Club Quickie

This all started when my buddies wanted to take me out to a club since my girlfriend recently left me. I’m a 26 year-old man, two semesters away from a Bachelor’s Degree. Anyway, the first club we went to was not happening. The music was not good and their drinks were too expensive. The second club we went to was perfect. We had a booth and a billiards table. The music was good and the atmosphere was fun. After an hour of drinking and playing pool the club was getting more packed and really happening. A group of five women came with their drinks and stood next to out booth. They were the type of women that if you were walking past them, you couldn’t help but to look.

Dressed to kill and smelling like Bath and Body Works with figures of erotic dancers. One of them made eye contact with me and smiled. I smiled back. She started to walk over to me and I knew she wanted to talk. Now you know I was like “hell yeah”. She was wearing a skintight tank top shirt that hugged her very busty breasts. She also had on tight black pants that complimented her ass. She had a voluptuous figure. But shit, her tits were the most obvious. My guess is a 38DD.

We started talking and introducing ourselves. We had to talk really close and in each other’s ear because the music was so loud. I was buzzing and you know what, I could tell that she was buzzing too. She told me her name is Shyla and she liked my shirt. I had a dragon on the front of my shirt. That started a deep conversation.

We went and stood by the bar and got to know each other better. After two more drinks, I was getting horny talking to this woman. I was looking in her eyes, but I could still see her busty breasts. She finished her drink and leaned over to put her glass on the bar counter. As she did this, her tits brushed up against my chest. That kind of made my dick twitch. I look directly at her tits; obviously I’m drunk and feeling brave enough to do it. She said ” do you like them?” Oh after that my dick is springing up. I said, “Yeah, it’s making me want you” I was feeling so brave to tell her the truth, but you know what, she wanted me too. She stood even closer to me that her big tits were touching my body.

I know she can feel my dick hard as a $50 jawbreaker through my pants. She was a freak and horny as hell too. She turned around so that her ass was rubbing the front of my pants. She asked me to go to her car with her. I knew she wanted to get freaky. Without even telling the people we came with, we went to the front of the club and got our hand stamped to get back in.

We walked to her 4 door Honda Accord. I was walking to the passenger door, she was like “no no! the back seat”. We got in her car and started non-stop kissing and feeling each other up. My dick is still hard as fuck. I slipped her shirt off and shit her tits were even bigger. Her bra was restricting them to be free. I started to un fasten her bra, but she didn’t want it. She said, “Take out you dick” I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick from the pee hole in my boxers.

She went down and licked my cock up and down. I was in a daze because she was good at it and she had her tongue pierced. As she was sucking me off I was fondling her busty tits through her bra. She stopped for a second and said “cum in my mouth”.

Hearing those words made me start to get closer to releasing. I was getting ready to bust and she knew it from the way I was moving. She took her tongue and slobbed the tip of my head and I had no choice but to erupt. I busted a fat creamy nut and she never took her mouth off my dick. I laid there for a good two minutes to just relax. That felt fucking great. She put her shirt back on and wrote her phone number down for me and told me to call her. I gave her a piece of gum and we went back into the club. It was a hell of a quickie!