“Are you sure you want to go,” Jeff asked Gail, “I hear it gets pretty wild, and you’re never really sure how far things are going to go.” Gail took a sip of her soda, leaned back in her chair, and replied, “Oh, come on, how wild could it be, it should be fun, I’m game if you are.” Jeff stared down at the beautiful young attorney, while all the while thinking that it was only their second date and a night at an under ground sex club might not be exactly the right thing to do. “Well,” she said, “is it yes or no!?!” “Uh, sure, Gail,” he replied, “yeah, we’ll grab a pizza and after work and then, well, you know, we’ll do it.” “Good,” she replied, “now get outa here, I’ve got a ton of work to do and if you’re smart,” she said wickedly, “you’ll get going on yours.”

“Mmmm, good pizza,” Gail offered while climbing into Jeff’s new car, “so, where is this place of wonder you’re taking me to!?!” “It’s down by the docks,” he replied while pulling smoothly into traffic, “inside of an old abandon warehouse, they change the location from time to time in case the cops get too suspicious.” “Sounds more exciting by the minute,” she replied flippantly, “I hope it lives up to its billing.” “Gail,” he said softly, “are you sure you wanna go through with this, I heard it gets pretty rough in there, and well, I don’t want anything to happen to you.” “Why Jeffery,” she said in a mocking tone, “if I didn’t know you better, I’d think you were worried about me.” “Okay,” he replied, “don’t say I didn’t warn you,” and they made the rest of the trip in silence.

Jeff turned onto Port St. and said to Gail, “We’re looking for number 318, see anything like that on any of those buildings?!?” “Uh, it’s so dark I can barely see, wait a minute, that one said 511, it’s a good two blocks more,” she replied, “it’s up there, I can see some cars parked under that street lamp.” Jeff found a spot about a half a block from the club and the two of them walked arm in arm the rest of the way. There was a bouncer standing by the front door with a flash light, checking id’s, and seeing as how Jeff and Gail were in their late twenties, he just nodded his head and let them pass! Once inside, there was makeshift ticket booth set up, and a sign over the top that read, “Men $100.00-Couples $150.00-Single Women Free”. “Wow,” Gail said, “not cheap, I’ll split it with you, I didn’t realize it was this much.” “Forget it,” he replied, “let’s go inside.”

There was a portable bar set up with three bartenders, so Gail grabbed a couple of beers and said, “My treat.” Jeff laughed at her little joke, took his beer, and led Gail towards the crowd of people at the other end of the huge warehouse room. On a slightly elevated stage were three women, all naked, and in the process of making love to each other. Jeff looked around in the semi darkness, and was surprised to see that almost half of the spectators were women, he had really expected it to be practically all men. Gail poked him in the ribs and offered, “They really don’t have their hearts in it, I hope this isn’t the main event.” “Uh, no,” Jeff answered, “the main event as you call it, goes on in about half and hour.” For the next twenty minutes or so, the two of them watched the girls on stage and wandered around the huge room, just people watching, that is until the three women were finished and a man on the pa system announced that the feature attraction was about to begin.

All at once a distant drum beat could be heard, that seemed to get louder and louder by the second, and a spot light came on that was directed at a curtain at the rear of the stage. As the drums grew louder, the curtains opened up and two completely naked men, with perfect builds, half dragged and half carried a young naked woman onto the stage. “Jesus,” Gail said above the din of the drums, “do you think she really wants to do this, or is it all an act!?!” Jeff just shrugged his shoulders and replied, “I think it’s an act, but who knows for sure, let’s just watch and see.” The two men finally got the woman to the middle of the stage, where the tied each of her arms to a bar that was about six feet off the floor, leaving her not quite hanging, but generally in a very uncomfortable position. The men left the stage, disappearing back behind the curtain, while the drum beat grew louder and louder. The girl writhed around, as if she were really trying to escape, but it was useless, she was tied to the bar with leather straps, so the more she struggled, the tighter they got. Now the lights began to flash on and off, and coupled with the loud rhythmic drum beat, Jeff thought of how a mob mentality could take over at a time like this, you could literally be swept along with it. Now the sound of the drum was so than loud, it was ear splitting. The girl was now desperately trying to free herself, and every so often when would look over her shoulder at the curtain, checking to see if anyone else was coming. Gail was about to ask another question, when a loud roar from the crowd erupted out of nowhere. “Why are the cheering,” she yelled at Jeff!?! Without answering, Jeff pointed to the stage, which now had another figure on it. Standing in front of the terrified woman, was a black man of about twenty three or so, wearing a long robe, brightly colored, almost like something from one of the African tribes. The crowd was screaming and yelling as he paced a circle around the captive woman, while once in awhile taking his hands and rubbing her bare breasts or ass.

