New Sensations

The department store was practically deserted for a Saturday afternoon. Caroline had spent the past hour in lingerie and must have tried on twenty bras but still couldn’t find just the right one. The problem, she knew, was the size of her breasts. They were just too big. The truth was, her whole body was just a little too bulky at five foot seven and one hundred eighty pounds.

The fitting room attendant brought her a couple more bras to try on. Handing them over the half door she assured Caroline, “These have some serious support and are still a little sexy, try them.” Caroline tried one on. She didn’t much like it. “Why can’t it look as beautiful on me as the model on the package?” she complained to herself. She knew the answer, the model on the package is a size five and wearing a 32B version of the 38DD Caroline had squeezed into. It felt like a rubber band. She tried taking it off then, but the hooks, all four of them, seem to be caught and twisted around a loose thread.

The fitting room attendant had introduced herself as Margie. Margie was no more than 21 years old, Caroline figured, and wore a size two skirt. She had little or no boobs visible to the naked eye. Hell, she probably didn’t even own a bra herself. “How would she know anything about fit and support?” Caroline groaned to herself, then asked Margie for her help.

Margie pulled back the curtain to the fitting room’s tiny cubicle. As she considered the bra Caroline was trapped in, she noticed how beautiful Caroline’s breasts were. She wondered how they would feel if she touched them. Mentally pinching herself for her thoughts, Margie brought herself back to the matter at hand, which was the bra. It fit well and looked flattering enough, she couldn’t understand Caroline’s displeasure. Margie helped Caroline to rid herself of the constricting article.

Caroline felt Margie’s warm hands gently brush her spine as her thin fingers and long nails worked to loosen the tangle. The touch sent tingles up and down her spine and caused her nipples to perk. Once freed, the bra fell. Caroline grabbed it and covered herself as a rosy blush bloomed in her cheeks. “Don’t be embarrassed,” Margie consoled. “I think they are lovely. Caroline’s cheeks reddened still and she was unsure of what to reply. Margie was captivated. “I bet men stop and stare at them all the time.”

“I wish my husband paid them a little more attention. He’d rather play with an old Mustang than his wife.” Caroline, unsure of why she had just admitted this to a complete stranger, realized her discomfort had actually eased somewhat and was replaced with a little curiosity. She released her grasp on the garment and let it fall.

“Do you really think they are appealing?” Margie confessed that she thought Caroline’s breasts were very attractive and that she would very much like to touch them. The two ladies giggled a little before Caroline consented to letting Margie caress her.

It felt glorious. Margie’s hands were so small and felt softer than feathers. Waves of pleasure emanated throughout Caroline’s body. She gasped and Margie withdrew her hand. Caroline exhaled. “You didn’t have to stop,” a hint of disappointment in her voice seemed to surprise her. Margie placed her hand on Caroline’s voluptuous breast as she peered up into her face, then lowered her mouth to Caroline’s already aroused nipple. Flames rippled through Caroline’s middle sending heat waves throughout her whole body.

Margie began to unbutton her own blouse at Caroline’s insistence. Caroline hesitated at first then traced the out line of Margie’s breast with her index finger. Now Margie was feeling a little self conscious. “They are so little, men can’t tell my front from my back,” she whined. “I wish I had yours.” Caroline covered Margie’s miniature areola. Margie sighed with delight, never having experienced such exhilaration.

Margie’s sensuous reactions caused Caroline to become more aggressive. She assisted Margie over to the little bench and invited her to sit down. Margie complied and Caroline slid her fingers under Margie’s skimpy little skirt. No panties she noted. That made sense, no bra, why bother with panties? She was so warm, and creamy. Caroline’s fingers lingered over Margie’s hot fancy for quite a while. “Fascinating, incredibly fascinating,” she mused.

Instantly Caroline knew she was going to have to taste her. Margie seemed to read her mind and scooted down a little on the bench. Caroline eased to Margie’s warm center and positioned her tongue to probe every crevice of Margie as a delicacy. Margie began to tremble as ecstasy over took her. She vaulted upright from her seat when she could stand it no longer and a loud scream, she had not anticipated, escaped. This electrified Caroline and her tongue reacted with even more frenzied flicks to Margie’s throbbing femininity.

Caroline hesitated just long enough to remove her overly tight blue jeans and her black satin bikini panties. Margie coaxed her to the floor where she spread Caroline’s legs and repeated the splendid sensations as performed by Caroline. Caroline didn’t last. She was quickly overcome by shock waves brought on by the rhythmical thrashing of Margie’s tongue. She howled, her body squirmed and thrashed with the all-so-new sensations she was experiencing.

The sky thundered above, lightning flashed, as the earth shook below. Margie and Caroline lay spent, entangled in each other’s arms, lost in newly discoverer sensations, behind the fitting room’s long green curtain.