Maggie and Sam

I was sitting at the bar and staring down into my cocktail, trying to ignore my roommate. Julie was all over this obnoxious frat guy, playing with her skirt and pushing her tits into his face. I was pissed at Julie at the moment and wanted nothing more then to go home. Normally I could identify with Julie, we were in college after all and she was one beautiful girl, not a physical flaw on her. I on the other hand was the “cute” friend. A little too short and a little too much hips. Maybe it jealousy on my part but Julie had a string of boyfriends that she treated like shit and they still lined up for more. Almost certainly she would go home with whomever she wanted. While I seem to always end up fighting off some drunken asshole or going home alone.

Just as Julie was getting ready to leave I noticed Sam in the corner. Sam was Julie’s last boyfriend until he caught her cheating on him. He was this awesome guy who treated her wonderfully. I always was attracted to him but he was dating my friend. I got up and sat down next to him.

“Hey Sam, How are you doing?”

“Hi, Maggie.”

He then slumped down into his drink. I could see him taking glances over at Julie. He looked so miserable. I wanted to reach out and grab him and kiss him. Tell him that he was better then her but I just sat there in silence. A voice came from behind me

“Mags, Billy and I are gonna hit the dance floor. Why don’t you come over and dance with one of his friends? Oh, hi Sam.”

She was being so obnoxious. She was rubbing this new guy in his face. I was disgusted and apparently so was Sam.

“Good night Maggie.”

Sam stood up and left the table. I got up as well and left Julie standing there with her idiotic frat boy and followed Sam out of the bar. I moved toward him and reached out and grabbed his arm. He turned around suddenly and looked up at me, sadly acknowledged me with his arresting eyes. Even with that heartbreaking puppy dog look on his face, something stirred within my stomach and shot through my body like wildfire. He was over six feet tall, almost a foot taller then me. He was dressed in faded blue jeans and a white t-shirt that clung to his chest. His dirty blond hair hung down to his broad shoulders. He was no model, but very masculine and I had always been attracted to him.

“Do you mind some company?” I asked timidly.

Sam smiled and looked down to the ground. He seemed so sad. I reached out and hugged him like I had done a thousand times before. But this time he pulled me in tightly like he was trying to get a hold of anything to keep himself from falling. In his arms I felt so safe and protected. I wanted him to confide his feelings too me but we stood there silently. I could feel a newfound attraction growing between us.

“Thanks Maggie, you’ve always been a good friend to me.”

“I’m just worried about you Sam and I wanted to keep you company.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine, I just think I should go home.”

“Well if you want to be with someone tonight, I’m here.”

Did I say that? I suddenly felt self-conscious. He just paused, placed his hand on my cheek and gently kissed my forehead.


I was so blown away by his sincerity that I reached out and kissed him on the lips. It felt like a dream. I’ve had this fantasy about Sam before. My heart was pounding. I looked down at myself. Would he like me after being with someone as gorgeous as Julie? I was small girl with nice breast and long blonde hair but I was no model. I mean I wasn’t fat but I always wished to be slimmer. He leaned down once more and started to kiss me again.

“Did you want to go somewhere a little more private?”

I reached out and placed my hand on his stiff package. I could feel him enlarge under his jeans. I whispered in his ear, using my most sultry voice, and asked him to take me home. I have never been so bold, but I was so turned on and excited that I couldn’t help myself.

“Are you sure Maggie? I mean I really like you…”

I cut him off again. I don’t remember what I did to convince him but it must have worked because the next thing I know we were driving back to his apartment. We didn’t speak at all. I kissed him passionately while he drove. I could see he was as turned on as I was. I started rubbing his chest but quickly made my way down to his lap. I undid his belt and opened his pants. I grabbed him and playfully rubbed his throbbing cock. It was huge! Julie had told me that he was large but this was impressive. I could feel the wetness between my thighs grow with each caress of his enormous member. We pulled into the parking lot of his apartment and Sam parked the car.

“Maggie, I…”

I stopped him again. I didn’t want to talk about this; I wanted him as badly as I have ever wanted anything. I bent over and placed his dick in my mouth. I took him in as much as I could and began to rub his balls between my fingers. He leaned back in the seat and allowed me better access to him. I sucked on him, pulling back and forth. He moaned as I sunk my teeth gently into him. I massaged his tip with my tongue and took him deeper into my mouth. After a few minutes I could feel his dick throb and pulsate. I was so hot that squeezed his engorged balls and he shot his cum down my throat. As we both collected ourselves Sam reached over pushed his hand up my skirt. His fingers massaged my moist panties but I stopped him. I didn’t want to have sex in this car. This was like a fantasy and I wanted to take my time and enjoy it.

“Why don’t you zip up those pants mister and take me inside”

We went inside and I excused myself to the bathroom. I cleaned up a little and looked at myself in the mirror. Blood had rushed to my face and my heart was still pounding. I took off my shirt and silently cursed the old bra I had worn. I took it off and then undid my skirt. At least I had sexy panties on. As luck would have it everything was dirty and I was forced to borrow this slutty g-string Julie had recently ordered from a catalog. I playfully posed in front of the mirror and until I felt really sexy. I tweaked my nipples so they stood out and announced my chest. I strutted out of the washroom.

Sam was sitting on the couch. Two glasses and bottle of wine sat on the table. His eyes grew wide as I paraded around him in only my moist pink g-string.

“Wow, you are so sexy!”

And I felt it. I posed and danced around in front of him.

