Pool Party

Tammy and I were hanging out at Steph’s house late one afternoon, as we often do. Steph’s parents have a big two-story house only a couple blocks from campus, and it’s a nice place to escape the dorm scene for awhile. We were lounging in Steph’s bedroom, drinking coke and sharing some gossip.

Steph mentioned that her parents were going away on vacation next week. Tammy, who never misses an opportunity, blurted out, “You are so lucky—you get the whole place to yourself, to do whatever you like. Party week!”

Steph licked her lips and said, “Oh come on, like I’m gonna turn the place into a frat house or something!”

I chimed in. “You know, I could sure use some serious recreation right now. It’s summer time, and we’re not even really enjoying it. Summer session really bums me out sometimes. I haven’t even had a date in months.”

Tammy chortled. “That’s nothing, Ann, or little miss Stephanie here’s never had a date at all!” She tugged playfully on Steph’s bare leg, causing her to tumble backwards onto the bed.

“You’re such a liar!” screamed Steph in mock anger. “I have too had a date!”

“You uncle Bubba doesn’t count.”

“Greg and I went out lots in high school. But after he hooked up with Jen, I just got disgusted. Figured I had better things to do with my time.” Steph’s face wasn’t showing much emotion, it was clear she’d gotten used to talking about the breakup with detachment.

“But don’t you get horny?” I asked. Steph blushed. “Sorry,” I quickly added. “I didn’t mean to get too personal.”

“It’s OK,” said Steph. “I just usually don’t talk about things like that. But it’s OK. I fantasize sometimes, but that’s it.”

“Come on! Tell us! Tell us!” Tammy was now on the bed next to Steph, prodding her in the side. Tammy was one of those active, healthy-looking people that make the rest of us feel inadequate—smooth-skinned, toned, proportioned. Steph is small and delicate, with short dark hair and a kind of little-kid look. I could tell she was uncomfortable with Tammy’s rough-housing, but didn’t want to seem uptight, so she put up with it.

“Not much to tell, really. Mostly I fantasize about getting guys turned on . . . strangers, usually, but sometimes guys I know from class. You know, flirting, getting them worked up, maybe flashing some skin. It’s not really about the guys, it’s more thinking about myself acting sexy, that’s the turn-on.”

“And how far does it go?” I asked her.

“Well, sometimes I imagine it going on to sex, but usually I get off before then.” Steph blushed again.

“I have those kinds of fantasies too,” I confessed. “I know guys look at me a lot, and sometimes I’d really like to cut lose and play it up, you know. But then you realize everybody knows everybody, people will start to talk, and all that.”

“That’s the great thing about spring break,” said Tammy, “you’re a zillion miles away, and you know you’re not ever going to see these people again, so you can be uninhibited. I started flirting with this guy on the beach, and two hours later we were screwing in my motel room.”

“You and your stories!” groaned Steph, but I was pretty sure it was true.

“How was it?” I asked.

“It was great,” Tammy went on. “Even though it was just casual sex, he was really very affectionate. And the fact that he was someone I barely knew made it really exciting, not the predictable kind of thing you can get into with a boyfriend you see every week.”

“Maybe—gee I don’t know—is there any way we could indulge ourselves a little?” I was speaking slowly, and looking for the right words. “Have a party here, like Tammy suggested, and invite just a few guys, and have fun getting them turned on.”

“That could get way out of hand in a hurry,” muttered Steph.

“I’m game!” announced Tammy, predictably. “Maybe we could swear them to secrecy or something.”

“That never works,” I sighed. I felt confused. Somehow making such a specific suggestion made the possibility seem real, and exciting, and my mind couldn’t stay away from the idea, even though it was really no different from going to class dressed like sluts.

“Some guys don’t like gossip,” suggested Steph. I was surprised to see her start to take this seriously. “This guy in my anthropology class is really cool. I’ve never heard him disrespect anybody.”

“Yeah, but that type runs away if you start to flirt!” Tammy laughed.

“No, no, he’s not like that. I’ve seen him checking out girls and trying to make conversation. He’s really nice.”

“What’s his name?” I asked.

“Rich,” she said. And with that we were on our way. The “guest list” started to fall into place. We ended up with five names, all suggested by Steph and I. (It seems Tammy didn’t know any well-behaved guys.)

I noticed it was after eight already. “I need to go,” I said, and got up.

“Just a minute,” said Steph. “I want to get clear about what we’re actually doing here. Just how sexy are we going to get? It’s not going to be some kind of orgy, is it?”

Tammy and I giggled. “No,” I said with friendly reassurance. “It’s just a game. See how hot we can get them, but we stay cool and act like nothing special’s up. We just let them have a taste of our sexy sides.”

“How much of our sexy sides?” asked Steph with a serious expression.

Tammy couldn’t keep quiet any longer. “Look, guys, this is supposed to be fun—the whole point is to get a little uninhibited, do something spontaneous for once. We just see how it goes, OK? We’ll have the party out in the backyard, by the pool, so we’ll have an excuse for showing some skin. That right there is enough to make any guy horny. Stop biting your nails and just go for it!”

