Shower Gifts

“Mom,” Brenda yelled from just inside the front door while struggling under a load of wedding shower gifts, “you gotta come and see all of the cool things the girls gave me.” Her mother, still wiping her hands after washing the lunch dishes, caught a falling box that tumbled from her daughter’s arms and replied, “My goodness Bren, you made quite a haul today didn’t you!?!” “Uh huh,” Brenda replied excitedly, “and you’re just not going to believe it, but almost everyone there gave me expensive lingerie, you know, the really good stuff that costs a fortune.” “Let’s take all of these packages up to your room so you can show me what you have,” her mother said, while picking up a bundle of gifts. “Good idea,” Brenda answered, “let’s go.”

Once in her bedroom, Brenda began tearing open each package to show her mom exactly what she had been talking about. “Just look at this,” Brenda said while holding up and silk teddy in front of her, “what do you think!?!” “Mmmmmmm, very nice indeed,” her mother replied while rubbing the soft material with her fingers, “Freddy will really appreciate seeing you in this.” “Mom,” Brenda asked seriously, “I was a little surprised that I got almost all lingerie, and even more so at what some of the girls had to say about it!” Putting her hand on her daughter’s arm, her mother asked softly, “Tell me what they said honey, I’m here to listen!” “Well,” Brenda began slowly, “you know that Kim and Terri are already married, well anyway, they said that this lingerie will help me control Freddy’s penis, are they right mom, I don’t understand it?!?” Smiling kindly at her daughter, she replied slowly, “Honey, I’m afraid they are absolutely right, you see, once you’re married, Freddy will be seeing you every day without your clothes on, and consequently, he will be having and extraordinary number of very hard erections, and it will be up to you to make sure that his enormous sexual appetite is taken care of.” Brenda sat on the edge of her bed and nodded as her mother went on, “Now it’s very important that you do everything in you power to make Freddy’s penis happy and contented, because if you don’t, he will go somewhere else and find someone who will.” “Now,” she continued, “that’s where the lingerie comes in, you want to be the one giving him all of his erections, and believe me, men like nothing better than seeing their women in frilly undergarments.” “I see,” Brenda said slowly, “we control their penises not only with our bodies, but the wrappers they come in.”

“That’s cute way of putting it,” her mother replied with a laugh, “but it’s essentially true, now off with you clothes, I want to see you try on some of this expensive stuff for me.” As Brenda stripped out of her dress and undies, her mother couldn’t help but marvel at the exquisite body that young Freddy was about to call his own. “Here,” Brenda’s mother said while handing her a a black bra and panty set, “try this on for size.” While Brenda was slipping into the tiny bikini panties, there was a knock on the door frame and a head came from around the corner and said, “Well, how did it go today, kiddo!?!” “Hi, Aunt Ellie,” Brenda said excitedly, “I’m just trying on some of the stuff they gave me right now.” “Hi, Jan,” Ellie said as she sat down on the edge of the bed, “It looks like your little girl had a pretty good day.” Giving her sister a nod, Brenda’s mother Jan replied, “She got just a ton of really nice lingerie, and I was just explaining to her how important these kinds of gift are to a young wife.” “Ellie looked up at Brenda and said seriously, “This is one time to listen to your mom, because the male erection is about the hardest thing in the world to control and you’re gonna need all of the help you can get.”

Brenda did a pirouette in the middle of the bedroom, which elicited oooh’s and ahhhh’s from her mother and aunt. “Let me tellya, Bren,” her aunt said approvingly, “Freddy’s gonna get a huge boner when he sees you in that little number, don’t you agree, Jan!?!” “I’m sure of it,” Jan replied, “she has such a beautiful figure, and coupled with that bra and panties, well, I almost feel sorry for poor Freddy.” All three of them broke into a chorus of laughter at that one, while Brenda slipped out of the black number and tried on the white lace teddy. As Brenda was adjusting her straps, Ellie was looking though some of the remaining packages and pulled out a large cream colored vibrator. “Jan, will ya look at this,” Ellie said while waving it around, “those girls knew exactly what to get her, they thought of everything.” Brenda turned a bright shade of red at her aunt’s discovery and stammered, “W-why on earth would they give me something like that!?!” Both of the sisters looked at each other before Jan replied, “Well, dear, let me tell you about that.

