My Wife At The Company Beach Party

About a week ago, my wife Annie and I were invited to a beach resort along with a bunch of her coworkers. She works in the marketing department at a large company which did very well in the past few years, and the employees were starting to get a lot of perks, one of which was the resort trip.

I was eager to go, although I was worried about meeting Annie’s coworkers. Her company had a very informal culture, and Annie would sometimes tell me about all the flirting and pinching that went on during the workday. I worked at a law firm, which was very uptight and professional, and flirting was considered inappropriate. Over the years, some of it had rubbed off on me, and I was becoming more straight-laced and formal. I wasn’t sure I would fit in with Annie’s group.

Annie herself is a knockout. She’s twenty-six, with very short, stylish blond hair and a beautiful face. She’s a little shorter than average, with slim legs leading up to a tight, curvy bottom. She would look like a pixie if she didn’t have magnificent C cup breasts, which look fantastic on her frame. They’re full and round, and they sit high on her chest. We met in college and hit it off pretty quickly, and married soon after we graduated. She wasn’t very experienced sexually, although I wasn’t her first.

The day of the trip, we drove out to the resort. On the way there, Annie mentioned that she bought a new bikini for the weekend.

“Trying to show off for everyone, huh?” I kidded her.

“Maybe,” she answered, with a smile.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked. It wasn’t like Annie to really show herself off. I had a difficult time just getting to wear skimpy underwear.

“Nothing, nothing,” she laughed. “I’ve told you about all the flirting that goes on at the office. This is just another way to tease the guys.”

“What are some of the other ways you tease the guys?” I asked.

“It’s not just me, silly, all the girls do it,” she said. “Just flirting and stuff, you know. Talking dirty and a flash or two.”

“Wait, what?” I practically shouted. “A flash? You’ve flashed guys?”

“Oh, sweetie, it’s no big deal,” she replied. “It’s teasing. We just pull up our shirts sometimes. It’s just boobs.”

I was flabbergasted. My wife was showing off her tits to other guys? Other guys at work? That was unlike everything I knew about Annie. Just how friendly was she with these guys, anyway? I started to feel a bit of dread as we approached the resort.

We pulled up to the resort soon after. As we carried our luggage into the lobby, a group of people waved Annie over. They were some of her coworkers, and she introduced me. Among the guys there was Alan, Dave, Eddie, and Gary. Among the girls there was Ashley, Christine, Molly, and Nicole.

The group told Annie that everyone was meeting by the private pool to get in the water and have a few drinks before going to the beach. We agreed to meet them there as soon as we got in our swimsuits.

As we turned to leave, Alan reached over and pinched Annie’s tush. She squealed and pushed him away. I was about to jump in, but everyone started laughing, including Annie, so I figured it was some harmless flirting. I didn’t want to come off as prudish in the first five minutes, so I kept quiet.

We got to our room and started changing into our swimsuits. Annie went into the bathroom to change and came out wrapped in a towel. I wanted to see what she had on, but she cut me off before I could say anything with a “C’mon, let’s go!”

I grabbed a book and followed her around the hotel and onto the pool deck. The company must’ve rented out the entire pool, because there were company logos on the towels and welcome signs. There were about fifty people milling around the pool. Most of them were guys, and to my disappointment, many of them looked young and attractive. The girls were nothing to complain about, though. A lot of them were wearing skimpy bikinis and looked great.

I turned to ask Annie where her friends were, when I saw her open up her towel. I was stunned at what I saw: she was wearing an extremely revealing dark red bikini, that looked a size too small. The top was straining against her breasts, and it looked like the strings were ready to snap. The bottom was almost a thong, cut high to show off her legs. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

No wonder she wrapped herself in a towel in the room, I thought. She knew I’d be concerned about her wearing that. I was about to say something when I heard a voice from the pool shout, “Hey, look at Annie!”

This was followed by a chorus of wolf whistles and howls from guys all over the place. Annie giggled and struck a pose, showing off her tight stomach and great legs. She turned to me and said, “See? It’s just teasing!”

I nodded and kept my mouth shut. I wish she had said something about how revealing the swimsuit was, but that wasn’t anything to really get mad about. It was still a bikini. Besides, if some guys wanted to ogle my wife, what was the harm in that? I could even see myself being proud of it.

