Shower Gifts

“Mom,” Brenda yelled from just inside the front door while struggling under a load of wedding shower gifts, “you gotta come and see all of the cool things the girls gave me.” Her mother, still wiping her hands after washing the lunch dishes, caught a falling box that tumbled from her daughter’s arms and replied, “My goodness Bren, you made quite a haul today didn’t you!?!” “Uh huh,” Brenda replied excitedly, “and you’re just not going to believe it, but almost everyone there gave me expensive lingerie, you know, the really good stuff that costs a fortune.” “Let’s take all of these packages up to your room so you can show me what you have,” her mother said, while picking up a bundle of gifts. “Good idea,” Brenda answered, “let’s go.”

Once in her bedroom, Brenda began tearing open each package to show her mom exactly what she had been talking about. “Just look at this,” Brenda said while holding up and silk teddy in front of her, “what do you think!?!” “Mmmmmmm, very nice indeed,” her mother replied while rubbing the soft material with her fingers, “Freddy will really appreciate seeing you in this.” “Mom,” Brenda asked seriously, “I was a little surprised that I got almost all lingerie, and even more so at what some of the girls had to say about it!” Putting her hand on her daughter’s arm, her mother asked softly, “Tell me what they said honey, I’m here to listen!” “Well,” Brenda began slowly, “you know that Kim and Terri are already married, well anyway, they said that this lingerie will help me control Freddy’s penis, are they right mom, I don’t understand it?!?” Smiling kindly at her daughter, she replied slowly, “Honey, I’m afraid they are absolutely right, you see, once you’re married, Freddy will be seeing you every day without your clothes on, and consequently, he will be having and extraordinary number of very hard erections, and it will be up to you to make sure that his enormous sexual appetite is taken care of.” Brenda sat on the edge of her bed and nodded as her mother went on, “Now it’s very important that you do everything in you power to make Freddy’s penis happy and contented, because if you don’t, he will go somewhere else and find someone who will.” “Now,” she continued, “that’s where the lingerie comes in, you want to be the one giving him all of his erections, and believe me, men like nothing better than seeing their women in frilly undergarments.” “I see,” Brenda said slowly, “we control their penises not only with our bodies, but the wrappers they come in.”

“That’s cute way of putting it,” her mother replied with a laugh, “but it’s essentially true, now off with you clothes, I want to see you try on some of this expensive stuff for me.” As Brenda stripped out of her dress and undies, her mother couldn’t help but marvel at the exquisite body that young Freddy was about to call his own. “Here,” Brenda’s mother said while handing her a a black bra and panty set, “try this on for size.” While Brenda was slipping into the tiny bikini panties, there was a knock on the door frame and a head came from around the corner and said, “Well, how did it go today, kiddo!?!” “Hi, Aunt Ellie,” Brenda said excitedly, “I’m just trying on some of the stuff they gave me right now.” “Hi, Jan,” Ellie said as she sat down on the edge of the bed, “It looks like your little girl had a pretty good day.” Giving her sister a nod, Brenda’s mother Jan replied, “She got just a ton of really nice lingerie, and I was just explaining to her how important these kinds of gift are to a young wife.” “Ellie looked up at Brenda and said seriously, “This is one time to listen to your mom, because the male erection is about the hardest thing in the world to control and you’re gonna need all of the help you can get.”

Brenda did a pirouette in the middle of the bedroom, which elicited oooh’s and ahhhh’s from her mother and aunt. “Let me tellya, Bren,” her aunt said approvingly, “Freddy’s gonna get a huge boner when he sees you in that little number, don’t you agree, Jan!?!” “I’m sure of it,” Jan replied, “she has such a beautiful figure, and coupled with that bra and panties, well, I almost feel sorry for poor Freddy.” All three of them broke into a chorus of laughter at that one, while Brenda slipped out of the black number and tried on the white lace teddy. As Brenda was adjusting her straps, Ellie was looking though some of the remaining packages and pulled out a large cream colored vibrator. “Jan, will ya look at this,” Ellie said while waving it around, “those girls knew exactly what to get her, they thought of everything.” Brenda turned a bright shade of red at her aunt’s discovery and stammered, “W-why on earth would they give me something like that!?!” Both of the sisters looked at each other before Jan replied, “Well, dear, let me tell you about that.

“You now how we talked about the fact that you were going to have to take care of Freddy’s penis at all times, and how his sex drive could be enormous,” her mother asked?!?” “Sure,” Brenda replied, “I remember.” The two older women looked at each other again and Jan continued, “Well, uh, there’s one thing I didn’t tell you.” “What’s that,” Brenda asked innocently?!? “Well,” her mother said slowly, “because you’re going to have to fuck Freddy probably at least twice a day to begin with, the flip side of the coin is, well, you’re going to become addicted to having him put his erection in your vagina.” Now it was Aunt Ellie’s turn as she interjected, “Believe me, hon, it will get to the point that on some days all you will be able to think about is having him put that hard pecker into your pussy, and fuck you as hard as he can.” “Really,” Brenda said wide eyed, “I’ll want it that bad!?!” “Bren,” her mother said softly, “it will be so bad that cock is the only thing you will be able to think about.” “A-are you and auntie still addicted to cock,” Brenda asked slowly!?! This time, neither one spoke for a second or two, until Ellie replied, “Honey, you stay addicted for the rest of your life, but believe me, it is a beautiful addiction to have.” “Okay,” Brenda replied, “I get the addiction thing, so what do I need a vibrator for if Freddy is gonna fuck me all the time with his cock!?!”

“Think about it a minute,” her mother replied, “just imagine if Freddy has to be out of town on business, or for some other reason he can’t fuck you like he’d like too, believe me, you’d climb the walls if it weren’t for your vibe, be thankful one of the girls was so thoughtful.” “Can you really have an orgasm with that thing,” Brenda asked doubtfully?!? “Oh my, yes,” Aunt Ellie replied, “here, let me see if it has batteries, good, it does, let me show you, it’s the only way you’re gonna learn.” Brenda sat down on the bed, and watched with fascination as her aunt pulled off her panties and exposed her hairy dark bush. “Okay, girl,” Ellie sighed, “pay attention now,” as the room became filled with low frequency sound of the long plastic hummer. “Now watch how auntie does her pussy,” her mother said softly, “see how she just barely touches it on the tip of her clit,” while a long low soft moan erupted from Ellie’s lips as the vibration slowly wound the stem of her sexual clock. Brenda watched in wide eyed wonder while her aunt drove herself to the brink of sexual fulfillment and she reached over and touched her mother’s arm and whispered hoarsely, “I embarrassed to say this, but I’ve gotten really aroused watching auntie doing her pussy.” Jan hugged her daughter and replied with a smile, “Of course you are, dear, I’m excited too, it’s always exciting to see someone else have an orgasm.” “Will you two be quiet,” Ellie said through gritted teeth, “can’t you see I’m getting close!?!” “Sorry, sis,” Jan said softly, “Brenda is just a little turned on by your performance.” “Performance, hell,” Ellie stammered, “I-I’m fucking cummmmmming, oh my, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s so fucking gooooooooood.” “Wow,” Brenda said softly, “I can see how that little contraption could really come in handy.” Her mother have her a hug and replied, “You have some wonderful friends, dear, they know what a girl really needs.