Shadows In The Dark

“Christ, Bill! Did you bring the whole refrigerator?” Gail cried out as Bill hauled the third cooler from the back of his Dodge Caravan.

“I didn’t want anyone to go hungry!” Bill called back, and then reached in for yet another cooler. “Or thirsty!”

“He’s got a metabolism like a rabbit,” Lara, Bill’s wife, explained as she came around the back of the minivan, her long red hair whipping around her waist as she moved. Gail walked up to them, holding out her able hands.

“Gimmie somethin’,” she requested. Bill handed her the smallest cooler. Clinking and clanking noises came from within it. She raised one of her eyebrows at Bill, who grinned as he bent down to pick up cooler number one.

“Wine,” he explained. “We had a few open bottles and figured this weekend would be a good chance to finish them off.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Gail said as they headed up the short path to the lake cottage she and Rob owned. It was a hot July day. The sun was bright in a perfect blue sky, its rays bouncing up off Owl Lake’s mirror surface. Lara was eager to get into its waters. The humidity was thick like syrup in the air and was already making her body damp in the short time she had been out of the air conditioned van. She threw her backpack onto one shoulder and bent down to fetch cooler number two.

“Need help?” Rob, Gail’s husband, suddenly called as he stood right before Lara like a genie who had suddenly popped out of his bottle.

“Uh…yes,” Lara stammered as she found herself glancing straight up at Rob’s crotch. She took her eyes away from it, giggling.

“What?” Rob wondered, tilting his head like some mammoth Saint Bernard.

“Your package is right in my face, Rob. Thanks for the view,” Lara explained. Rob’s face turned a slight shade of pink as he started laughing.

“Oh, shit, sorry. I didn’t mean…”

“It’s alright, you big lug. Help me carry this stuff.”

They headed into Rob and Gail’s cabin. This was the first weekend everyone could make a trip together, and they all seized at the chance. The cabin was massive, with four bedrooms, two and a half baths, sauna, greenhouse, large kitchen, dining room, great room, den, and a Jacuzzi on the balcony outside the master suite. The floors were all hard wood with some area rugs, apart from the bathrooms, which were carpeted. The decor was Native American. Lara gasped as she walked through the front door and cast her eyes upon the open staircase and the great room that lie beyond, deeper in the house.

“Oh my God! Gail! This is fantastic!” Lara shouted, setting down the cooler for fear of dropping it.

“Isn’t it something?” Meri, another of Lara’s coworkers agreed as she came walking down the steps. Meri, Gail, and Lara all worked together for the main library at the university. They had spent many afternoons together with their husbands at various parties and functions. The men had all become good friends, especially with Charles, another coworker of theirs, and the only man in their clique.

Meri’s small Indonesian frame was strong enough to nearly lift Lara off the floor as she hugged her. Lara laughed and gave her a peck on the cheek as her feet met the floor again.

“You should see the master bedroom! Their bed is huge! The bathrooms are gigantic! You should see the tub in the one by our room!”

“I can’t wait! Where’s Dan?”

“Upstairs, unpacking our stuff. Where’s Charles and Joan?”

They should be here pretty soon. They were following us, but I think they stopped for gas or… something.”

“Something?” Meri’s waxed eyebrows wiggled. “What kind of something?”

“I don’t know, Joan is pretty wild, almost as bad as you.”

“Well! We’ll have to see about that!” Meri laughed and they scooped up the cooler and headed for the kitchen.

Bill, Lara, Gail and Rob were unpacking Bill’s coolers when they heard a voice behind them.

“My God! You could fit a whole side of beef in that refrigerator!”

It was Dan. He had changed into a simple gray T-shirt and jean shorts. Meri wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply, bringing hoots and hollers from the small audience in the kitchen.

“Yeah, you can, actually,” Rob explained. “If you stack the cuts just right.”

“Hello?” They heard a man and woman calling from the front door.

“Come in!” Most of them yelled as Gail ran for the door, a tequila sunrise already in her hand.

“Hey!” She embraced Charles and Joan, who stood on the doorstep with travelling bags in their hands.

“Hey, Hurricane.” Charles hugged her. He had nicknamed her Hurricane when Hurricane Gail ripped across the oceans a few years ago.