I laid back in the lawn chair and opened my book while Annie walked over to her friends. I had planned to spend some reading, but I found my gaze wandering back to Annie. Every time I looked at her she was flirting with a guy. Eventually I stopped reading altogether and just watched her while pretending to read.

The company had an open bar on the deck, which I visited a couple of times to get a beer. There was a lot of drinking going on, though – apparently this was a real party crowd. I saw Annie go there several times for margaritas, and there’s no telling how many times other people got drinks for her. But she was definitely getting more drunk as the day progressed. It didn’t help that guys were goading her, and the rest of the girls, to drink. At one point, Dave even challenged Annie to a chugging contest with their mixed drinks. Dave won easily, since Annie was already somewhat tipsy.

I eventually went back to my reading, until Annie came up to me. She had just been in the pool and was soaking wet. With her bikini clinging to her every curve, she looked even hotter. “Hi, hon,” she said, somewhat slurred. “You relaxing?”

“Yeah,” I said. “You having fun?”

“Oh, yes,” she giggled. “I’m a little drunk.”

That was obvious, but I didn’t push it. Annie dried herself with her towel and went back to her friends.

I went back to my reading, until I suddenly heard a scream. I looked up quickly, in time to see Molly covering up her naked breasts. One of the guys had pulled off her top and was running around with it. Molly chased him around the pool, arms covering her chest, until he stopped and grabbed her and pushed her into the pool with him.

I heard another scream, and a girl I didn’t know was now topless, too. Instead of covering up, this one just let the guy run off, and went back to chatting with her friends.

I looked over at Annie. She was in the shallow end of the pool chatting with some of the guys, and I looked over just in time to see Alan swim up behind her and yank the strings on her neck. The top was stretched so tight that it practically sprung off her, and suddenly my wife’s tits bounced into view. She squealed and spun around, slapping at Alan. He raised her top over her head, and she laughed and started jumping for it. Her breasts bounced firmly with each jump, showing off her soft pink nipples, while all the guys around her cheered.

Dave waded over behind her and, grabbing her by the waist, lifted her high enough to reach her top. She snatched it from Alan’s hands and whipped it at him, tipsily laughing. She started putting her top back on, but not before Alan reached over and squeezed her naked left breast. She squealed again and slapped his hand away.

The girls didn’t let the top snatching go unanswered, and started pantsing the guys. A few minutes after Dave helped out Annie, Molly sneaked up behind him at the bar and yanked his trunks down. A huge cock fell out, and all the girls gasped, including Annie. Dave laughed and started chasing Molly around the pool, wagging his huge dick like a stick at her, as she ran screaming and laughing.

After a few more minutes, Annie got out of the pool and walked over to me. Before she could say anything, I demanded to know was what happening over there.

“Oh, sweetie, nothing. The guys were just having some fun, that’s all,” she replied.

“I don’t think seeing you topless and feeling you up is just fun!” I said back.

“Sweetie, don’t be such a prude. Besides, I put my top right back on, didn’t I? Look, they pulled a bunch of tops off, and half the girls didn’t even put them back on.”

She had me there. Several girls were walking around topless now, and occasionally one of the guys would squeeze a tit here and there.

“Besides,” she cooed, suddenly lowering her voice, “doesn’t it turn you on to see the guys ogling at me? Seeing my boobs and feeling me up a bit?”

I got quiet, because it sort of did. I had a hard-on after watching those guys play around with my wife. But I was also incredibly jealous.

“It’s just some harmless fun,” she said again. “Think about how naughty your wife is, letting all these guys see her boobs and fondle them.”

I nodded a bit, and she smiled widely and walked away. I felt like I should have said something, but the moment was gone. Besides, if guys were doing it to all the girls, there was no reason why I should be upset.

I tried to concentrate on my book, and eventually I put on my sunglasses and fell asleep. When I woke up, things had gotten a bit rowdy at the pool. Many of the girls were topless now, including Christine, who walked by me. She was taller than Annie, but her breasts were much smaller, more perky and teardrop-shaped. They were fully exposed, and her top was hanging from her neck, probably after some guy had just untied the strings.

