Getting His Trophy Wife

This little incident started at a party where there were a lot of good people. And then there was the host and hostess: Brad, the quintessential jerk and his wife, the trophy wife, who was really okay – when she wasn’t being the complete screaming bitch.

I used to work for Brad’s firm and had the good sense to leave it before either I killed him or I got fired. He, to this day, thinks I like him and I, for my own reasons, never corrected that false assumption.

Brad was throwing this shindig and it was his way of trying to show everyone how important and wealthy he was. It was for his associates (employees) and friends, real and imagined – probably mostly imagined, and was in the ballroom of a hotel. To a large extent, I think most of the people here were here to party with each other, have a good time, and have as little to do with Brad as they could get away with and not be obvious about avoiding him. That was certainly my case anyway. Not surprisingly, he and Keri (the trophy wife) showed up late: I assumed they were supposed to be making an entrance of some kind.

I only knew Keri well enough to know that I would love to get her in the sack and sure as hell wouldn’t ever want to live with her; you see, she had a bit of a temper. I had seen her screaming-bitch act on more than one occasion; fortunately, I wasn’t the object of her tirade on any of those occasions. Between Brad’s money and contacts, if he felt she had been wronged, he could make someone’s life miserable – something Keri traded on heavily when she wasn’t getting her way.

In they came, Keri acting every bit the part, smiling and walking with one foot in front of the other like a model. I don’t think she had a brain in her head, but she had, in her own way, done well by marrying Brad. She had on a little, and I do mean little, black dress cut way too low to ever permit a bra – that V in the front went down to just below her belly button. Yes her little navel was pierced, and no, that large diamond in it wasn’t paste. She was short and wasn’t overly endowed, but that worked out well with this dress. She had a nice ass too, and the dress ended just below it. Now and then there was just a hint of stocking tops below the hem of her dress. Yea, it was that short. At least I hoped it was a stocking top that was showing and not part of pantyhose. I had to wonder what she was going to do if she ever had to sit (Shoot a serious beaver?) or bend over (You would be able to tell if she had panties on from the top.). Brad was known to like her dressed in outfits like that – so everyone would know what a sexy little woman he had for a wife. Note that that sounds a little possessive, which is about the way Brad looked upon his wife – as if he owned her; she was his possession. After watching her for a minute or so, I decided that she was putting on a front and that she wasn’t at all happy.

Something like ten minutes after they had made their entrance, I was over at the bar getting a refill when she came over for a drink. “Hi Keri,” I said politely. “You’re looking good tonight.”

“Hi,” she said curtly, and then motioned to the bartender. “Scotch,” she said as he got to her.

“Any particular brand?” he asked.

“Expensive! Uh, a single malt – Glenlivet, and no ice!”

Oh, I guess she was in just about as good a mood as I had suspected. “How’re you tonight?” I inquired casually, and not expecting much of a pleasant response.

“Pissed. I really don’t want to be here,” she said curtly without really looking at me.

Well, she didn’t bite my head off. That was a good start. “Really? Why not? I thought you liked parties, and this is starting off okay.”

“My husband’s a louse,” she said downing her drink. Setting the glass down hard, she motioned the bartender for another.

I though of asking her if she just now figured that out, but thought better of it. “Oh, how’s that?” I asked feigning real interest. If she were to list all the things that made him a louse, I could be here all night – and that’s just the things I knew about.

“He just is,” she said, finally turning and looking at me.

Ah, the short list. “Pretty general description. You looked happy enough when you came in with him.” I lied. I had already decided that she hadn’t looked the least bit happy.

“I guess I act well. I have to. He’s the one with the money, not me.”

Ah, money! I knew she was with him for a reason. I wasn’t going to tell her to keep her day job, whatever that was, because she couldn’t act to save her life. “Well, he doesn’t seem to be short of money. So, what’s money got to do with being a louse?”

“It’s not the money. I think,” she said after a minute and downed the next drink before continuing, “he’s got himself a little honey on the side; probably some little slut who works for him.”

