My Trophy Wife

When I look back on what happened last month, I definitely blame myself to a large extent. I’ve been married to my gorgeous and sexy wife for 12 years. My wife Lea has an incredible body – the kind that all men dream about getting to screw at least once in their lifetime. She has long legs leading up to a great shapely ass, the most amazing tits that I’ve ever seen and to top it all off, her face is beautiful with stunning eyes and sexy lips. Lea and I met during my junior year in college and after many attempts, she finally accepted an offer to go on a date with me. The rest as they say is history, as we were inseparable from then on.

Also attending that college were two guys that to this day are my best friends. The three of us; myself, Ray and George had a lot in common, from playing division 1 baseball, to partying, to chasing great looking girls. It was in our junior year that we first saw Lea. She was a transfer student that had all of the guys drooling over her, and the three of us were no different. From the moment we saw and met her, she became the most sought after girl for each of us.

Ray, who is a light-skinned African-American was the first to pursue her and George also tried to get a date set up with her. Fortunately for me, Lea turned down each of them multiple times, which still left the door open for me. At the time, she was not dating anyone and politely told anyone that asked her out that she was just focusing on her studies and getting acclimated to the new school. That worked perfectly for me, because even though I was a jock and partier, I tended to be a little quieter, especially around the girls.

So, when I was not playing fall baseball, I was spending time in the library, as Lea was there a lot. I think I spent more time in the library that one semester than I did the entire rest of my college career. But it worked. We eventually became study partners and I even signed up for a Social Dance class she was taking in the spring semester at her request.

I finally got her to accept a request for a date on Valentine’s Day, when I sent her what I thought was a corny card, but it worked. When Lea and I first started dating, Ray and George were always begging for details and trying to steal her from me. But, Lea’s and my relationship just got stronger and we ended up getting married 18 months later, after we each graduated with our degrees.

George and Ray were two of our groomsmen and even after we got married, hung out at our place most of the time for the first few years after graduation. They would regularly tell me how lucky I was to have landed a babe like Lea, and I’d frequently rub it in their faces that she turned them both down multiple times before she started dating me. Eventually George and Ray each found a lady that he was serious about and by the time Lea and I were celebrating our 3rd anniversary, each of them had gotten married as well.

George married Rachel, who was tall and fairly attractive and Ray ended up marrying a white girl named Cindy, who was just over 5 feet tall but cute. Neither of these women had the sexy looks or killer body that Lea did, so over the next few years, the macho talk continued between George, Ray and I. Lea, Rachel and Cindy became good friends, so the three of us couples would go out frequently together, not to mention the ladies going on shopping Saturdays, while us guys played any sports we could find.

It was after one of those Saturdays of playing in a softball tournament that I probably pushed George and Ray too far. We stopped by a bar on the way home to have a few beers and order some lunch. As was pretty common, the talk eventually turned to women and Ray made a comment that he still could not believe that I could have landed somebody as hot as Lea. And even though it had been a dozen years since we all graduated, she still looked as hot as ever, especially compared to their wives. George then made a remark that if she had not accepted that date with me, he definitely would have eventually convinced her to let him take her out and he would have tapped that great looking body.

I told them both to just dream on, because never in a million years would either of them be able to score with someone as hot as Lea. And I reminded them that they each did alright for themselves with the wives they have, who although they are not as hot as my wife, that they are still better looking than I would have thought either of these guys was capable of scoring with. Ray muttered something under his breath, but then we all started laughing and I thought it was forgotten. Boy was I wrong, as after that George and Ray began to hatch their plan their led up to the night a month ago.

George was in the construction business and in the process of building a new commercial property that consisted of office space and a storage warehouse. The storage warehouse had been completed a few months before it was needed, so George had installed a basketball hoop in there for his men to be able to shoot hoops while on their lunch hour since they were still building out all of the office space. Ray, George and I ended up spending a few evenings there as well, as it was much less crowded than our local gym. He had even placed a couple of mattresses in the corners in case his employees needed to lie down, as they tended to work long hours. It was one of those evenings that Ray said he had a “great idea for a game”. Even though George knew exactly what their overall plan was, he played along perfectly when we both asked Ray what it was.

Ray said that since the warehouse is so big and pitch black with the lights out, as there were no windows, that we should get the girls to come over here some night after a few drinks and play “find your mate”. He explained that we would put a time limit on the game of about 1 hour and the men would start at one end of the warehouse, with the women on the other. Once the lights were off, everyone would strip and you’d have to find your mate without any speaking. He said that as kind of a prize if you found your spouse early, you could take her to one of the corner mattresses and have fun. George right away said that would be a blast and that we could even have the women keep their panties on if that would make them more comfortable.