“You now how we talked about the fact that you were going to have to take care of Freddy’s penis at all times, and how his sex drive could be enormous,” her mother asked?!?” “Sure,” Brenda replied, “I remember.” The two older women looked at each other again and Jan continued, “Well, uh, there’s one thing I didn’t tell you.” “What’s that,” Brenda asked innocently?!? “Well,” her mother said slowly, “because you’re going to have to fuck Freddy probably at least twice a day to begin with, the flip side of the coin is, well, you’re going to become addicted to having him put his erection in your vagina.” Now it was Aunt Ellie’s turn as she interjected, “Believe me, hon, it will get to the point that on some days all you will be able to think about is having him put that hard pecker into your pussy, and fuck you as hard as he can.” “Really,” Brenda said wide eyed, “I’ll want it that bad!?!” “Bren,” her mother said softly, “it will be so bad that cock is the only thing you will be able to think about.” “A-are you and auntie still addicted to cock,” Brenda asked slowly!?! This time, neither one spoke for a second or two, until Ellie replied, “Honey, you stay addicted for the rest of your life, but believe me, it is a beautiful addiction to have.” “Okay,” Brenda replied, “I get the addiction thing, so what do I need a vibrator for if Freddy is gonna fuck me all the time with his cock!?!”

“Think about it a minute,” her mother replied, “just imagine if Freddy has to be out of town on business, or for some other reason he can’t fuck you like he’d like too, believe me, you’d climb the walls if it weren’t for your vibe, be thankful one of the girls was so thoughtful.” “Can you really have an orgasm with that thing,” Brenda asked doubtfully?!? “Oh my, yes,” Aunt Ellie replied, “here, let me see if it has batteries, good, it does, let me show you, it’s the only way you’re gonna learn.” Brenda sat down on the bed, and watched with fascination as her aunt pulled off her panties and exposed her hairy dark bush. “Okay, girl,” Ellie sighed, “pay attention now,” as the room became filled with low frequency sound of the long plastic hummer. “Now watch how auntie does her pussy,” her mother said softly, “see how she just barely touches it on the tip of her clit,” while a long low soft moan erupted from Ellie’s lips as the vibration slowly wound the stem of her sexual clock. Brenda watched in wide eyed wonder while her aunt drove herself to the brink of sexual fulfillment and she reached over and touched her mother’s arm and whispered hoarsely, “I embarrassed to say this, but I’ve gotten really aroused watching auntie doing her pussy.” Jan hugged her daughter and replied with a smile, “Of course you are, dear, I’m excited too, it’s always exciting to see someone else have an orgasm.” “Will you two be quiet,” Ellie said through gritted teeth, “can’t you see I’m getting close!?!” “Sorry, sis,” Jan said softly, “Brenda is just a little turned on by your performance.” “Performance, hell,” Ellie stammered, “I-I’m fucking cummmmmming, oh my, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s so fucking gooooooooood.” “Wow,” Brenda said softly, “I can see how that little contraption could really come in handy.” Her mother have her a hug and replied, “You have some wonderful friends, dear, they know what a girl really needs.

The Amulet Part 2

As Drew became more familiar with the power of his new “toy”, he came to receive a perverse pleasure in humiliating people he thought to be, shall we say a bit pompous!!! One morning on the way to work, a mean spirited woman verbally abused a young boy who had accidentally stepped on her toe! After listening to her upbraid the lad for at least two minutes, Drew gave her a suggestion, and to the delight of the men and the shock of the women, the old biddy lifted her dress and masturbated to orgasm in front of at least forty on lookers!!! In most cases, when Drew would bring someone out of “the spell”, he made it so they didn’t remember a thing, but in this instance, he made sure she came to when she was at the height of her climax!!! Needless to say she was not only shocked beyond belief, but ashamed as well!!! Anyway, the aroma of fresh pussy wafting through the bus give all the men hardons before they even got to work!!!