“He has you and needs someone else?”

“Maybe. Looks like it,” she said holding up the empty shot glass and turning it with her fingers. “Well, I think so anyway.”

Interesting. She was really pissed at him for having a little honey on the side, but really wasn’t sure that he had one in the first place. “So, what do you plan on doing? Dumping his ass? Getting the big D?”

“I’m not a blonde in case you hadn’t noticed! There’s more to life and marriage than just sex. I happen to enjoy spending his money. Maybe I’ll just have a little someone else myself. Either that or take up spending his money as a hobby. His little honey could really cost him!”

The bartender came by and, without a word or gesture from her, poured another drink for her.

“I’m available if you’re looking for a fling!” I quickly volunteered, not thinking for one second that she was either serious or would take me up on it. “I think I could take your mind off him for a while.” She may not be blond, but that’s an attitude, not a hair color; she was certainly acting blond. Any woman that looked as good as she did could pick up some other rich bastard any day of the week. Okay, she would have to change her attitude a bit and loose that screaming-bitch entry on her resume, but otherwise, trading up would be easy enough.

She looked me over rather seductively, and said, “I’ll think about it.” For the first time tonight she sounded happy instead of pissed off. She gave me a wink, slammed down another drink, and was off to mingle with the guests.

If she kept drinking like that, she was going to be blitzed in no time. Fucking her would be fun, assuming she was serious in the first place. She was great looking and married to one real jerk. You might call it a revenge fuck – I’d just love to fuck Brad’s wife, no matter who she was. Hell, I wouldn’t mind knocking Keri up just for the fun of it. Brad would just love that! Somehow pregnant and trophy wife just don’t seem to go together. How about a trophy wife with stretch marks Brad? Yea, that’d be the ticket! However, I really don’t want to be a daddy and I would sure hate to be the kid who ended up with Keri as a mother. But, putting a little hot sperm into her and seeing that tight little belly swell would be something! I got her out of my mind and went off to visit a few friends. They were after all, why I had come here in the first place.

There was a dance floor and the DJ was playing a lot of Techno, so most of the dancers were crowded together and having a great time. I was out there quite a bit, either just mingling or dancing with a few female friends. As the hour got late, the liquor had an influence, and the dancers got a little nastier, we were all having a great time. There was some seriously dirty dancing going on out there and I was right in the middle of it. There were at least two women I had been dancing with who were here alone; with whom I was actually thinking I might have a chance of doing something with other than dancing tonight – at least they were giving me every indication that they were having the same delicious carnal thoughts I was having. It wasn’t late, but I wanted to make my move early; I was thinking it was about time to hit on one of them when little Keri bumped into me, more like crashed into me, on the dance floor, not looking exactly sober. Not saying a word, she quickly stuffed something soft and dark into my pants pocket and kept on dancing right in front of me. Intrigued, I reached into my pocked and felt a little flimsy nylon and elastic; I didn’t have to take it out and look at it, I knew what it was. Apparently she had thought my proposal over and this was her way of taking me up on it. I liked it! It seems she had just stuffed her skimpy little panties into my pocket. Which meant of course, that there was absolutely nothing on under that little black dress except – her?

“Somewhere here?” I asked as quietly as I could.

She just nodded and kept dancing very close to me and brushing up against me frequently.

Maybe she got a room for the night – unbeknownst to her loving husband. I gave her the “follow me” sign with one finger and slowly left the dance floor. At a discreet distance, I noticed she was following me. Good. I didn’t want to attract any attention. I wanted to nail her and good, but didn’t want any rumors, an audience, or a jealous (and possibly unfaithful) husband finding us. I worked my way over to the bar. We could decide what to do there and no one would think anything of me talking to her there. The fact that there was actually a conspiracy going on was beside the point.

“Got any condoms on you?” she quietly asked, her speech slightly slurred. She might have been drunk, but she had enough wits about her to keep it very quiet.

“Nope, but I can get one.” At least I hoped I could.

“Get two. I’m really hot – and pissed.”

