Shower Gifts – Brendas Turn

After having just watched her mother’s sister achieve a stunning climax with her new vibrator, Brenda’s own pussy was engorged with blood and flushed wide open! “I really have a lot to learn,” the young girl said in a shaky voice, “I-I hope that I can handle it all, I mean taking care of Freddy’s pecker and all. Her mother chuckled a little before replying, “Oh, honey, don’t worry, like we were both saying, you are going to get so attached to his cock that pretty much when ever you see it hard you’ll automatically be ready.” “Let’s take a little test,” her mom said, “when you have sex with Freddy, what is the one thing he likes to do best, I mean what turns him on to the max!?!” Sitting there naked with an aroused pussy, Brenda turned a little red and replied, “He likes getting his pecker sucked.” “Okay,” her mother replied, “now remember the first time you sucked him, did you like it as well then as you do now?!?” After thinking about it for a moment, Brenda answered slowly, “No, probably not.” “See, it’s just as I was saying, you grow into it a little at a time, until gradually you like it as much as he does.”

The three women hashed that over for a few minutes until Ellie asked Brenda, “When you suck him, do you swallow his cum!?!” “Oh yes, always,” Brenda replied almost a little too quickly, “I love sucking him off.” Both older woman laughed, but not in a mean spirited way, but more in a “I know what you mean” kind of laugh. Getting even more personal, Ellie asked, “Does Freddy have a nice cock?!?” “Mmmmmm, yes,” Brenda sighed, “he’s very thick and about eight inches long.” Hearing how her daughter was sighing and moaning she offered, “You’re already addicted aren’t you, honey, I can tell from the sound of your voice.” “Yeah, I guess I am,” Brenda replied with a chuckle, “I just love seeing him hard and ready to fuck, it’s a real turn on.” “May I ask you a question,” Brenda said seriously?!? “Anything, baby,” her mother replied, “ask away.” “Do you like sucking daddy,” she asked?!? “Yes I do, your father has a large penis that even after al these years needs constant attention,” she replied softly, “and I have to admit that when I see him erect, I get the uncontrollable urge to satisfy his hunger.” “What about you Aunt E.,” Brenda questioned?!? “I’m in the same boat as your mother, kiddo,” Ellie replied, “when ever your Uncle Paul shows me his meat I just go to pieces and do what ever he asks.” “I have a confession to make, too,” Brenda said quietly, “Freddy is already calling me his little cock hound, cuz he says I can’t get enough of it.” “The two sisters nodded knowingly at each other until her mother replied, “That’s the way it is, dear, the women in our family are really just a bunch of cock hungry cunts and we all know it.

Jan could sense that her daughter was really in a lot of distress do to the intimate tone of their conversation so she asked carefully, “Brenda, dear, does your vagina need relief, it looks so open and aroused!?!” “Y-yes, mother,” she stammered, “I-I’m really in need of an orgasm, my pussy is absolutely on fire.” “Well,” Ellie said while jumping up off of the bed, “take my place and you can try out your new vibe for size.” Quickly the aunt and niece switched places, and the room again was filled with the buzzing of the plastic satisfier. “Oh, dear,” Brenda moaned, “t-this is much better than I ever would have ever imagined, my clit feels so swollen and full, in fact my whole pussy feels alive with excitement.” The two women watched the young girl manipulate the vibrator like an expert, while bringing herself closer and closer to the orgasm that would calm her aching cunt. Brenda, honey,” her mother whispered, “would you mind to terribly if your aunt and I masturbated along with you, both of our cunts are incredibly wet and puffed up!?!” Brenda’s eyes were now closed, and through clenched teeth she moaned, “G-go ahead, do your pussies with me, ohhhhhhhhh, I so fucking hot.” Now along with the telltale buzzing, was the sound of two very used and wet cunts, sloshing loudly with fingers being buried deep into needy muffies. Furiously the two women frigged their gaping cunts, while Brenda unashamedly began ramming the large vibe in and out of her tight little pussy with reckless abandon. It was as if all three of them were on the same train that racing over orgasm cliff. Brenda was the first to erupt, and she let go with a moan and a string of “oh fucks” that acted as a switch to her mother and aunt, as their own cunts constricted hard and climaxes roared through them like a tornado tearing apart a small frame house. After it was over, they all were panting like thirsty dogs when like a rifle shot, Freddy’s voice cracked the air with, “What in the hell is going on here.”

A frightened and embarrassed Brenda jumped up and went to her fiance’ and blubbered, “We, were, uh, we were just trying out, well, it’s like this, my aunt and mother were showing me how to………..” “I can see what you were doing,” Freddy said harshly, “and from now on I only want you cumming when I’m around, got it!?!” “Yes, dear,” she said while rubbing up against him with her naked body, “anything you say.” Right away they all could see it, a huge bulge had formed in the front of his pants, and true to the average male form, Freddy did nothing to try and hide his condition, instead, just like every man they had ever known, he quickly took over and said to the women, “You two sit there and be quiet, and you,” he said to Brenda, “pull it out and suck me off.” Brenda obediently slid to the floor in front of Freddy and unzipped his fly. Even though the two older women didn’t relish the thought of be ordered around by the young stud, they sat transfixed while Brenda extracted a truly huge erection from inside of his pants.

“See, mama,” Brenda said under her breath, “didn’t I tell you he was hung like a horse!?!” Both Ellie and Jan had already begun frigging their clits, while Jan answered her daughter, “Oh yes, dear, he has a simply beautiful penis, I can see why you always want to suck him off.” “You cunts shut up and let the little cock hound concentrate on my pecker, got it,” he said with an edge in his voice!?! “Yes, Freddy,” Jan and Ellie replied in unison, “anything you say.” By now Freddy’s dick was at its full tumescence, and Brenda, true to form, was sucking on the thick piece of manhood like it was the last one on earth. Freddy looked over at her masturbating mother and said, “Look at you little girl, bitch, she’s just another cock sucking bitch that can’t get enough.” It was the most vile talk she had heard in a long time, but instead of being repulsed, the sight of her daughter sucking the huge monster cock and hearing her stud berating both of them turned her on no end. “Okay, mama,” Freddy said shallowly, “I’m gonna fill your little girl’s mouth with a fucking huge fucking load, so watch her take it right in her fucking mouth.” A second or two later, Freddy grunted hard, while his cock spasmed into the mouth of the cute little cocksucker. As the cum dripped out around the corners of her mouth, both Ellie and Jan’s pussies exploded like sticks of TNT, leaving them both wrecked on the bedroom floor with their pussies gaping wide open and drenched with cunt juice.

While putting his cock back into his pants he gave Brenda a hard kiss on the mouth and said, “Now I know where my little cock hound gets it from, like mother like daughter, I always say,” and then giving Ellie a look add, “or like her aunt.”