“What kept you two?” Meri asked, with Lara standing right behind her.

“We had to stop to get gas,” Charles answered.

“And stuff,” Joan, pulling off her mirrored sunglasses, added.

The eight of them laughed and drank most of the day while Gail, Rob, Charles, and Meri prepared a huge meal. Gail and Rob barbecued two chickens, Meri made some wonderful Indonesian spring rolls that were eaten as fast as she could make them, and Charles whipped up a delicious dessert of caramelized pears with chocolate sauce. Bill and Lara had brought along a spinach salad big enough for a herd of rabbits, and the wine and tequila flowed all day long.

Meri and Dan headed to bed first. Meri could hardly keep her hands off him, and Dan was nearly getting embarrassed by the cheers and leers they were getting by the time it was dark. Charles and Joan followed next, with Joan slapping Charles on the ass as they headed up the steps. Gail nearly wet herself laughing over it. Bill, the most sober one of all, offered to help clean up the kitchen and dining room table, but Rob and Gail refused. They had the whole weekend, and no other plans, they said. So, Bill and Lara went up to their bedroom.

It was next to Charles and Joan’s room. Bill and Lara’s room had a comfy queen sized bed and practically all the amenities of a bed and breakfast. All that seemed to be missing was a small tray of cookies. They were in the bathroom they shared with Charles and Joan, brushing their teeth, when Bill suddenly stopped.

“What?” Lara asked with a mouthful of toothpaste.

Bill spat out his toothpaste and leaned his torso toward the door that opened into Charles and Joan’s room.

“Do you hear that?”

“What?” Lara repeated and put her ear against the door.

She could hear them. She could hear Joan’s voice as a low, trembling moan. Charles was grunting and she could hear something thumping against a wall.

“Oh shit,” she whispered, “They’re going at it.” Bill placed his ear against the door and listened along with his wife.

“Wow, that’s hot!” Bill whispered in return.

They could hear Joan moaning a bit louder now. Charles was still grunting. They heard a slap, and Joan suddenly cry out in pleasure.

“Do it again, baby,” they heard Joan moan. The slap resounded in the room behind the door and Lara felt herself twitch.

“He’s spanking her, I think!” She whispered.

“Keep listening,” Bill said, his voice now commanding. He yanked her shorts down to her ankles and she giggled as she bent forward more to press the side of her face into the door. Her long red hair draped down nearly to the floor. Her curvaceous bottom pouted up as Bill who rubbed the head of his seven inch cock over her damp puss.

“Oh, God, Bill, don’t wait,” she whispered to him as she listened to Charles and Joan fucking just on the other side of the door.

He didn’t. He slid his cock all the way inside her. She scratched at the door and gasped. Beyond, Joan was moaning louder than before. Lara could hear the headboard bumping the wall. She could hear Charles’ hand slapping her cheeks. She could hear Joan shouting at him.

“Slap my ass!”

“Slap my ass,” Lara whispered back to Bill. His hand whacked onto her backside just after Charles had spanked Joan.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Joan demanded.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Lara echoed. Bill pumped back and forth, fast as he could, slapping his wife’s ass as Charles did the same.

Joan cried out in a wild groan as she came. Charles roared like a lion. Lara gasped and started to push hard back into Bill’s abdomen as she came. Bill’s nimble artist fingers dug into her butt and hips as he shot deep into her, coating her slippery walls until he nearly collapsed atop her. They both slid to the bathroom floor, and Lara started giggling. She had to cover her mouth for fear of being heard.

Not much later, Bill and Lara snuggled in bed. Bill was still eager for attention. The hot summer air was making him particularly randy, and they were both naked, but Lara was wiped out from their session in the bathroom, and the booze from dinner. She gave him a sweet kiss and promised him a fun wake-up call in the morning. Bill smiled in anticipation, saying it would charge him up for his morning run. They lied on the cool sheets and were soon snoozing peacefully.

Lara awoke with a gasp. She nearly sat up straight from the intense sensation around her body. It was like someone had dumped warm bath water over her to shake her from her slumber on this hot night.