I was drowsy but awake, and with my sunglasses over my eyes it looked like I was still asleep. I scanned the pool looking for Annie, and saw quite a bit of debauchery going on. Some of the guys and girls were openly making out in the pool.

I finally located Annie, who was on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water. Alan was with her, in the pool, his arms resting on her legs. They were talking, with their faces only each apart. Annie had a very coy look at her face, while Alan looked like he was pleading for something. Every now and then Annie would burst into giddy laughter. She sounded like she was still drunk.

After a couple of minutes, Annie lifted her arm and grasped one of the shoulder straps on her bikini top, and slowly pulled it off her shoulder. Alan said something which caused he to laugh again. Alan then grabbed her hand and pulled it underneath the water between his legs. Holy shit, I thought. Did he just make my wife grab his cock?

Annie squealed in surprise for a second, then laughed. She kept her hand down there, though, and her arm started moving around. Alan said something and she laughed again, then took her hand from the water and pulled down the other bikini strap. She glanced over at me, and I froze. I must have convinced her that I was still asleep, because she turned back to Alan.

Her top was now barely hanging on, held up only by her full breasts. Alan was openly staring at them, talking excitedly. I don’t know what he was saying, but it must have been the perfect mix of humor and seduction, because she seemed to be doing everything he wanted. After another few seconds, Annie reached her hand back down into the water. This time, I could see her gasp. Whatever she had felt down there, she must’ve been impressed. Alan laughed and whispered something that made her laugh even harder.

Annie lifted her hand back out of the water and squeezed her forearms together. Her cleavage shifted just enough for the top to fall a few inches, completely exposing her tits to Alan’s gaze. Her puffy nipples were hard and stood out tantalizingly from her round, gorgeous breasts.

I was hard as a rock. I couldn’t believe my wife was exposing herself to a guy like that, and I couldn’t believe I was turned on from watching it. What the hell was wrong with me?

Alan ogled Annie’s tits for a while, then leaned forward and whispered something into her ear. She giggled and reached back down into the water again. They were quiet for a minute while her arm moved up and down in the water. It was obvious she was stroking his dick. After a few seconds, she looked over at me hesitantly. I was sure that if she saw me move, she would stop whatever she was doing, but I didn’t. As jealous as I was, I wanted to see where this was going to go.

After making sure I was still asleep, Annie slid off the edge and into the pool. Standing face-to-face with Alan, her top now clinging to her stomach, she reached both hands into the water, and the two started squirmed around a little bit. I couldn’t tell what was happening until Alan’s swim trunks suddenly rose up from the water right next to him. She had taken them off!

They both laughed, then Annie put her hand back under the water. Alan started breathing heavily and stared intently at her beautiful breasts. Annie giggled at his ogling and a couple of times she lightly bounced up and down to give him a show.

Eventually Annie moved her arm up and down faster and faster, all the while watching Alan stare at her tits. Suddenly he closed his eyes and bit down on his lip. Annie looked down and stared hypnotically at the water as he started bucking. After a few seconds, he stopped and opened his eyes again. Then he whispered something that made her squeal in mock indignation and push him away. He laughed and grabbed his swim trunks while she put her top back on.

I wasn’t sure what was more surprising: watching my wife jerk off another guy right in front of me, or the fact that no one else really noticed. Looking around, I saw a lot of horse-playing, and I guess the two of them were quiet enough that no one noticed. I sure noticed, though. Surely I wasn’t just being prudish now, was I? My mind said yes, but my hard-on said no.

After another half-hour, Christine stood up, still topless, and announced that everyone was going to the beach. Since parking was tough, the company had provided several vans to haul everyone there, rather than people taking separate cars.

I pretended to wake up as Annie walked over to me. She was still tipsy, if not drunk, and I decided to see if she would confess anything. “Anything happen while I was asleep?”

“Not really, sweetie,” she said.

“Any more top-snatching?” I pressed.

“Why?” she asked teasingly. “Would you want to hear about it?”

“Maybe,” I replied, although the way she was taking the conversation, I came off sounding more enthusiastic than I did.

“Well, no top grabbing, but Alan wanted another look at my boobs, and he kept asking, so I thought that since he already saw them, I might as well give him another peek.”

“Oh,” I said.

