Construction Work

When I lived in Phoenix, AZ. my first husband Don and I had decided to buy a house. I had gotten in a car accident and had just received $5,000.00 from the accident. I was OK but we did lose the van and my son was hurt a little, but nothing to bad. We had picked out this house in the suburbs of Phoenix and they were going to build it with all of the extras that we wanted.

Don and I had gone over to check out the progress on the house on several occasions and every time there was this one really cute guy working on it. I had always worn a tank top and a pair of short; shorts and this guy would always be checking me out. I would always try to let him watch me and when I was sure he was watching I would run my hands over different parts of my body, like squeezing my ass checks or rubbing my tits so he could watch. Don and I caught him as he was going to his truck for something and Don asked if he could put a 36″ door in the side of the garage. He said that he couldn’t do anything that wasn’t in the original plans.

Don showed me where he wanted it and one day when he was at work I went over to the house. Now don’t get me too wrong, Don did tell me to take a case of beer over. Don wanted me to get the carpenters to put in at least the framing for the door and to let me know exactly where it was so he could cut out the opening after they were all done and then he could put in the door himself. Well being Phoenix in June it was pretty hot so I didn’t wear much. A pair of shorts made out of terry cloth and they were pretty loose and real short no panties underneath. A halter top that was really too small and no bra. My 36D tits were barely covered and when I slid out of the car my ass had been sweating and the shorts were stuck up in the crack of my ass.

There were three guys working on the house that day, one on the roof, one in the soon to be kitchen and the cute one putting siding on the outside of the front of the house. I pulled into what would soon be a driveway and the cute guy working on the front of the house looked over at me with a wicked grin. I got out of the car and went over to him and asked if he could do me a favor. He said sure what ever you want, and had this smile on his face. I proceeded to remind him about the door and he said that he thought we had already discussed that and he didn’t think he could do that.

Then I told him that I would make it worth his while. I had brought some beer and I would show him exactly where we wanted the door framed in and that was all they had to do as Don would put the door in later. He told me to go get the beer and that he would ask his boss who was in the kitchen if they could do it. As I walked to the car to get the beer I heard him yell for Jack, must be the boss. I opened the door and bent over to get the beer from the floor in the back seat. While bent over I reached behind me and stuck my finger under my shorts and pulled them out of the crack of my ass.

I just knew that they were looking and if they were they would have seen that I didn’t have any panties on and they probably could have seen my pussy. As I stood up with the beer they were both directly behind me and were asking if I needed any help. Now I knew that they had seen me pull my shorts out and that they had seen that I didn’t have any panties on. I told them no I can get it. Let’s go in the garage and I will show you where to put the doorframe.

With that the three of us went into the garage where at least we were out of the hot sun. I had a handkerchief tied around my neck and when we were in the garage I untied it and started wiping my face with it because I was sweating so bad from the heat, sweat was almost dripping from under my tits. I wiped down between my tits and pulled it out between my tits under my top. As I pulled it out my top came up and my tits jumped out. Oh well I said and started wiping under them. I was really sweaty and hot.

Jack said why don’t you put one of these cold beers under them and cool your self off a little. As I took a beer I opened it and said why don’t you guys lick some of the cold beer off of them and poured about half of the can on my neck so that the beer ran down both of my tits and my stomach. They tried to not let any of the beer get away. They were sucking on my tits in seconds and licking up the beer as fast as I poured it. I pulled my top off over my head and they really went after my tits. One on each of them, sucking at my nipples and licking all over my tits. Squeezing them with both hands and sucking at my nipples. I was going so wild with these two guys sucking on my tits that I didn’t even hear when the guy that had been on the roof came in.

He must have seen them and decided to take advantage of the situation. He came up behind me and in one swift jerk my shorts were down around my ankles. The guys sucking on my tits pushed me back into his arms and they carried me over to what was going to be the step up into the house where they sat me down and pulled my legs apart. One of them poured some more beer on me, only this time, it was all over my pussy. Jack knelt down between my legs and started sucking the beer off of my pussy and licking my clit so fast that I just knew that I would be cumming soon.

The cute guy that had been in front of the house had his pants down around his knees by now and had positioned himself so that I could take his cock in my mouth. The guy that had been on the roof was pulling his pants down and so was Jack. Jack and the guy from the roof picked me and turned me over without making me lose my grip on the cock in my mouth. Jack got under me and slid his cock into my pussy. God it felt so good, being fucked by Jack and having this other guys cock in my mouth. Then I felt more beer being poured on me. It was running down the crack of my ass.

Then I felt a finger push into my asshole. Then two, then just as I was about to cum the fingers were pulled out and I felt the guy that had been on the roof stick his cock head at the opening to my ass and push into me. At first it hurt like hell, but soon the pain subsided and I relaxed a little. As I sucked on the cock in my mouth I could feel the cock in my pussy sliding in and out and then the cock in my ass started going deeper and deeper. Soon all three cocks were pumping in and out of me and I was bouncing to meet every thrust. The guy in my ass and Jack were timed just right so when they drove into me at the same time there balls were touching and they were pushing my mouth all the way down on the cock in my mouth.

I started cumming and couldn’t stop. Then the guy in my mouth started shooting his cum in my mouth and he pulled out enough for it to hit me in the face. His cum ran all over my fore head and down my face. then both of the other guys started shooting their loads into me. They both shoved in as deep as they could and I could feel there hot cum filling both my pussy and my asshole at the same time. The swelling of their cocks filled me so nicely.

I will never forget how good it felt to be so filled up. I was back to sucking on the cock at my face and licking his balls. I just kept sucking and bouncing up and down until I felt the cocks slid out of my holes. When I finally slid off of Jack they other guys were pulling up their pants and then Jack got up and did the same. I just laid there for a few letting them look at me. Then Jack said where do you want that door? So I got up grabbed my shorts and top, put them on and showed them where Don wanted the door. They put a mark on the concrete where each side of the framing was going to be with some yellow chalk. Then they said that they would do anything that I wanted them to do for another performance like that. I told them that I would ask Don if there was anything else that he wanted them to do.

That night Don and I went over to the new house to look at what had been done and sure enough there was framing right where they had said there would be. Don was a little suspicious as to how I got them to frame in the door but I only told him that I had brought the guys a case of beer. I asked if there were any other changes that he wanted and he started making a list.