It was pitch black in the room, and as the cobwebs in her head started to clear, she realized what the intense sensation was. Somebody was licking her pussy. She chuckled and started to push Bill’s head away, but he was insistent. Her fingers ruffed his short brown hair and she moaned as she again tried to push him away. It felt good though, very good. Soon, her grip on his head eased and she found herself pulling Bill’s face into her. She felt his tongue slurping and teasing. Then his bottom lip rubbed her clit up and down in an unexpected sensation. She had never felt him do this before, but it was driving her wild. She gasped as her eyes rolled back in pleasure. Her body shifted on the warm sheets, and then she gasped again as her foot touched Bill’s leg. He was still lying next to her.

She looked to her left and saw Bill’s silhouetted shape in the darkness. She pulled her mind away from the hot mouth on her cunt and listened to Bill’s slow breathing. It was him. Her mind started racing. Who was doing this? She wanted to wake Bill, but wondered what he would do when he found another man in their bed with his tongue deep inside her. She thought she should talk to him, maybe sit up and whisper to him to stop. There had been some sort of mistake. Maybe Charles had walked into the wrong room after heading downstairs to the kitchen for something.

She decided to sit up and tell him to meet her in the hall, but he held onto the tops of her thighs and began licking in earnest. He must’ve known she was distracted, because he poured himself into the effort. Lara’s head started spinning. She gripped the sheet and one of her feet touched the bedroom floor for support. She grabbed her pillow and put it over her face as she came. She waited for Bill to wake up from the mattress bouncing so much, but he didn’t. The face at her puss was gone then, and she lifted her pillow to see where he had went.

The shadow moved up to the head of the bed. One knee sank into the bed beside Lara’s face. The dark figure loomed above her, half-standing, half-kneeling.

“Oh my God,” she thought to herself, “He wants me to suck his dick! What if Bill wakes up now? He’ll really freak!” She thought this was too much, but part of it was exciting her. Part of her was wondering if she could do it without waking Bill. Her body was flushed from the orgasm she’d had and now her shadowy lover wanted more. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, searching the darkness for his cock. She couldn’t find it. He was teasing her. She was hungrily moaning and craning her head this way and that to find it.

Then, the shadow’s hand took her by the back of the head and pulled her forward. Lara gasped as she suddenly she discovered her tongue was in the middle of a soggy wet cunt. She heard the woman above her sigh with joy. Lara’s mind continued racing. She had never eaten another woman before. She never considered herself gay or bisexual and she had always felt strong in her love with Bill. Then, to both her shock and glee, she realized that this woman had just ate her pussy and made her cum in an intense orgasm. Her mouth was paused on this woman’s mound. The shadowy woman slowly moved her hips back and forth, urging Lara to do something.

“She thinks I’m someone else,” she explained to herself. “Who is this? Who does she think I am?” She started to think the situation over. Who among the girls was into other girls? She couldn’t think of anyone who had ever said anything or done anything about it. Fiery Meri and adventurous Joan had never made any type of innuendo that she could remember. As she was musing this over, she suddenly realized that her tongue was working over this woman’s clit as if her body was on automatic. Her musky smell filled her nostrils and the taste was sweet, and almost creamy. She remembered the taste of her own juice, often dripping from her fingers when Bill was away at a convention. This woman was a bit sweeter than she remembered herself being. She licked more and more at her, wanting to explore the taste. Who was this sweet tasting shadowy woman above her? Did Gail know this was going on in her house?

Gail! She suddenly realized it. Gail had short hair. She kept it short so she wouldn’t have to mess with it during her wildlife photography excursions. It was nearly as short as Bill’s. Lara’s eyes examined the silhouette above her. She tried to make out the shape. She saw the small breasts, the flat stomach, and the thin arms. It was Gail. There was no doubt about it. Gail clenched onto Lara’s head, pressing her puss harder onto Lara’s face. Gail was nearly whimpering, and Lara imagined her biting her lip as she came – quietly as possible.

She cooed and trembled above Lara and then let out a soft sigh. Lara’s face was suddenly flushed with more creamy fluid. There was so much she could barely keep up. The taste had changed. It was stronger, saltier, and thicker. Lara’s eyes opened and she gave a muffled gasp, her mouth full of Gail’s cunt. Gail’s pussy was full of someone’s cum, and she was letting it ooze all over Lara’s face. Lara couldn’t believe it. Here she was, with Bill sleeping beside her, eating Rob’s cum out of his wife’s cunt.