“So I pulled down my top for a bit, and let him have a look, but that was all. Is that okay, sweetie? Do you mind me showing off for you and letting the guys have a peek at my boobs?” she cooed.

“I guess so…” I stammered. Maybe I was just imagining her jerking off Alan.

We gathered our towels and followed the group over to the parking lot to take the vans. We got into one with a bunch of people I didn’t know, and drove over to the beach. The ride was extremely bumpy, but I barely noticed, as I was focused on trying to remember what I saw with Annie and Alan.

When we got to the beach, we saw that the company had set up a volleyball net for the staff, and Christine and Nichole got a game started. I laid back and watched, trying to collect my head and get the lump out of my chest, while Annie joined in. The game was actually entertaining to watch, partly because the players were pretty good, and partly because the girls looked great jumping up and down in their skimpy swimsuits. The trash talking got worse and worse as the game went on, too.

After forty-five minutes, Annie got ready to serve. “Get ready, guys, this one’s not gonna be coming back!” she shouted.

“You want to bet your top on it?” Eddie shouted back.

Some of the guys whooped, while others gave a low “ooooh.” Annie paused for a minute, with a sexy look on her face, then shouted back, “If you can’t return it, you’ve gotta lose those trunks!”

“Not much of a chance of that happening!” Eddie replied.

Annie responded by throwing the ball up and delivering a powerful serve. I’m not sure how many of her co-workers knew it, but she used to play volleyball in college. The ball did exactly what she wanted it to do, slamming right in between the two weakest players.

The girls cheered and the guys slapped their heads and moaned. Eddie whistled and pointed to Annie, then grabbed his waistband and slid his trunks down. His dick wasn’t as long as Dave’s, but it was much thicker. It was definitely big enough to draw some whistles from the girls. Annie stared at him with a horny smile on her face. She never looked at my dick like that before.

Annie prepared for the next serve, and shouted to a guy I didn’t know, “Hey, Don! You want to make the same bet?”

Don looked over at Eddie, then over at Annie’s tits, and said, “Absolutely!”

Annie delivered another powerful serve, but this time one of the guys made a lucky guess where it was going. He dove and got a hand on it, throwing it up high enough for Dave to return it. As soon as the ball went back over the net, the guys burst into cheers, then started chanting, “Take it off! Take if off!”

Annie put her face in her hands, giggling, then reached back and untied her top. She held it against her chest for a second, then threw it to the side. Her gorgeous breasts and puffy nipples popped back on display. The guys started clapping and whooping, while Annie blushed and laughed.

Annie played the rest of the game topless, giving everyone a show. Every time she would run or jump to return the ball, her tits bounced obscenely. All the guys sported huge hard-ons watching her, especially Eddie.

The game soon ended with Annie’s team victorious. Annie walked back over to get her top, but didn’t put it on. She strolled over to Eddie, who had just picked up his trunks. I could tell she was arching her back, pushing out her tits. They started talking about something, although Annie was mostly staring at his huge cock and he was staring at her chest.

Eddie said something, then pushed his dick toward her. She giggled and shook her head, but didn’t stop looking. Eddie stayed still, though, and after a few seconds Annie reached over and grasped her hand around his cock. She held it for a second, then lightly bounced it and laughed.

Eddie laughed, too, then reached over and pulled on the front of Annie’s bikini bottom. He leaned over and stared down at her pussy, while Annie squealed with embarrassment but did nothing to stop him.

Suddenly Eddie yanked her bottoms all the way down to her ankles. Annie screamed, which caused everyone to turn and see her fully exposed pussy. She had a neatly trimmed light blond bush that barely hid her pussy lips. Her beautiful body was entirely naked now, and her embarrassed look made her even more beautiful.

Annie quickly pulled her bottoms up while the guys cheered, but didn’t put her top back on.

The sun was beginning to set, so Christine announced that everyone was returning to the resort, and that the group would meet again at the hot tub at ten o’clock.

We started packing up for the vans. We were a bit slow, though, and by the time we got there only one seven-seat minivan was left, to carry eight people. My wife was the only girl in the group, and the only other guys I recognized were Gary and Dave. Gary hopped into the driver’s seat and told us all to cram in.

I was about to suggest that Annie and I cram in the back, when Dave jumped into the front passenger seat and said, “Hey, Annie, ride shotgun on my lap! Then we’ll all fit.”