He then abruptly jumped up, grabbed the wine from my hand and placed the glass on the table with one arm as he took me in the other. He lifted me like I was nothing and pushed me against the wall. This only made me hotter. I wrapped my legs around his waist and we started to kiss. Soon we were mauling each other. I tore his shirt off and tossed it across the room. I played with his chest for a while but I was so hot that I had to feel him inside of me. I undid his pants. He let me down long enough to pull down his jeans and his boxers, again freeing his large member. He lifted me again and carried me to his bedroom and threw me playfully to the bed. I started laughing as he lay down on top of me. He started kissing my neck and quickly made his way down to my breasts. I’ve always felt that my large breasts were one of my best features and obviously so did Sam. He started gently licking a circle around my nipples, clutching each breast with his masculine hands. I reached out clutched his ass in my hands. Squeezing him until he bit down on my nipple. Startled, I cried out. He stopped and looked up at me. A concern for my wellbeing was written all over his face. This just made me hotter.

“Don’t stop Sam!” I said breathily.

He returned to my chest but soon left them behind as he slid down to my belly button and then down to my pussy. Sam was kissing my thighs; every kiss brought him closer and closer to my hot wet lips. His fingers played with the band of my panties, pushing them aside to reveal me. He pulled my panties down and started in on me. Licking me with long secure strokes. I began to moan as he parted my moist lips with his fingers and gently took my clit in his mouth. It was incredible. My body was ablaze. I fell back and started to rub my tits. Sam took his time down there. Anticipating my subtle cues, he quickened his pace until I couldn’t take it anymore. I bit down on my lip to soften my moans but a flash of light shot through my closed eyes and I screamed in ecstasy.

When I finally came down from that pleasure and I caught my breath; I opened my eyes to see Sam reaching for a condom out of his night table. I rolled over, hugged him from behind and whispered in his ear.

“Finally, a guy who knows what he’s doing down there.”

I grabbed the condom and told him to lie on his back. He tried to say something but I stopped him. I was afraid he was going to question our actions tonight and I didn’t want to discuss it. I needed him inside of me. Sitting over him I found myself enamored by his penis. It was large and well formed. Even as I struggled placing the condom over his dick, I was visualizing how he would soon feel inside of me. I positioned it in my hand and directed it inside of me. Its girth pushed apart my lips and we both moaned as I slid him deep within me. My tits bounced, as I rocked myself back and forth on top of him. His eyes never left my gaze. I had never screamed so loud during sex but the pleasure was mind-blowing. Faster and faster I bounced on his throbbing member. He sat up and grabbed my hips and took my nipples back into his mouth. I slowed down trying to extend the moment but I don’t think that either of us could last much longer. Finally my pussy lips tightened around his member and I could feel him shoot his lode deep inside of me. Again, I screamed in ecstasy and feel down onto Sam’s expansive chest. His weighty warm breath against the nape my neck only sustained my orgasm till I could release him from inside of me and roll into his arms.

I tried to catch my breath as a huge smile fell across my face.

“Wow, that was fantastic!”

“I have to confess that I have dreamed of this moment since the first day you came home with Julie. Sometime when you two would make love I would masturbate to her moans dreaming that you were doing that to me.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

I looked at him crossly.

“I’m sorry, I understand. I know that you going to think that I am lying but toward the end I sometimes thought of you during sex with her.”

“You’re right I don’t believe you.”

“Well, once when Julie and I were together, Julie caught me staring at you that time when you were trying on that little black dress for that birthday party we were all going to…”

His voice trailed off. He remembered that dress. I purposely wore that dress for him that day. I even joked that I couldn’t wear panties under this dress in hopes to turn him on.

“And that night I couldn’t get the thought of you with out your panties?”

He did remember.

“Well, what happened?”

“I don’t think I should say…”

“You had better tell me now!”

“Well we had planned to try anal sex that night and because of how I acted towards you that night she never let me try.”

Now, that was a lame way to try to get me to have anal sex. But he seemed sincere. It got me to thinking that I wanted to try it as well and he looked so hot lying there all sweaty from our previous romp. My pussy was wet. I could see that he was embarrassed. I looked him straight in the eyes.

“Well, why don’t we give it a try right now?”


I looked down and saw his dick grow to full size. I grabbed a condom and got down on all fours. With out a word, he stood up behind me and started to stroke my ass. Sticking his fingers in my wet pussy and then into my anus. My breaths came rapidly as he began to slide the head of his cock slowly inside my ass. The pain was incredible but also erotic. I held him there till I felt more comfortable with the pain and then let him slide it in deeper. Tears formed in my eyes as his dick slowly filled my ass. My moans were foreign to me as I had trouble forming words. Again and again he thrust his cock deep inside of me. Even his moans were getting loud. I reached down and started to play with my pussy in order to dull the pain. I was seeing stars as the tears rolled down my face. I screamed.

“Fuck me, Fuck me harder!”

I never said anything like that during sex but that pleasure was that intense.

“Oh, yes. Fuck me Sam! Fuck me!”

I cried out as he continued to pound me. I continued to play with myself.

“Oh my god, oh my…Oh, its feels so good! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh…!”

A monster of an orgasm came over me in waves and the aftershock created by my orgasmic spasms undid him and he slammed his hard cock deep into me and held himself there as he ejaculated. Slowly he slid his cock out of me. With my body quivering I collapsed on to the bed, drained and exhausted.

Our breaths settled and a warm flush of pleasure rushed over me. I grabbed on to Sam who had rolled over on his side. His musky scent and heavy breaths were so comforting to me. I sat up to go clean myself off but Sam reached over and took hold of my hand.

“Where are you going?”

And before I could say anything.

“Just lie back down and will take a shower in a minute.”

He rolled over and pulled me close and gently kissed my lips. We held on to each other as both fell asleep. We took that shower in the morning and then had to run out a get a bigger box of condoms.