Lara lapped up all she could. Gail caressed her face and then bent over to kiss Lara on the forehead.

“I’ve been waiting for that all week, baby,” Gail whispered, and then crept out of the room as quietly as a cat.

Lara lie there perfectly still. Her face was still sticky, and her skin was warmer than the hot summer air around them. Bill had barely budged through the whole thing. He had always been a heavy sleeper, but Lara never realized how heavy. Who did Gail think she was? She wondered if while Gail was busy fucking her face, if Rob was fast asleep like Bill.

She was hot, and not just from the heat. The whole situation had her pulse and mind racing. Her hands crawled all over her body. She rolled over and grabbed Bill by the shoulder, pulling him onto his back.

“What? What?” Bill shouted, suddenly snapping awake.

“Bill, I want you to fuck me, right now.”


“Yes.” She crawled atop him and began rubbing her wet puss over his soft cock.

“What got into you?” He asked, quickly awaking.

“I’ll tell you in a second, just…” She didn’t finish the sentence, she just let out a long, happy moan as Bill’s now-hard cock slid into her. Her head tilted back and she rocked back and forth on him.

“Fuck! You are soaked!” Bill exclaimed, grabbing her by the hips.

“Gail was just here.”

“She was?” Bill puzzled.

“She ate my pussy and fucked my face.”

“What?” Bill nearly shouted and sat straight up, almost toppling Lara off him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders though, and kept riding him.

“She snuck in here, thinking I was somebody else. She and either Meri or Joan are lovers, honey. She woke me up by eating out my pussy. I thought it was you at first.”

“Didn’t you say anything?”

“No, I didn’t know what you’d do if you woke up, and…it was pretty damn good head.”

“I…well…shit, I don’t know what to say.”

She kept riding him. He turned his head and rested it atop her round breasts. She rocked up and down and stroked his head.

“Are you mad?” She finally asked.

“I…No, I’m just confused. I wonder who she thought you were.”

“I don’t know, but they’ve got a hot thing going, that’s for sure.”

“Hot as you? Hot as your pussy is right now?” Bill asked, his voice changing to his bedroom tone. The tone that always made Lara shiver.


“Did she lick you good, honey? Did she make you cum?”

“Yes.” He rocked her faster.

“And did her pussy taste good all over your face?”

“Yes,” she hissed.

“So you liked playing with another girl, didn’t you?”

“Yes!” She laughed, partly from the realization, and partly from the sensation of Bill squeezing her ass.

“Did she cum all over your face?” He asked as he pumped harder into her.

“Yes, and she was full of Rob’s cum. She let it go all over my face. My face was all sticky with both of them.”

“Fuck!” Bill cried out in erotic shock. He laid back on the bed, pulling her down to him, and slamming his cock into her again and again.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” She cried.

“You hot little slut!” Bill shouted, not caring who would hear. “You are so fucking hot!”

“Yes! Yes!” She grunted as they came. Bill shot load after load into her and she oozed all over his thighs. They came like cannons firing. They jerked and squirmed and their bodies were racked with spasms as they came. Pillows flew from the bed and the sheets were twisted as if by two giant hands.

Finally, they lie there, with Bill’s soft cock still inside her. Lara stroked at his chest and he played with her hair.

“What are you going to tell them?” Bill asked.

“I’m not going to tell them anything!” Lara looked up at him. “It’d be embarrassing!”

“Honey, they’re going to figure it out eventually. Sooner or later, Gail is going to tell her lover what a good time she had tonight, and then her lover will say ‘What are you talking about? You never showed up!’ Then Gail figures out she was in the wrong room and things get really awkward around here.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right. It’s going to be weird though. How am I supposed to bring it up?”

“Bring it up sometime tomorrow when you two are alone.”

“All right. I just hope she doesn’t freak out.”

“I just hope you don’t jump her bones while I’m not looking.”

“Piss off!” Lara laughed and smacked Bill on the chest.