“Okay, and meet you where?”

“Top floor of this flop house.”

Well, flop house it wasn’t, but anyway, “What’s up there?” I asked. I wondered if she had procured a room for this little tryst. She certainly seemed to be planning ahead.

“The maids’ closet and me. Don’t worry, it’s a big one.”

“Okay, give me five minutes.”

“Right,” she said and downed yet another drink.

I was hoping she could see well enough to find the maid’s closet! She was really getting sloshed. Her husband was probably going to be pissed that his little trophy wife was this drunk the next time he ran into her. He liked to keep up appearances, and a trashed wife was really going to ruin his evening if he saw her.

This was a reasonably classy hotel, so there weren’t going to be condom machines in the men’s room. Then it occurred to me that they had vending machines by the gift shop. With a little luck, okay maybe a lot of luck, they would have them in there. Well, I found the vending machines, but they were a little too G-rated for that. One last possibility – I approached the concierge. “Any idea where I might purchase a few condoms at this hour?”

“One moment sir,” he said and vanished into one of the hotel offices. Ya gotta love a good concierge; they can get you just about anything at any hour of the day or night.

I slipped a ten dollar bill out of my wallet and into my pocket in case he actually came back with something of interest. A moment later he returned with something in his white gloved hand and discretely handed them to me. It was almost as if he had anticipated this sort of thing.

“Have a good evening sir,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said, “I just might.” With that I slipped him the ten and headed for the elevator. I assumed the “maid’s closet” wasn’t going to be that hard to find. But, I had to wonder; don’t they usually lock that room? I was curious to know why she wanted the condoms. If she was pissed at her husband, she probably wouldn’t be putting out for him tonight, so someone else’s cum in her wouldn’t be noticed. But if she wasn’t protected, as in on the pill in one form or another, that might be another matter. Not being terribly fond of her and having no use for him, I decided it was time for a nefarious event since more than likely she simply wasn’t protected. I checked what the concierge had given me and found that is was six condoms: two ribbed with a reservoir tip, two plain, and two plain but with a reservoir tip. The ribs were supposed to be for the woman’s pleasure – something I wasn’t all that interested in tonight; ordinarily yes, but not with Keri. As for the reservoir tips, well, I had no use for that margin of safety. I opened one of the plain non-reservoir tipped ones, and taking my pen knife, put a little slit in it about an inch from the tip. I made it a small vertical slit so it wouldn’t tear any more with all the in and out activity I was anticipating. Most of my genetic material would stay in the condom, but a small amount would escape into her – maybe just enough. If I put it on with that little slit on the underside of my cock, she wouldn’t see it.

The elevator finally deposited me some twenty floors up in the air. Now, where was this closet? A quick trip down the hall one way looked less than promising. Down the hall in the other direction and I ran into that little closet fairly close to the elevator – it figures. The door certainly had a keyed handle but I tried it and found it unlocked – with Keri inside. “Don’t they normally lock this room?” I asked.

“Yea, but I leaned over kinda far, slipped the concierge fifty, and magic happened. You got condoms right?”

I’ll bet he would have done it for a lot less, I thought. One look down the front of her dress – with a view clear to her panty-free pussy – and he probably would have done it for free. “Yea, I got them; you afraid your husband will find traces of someone else leaking out of you?”

“Not really. That bastard’s not getting any from me tonight. I’m not protected and it’s my fertile time of the month. He got snipped so it’s not a problem with him. Showing up preggers might present a few little teensy problems,” she said patting her tummy. “Anyway, I haven’t got all night and I’m hot, so let’s get with it!” She slipped the straps of her little black dress off her shoulders and let it slide silently to the floor.

Wow! She was good looking – and there wasn’t a hair to be found on her from the neck down. No pantyhose, those were thigh-high stocking tops I had seen glimpses of earlier. She was gorgeous. Firm nice tits with deliciously long hard nipples, tight little areolas, a nice firm flat little tummy, and if I wasn’t mistaken, that was a large clit peaking out between her swollen hairless pussy lips. Christ, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I slipped out of my clothes as fast as I could.

