Drunken Flirt Wife

My wife Beth at 45 was still a very attractive woman but at that age and having had two kids, her mid section was a bit heavier than she would have liked.

Our anniversary was due and I asked her what she would like as a present. I was startled by her reply. She wanted a tummy tuck and some liposuction. I assured her she was lovely just as she was, in fact I liked her extra meatiness. But she was adamant; she said it would make her feel better about herself. What could I say to that! Within a month it was all done. She had been looking into it and had all the costs and the ‘right’ doctor picked out to do it.

The following year we were on holiday and having lots of fun. Beth was drawing lots of admiring glances, and some downright blatant stares, in her very brief yellow bikini. I felt ever so proud of her, knowing all these men were lusting after her.

‘See! It was money well spent.’ She said. ‘It was the best anniversary present you could ever have given me.’

It was obvious she knew the power she had attracting men and she was relishing it. That evening we went to a club for some dancing. She was now dressing in keeping with her new figure. Mini skirt, bare midriff and a wrap around top that showed plenty of cleavage and of course no bra.

As the evening wore on her dancing had become more flamboyant. What with the admiring looks and the wine she was consuming. She did a lot of twirling her short skirt out to show off her thong briefs. She hadn’t bothered with stockings as it was quite warm there.

The men at the club were certainly taking an interest in her exhibitionistic displays. I could tell she was getting more and more drunk when she started saying things like ‘Look at them, their eyes following me like little puppy dogs. Oh I do love it!’

Then she shocked me when she sat down on the bench seat of our booth and lifted her foot up on the seat, pretending to adjust her shoe. Lots of guys must have got a good view of her barely covered pussy.

She then took a fit of the giggles and rested her head on my shoulder and fell fast asleep. A sure sign she was drunk. I roused her as best I could and at least got her on her feet and walking, though I did have to support her.

It was a lovely balmy summers night. As we walked through the hotel gardens the noise of the Jacuzzi caught her attention.

‘I wanna go in the Jacuzzi!’ She blurted out, pulling away from me. It was all I could do to catch her before she fell headlong into it.

‘You’re too drunk!’

‘Wanna! Wanna!’ She shouted as she started to undo her top, her lovely breasts were soon on display. Her mini skirt followed and she kicked off her shoes. She stood there naked except for her tiny black thong. She looked magnificent.

‘OK! If you are that determined, I better help you get in.’ I said as I held her arm and help to lower her into the churning water.

She sat on a ledge, fortunately the sides of the Jacuzzi was fashioned like individual seats. A semi circle went around your shoulder which was just as well. Within seconds of being in the warm water, she was asleep. She looked delicious, her breasts looked lovely as the splashing water wet them and her nipples kept flashing into view as the bubbling water massaged them and made her breasts bounce a little.

Just then I could hear voices, some of the men from the club were also cutting through the hotel garden. It was one of those impetuous spur of the moment things, I thought I would hide behind some bushes and see if the guys took advantage of her drunken condition.

As soon as they spotted her, they fell quiet and stopped in their tracks. I heard one of them say. ‘It’s that gorgeous slut who’s been flashing us all night.’

‘Well let’s have a closer look.’ Said another guy. Two guys got on the floor next to the Jacuzzi and each started to play with her tits, whilst another two just stood watching. Just then one of the guys who was standing said. ‘Hey Guys! We better go. Here’s a security guard coming.’

With that the four men made a quick exit. The black guard sauntered over to Beth; he stood gazing at her tits for a while then said. ‘Excuse me Miss!’ Then he tapped her shoulder with his night stick. Getting no response, he then prodded her tit with the stick, then flicked her nipple a few times. Beth was oblivious to any of this. I heard his radio crackle as he turned it on. ‘I need some help down at the Jacuzzi, we got another one.’

He had hardly turned it off when two other black security guys came rushing in. In an over loud voice, presumably just in case there was anyone about, he said. ‘We had better get her out of there for her own safety.’

The other two guards started to haul Beth out of the water, making sure they got a good feel of her tits as they did. Seeing their black hands on her luscious white tits was too delicious to describe. ‘Take her to the First Aid centre.’ As the two guards lifted her up, the first guard slid his hand inside Beth’s thong. I could only assume her was fingering her pussy. I was really turned on watching these men use Beth and knew if they took her somewhere private, that they would soon be fucking her. But I just couldn’t help myself; it was far to exciting to stop now.

Just then I heard Beth’s voice. ‘Hey! What’s going on?’

The guy at her head had his arms under hers and his big black hands clamped firmly on her tits. She looked down and seeing this, said. ‘My word! What big hands you’ve got.’

The first guard said, ‘It’s OK Miss, were just taking you for some fun.’

‘Oh goody!’ I knew where the First Aid Centre was so I rushed over there quickly so I could find somewhere to hide and hopefully watch the action, watch Beth getting fucked. I waited at the centre for over 30 minutes and there was no sign of them, it was obvious they must have gone elsewhere, probably the Security Office. By the time I got there it must have been almost an hour since I had seen Beth. I walked into the office but there was no one behind the desk. I rang the bell and one of the black guards came out of a back office.

‘Yes Sir!’ He said as he was zipping up his pants.

‘I am looking for my wife.’

‘When did you last see her?’

‘About an hour ago at the Jacuzzi.’

‘Just take a seat Sir, I will get the Sergeant. He deals with wayward wives.’ With that he turned and went back into the room. I waited for about 5 minutes and was just about to follow him when the door opened again and a big black guy with sergeant stripes on his arm came out. He also was just zipping himself up.

‘You are looking for your wife I believe.’


‘Well this may be your lucky day; we have found a blond lady drunk and asleep in the Jacuzzi.’ Just then Beth came out of the room. Naked except for her black thong which now looked more white than black with all the dried cum on it.

‘Thanks guys!’ She shouted back over her shoulder. I took off my shirt and wrapped it around her.

‘Are you alright Honey!’ I asked her.

‘I am more than alright, I am just wonderful. Take me bed and give me some of the good tonguing you do so well and I’ll tell you all about it.’

I spent the next hour with my head jammed between her thighs, giving her lots of climaxes and cleaning her lovely pussy. Only then would she allow me to fuck her.