We had all been boating or hanging out at the pool together a number of times, so we had all seen each other’s wives in fairly skimpy swimsuits anyway. I asked how we were supposed to find our spouse if there was no talking and Ray said use your hands moron. I told him that it would probably work for us guys being able to feel for our wives boobs, but it would make it nearly impossible for the women to identify us, as we all had roughly the same build, height and weight. I assumed that would probably mean we were similar below the waist too. So, George said we could put some kind of identifier on our bodies, so the ladies could tell exactly who was who. Ray said that sounded like a great idea, as long as we put it somewhere near our cocks, so the ladies would have to feel us up too. As crazy as it sounded, I actually liked the idea and figured that the worst thing that could happen is that Lea would get felt up by my friends while trying to find their wives. For all of the times we’ve had chicken fights in the pool or at the beach with each other, I figured there’s probably been just about as much accidental touching then.

So, we agreed, as long as we could convince the wives and come up with some kind of identifier for us guys to wear. We were all getting together for a cookout the following day, so we decided to bring up the idea then with the ladies. I think we were all kind of surprised when the wives agreed to the idea right away, as long as they were allowed to keep their panties on. That night I mentioned it to Lea that I was surprised that all 3 of them agreed so quickly and she said why not. She figured that each of us have gotten to check out each other’s wives in very small bikinis over the years, while we’ve worn loose swimsuits, so it will be a chance for them to even the score a little. She said that the thought of George and Ray possibly feeling her tits did not make her happy, but that as long as she could quickly detect whether the feeler was me or not, she could quickly move on. And, the thought of finding each other quickly and then screwing on one of the corner mattresses while our friends were in the same room with no idea really turned her on.

It was determined that we’d play our game the following weekend after going out for some drinks and dancing. We all met at the club and I noticed how everyone seemed to be a bit more reserved then normal. While at the club, I asked Ray if he had figured out how we would be identifiable to the ladies in the game. He said that he had gotten some stickers that would stick to our skin that had a different number of dots on each one. The dots were like brail and could easily be felt above the surface of the sticker. He said if we placed them a little below our belly buttons, that the women would be bound to touch our dicks while feeling for the sticker and they would not interfere with anything if we got our wife onto the mattress for some action. We stayed at the club long enough for each of us to have a few drinks and loosen up a bit.

From there, we were off to the storage warehouse. When we got there, the lights were on and you could tell that George had the place cleaned up. There were even sheets and pillows on the mattresses. Ray again explained the rules and pulled out the stickers that we’d be wearing. He then handed a sticker to each of the ladies and told them to put it on their man, so they’d be sure they knew what it felt like. The sticker that Lea placed on me had a single dot on it, Ray’s had two and George’s had three. Ray then pulled out a clock that would be set to go off in 60 minutes. We all agreed to wait for 5 minutes after the alarm went off before turning the lights on to ensure everyone at least had some time to get his or her clothes back on. When no one had any additional comments or questions, Ray sent the ladies to one end of the room and us guys went to the other. The room itself was probably about 4,000 square feet, so I figured it may take us a little bit of time to find each other.

When we were at opposite ends of the room, George turned off the lights and we removed our clothes. What I did not know then, but found out a week later was that George and Ray also removed their stickers and replaced it with one like mine, with a single dot. When we started walking out into the pitch darkness it was much more difficult than I had expected it would be. I initially planned to just walk straight across the room to where the girls were starting from. I was even counting to myself the number of steps I’d taken, so I’d know when I was about half way across the room. I finally bumped into someone. I reached up to the chest area and pulled my hand back quickly when I felt a hairy chest. As I continued to go around the room, it seemed like it was taking forever and I could only occasionally hear foot steps in the distance.

I found out later that Ray had bumped into Lea within about 5 minutes. He immediately knew it was her when we groped her tits and she thought it was me when she felt down below his waist and found the sticker with a single dot hiding behind his erect cock. Once she thought she had me, she softly grabbed his sac and then his hand to lead him to a mattress. They found a mattress within minutes and he was all over her. Lea loves to have her tits sucked on and played with and he was doing exactly that. This had been dream of Ray’s since he was in college. He had always preferred white women and this he felt was the best he’d ever seen. Eventually Ray worked his way down to Lea’s shaved pussy and began to lick her out. While finger fucking her with up to 3 fingers, he also stuck a finger up her tight ass, which really got her going. Ray finally could not hold off any more and moved back up her body with his mouth to her incredible tits while he slid his cock right in to the hottest babe he had ever seen. He started slow, wanting to be sure to enjoy it, but with Lea moving her hips, he quickly got into a fast pace fucking. Within a few minutes, he was shooting his black seeds into my gorgeous wife’s body. As soon as he came, he caressed her tits for a few last minutes before getting up quickly and walking away.