Annie didn’t even look at me for approval. “Okay,” she giggled, “but no funny stuff!” Then she climbed on top of Dave, still wearing only her bikini bottoms. The other guys quickly jumped into the middle seats, forcing me to sit in the far back.

Everybody except for Gary and I were drunk, some much more than others. I ended up sitting next to one of the really drunk ones, who insisted on having a loud conversation about the Packers. Everyone in the back got into it, so there were four loud, drunk guys shouting over each other.

I didn’t really want to join in the conversation, since I was trying to keep an eye out for Annie. I didn’t want Dave to take advantage of the situation. My angle wasn’t that great, though, and I had to lean over a lot to see what was happening up front.

At first all I saw was Annie leaning back against Dave, while he tried to wrap the seat buckle around them. He was reaching it around her chest and groping her tits as he was doing it. It took a lot longer than necessary for him to click it in, but she didn’t make any moves to stop him.

We got onto the bumpy main road, and the whole van started shaking and rattling. Somewhere in the middle of the bumping I saw Dave’s hands shift from Annie’s stomach to her thighs. The two were talking and laughing, but I couldn’t hear them over the car noises and the guys talking football.

One of the guys turned to me and asked about my football loyalties. I tried to focus on what was going upfront, but I didn’t want to draw attention there, so I made some small talk and guy chatter. The road got worse and worse, and eventually I had to keep as much concentration on staying stable as I was on the conversation.

When I finally looked back over to the front, I noticed that Annie and Dave no longer had a seat belt on. Nothing else seemed unusual, though. Dave’s hands were still around Annie’s waist, although she was now sitting up high on his lap and bouncing up and down. I thought the bouncing had to do with the bumpy ride, but when we stopped at a red light, Annie kept bouncing. I couldn’t see either of their faces, and suddenly I had the terrible suspicion that he was fucking her. I became even more suspicious when I noticed that neither of them were talking at all.

The rest of the ride I leaned over and watched Annie bounce up and down, wondering what could possibly be happening. After about twenty minutes, we made a turn and the hotel was there.

I was the last to get out, and I rushed over to Annie, who was walking ahead with Dave and Gary. When I finally caught up to her, I saw that she was flushed and slightly sweating.

“Hey,” I said, when the other guys walked out of earshot. “What was going on up in the front?”

“What? What did you see?” she asked, somewhat excitedly.

“Nothing, but it looked like Dave was enjoying himself,” I guardedly answered.

“Don’t be mad, sweetie, we were just having some fun,” she started. “Dave was complaining that his swimsuit was really tight, so I said that he could pull them down a bit if he wanted. I was just joking, I didn’t mean for him to actually do it, but he did. Did you see how big his cock is? Sweetie, it’s so huge. I was bouncing on it for a while. Then he kinda pulled my bikini bottom to the side and his cock just sort of slipped up my cunt. I think it just was an accident. Then we hit a big bump and it slipped back out, so I fixed my bottom and that was it.”

Her face became pouty and pleading at the same time. “It’s not a big deal, right, honey? It was an accident, and he didn’t even cum.”

I was speechless. My wife had essentially admitted that she had just fucked a guy. But what was I supposed to do? I couldn’t make a big scene right there on the beach, in front of everybody.

“Well…if he didn’t cum, I guess that’s okay,” I stammered out.

“You’re so understanding, sweetie!” she beamed. “C’mon, let’s go get something to eat!”

Dinner was uneventful. We ate some sandwiches in the hotel room. I was pretty quiet, hoping that maybe Annie would apologize or say something, but she seemed distracted the entire time.

I laid down on the bed, intending to rest my eyes for a bit, but I must have dozed off. When I awoke, it was 10:30, and Annie was nowhere in the hotel room. I rushed down to the hotel patio.

People were crowded around the hot tub, drinking and laughing. Annie was already there, she must have left while I was still sleeping. Several of the girls were topless again, and there was a lot of touching and groping. It looked like something out of college, not a company party.

Annie walked up to me, or stumbled over to me would be more appropriate. She smiled tipsily and gave me a big hug.

“Honey, is it okay if I take off my bikini?” she asked.