Another time, Drew was at the bank depositing his check, and being helped by a pretty dark haired teller with large boobs and very curvy figure!!! Since no one else was in line behind him, he decided to have a little fun with the teller by suggesting that her pussy was so aroused that she could achieve and orgasm just by squeezing her thighs together and answering any questions about sex that he asked her!!! Before he could even get the first question out, the teller made and audible gasp and had to steady herself by holding on to the counter top!!! Drew looked her straight in the eyes and asked softly, “Is your vagina wet, dear?!?” Barely able to stand, let alone speak, she mumbled, “Y-yes, very wet!!!” “Are you going to have and orgasm,” he went on?!? This time she just nodded, as small beads of sweat began to break out on her forehead!!! “How old are you, hon” he asked?!? “Twenty three,” she whispered! “Do you like to fuck,” he asked softly?!? “Oh, yes,” she moaned, “I love to fuck!!!” “Who do you fuck,” he pressed on?!? “M-my boyfriend,” she said with a stammer!!! “Does he have a big cock,” he replied?!? “Very big, oh my god, my pussy is so wet,” she said with a moan!!! Do you suck him too,” Drew said while looking around to make sure no one was watching them?!? “I suck him every morning before coming to work,” she said through now gritted teeth!!! “Do you want to suck him now,” Drew asked?!? “Oh, god yes, I wish he was here right now so that I could take him into my mouth and blow him!!!” “Of course you do, dear,” he replied gently, “but now, you have to cum, so think about your boyfriends big pecker in you mouth, and squeeze your thighs together tight and cum for me now, okay,” he said barely above a whisper?!? Her entire body trembled for what seemed like almost half a minute as her climax wrenched her cunt and twisted it into a pretzel!!! After he was sure that she was finished, Drew thanked her sweetly for the fine service he had received and calmly strolled out of the bank and made his way down the block to a lingerie shop!!!

“May I help you,” a buxom forty five year old woman asked as he looked at a display of bras and panties?” “Uh, yes,” he replied, “what size bra do you wear!?!” “40DD,” she replied as if you asked her what day of the week it was. “Hmmmmmm,” he hummed, “I think we should go back to the dressing room and have you model your bra for me, don’t you!?!” “Of course, sir, follow me please,” she said evenly. Once inside the small cubicle at the rear of the store, the woman calmly slipped off her blouse and jutted her chest out towards Drew in an overt display of her feminine charms!!! “You have a lovely chest,” Drew said while rubbing it through her bra, “tell me, dear, does your husband or boy friend suck them every day?!?” “No,” she replied, “I don’t have a man in my life?!?” Drew was a little taken a back at that answer, because even though she was a little on the plump side, she was a very attractive woman to say the least!!! “Why is that,” he asked!?! “I’m a lesbian,” she said, while now cupping her huge jugs!” Elated at his discovery, Drew pressed for more details!!! “Are you a fem or a butch,” he asked softly?!? “A fem,” she replied quickly! “Do you have live with a butch,” he continued on?!? “Yes,” she replied” “Take off your bra for me, please,” he ordered, “and by the way, do you suck your girl friends cunt!?!” While shucking her huge brassiere she replied, “Of course I suck her pussy, at least once a day!!!” “Does your girl friend suck your big tits,” he asked?!? “Mmmmm, yes,” she said with a sigh, “I’m always naked around the apartment just so she can have me when ever she wants to!!!” “Does she let her friends fuck you, too,” he questioned her?!? “Sometimes,” she replied, “but mostly she keeps me for herself!!!” “Does she use a dildo on you,” he replied?!? “A big strap on, a black one,” she said softly! “When’s the last time you sucked a real pecker,” he asked!?! “Over twenty years ago,”she answered! “Well,” her responded, “you’re about to get another chance!!!”

With her big chest swaying from side to side, the busty saleswoman dropped to her knees and took Drew’s throbber into her soft hot mouth, and for not having done it in over twenty years she did a more than admirable job of bringing him to a quick hard orgasm!!! As he slipped his dick back into his pants he said to her, “It must be like riding a bike, once you know how you never forget!!!” “Sir,” she said questionably?!? “He patted her on her shoulder and replied softly, “Forget it, honey, you did a good job, but I want to you to wait here for a few minutes, okay!?!” While nodding her head in agreement, he slipped out of the cubicle and found a young woman looking at some expensive teddies! He walked over to her and said, “There’s a woman in the dressing room that needs her pussy eaten, if you will just follow me, please, you can take care of her right now!!!”