Meanwhile, Keri had taken a number of bath towels from the shelf and arranged them on the floor in a form of a narrow bed. While doing that she had been bending over, giving me a wonderful view of her very naked little ass. She laid down on them and spread her inviting legs wide. “How do you feel about eating a girl?” she asked. “My clit really need a nice hard tongue on it.” She ran a hand between her legs and over her clit, making it stand out even more. “Don’t you feel like licking this?” she asked, toying with her wet swollen clit.

I didn’t say anything, just got down between those sexy legs and got to work. Her clit was just a large as I thought it was – one I could really have a good time with, and much larger than any other woman I had ever eaten. I started pleasing her and teasing her. She was really hot and was going to get off quickly, but I made her wait, wait until she was begging to get off. I would get her close and then slow down and lick and caress other parts of her pussy or suck on her swollen inner lips until she calmed down a little.

“Oh fuck,” she finally moaned, “make me cum okay? I really wanna come on your face. I really like this, but I can’t take this any longer. I wanna cum. I wanna cum so bad. I wanna cum all over your face. Just get me off and then put your nice hard cock inside me okay?”

I wanted to be inside her too, so I finally went for her clit and kept my tongue there, working on that gorgeous large swollen clit. I was really having fun with that big clit. It wasn’t long before she got off, quietly thank God, but nonetheless got off, and it appeared to be a long good cum. I was just grateful that she kept it down and didn’t wake the entire floor with her screaming. As drunk as she was, I could see her doing that too. I lapped up the tasty sex juices now leaking out of her. She really tasted fresh and clean. Old Brad hadn’t had her any time lately.

“Oh damn you do that well,” she finally said catching her breath. “My darling husband thinks a few licks in the general vicinity of my pussy ought to do it.”

So I guess that means Brad wasn’t that hot in bed. I got the condom package out and pretended that I had just opened it. Being careful to get the little slit on the underside of the head of my cock, I sipped it on and unrolled it down the length of my shaft. Now I moved over her and guided it to her wet entrance. As I shoved and it slid into her, I realized that not only was she really wet, but she was tighter than any woman I had ever been inside! She was really tight. I was going to get off in no time if I wasn’t careful. I slowly slid my hard cock all the way into her incredibly tight little love tunnel. I pulled on her hips and sank it into her until I could just feel the tip touch her cervix. “Wow you’re tight,” I whispered.

“Thanks! Exercise baby, exercise. My husband likes me nice and tight.”

I think it had more to do with genetics that exercise, but she sure was tight and I was pretty sure she worked out quite a bit. Brad has a piece like this around with her hot sexy body and as tight as she was and he’s fooling around getting a little strange stuff? Well, to each his own! He was an asshole and there had been hints over the years that he thought he was a bit of a stud, so I guess it fits. Well, I was going to enjoy his tight little wife. I started moving in and out of her, going all the way in till our pubic bones touched, and then sliding slowly out until just the head was still inside her hot cunt. I looked down at her flat little tummy as I slid back into her again deep enough that I nearly touched her cervix and wondered what that tummy would be like all swollen up with a baby inside. I wondered what it would be like to fuck her all swollen up like that too.

“Faster, harder!” she hissed. “I want you to really fuck me, not play with me. I want to feel you cum inside me; that’s what really gets me off.”

I started going faster, and as I did, her little ass came off the towels, her sexy stockinged legs wrapped around me, and she met me stroke for stroke. She was really good at this fucking business. She sure as hell didn’t just lay there and expect the guy to do all the work. She was so rowdy and randy that I slipped out a couple of times until I got used to just how far to come out. It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum – with that tight little cunt squeezing my cock and her going at me the way she was, there was just no holding off. Finally I got to the point of no return and felt my cum start deep inside and rush up my cock and explode inside her. Thick spurt after spurt of it shot out of the end of my cock and filled that “defective” condom. It went on and on – I knew I had to be leaking some cum into her hot little pussy. I was putting too much cum into her little pussy to not have some leak out. She was really taking my squirting cock into her just as far as she could get it too. I just hoped there wouldn’t be enough of my cum in her that it would start leaking out enough that she would notice. Now, maybe some of those little swimmers would find a place to do the most good – or damage, depending on your point of view.