“What?” I gasped. “The whole bikini?”

“C’mon, honey, it’s nothing big,” she replied. “Everyone’s already seen my boobs, and most people saw me naked when Ed pulled down my bottoms. Other people are getting naked, too, so we all just want to have fun and be comfortable.”

Annie didn’t even wait for me to respond, she just walked over to the hot tub and pulled off her top. As the guys whistled, she pulled down her bikini bottoms, showing me her tight, curvy butt. The guys in front of her were getting a great look at her pussy, and everyone was staring at her as she slowly descended into the hot tub.

Annie squeezed in next to another topless girl and sat down, sinking enough so that the water came up to her shoulders. At least she was letting the water give her some modesty, I thought.

I stayed out of the pool and near the bar, drinking a beer and talking to some of the less flirty guys. I looked over to a group of people at one point and saw Molly chatting with a few guys. She was topless, with small, perky breasts and nipples that stood straight up. She was talking excitedly and causing all the guys to laugh. All of a sudden she pushed down the front of her bikini bottom and showed off a completely shaved pussy. The guys all oohed and stared.

I focused my attention on trying to hear what was being said. “It’s really great!” I heard Molly said, pulling her bottoms back up. “Once you get waxed, you really can’t go back! Totally tell your girlfriend to try it out.”

“Well, if you swear by it,” one of the guys said. “I mean, it looks great. I’ll tell her about it.”

“He might be more sure about it if you did that again,” another guy joked. The other guys laughed and whooped.

Molly rolled her eyes. “Here, get a good look,” she said, and pulled her bottoms all the way down to her ankles. Now completely naked, she smiled and cocked her hips while the guys cheered.

I was staring at Molly’s tight body when I heard someone from the hot tub shout, “It’s too crowded!”

“Hey, Annie, come sit on my lap!” Eddie said. “Make some room for others!”

Annie giggled. “But then everyone will be able to see my boobs!”

“Even better!” Dave shouted back, as people laughed.

“C’mon, it’s nothing we haven’t seen already,” Eddie replied.

Annie laughed and stood up, lifting her breasts out of the water. She walked over and hopped down on Ed’s lap, jiggling her tits.

Eddie reached around and grabbed her tits with his hands. “Here,” he said, “now no one gets to look at Annie’s boobs!”

Everyone laughed, including Annie.

Eventually people went back to having their conversations, but I kept my focus on Ed and Annie. Ed didn’t take his hands off my wife’s tits, and after a while, he slowly started massaging them. She leaned back and whispered something in his ear, and he started pulling softly on her nipples. She smiled dreamily and stared off into space, letting him squeeze and caress her breasts.

I was about to walk over and say something to them, when Nicole walked up to me and started talking. I didn’t want to be rude, so I listened politely while she drunkenly slurred about how great Annie was and how much fun they had together at work. I kept trying to glance over at Annie and Ed, but Nicole was blocking my view. After a few minutes I gave up and directed my attention at Nicole. She looked like a starlet, with long blonde hair and a beautiful face with high cheekbones. She was wearing a tight black one-piece suit that barely held in a huge pair of breasts. I felt comfortable staring at her, because she was so drunk she wasn’t aware of it. She just kept chatting about herself.

“Do you want to see it?” she suddenly asked me, shaking me out of my thoughts.

“Um,” I said back, not wanting to acknowledge that I wasn’t paying attention.

“My belly button ring! Do you want to see it?” she repeated.

“Uh, sure,” I said. I wasn’t really sure how she would show it to me, since it was under her suit, and at first she just tried to push it aside to show her navel. It was skin-tight, though. After a second she gave up and, to my astonishment, started pulling her shoulder straps down. She pushed her suit all the way down to her waist, exposing her gigantic tits and tight stomach.

“See?” she said, pointing to it. “It’s a bit too big, I think.”

I was trying to pretend I was looking at it, but I just stammered out a reply while gaping at her chest.

“Aw, you’re sweet,” she said. “Annie is so lucky to have you!” Then she walked away, with her top still down, leaving me to wonder what the hell was with these people.

I suddenly remember Annie and Ed, and looked over in time to see Annie push off Ed’s lap. Both of them were breathing heavily, and Ed had a big smile on his face. He sat up and lifted himself out of the tub, and I now saw that he was naked, his monster dick flaccid and flopping around. The thought of my naked wife on his naked lap suddenly made me worried that he had fucked her like Dave.

