Costume Party

It was Friday night, hanging out with my buddies, we decided to throw a giant party at my friend Tom’s house.

“We’ll have it next Friday, we’ll have everyone we know, and we’ll make it a costume party,” Tom said, I could see the wheels turning in his genius head as to what could happen. The two of us had gone to college together, we both became part of an Internet company, which managed to make rather large stock gains, and us being the only stockholders, we became rather wealthy. Of course, being wealthy men, we managed to get married within 3 years of hitting it big, and our wives are very beautiful, smart women who we loved.

I met my wife in high school, and we had been going out off and on since then, and we got married right out of college, her name was Amber, and she had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was 34C-25-34, 5’8″. She always looks beautiful no matter what else is going on in her life (I’m surprised I go out at all with her waiting at home). After our night of drinking and organizing was over, I headed home, very excited. I told my wife about the party, and she too was excited, she hadn’t been to a costume party, and parties at Tom’s were always an event, we were usually able to get a lot of people who were all interested in having fun.

The next morning I awoke to my wife kissing my neck, always a welcome feeling. I had my arm around her, then she kissed her way down my body until she finally got to the “morning wood” she loves to give me head in the mornings. She loves how my cock is always stiff, almost as if it knows what it is going to get, and gets excited just for her. She slowly put the head of my cock into her mouth, rubbing the head, licking it, and swirling her tongue around it. Then she started putting my cock into her mouth, then she started deep throating me.

I could feel her tongue slide up and down my shaft, as her head bobbed up and down on my throbbing member. I could feel my balls tighten, and I put my hand on the back of my wife’s head (our signal that I was about to cum) and unleashed a load that left me feeling drained, and that my wife happily swallowed. We stayed in bed, I had my arms around her, and I felt her body, her smooth skin, and started fingering her pussy, slowly, teasing her, then shoving my fingers in with more force and purpose, adding another finger inside her. Hearing her screams, and eventually an orgasm. We managed to get out of bed, eat breakfast, and shower (separately). I called Tom and asked if anything needed to be done at the office. He said that he had just scheduled a meeting at his house for this afternoon but nothing until then, I said I would make it over there, and came early, bringing my wife since she would talk to Tom’s wife, Nancy.

We got their and the entire meeting was just about the party, and it was now going to be the day after tomorrow, it was still a costume party, and would start somewhere around 8 o’clock. The guests didn’t need to bring anything, except themselves, and of course, costumes, my wife and I left, had dinner out and both were exhausted, so we went to bed.

The next morning my wife said she would pick up our costumes that night when she went to her friend’s a few miles outside of the city. “What are you getting?” I asked, actually expecting an answer.

“You’re just going to have to wait and see.” She said smiling smugly at me. I kissed her goodbye and watched her drive off. The entire day was spent sleeping, and watching sports later on that night.

Finally, I woke up the next morning and ate breakfast, I sat on the deck in my backyard and read the paper, looking out over the pool. It was so relaxful that I didn’t even notice my wife walk up behind me.

“Miss me?” She asked, making me lean my head back to see her.

“Yeah, what did you pick up?” I asked anxiously, wanting to hear what kind of costumes my wife had picked for us.

“Come on inside, I’d rather show you” She smiled at me, that devilish smile she had whenever she had something erotic planned for us. I followed her in, my cock already stiffening and my mind wandering about what would become of this situation. I waited in the living room as my wife stepped off into the bathroom to change into her costume. It took her a few minutes to get into the costume, but the result was well worth the wait. My wife came out in the tightest, and smallest nurse outfit I have ever seen. It was one piece (kind of like the dresses that tennis players wear) and was button down to the waist, and then was a normal skirt, It went only about 3 inches past her ass, and she even had the hat with the red cross on it. Needless to say, I couldn’t put any words together to tell her how great she looked.

“I guess I’ll take the silence as a sign that I look good?” She asked, smiling that same devilish smile, as she came over to me, and straddled my lap.

“Yes” Which isn’t much, but is more than I thought I would be able to muster at this moment. We kissed, or more accurately, she stuck her tongue down my throat, and we began to make out on the couch, something we used to do a lot in high school. We began feeling each other’s bodies, I discovered she had on no panties, and she managed to get my pants down past my cock, and placed her hot pussy right above it, and finally sliding me inside her. She was incredibly wet, my cock was sliding in and out of her easily, and she was making my cock to go in and out of her fast and hard. I unbuttoned her top, and seeing, as she had no bra kissed her breasts, feeling her nipples harden, and hearing her moans made my cock throb inside her, causing her to moan more. Until finally, the pent up energy inside me was released inside her pussy, and her scream of pleasure right afterward told me that her energy had been released also. We sat there on the couch, until we regained ourselves, we kissed for a few minutes and I finally asked what my costume was.

“You’re going as a surgeon,” she stated, still a little winded and got up to go and get my costume for me to try on. “I hope it fits.” This wasn’t a problem since my costume basically consisted of some surgeon’s scrubs, and a stethoscope. Of course it fit, and we began getting ready for the party.