Just as she said, she got off again with me cumming hard and fast inside her. She wasn’t quite a quiet this time and anyone passing by the closet would have no doubt that someone was getting laid in here. She got even tighter when she got off. That little pussy of hers really took hold of my throbbing cock and it felt like she was milking the cum out of me. Her cum lasted every bit as long as mine did, and then some.

“I’m sure glad you have a condom on,” she finally breathed. “I could really feel you squirting inside me. It was so hot! I love it when I feel a guy squirting his cum inside me. It really gets me off.”

I got the impression that she fooled around on her husband and that was okay with her; it was a problem for her if hubby fooled around. I suspected that I wasn’t the only one who had dumped a load of cum in her lately.

She lifted her head up as I slid out of her tight little pussy and watched me remove the condom. “Looked like a lot of cum,” she said softly and lay her head back on the towels. Apparently she didn’t notice a little drip of cum slide off the tip before I could get it into the trash bag hanging on the maid’s cart. It looked like it had leaked in her alright. “Christ I drank too much,” she moaned.

No fuckin’ shit lady. She was flat blitzed. I hoped she was going to be able to stagger back into the party on her own. I was going to try to fuck her again, and maybe even try to get her in the ass, but decided we had been away from the party long enough. When we got dressed, she couldn’t find her panties right away and quickly gave up looking for them. She was so drunk she didn’t remember giving them to me. I just kept them in my pocket as a souvenir of this memorable evening – the evening I fucked Brad’s wife and maybe knocked her up. Keri was just drunk enough that I wasn’t sure if she would remember who she had fucked tonight, if she even remembered getting fucked. We took separate elevators back down to the ballroom floor to avoid being seen together. If we didn’t go back together it would certainly be better for all concerned.

When my elevator reached the main floor, I stepped out and Keri was nowhere to be seen; good. I wanted it this way. I moseyed back into the ballroom and wandered over to the bar. When the bartender asked me what I wanted, I said just ice water. I had consumed enough booze for one night; besides, I had to drive home.

When the water arrived, I took a long drink and looked around. Maybe those two women I was thinking about hitting on tonight were still here. It was late, but not that late. This party was good for a couple of hours yet. It was just then that I noticed Keri sitting in a darkened corner of the bar area. She wasn’t looking too lively. I thought I would just leave that little problem up to Brad. I was sure he was just going to love it!

Not five minutes later, Brad came up to me at the bar. “Thank God someone here’s sober,” he said. “Do me a favor would you?”

“What’s that?”

“Find my driver out front and see if the two of you can get Keri into the limo and have him take her home? She’s completely wasted.”

“See what I can do,” I said, and took another drink of my water. I thought about adding that not only was she wasted, she was completely fucked too, but didn’t want him to know who did the deed if she started to swell in a few months. I didn’t bother to ask him why he couldn’t do that himself. The answer would have been pure bullshit anyway. In doing it for him, I might get to cop a feel with even a little luck. I thought it was surprising that he wasn’t, or didn’t appear to be, the least bit upset over her being that drunk. I went off to find his driver, James. Everyone knew him as Jim, but not to old Brad. I was almost surprised that he hadn’t insisted on calling him Jeeves or some other Hollywood name for a chauffeur. Brad was a piece of work.

I found Jim out in the lobby, apparently hitting on one of the desk clerks: she was rather cute. I explained the problem and he said he would bring the car around to the front door. But, he wasn’t going to help carry her out if she couldn’t walk.

Yea, I wasn’t either. I agreed that if I couldn’t get her to walk out, it was going to be Brad’s problem. I want back in to see if Keri was able to walk out of there.