I looked back over at Annie and saw her in the hot tub chatting excitedly with another topless girl. The girl pointed to Ed and Annie nodded, and the girl squealed and laughed.

By this point I felt that it was too late to do anything, and just standing there watching everything go on would just make me more paranoid. I was already feeling so weirded out and scared that I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. Without telling Annie, I headed back up to the hotel room. I figured that if she noticed I was gone, she’d guess that I was mad.

Boy, was I wrong. After stumbling into bed, it took another three hours before Annie finally walked in. She was still naked, holding her bikini. After she took a shower she came back out and laid down in bed with her back toward me.

I expected her to say something, but there was nothing but silence. After a while, I became afraid she’d go to sleep and so I spoke.

“So what happened in the hot tub?” I whispered.

She turned around and saw the look on my face. As she spoke she reached into my pants and started stroking my dick.

“Oh, don’t be mad, honey, but I may have gotten a bit carried away. When I got in the hot tub, Ed was joking that there wasn’t enough space in the hot tub for us all to sit down, and that I should sit in his lap. So I got up on his lap to give everyone some more room. He started playing with my boobs, and it really turned me on, so I let him feel me up for a bit. Then he pushed me higher on his lap and I found out that he wasn’t wearing anything, but before I could do anything, he pushed his huge thing up my cooch!”

“He started pumping it in and out and it felt really good, so I let him keep it inside me. I think the other guys knew what was going on, too, because everyone in the hot tub was looking at us and staring. I got a little embarrassed and thought about stopping, but just then he squirted his stuff in me. You’re not mad, are you? I didn’t plan on him cumming inside me but it was too late.”

There was a pause.

“That…wasn’t all that happened,” she said, hesitatingly.

“Honey, how many guys stuck their dicks in you?” I said, not wanting to hear the answer.

“Well, all of them, at least once,” she said. “But it was just part of a game!”

“A GAME?” I said, loud enough that she started stroking me harder.

“Well, after a while,” she said, “we were all really drunk. I mean really, really, drunk. And after a while it was just Christine, Molly, and Nicole and me all in the hot tub with the guys. And some of the guys started having an argument about which of their dicks was biggest. And Molly suggested that the girls judge.

“So the guys took off their trunks and let the girls see. Honey, all the guys were so big! Even the smallest one was at least an inch bigger than you.

“We were about to judge, but then Eddie let it slip that he had already kinda fucked me, and it was unfair for me to know more than the others. And Dave said that he had done it, too, even though he didn’t cum in me. And then Gary said that he and Molly had already fucked on the beach. So Christine suggested that to be fair, all the guys should stick their cocks in each girl, just so she knows how it feels. Not fuck or anything, just a quick poke. That would be the only fair way for the girls to judge. It would have been, right, sweetie?”

Ordinarily I would have rejected her bizarre logic, but her handjob was beginning to have effect, and I just gulped and nodded.

“So we all agreed, and each of the guys took turns. I had Alan first, so he pushed his cock in me and pumped it in and out a few times, just for me to get a feel. It felt much bigger than it did when I jerked him off.”

I knew it! I thought. She was too drunk to remember her earlier lie.

“And then Ed come over again, and then Gary. Both of them stuck their huge cocks way up my cooch, but just for a little bit. Just for me to get a feel.

“The Dave came over. He was the last one, and whispered to me that it wasn’t fair that we didn’t finish what we started in the car. So he pushed his cock in me. He was definitely the biggest one – it was so thick, too! And I was feeling really horny after the first few guys, and I was the last girl for him anyway, so I let him fuck me for a little bit. The other girls were letting the guys do the same thing, too, so I didn’t think it was a problem. So we fucked for a bit until I felt his hot cum shoot way up in me.

That’s all that happened, hon. It’s no big deal, right?”

“No,” I gasped as I came, harder then I ever had before. I immediately regretted it, since it made it look like I really did enjoy watching her get casually fucked by a bunch of guys, when in fact I was really upset about it.

“I guess you do like it,” she purred. She turned over and pulled the sheets up. “Goodnight, honey.”