Lea thought that was unusual, but figured that she might as well get up too and see if she could at least feel the cocks of Ray’s and George’s. She had remembered who had how many dots on their sticker, so she knew she’d be able to tell who’s cock it was. As she was beginning to walk back around in the dark, I was beginning to think I was alone in this huge dark room, when I finally bumped into someone. The good news was that at least in brushing across this person’s arm, it felt soft and smooth like a woman’s would. So I slowly turned towards this person and reached up to feel her chest. To my disappointment, it was not my wife, but at least it wasn’t another guy again. I quickly realized it was Cindy, because she had the smallest breasts of the ladies and Rachel’s were size DD or bigger. So, as I groped Cindy’s small boobs for a few seconds, her hand made it down to my cock and she felt and found the sticker. Even though she realized it was not her husband’s cock, she seemed to linger a bit while running her hand up and down my shaft and cupping my balls. At that point we both broke away and resumed our searches for our spouses.

Within a few minutes, I bumped into another person and determined it was Rachel very quickly, based on her huge tits. She did not even seem to feel for my sticker as she was just groping my cock and balls. I tried to pull away, but she grabbed my cock and pulled me back to her. She continued to stroke my cock and reached around to grab my ass too. I figured that while I’m there, I might as well feel up those huge melons. While doing it though, I again realized how perfect my wife’s tits were and that I needed to find her quickly so we could get to a mattress. So, the next time Rachel loosened her grip, I moved away quickly into the darkness.

About that time, George managed to bump into my wife. He too, quickly knew it was Lea when he grabbed her tits. Lea was surprised that when she reached down to identify her groper that it was once again a sticker with a single dot. She was even more surprised to find a hard cock figuring this game must really get me worked up as I was already hard again. George wasted little time in grabbing Lea by the arm and heading to find one of the mattresses. Once there, they climbed onto the mattress and he immediately went for her hard nipples. After a few minutes of sucking on her breasts, George shifted his cock up to her sensuous lips for a blow job. George knew he was taking a chance, as he had a bigger than average cock. But, although Lea sensed that it felt bigger, she just figured it was due to the whole eroticism of the night. After receiving head from Lea for a few minutes, George was ready to mount his dream fuck. He did not care about her getting any pleasure as he jumped between her legs and slammed his big cock into her pussy. He pounded her hard for several minutes while mauling her perfect tits with his mouth and hands. Once he had shot his load into her tight pussy, he got up and left, just as Ray did before him.

Lea was still recovering from the hard fucking when the alarm went off, so everyone was then trying to find their way back to their pile of clothes at the opposite ends of the room. After about 5 minutes, George flipped on the light switch as each of us was just doing the final straightening of the clothes we put on in the dark. As we were walking back into the middle of the room, George and Ray were whispering to each other and then gave each other high fives. I figured it just meant that each of them had found their spouse and had some fun on the mattress.

On the way home, I was rubbing Lea’s leg and slowly working my way up her thigh. She then shocked me by saying that little game must have really had an effect on me, but after two times, especially the second one, she’d need to call it a night. At first, I was about to ask what the hell was she talking about, but then thought it would be better if I didn’t. Ray was on the road for the next week and George was putting in long hours, so it wasn’t until the next weekend that the three of us were finally together. I wasted no time in asking what happened. After just smiling and saying they had no idea what I was talking about, they finally came clean.

Ray explained that after our discussion a few months ago, when I was again rubbing it in about having won the trophy wife, that they were determined to make me eat my words about them never being able to screw someone that hot in a million years. They explained how they spent many late nights over the next few weeks trying to devise a way that could screw Lea legally, hopefully without jeopardizing our friendship. So, they came up with their plan and explained to me how they switched their stickers and even went into some details about the time they spent with Lea on that mattress. Both commented that as hard as it was to believe, it was even better than they had imagined it would be since she has such a killer tight body.

I sat there in shock as they explained the details, apologized to me and then attempted to blame me for it happening. Each of them even said they’d gladly figure out a way that I could screw their wives without anyone knowing and I just told them I’m not interested. They each told me that they hoped we could remain tight friends and that for them it was just living out a one time fantasy. It’s taken a few weeks to get back to normal since then, but I will definitely be careful if either of them should happen to suggest any games in the future. As for Lea, I never told her what really happened. I kind of feel she may suspect something went wrong and she’s even told me that as horny as I was that night, I’m a much better lover on normal nights. So, at least I feel good about that, but I don’t think I’ll be bragging about it to Ray and George any time soon.