Keri was pretty trashed alright, but willing to get up and go out to the limo. I was a bit surprised that she didn’t offer some resistance to the idea of being sent home. Apparently she had had enough of this party and wanted out of here. Come to think of it, she hadn’t wanted to be here in the first place. Maybe that explained her willingness to leave. With very little help, she managed to make it out to the car.

Jim had the car by the curb with the motor running when I got Keri out of the front door. Jim opened the back door for her.

Keri stopped before getting in and asked, “Are you coming too? Say Jim,” she said turning to Jim, “how about the three of us have a little party when we get home?”

“Okay with me,” he said. Then he looked over at me, “you okay with this?”

“A threesome?” Somehow I just assumed she meant more sex and not just sitting around drinking.

“Sure!” Keri piped up. “I’d love that!”

“Okay,” I said and got in next to Keri.

“You ever done this with her before?” I asked Jim as the car pulled away from the curb.

“Nope, but I have always wanted to!”

“You’ll love it,” she giggled.

Jim had us to Brad’s rather extravagant and pretentious house in perhaps record time. Apparently he was horny and had a thing for getting a little of Keri too. Hell, half of Brad’s employees would probably like to nail Keri – they either had been screamed at by her or hated Brad enough to want to fuck his wife for revenge. It looked like someone else was going to have a little of Brad’s prize trophy wife tonight besides me.

Arriving at the house, Jim pulled the car around to side and into the garage. The three of us got out and went into the living room of the house.

Once in her house, Keri hadn’t forgotten why we were there. “Upstairs,” she said, leading the way. “The party and the bedroom are this way.” She was slurring it a bit, but was definitely well aware of what she was doing.

“She do this often?” I whispered to Jim.

“Get smashed; yea. Frequently; I think she’s really a drunk. But invite me to her bedroom, let alone with another guy? No. This is a first for me.”

Part way to the bedroom, she slipped out of that little black dress, and wearing nothing but her thigh-high stockings and heels, and walked into the bedroom. “So, I’m ready,” she said. “How about you two?”

It didn’t take us long to doff our clothes. Yup, guys compare, and Jim was about the same size as me. “What did you have in mind?” I asked Keri as she came over to us and took one cock in each hand and began to stroke us to full hardness – not that we weren’t pretty hard already looking at her hot naked little body.

“Ya know, I want a little of that double penetration stuff that’s in a lot of Brad’s movies.”

So, old Brad has a collection of porn movies does he? A little family secret out of the bag. “One in the ass and one in the pussy?” I asked, just to be sure that she didn’t mean blowing one guy while getting fuck in the pussy by the other.

“Yea, that’s it. Standing up.”

Oh good, gymnastic sex. Now that was going to make it a little more interesting. Neither one of us was going to get very far inside her doing it that way, but while I had seen it done in porn movies, I wondered how it worked out in real life. I was about to find out. “Who do you want where?” I asked.

“Let’s see; how about you in my asshole, and Jim in my pussy. Yea, that’s how I want it. I want to taste these first though,” she said dropping to her knees.

First she took Jim in her mouth and started blowing him while she continued to stroke my cock with her soft little hand. She was doing remarkably well for someone as drunk as she was. After a few minutes of partaking of Jim’s equipment, she turned her oral attentions to my hard cock. Now she was blowing me and stroking Jim. She didn’t give that good a blowjob, truth be known. I looked up at Jim and he just shook his head. Yup, it hadn’t been any better for him either. Some women know what to do, some don’t do it very well, and Keri didn’t have a clue. Oh well, from now on if I ever told Brad to kiss my dick, he would have already done it by proxy the next time he kissed Keri. There was something to be gained from this mediocre blowjob.

“Okay,” she said after a few minutes of what was my worst blowjob ever, “Let’s get to fucking Keri!” She stood up. “Oh, condoms, condoms,” she said a little alarmed. “Do you have any?” she asked, turning to me.

“Yea,” I said and pulled the remaining five out of my pocket and handed her a plain one with a reservoir end. After all, I didn’t want the possibility of any of Jim’s cum leaking out and having any of his little swimmers getting to her egg before mine got there. But, by now, they had either gotten enough of a head start, or they were never going to get there anyway. It was well over an hour since I had given her my little donation.