The sandy haired twenty year old offered no resistance while Drew led her to the dressing room and ushered her inside!!! “Have you ever sucked a pussy,” Drew asked the pretty young thing!?! “No, I haven’t,” she replied. Looking at the pendulously built saleslady, he ordered, “Off with your skirt and panties, then sit down and spread your legs!!! When she was seated and spread, Drew nodded to the blonde and she quickly attached her mouth to the gaping slit of the middle aged lesbian!!! “Is she a good cunt lapper,” Drew asked the lesbian!?!” Her shallow breathing already had given him the answer, but he wanted to hear her say it!!! “Y-yes, she’s very good, ohhhhhh, god, she’s so goooooood!!!” After a few more minutes of watching the two strangers doing it, Drew ordered the young blonde, “Okay, stop sucking her pussy and do her nipples, and you, masturbate for me,” he said to the lesbian saleslady!!! The young blonde quickly found a large nipple and began nursing on it like she was a baby, while the lesbian began furiously frigging her hot erect clit!!! Drew slid his hand inside the blonde’s jeans, found her clit, and gently massaged it until both she and the lesbian were having an orgasm together, while both of them collapsed in each other’s arms as the blood drained slowly from their engorged sex organs!!! Deciding to have one last bit of fun with the two of them, he left them with the message to stay exactly as they were for the next five minutes, that is, with the blonde burying her head in the lesbian’s big chest, and then, for both of them to regain their normal self control at the same time!!! “That oughta be good for a few laughs,” Drew said with a chuckle, as he left the store!!!

Back at office, his secretary, stuck her head in the door and asked if there was anything he needed before she went to lunch! “No,” he replied, “I think everything’s just fine, just fine!!!

The Amulet part 1

The auctioneer droned on, ” who’ll give me twenty dollar, twenty dollar, twenty dollar, who’ll give me twenty dollar twenty dollar, twenty dollar, come on people, we have a box of antique jewelry that’s at least worth ten times what were asking here, we have to move this stuff, so please, someone out there give me twenty dollars!!!” Drew thought about it for another second, and then slowly raised his hand! “Finally, we have a bid of twenty dollars, do I hear twenty five, sold, to the man in the blue plaid shirt for twenty dollars, he stole it from you ladies and gents, our next item up for bid is……………” Drew made his way through the crowd up to a table where he paid his twenty bucks and picked up his box of old jewelry and knick knacks!!! As he carried his prize to the car he thought, “Why in the hell did I buy this old junk, what a waste of money!!!” He tossed the box into the back seat of his car and headed for home!!!
He popped open a can of beer, plopped down at the kitchen table and open the lid of the card board box and peered inside, and immediately picked up a small wooden case with a silver clasp! Carefully flipping open the small latch, he lifted the top and much to his surprise, encased on a blue velvet cloth was a polished piece of amethyst hanging from a thin leather string! “Wow,” he mumbled while holding it in his hand, “it’s beautiful!!!” As he examined it closer, he detected writing etched in its stone face!!! With the aid of a magnifying glass he read, “Who ever wears this amulet around his neck, will have the power to control minds and wills.” “What a bunch of hokum,” he said with a laugh, “but it’s still an pretty stone,” while putting the leather strap around his neck! Little did he realize how much the little stone would change his life forever!!!

Stepping into an empty elevator to make the ride to twentieth floor where he was a junior executive with a investment banking company, Drew pushed the button for his stop and waited for the doors to close! At the last moment, a young blonde with big breasts slipped through the sliding door and punched her floor! Both of them nodded at each other, in a sort of elevator form of etiquette, and then as usual, stood silently as the car made its accent! Out of the corner of his eye Drew mentally undressed the big boobed beauty and thought to himself, “I wonder what size those baby’s are!?!” His mouth almost dropped to the floor when out of the blue she turned to him and said calmly, “They’re 34C!” “Excuse me,” Drew replied in a stunned voice!?! “My bra size,” she answered, “it’s 34C!” The door to the elevator slid open and Drew stepped into the corridor while looking over his shoulder with his mouth agape!!! “Sweet jesus in heaven,” he said aloud while entering his office complex, “how in the hell did she know what I was thinking!?!” While still trying to figure out what happened, he took his seat behind his desk, he picked up his copy of the Journal and forgot all about it!!!