He circled her several more times, before he stopping directly in front of her, turning to face the crowd, and after staring out at them for at least a minute, sticking his arms straight up into the air, which brought the drum beat to an immediate halt. The crown instantly fell silent, and out of nowhere, two very beautiful naked women appeared at his side and waited for his signal. He slowly slower his outstretched arms, and with a glance to the women, they pulled off his robe, under which he was completely naked, and exposing what must have been one of the biggest cocks in the world. Oooooo’s and ahhhhh’ spread throughout the room as the young stud displayed his incredible pecker for all to see. “Jesus,” Gail whispered, “how big do you think he is!?!” “I don’t know,” Jeff replied, “but he isn’t even hard yet, and he’s gotta be at least fourteen or fifteen inches long.” “If he fucks her he’ll kill her,” Gail replied, “I hope they know what the hell their doing, cuz this could be very dangerous.”

The drums again began to rumble in the back ground, and the crowd began to chant, “Fuck her”, “Fuck her”. The young giant let his hips sway with the beat, and incredibly, his pecker swayed back and forth, while keeping perfect time to the beat. The swaying motion was having some effect on him, because his pecker was slowly beginning to stiffen as the crown went nuts. The two naked women were now running their hand all over his lean hard body, while also pressing their big breasts into his back and chest. It was getting bigger by the second, and in an unbelievable display, one of the women got down on her knees and took the head into her mouth and sucked it gently, while the other women offered her chest to the young man, who eagerly he leaned over and began sucking on the ripe hard nipples. This went on for another ten minutes or so, until again, he raised his arms high, the beating drum stopped, and the two women pulled away from him, leaving him fully erect and ready to go, and then slowly he turned around and directed all of his attention to the girl hanging helplessly from the bar.

“This is unreal,” Gail said with a shudder, “I can’t even imagine taking that thing inside of me.” Jeff had been thinking about that too, as he looked around the room while checking out the faces of the women in the crowd, and how many of them had a glassy eyed look about them. Meanwhile, back on stage, the two naked assistants had each grabbed one of the captive woman’s ankles and pulled her legs far apart, leaving her vagina open and ready for the brutal assault that was surely to follow. Again, the drumming began, and again slowly it built to a crescendo as he stepped between her open thighs and rubbed the head of his monster prick up and down the length of her shaved pussy. As terrified as she was, and it really looked like she was scared, her pussy didn’t seem at all afraid, as it was drooling pussy juice all over the head of the young buck’s prick. The crowd was now in almost and absolute frenzy as they screamed for him to shove his pecker into his trembling victim. He loved seeing the fear in her eyes, but what he really wanted, was for her to overcome her terror and beg him to fuck her even over her better judgment, so, he continued to rub his cock head up and down her slit, taking care to make sure that her clit was forcefully rubbed at the top of each stroke.

By now Gail was leaning against Jeff while struggling to stay on her feet, and Jeff again surveyed the room, and much to his utter surprise, there were women all over the place sucking their male partners cocks with abandon or shamelessly masturbating while watching the huge penis teasing the clit of the young slut up on the stage. “Are you okay,” he asked, “I can help you out if you want me to.” “Y-yes, please,” she panted, “just reach under my dress and do my clit for me, I can’t believe I’m this turned on.” Jeff’s finger immediately found Gail’s erect nub, and while she sagged against him, he flicked it over and over, as she hung on to him for dear life. “God she was wet,” he thought to himself, “it was almost like a mass hysteria that had taken over the women, they were secretly putting themselves on the stage and having that huge penis violate their genitals. All at once there was a scream from on stage, the young woman was pleading, no make that begging for him to put it into her, the fury in her pussy was blotting out all her fears, she was truly his now. Several delirious women were trying to climb on stage, but again, out of nowhere, security personnel pushed them back down into the churning crowd, while the young giant, was slowly penetrating the pussy of the now blithering captive. “Oh, god,” Gail moaned, “s-she’s fucking begging for it, look at her, he’s got at least ten inches of cock in her and she’s going fucking crazy.” Now, around the room, there were couples everywhere, fucking openly and not caring a whit who was watching them, as the woman were so far gone you could have fucked them at the corner of Hollywood and Vine and they wouldn’t have known the difference. Up on the stage Jeff could see that the young man wasn’t going to really shove his cock all the way in, he was using only about half of it, but the build up, that was the key to the whole thing, getting the crowd involved in one massive orgy, with he and the girl as the centerpiece. It was all an elaborate game, but a very effective one, as hundreds of ordinary people were doing it in every which manner. Gail was now careening towards her climax, but seeing all the fucking and sucking going on, she dropped to her knees and pulled Jeff’s erect out of his pants and in seconds had him ejaculating into her hungry mouth.

In the car ride home not much was said between the two of them until they got in front of Gail’s apartment building and Jeff asked, “Would you go back again!?!” She gave a short laugh and replied, “Maybe, but I learned a lot about myself tonight, and I’m not sure I like what I found out.” She then kissed him on the cheek and was gone.