That seemed to be the final word on the subject, so I went back to the dorm and worked on my algebra homework before bed. The next day, we met in the park at lunch and set a date for the party, and went over the guest list again. We decided who would bring wine and snacks. We also agreed we would wear our sexiest swimsuits.

Only one of the guys said he couldn’t make it. The other four seemed pleased to have a female acquaintance invite them to a pool party, but since neither Steph or I are known for partying, they probably didn’t expect much.

The night before the party, I tried on the three swimsuits I owned. I didn’t feel very sexy in any of them. Hesitating—it seemed a dangerous decision, somehow—I decided to go buy a new one. There’s a little shop off campus that sells skimpy swimsuits, party wear, and the like. I found a little black suit with string straps and a thong bottom. Just trying it on in the dressing room made my whole body tingle. It made my fair skin look like alabaster, and made my wavy dark hair look like it was actually part of a “look,” for once. And just the sensation of air on the delicate skin of my butt was a turn-on. I wasn’t really sure I could go through with this. I got a nice green sarong to wrap around over the thong, so I could decide what to do on the spur of the moment. That was Tammy’s approach, after all, and she seemed to know what she was talking about.

We got together at Steph’s about an hour before the party was supposed to start. Steph was already in her suit, an athletic-looking thing that really fit her well. With clothes on, she didn’t appear to have much of a figure, but in the suit you could see that her body, although small and slim, was not at all boyish. She had soft, round curves and very smooth skin. Tammy went into the bathroom to change. I used Steph’s room. Tammy came out in a hot pink bikini, with one of those cut-off T-shirts on top. I noticed her skin was almost the same deep golden-brown color as her hair. She either sunbathes a lot or goes to one of those tanning salons. Both of them said my sarong was really stylish. It was, actually. Very sensual, but I didn’t feel at all cheap wearing it.

Rich arrived first. He was taller and cuter than I had thought from hearing Step talk about him. Short blond hair, a gentle smile, and a surprisingly deep voice. Then came Mark, a friend of my physics lab partner; I’d even had lunch with him a couple times. He was shorter than Rich, and wore a neatly trimmed beard that made him look several years older. Steph volunteered to stay by the door while Tammy and I went out to the pool with our guests. We served wine, put the cheese and crackers out, and for a while just sat around on the pool furniture and lawn, getting a little better acquainted. Tammy was on the lawn, and from time to time coyly rearranged herself, sliding her long tans legs around and running her hands down them absent-mindedly. I was on the lawn chair, and being very casual about how my sarong fell and how much leg it showed.

About ten minutes later, Steph joined us with John and Carlos in tow—she was actually holding both their hands as she walked out through the sliding glass door toward the pool. John was a bit heavy, but one of those instantly likeable people, always ready to extend a smile or a hug or make a friendly remark. Carlos was very slender, with wavy black hair and large eyes. I’d never known him to speak much, but he was an art major, and I’d seen some of his sketches—good stuff, really—strangely moving nude figures juxtaposed with colored geometrical forms.

I got off the lawn chair and settled down on the grass, very close to Mark. I made sure our arms were brushing against each other, touching. The sort of little move that says, “if being close makes you uncomfortable, you can back away—but it doesn’t bother me.” Mark stayed pleasantly close, and even put the arm he was leaning on a bit further behind my back, where I could feel his thumb and wrist, just barely grazing my bottom.

Tammy, of course, was a couple steps ahead of me. She had one of her beautiful bare legs draped casually over Rich’s knees, telling him some sort of joke, but with her voice just soft enough to convey that the conversation was for him, not the rest of us. Steph was trying to attend to both the latecomers at the same time. She was listening to John, who was being talkative, but she still had her fingers on Carlos’s hand, moving them slightly from time to time.

Mark said, “You look great. Do you work out?”

“Thank you,” I said. “No, not much, but I swim and go to the spa.”

“The spa?” he asked.

“Yes, they give great massages—and if you go when the student masseuses are there, it’s not expensive at all.”

“It doesn’t bother you to get undressed?” he asked. And I could tell that saying it was making him visualize it.

“No,” I said. “It’s professional, you know. It just feels great to be touched all over, very relaxing, almost like a nap.”

Our little conversation was suddenly interrupted by Tammy, who now raised her voice for everyone to pay attention. “This is a pool party—you guys brought swim suits, didn’t you?” Rich and John said they had, and Steph led them back into the house to show them where they could change. Mark said he didn’t bring his, and Carlos said he didn’t swim. Mark did take off his sandals and shirt, though, leaving him wearing only his shorts, and still very close to me. I rested my hand on one of his legs, and he returned the favor, but his hand moved back and forth in a kind of circular motion. It felt wonderful.

John and Rich returned in their swimsuits. John went straight to the pool and dove in. Rich returned to sit next to Tammy again. She stood up, pulling him up with her. “Come on!” she said eagerly, “let’s go in the water!” With that, she lifted her short T-shirt off over her head, and there was no swimsuit top underneath. I was startled—I had just assumed she had a top on under the shirt. All the men’s eyes turned, as she strutted slowly to the edge of the pool, dressed only in her hot pink bikini briefs, and dove in. Rich was right behind her. John, perhaps feeling a bit uncomfortable, climbed out of the pool and lied down on the grass, next to Mark and I.

