huge climax, then she pulled away and asked, “Sugah, have you ever rubbed your pussy against someone else’s!?!” “No,” Nora gasped, “never, why!?!” “Because, honey,” Cindy Lou replied while standing up and drawing their cunts together, now you’re gonna get to.” Cindy place her mouth on Nora’s, giving her a deep kiss, while at the same time grinding her pussy hard into the freshly shaved cunt of her friend. It didn’t take long before they both found each other’s clit and were able to move in such a way keeping them in constant contact.” Both of them were now groaning and moaning into each other’s mouth while their clits were slipping and sliding all over each other. The tension in their pussies was building rapidly, and when they broke off their kiss for a moment Nora panted, “I-it’s almost like were fucking each other isn’t it!?!” Still the southern lady, Cindy Lou replied with a wink, “In polite circles, sugah, they call it doin’ the nasty.” It was just at that moment that their clits snapped across each other for the last time as their orgasms wrenched their cunts and rolled then throughout the rest of their quivering bodies, leaving them both totally drained and breathless.

With Nora still sitting up on the sink counter, and Cindy Lou, now back down on the floor, “Nora piped up, “I still think it’s the voice.” Cindy Lou just chuckled and replied, “It just may be, sugah, it just may be.