Jim gave me a funny look. “I was hoping to get lucky tonight,” I said. Let’s face it, most guys don’t carry an assortment of condoms around with them, and most chicks are on the pill.

“Looks like you’re about to.”

“Jim has to have one,” she said taking it and handing it to Jim. “You’ll be in my little pooper so you won’t have to have one – unless you want one.”

Fortunately, she gave no hint of what had transpired earlier. “I’ll pass.”

Jim took the condom, tore open the package, and rolled it down his hard cock.

“Okay Jimbo,” she said putting her arms around his neck, “put your hands on my bottom to hold me up and put that thing in me.” She then lifted first one leg and then the other as Jim put his hands on her “bottom,” and was able to easily slip at least part of his hard cock into her tight wet pussy.

“Oh yea that’s tight,” he groaned. She tilted her pelvis toward him, letting really go nice and deep into her. She could do that until I was ready to slip into her rear. From the look on his face, he was surprised to find her that tight.

“Now you,” she said turning her head to me, “Oh, yea, you need some lube. Over in the nightstand there’s some Astroglide. It’s really slick stuff,” she mumbled. “You’ll need it to fuck me up the ass.”

Yup, she was still very trashed. I went over to the nightstand she pointed to and sure enough, in the top drawer, along with two dildos and a vibrator, was a small plastic bottle of Astroglide; more family secrets out of the bag.

I put a few drops of the Astroglide on my hard cock as I returned to the two of them, now going at it, and smeared it all over my cockhead. Taking cock in hand, I moved in behind her. They stopped and she straightened up some while I probed her tight little asshole and slowly shoved the head of my cock into her. The movies make this look a lot easier than it actually is. I let it sit there for a few seconds while she got used to it being there and then slid as much as I could into her, which was probably less that half of what I could have given her in almost any other position. Jim started slowly moving in and out of her tight little pussy again as I shoved into her and pulled out until just the head was being held by her tight little sphincter. Yea, I always knew she was a tight ass. After a few strokes, I shoved it into her as far as I could and held still. It was amazing; I could feel Jim’s hard cock going in and out of her through the thin membranes that separated our cocks. After a few seconds of that new and exciting feeling, I began moving in and out of her tight little asshole again.

Keri started moaning and groaning. She was thoroughly enjoying this: being held up in the air and sandwiched between two guys. I had to wonder if she did this often. I was sure it wasn’t her first time. Keri tried to make it sound like it was her first time earlier, but I had my doubts. Her moaning and groaning was slowly getting louder and it seemed that her first orgasm with two guys in her bottom was rapidly approaching.

I wasn’t ready yet, and as far as I could tell, Jim wasn’t quite there either. We just kept pumping away at her, enjoying the sight, feeling, and sound of it all. This was pretty hot.

In no time, Keri started to cum. “OH…YEA…” she moaned. “YES! YES!” and there followed something of a shriek as she climaxed on the two stiff cocks inside her. She bucked and thrashed, paying little attention to the two guys trying desperately to keep their cock buried inside her climaxing body. From the sound and feeling, she really got off! It lasted quite a while. When it was over, she didn’t stop us. To the contrary, she kept bouncing up and down, quickly building to another one. This chick really liked sex!

By now I was getting ready to cum. It wasn’t going to be long before I shot my load of cum into her tight little asshole. I had my hands on her tiny waist and was going as deep into her body as this awkward position would allow.

Keri quickly built to another climax. And, just as Keri’s shrieking built to a crescendo as her climax started for the second time, Jim groaned loudly and started cumming insider her tight little pussy.

I was amazed. Yes, I could actually feel Jim’s cock throbbing inside Keri as he shot load after load of his hot sperm into her! That was it; I unloaded a huge spurt of cum straight up Keri’s ass. This was a fabulous cum, one that lasted and lasted, and felt like I was squirting a massive amount of my thick hot sperm up her ass – her tight prissy little ass. I just wished I could get my spurting cock deeper inside her ass. My knees felt weak and my legs were shaking it was so intense.