“God!” whispered Mark, his voice catching in his throat. “She is hot.”

“Getting turned on?” I asked, with a joking lilt in my voice, but I ran my hand all the way up his thigh, partway under the leg of his shorts. He didn’t answer, but his hand went around my waist, and then moved down, one or two fingers slipping inside the top of my sarong as he massaged the small of my back. I glanced over at Steph. She was holding Carlos’s hand close to her face, kissing his fingers. Tammy’s going topless seemed to have got things moving…much faster than I had anticipated. I watched Tammy and Rich playing in the pool. It was hard to see what they were doing, but there was sure a lot touching going on. Mark, meanwhile, was getting braver with his hand, plunging it deep under my sarong and massaging the cheeks of my ass, as well as he could reach with me still sitting on the ground. I nested my head against his neck and kissed him there, sensuously, a couple times. Then I got up, whispering softly, “Let me get this off.” I slipped the sarong off my hips and settled into his lap. We started kissing, and now his hands were caressing my breasts. I knew now that this party wasn’t going to be a flirtation game. I was already too turned on to keep that kind of control.

Just when I was loosing myself in the embrace, Tammy and Rich appeared, standing in front of us, thoroughly wet. Rich had a very obvious erection, and Tammy was fondling it, through his dripping swim shorts. “You guys having fun yet?” Tammy asked. I managed to smile. She whispered something in Rich’s ear, and the two walked across the lawn. Tammy knew how to get attention, even with two other couples starting to make out. She swung her hips as she walked away from us, her damp swimsuit bottoms clinging to her ass. Mark and I repositioned ourselves to watch the two of them.

They got to the far corner of the lawn, and we could see them standing there, tongue-kissing and groping each other. His hands were all over her naked breasts, kneading and grasping and rubbing. She was running her hands up and down his back, desperately. Then her hands plunged into his shorts, massaging his buns. After one or two caresses, she suddenly pulled his shorts down to his feet. He stepped out of them, naked, and she turned him halfway around so that everyone could see his thick hard erection.

“They’re gonna fuck!” said Mark, panting. I shifted my position on his lap so that I was straddling him, one leg on either side, but our eyes were glued on Tammy and Rich. Rich was on his back now, and Tammy was giving him head. After every few sucks, she would take his cock out her mouth and stretch the skin with her hand, glancing up to make sure the rest of were catching on. We were. Mark and I were practically humping each other through our clothes. John was lying beside us, naked now, and jacking himself off. I glanced over at Steph just in time to see Carlos stand up and drop his pants, right in front of her face.

We watched as Tammy stood up and pulled her suit bottoms off. For a moment, she stood over him. It looked like she was touching herself. Then she bent down, clasped Rich’s cock in her hand, and slid it up her cunt as she straddled him. Even from across the lawn, we could hear her moaning as they fucked. Her sensuous, tanned bodied writhed and turned. Sometimes she would rise up until he was almost completely out of her, and then plunge back down with a loud moan.

Mark was tugging at my thong now, desperately trying to grope my pussy as I was grinding it into his shorts. “I need to fuck you,” he whimpered, almost crying.

“Do it,” I said, hardly able to catch my breath. I stood up, pulled my thong off, and got down on my hands and knees. A moment later, Mark was behind me. I was so wet that the penetration was amazingly slippery: in one quick plunge he was deep inside me. His vigor was amazing. I’d only had sex with a couple men before, and it had always been indoors, in a romantic context, where things happened gradually. But this was different. It was just insatiable lust. And it was good. His strokes were fast and deep, and he was so hard that I felt completely at his mercy. My hips moved in response to his, and I ground my ass into his body with every thrust, loving the feel of his strong pelvis pressed against my cheeks. I no longer knew or cared what anyone else was doing.

I felt an orgasm building up, and then it was suddenly there, and I was squirming, arching my back, choking a cry. Still he kept fucking me, even harder now. I felt like a wild animal. Then another one. This time, I screamed, completely lost, forgetting I was in the backyard of a suburban neighborhood. Mark grabbed my waist with such force that I knew I would have bruises the next morning. With all his strength, he shoved my ass back against him, at the same time plunging his cock in as deep as he possibly could and let lose a great gush of come. He collapsed, and I collapsed with him, onto the cool grass, with the afternoon sunlight beaming down on us and the open air moving just slightly, caressing our limp and drained bodies.

It was some time before I even opened my eyes again. Mark and I staggered to our feet and looked around. Everybody was totally naked. Tammy and Eric were pouring themselves more wine, laughing, and holding each other in a playful, cuddly kind of way. And Steph…I did a double take, to be sure what I was seeing. She was in the middle of the lawn, going at it with John and Carlos, sandwiched between them. John was on the bottom, with his cock up her cunt, and Carlos was on top, fucking her asshole from behind. They were all panting and heaving.

I got a sudden memory of her intense little voice, asking, “How much of our sexy sides?” and I smirked and plunged into the pool. It was good to cool off.