We left for Tom’s house at about 7 o’clock, we figured we would get there early and help them set up (we usually always do this for them and I think they just expect it by now). Tom was dressed in a loincloth, and was supposed to be Tarzan, and his wife was Jane, and was also dressed in animal skin, although the 2 of them looked more like Fred and Wilma. As 8 o’clock rolled around, more and more people arrived, with some pretty provocative costumes, one couple was Bill and Monica, another Shaggy and Daphne (although I don’t think they technically were with each other), and so on. We mingled with friends we had there, the music was blaring, and a game was on TV in the living room, although no one was seriously paying attention to it.

Amber and I separated for a little bit, as I went with Tom and some other guys upstairs to play some high-stakes whiffle ball. After winning some cash, I came back downstairs, and Amber wrapped her arms around me, and told me we needed to have some alone time (code for “hey, wanna fuck?”). We went into a bathroom, and began furiously trying to make love, which wasn’t hard up until someone walked into the door. She was dressed as a French Maid, and I had never met her before, but she introduced herself as Katarina. She was around 5’2″ I guessed, had large breasts which her costume showed off well, her skirt was short, and showed off some nice legs, she had brown hair, and green eyes.

“Would you two like to be left alone?” she asked. Before I could answer my wife chimed in with.

“No, would you like to join us” She said with that same devilish grin. Katarina, smartly, closed the door and locked it, something I didn’t think about, and moved over to us, and began by kissing my wife while I watched and started feeling up their legs. We were sitting on the floor of the bathroom, I lifted up both their skirts, and removed Katarina’s panties, I found my wife wasn’t wearing any, and began fingering both of them, while my wife grabbed onto Katarina’s breasts with her mouth like it was life and death. I then pulled my pants down to release my hard cock, Katarina and Amber looked at each other, and both of them made their way to my crotch. Amber pushed Katarina’s mouth onto my cock, who began to bob up and down on it like a pro.

My wife began sucking on my balls, and moving her tongue around them, taking in a ball at a time, then both, then one, then the other. Katarina then pulled her head off, and pulled her costume down past her breasts, and slid my cock between them, kneading her breasts, which also created friction on my purple-headed cock. My wife began feeling Katarina’s breasts too, then placed her mouth over the head of my cock, as it released a massive shot of cum into my wife’s awaiting mouth. After the spurts had stopped, she grabbed Katarina’s hair, and kissed her, allowing my cum to travel into her mouth, and some dripped on their chins and fell onto the floor. Katarina then moved up and let her pussy come down and engulfed my somewhat flaccid cock.

My wife was lying down next to me and guided Katarina’s mouth into her pussy, having her lick it deep and telling her to suck on her clit. My cock began growing, and became hard quickly as Katarina had figured out how to keep a steady rhythm with fucking me and eating out my wife’s pussy. Amber had her hand on the back of Katarina’s head, forcing her down onto her pussy, her lips disappearing in my wife’s snatch. I had my hands on Katarina’s hips, bracing her on top of me as I drove my cock into her, I could feel her orgasm against my cock, her pussy tightening around it. My wife was fondling her own breasts, and finally let out a scream and her body shook from her orgasm. I kept pounding my cock into Katarina, until finally I could feel my cock stiffen, and finally explode inside her pussy, causing her to have another orgasm.

As we were finishing up, my wife started the bathtub, where we all sat, cleaning ourselves and recovering from out sexcapades. We sat there for what seemed like minutes, but actually was an hour and half, we finally dressed, kissed goodbye, and made sure to get Katarina’s phone number for if we wanted to do this again. My wife and I went back to the party, we didn’t look too disheveled and continued with drinks and dancing, Amber is a great dancer, but she was feeling exhausted, and I took her up to a room in Tom’s house, put her to bed, and closed the door. I went back downstairs, the party still going, when Tom’s wife, Laura, came up to me, and told me Tom needed to see me. I followed her upstairs, and found that he was sitting on the bed, only in boxers, and his wife was beginning to take off her costume, which she had nothing on underneath. She then turned around, and kissed me. I was totally shocked by then, and was more than just a bit uncomfortable.

“What is going on here?” I asked, barely able to make out the words.

“Well, I just wanted to have some fun with the two of you.” His wife said, as she grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bed. She was in between us, and taking my cue, I began undressing, until I was also naked. I kissed Laura, and felt her breasts, she had large breasts, at least 44Ds, not as tall as Amber, but same body-type, with long blonde hair, and blue eyes. I was sitting on the bed, as Laura, climbed on top of me, allowing me to enter her snatch, letting my cock open her wide and penetrate her most sensitive area. As we began to find a rhythm, I noticed Tom had climbed up behind her, and began pounding his 7-inch cock into her ass.

Tom and I began working in rhythm, one would thrust and then the other, keeping one of us thrusting inside her at all times, she was loving it, her moans would loud and full of lust. She screamed so many times that it seemed like she orgasmed with every thrust. When I was all the way in her pussy, I could feel her skin moved by Tom’s cock, as we both took it to Laura. I was feeling my cock throb until there was nothing else to do, so I held it in for a little bit, and finally, came inside Laura, with a moan. I guessed that Tom had cum already, as he was slowly working his way out of his wife’s ass. I kissed Laura good night, and went back to the room where I put my wife for to sleep, and climbed in bed with her, and got a good night’s rest.