When we were all finally done, Keri lowered her legs, causing both of the cocks to slip out of her. “That was great,” she groaned.

I looked over at Jim’s cock. He had shot a rather respectable amount of cum into that condom. Seeing that, I wondered again if any of the cum I shot into her hot little pussy earlier had manage to get beyond her cervix and off to where it could really have some fun.

“Well boys, it’s been fun, but I gotta get to bed,” she said rather dismissively. She went over to her dresser, got out a nightgown, and slipped it on. Then she just ambled, or rather staggered, over to the bed.

Jim and I cleaned ourselves up a little with a couple of tissues then slipped our clothes back on as Keri got into bed and turned out the light. I guess she was done for us. The hired help had just been dismissed.

We deposited his used condom and the tissues I had used to clean myself up with in the toilet on the way out. One quick flush and the evidence was gone. We didn’t want to leave anything Brad would find. “Does she ever remember what she did when she gets that drunk?” I asked him as we walked through the house to the garage and the car.

“Sometimes. And, then there are times when I think she really doesn’t remember shit the next day; most of the time she just can’t remember who did what, which is probably going to be the case tomorrow. She will remember she got laid, but she won’t know who she was with doing it. I get most of this from Celia.”

“Who’s Celia?”

“She’s their maid. Keri tells Celia everything. Celia is like Keri’s confessor or something; except Celia tells me a lot of it as she can’t believe Keri does some of the thing she does.”

“Like what?”

We arrived at the limo and got in.

“Like tonight! Other than letting me fuck her, which she would never stoop to before, there was nothing new about tonight.” He started the car and backed out of the garage.

“You mean she fucks around on Brad?”

“Oh, big time! Mostly she gets off on fucking the big-money men in town. As Celia tells it, if you have money, you can get in her pants. And, the weird part is that they don’t give her a dime or spend hardly anything on her, and that’s okay with her.”

“Doesn’t she ever worry about one of them fucking and telling?”

“Not really; they are all married! They tell: they get a messy divorce and no more Keri on the side. She can’t tell because then Brad would dump her little ass. Even with a good divorce settlement, which she would probably get, she wouldn’t have the money she has access to now. Not to leave out that she might get shunned by her rich dicks and, most importantly, her perceived society position she loves so much would vaporize.”

“That means that she kinda fucked up by screwing us tonight then doesn’t it?”

“Now that you mention it. Keri hasn’t been known to fuck the hired help; she musta really been pissed at old Brad about something. But, I need the job, so I’m not telling, not that I would anyway.”

Well, I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell. Jim obviously knew that I had fucked her in the ass tonight – that wouldn’t get her pregnant. He didn’t know about the earlier fucking – that one would. That one I wanted kept secret, just incase the nefarious little event did what it was supposed to do – advertising wouldn’t be a good idea. When we finally got back to the hotel and parked the car, Jim finally said, “God that was great. You don’t know how badly I have wanted to fuck that little bitch – fuck Brad’s little piece of ass – fuck Brad’s stuck UP little piece of ass!”

I had to admit, I was pretty pleased with my accomplishments this night too.


I did manage to connect with one of the two women I mentioned earlier. We went out to an early breakfast and I did get her in the sack. She wasn’t as small or as tight as Keri, but she was a whole lot more fun!

I saw Keri about six months later and she wasn’t looking the least bit preggers. Maybe I hadn’t donated enough genetic material that night or maybe I did and she had taken care of it: anyway, no swollen belly. Yes, she was till married to Brad. I heard a rumor later that he wasn’t banging another chick; he was into guys a little. Since Keri was still married to him and he wasn’t broke, maybe she was okay with that; different strokes for different folks.

Oh, and Jim? He quit not long after that night and is now driving gambler’s bus to and from a casino. He said I wouldn’t believe the tips he gets from drunk winners.