Later in the morning as he was pouring over some trading charts, a knock on his door frame made him look up to see the mail girl standing in the doorway! “Come on in, Jill,” he said with a nod, “what have you got for me today?!?” “Not much, Mr. Carter, just the usual,” she replied brightly! As she dropped the rubber banded cluster of mail on his desk, he couldn’t help wondering if this little nymph had a shaved pussy!!! “I trim it, so my bush doesn’t show when I wear a swim suit,” she offered, before turning heal and leaving him sitting there in stunned silence!!! “W-what the hell is going on here,” he said softly, “first the blonde on the elevator, and now Jill!?!” As she leaned back in his chair with his hands clasped behind his head, he felt the small stone press into his flesh under his shirt and thought, “It can’t be, it’s just a old piece of rock!!!” Still, his curiosity was piqued, so he decided to make a little test! He pressed the button on his intercom and spoke, “Jean, can you please bring in the charts for last Thursday please!?!” Moments later, his secretary executive assistant appeared at the door with the requested documents and said, “Gott’em right here boss!!!” As she walked towards him with the charts, he concentrated and thought, “When is the last time you got fucked, Jean!?!” She handed him the charts and said easily, “Last night,” and then calmly as you please left his office and returned to her desk!!! “Holy smokes,” he said, it works, it really works!!!”

Drew now realized that he could get people to reveal things to him, but the real question was whether he could get someone to actually do his bidding!!! Taking a walk to the coffee room, he passed the office of another junior exec, Blair Owens, who the other j.e.’s considered to be an ice queen! He stuck his head into her office and asked, “Hey, Blair, I’m going for coffee, do you want me to get you a cup!?!” She looked up at him over the top of her glasses and replied curtly, “No, thank you, I already have some!!!” He paused for a second before leaving her office he ordered in his mind, “When I get back from the coffee room I want you to have your panties laying in the middle of your desk!!!” Nervously Drew poured a cup of coffee and slowly walked back to his office, stopping casually in front of Blair’s office to peer inside!!! “Christ alive,” he said to himself, “she fucking did it, her panties are sitting right in the middle of her desk!!! Now growing more bold, he thought as he stared at her, “Reach under your dress and finger your cunt!!!” Almost automatically, Blair casually began fingering her pussy while he stood in her doorway watching her!!! Looking around to make sure no one else was coming, he thought, “Call yourself a fucking whore!!!” Now nearing an orgasm, Blair sighed, “I’m a fucking whore!!!” “Okay,” he thought, “blow your nut for me, cunt!!!” Almost instantly, her whole body shook as a climax enveloped her pussy!!! Now taking a little pity on her, Drew let her relax and get back to work!!! Sitting back down at his desk, Drew couldn’t wait for lunch, he had a lot of thinking to do!!!

On his way to lunch he stopped at Jean’s desk to check for messages, and thought, “Did you suck him off last night too!!!” Again, calmly and casually she replied, “Of course!!! “Did you swallow,” he thought?!? “Oh, yes, I swallowed it all,” she answered back!!! Elated at his discovery, he headed of for lunch!!! Again, he was alone on the elevator with an attractive woman and thought, “Reach out and touch my cock!!!” Suddenly a small hand snaked out and grabbed a handful of his crotch, while feeling around for his pecker!!! “Do you suck,” he thought?!? “Yes,” she replied!!! “When we get down stairs, follow me, when I tell you too, you’ll drop to your knees and suck me off!!!” Like an obedient dog, the woman followed Drew into a store room and immediately dropped to her knees and pulled out his now rock hard cock!!! “Suck it off,” he thought, “let it cum in your mouth!!!” It was dead quiet in the small room, except, that is, for the smacking sound of lips on the head of his pecker!!! Hungrily she worked the head of his pecker until it spurted all over her lips and into her mouth!!! Now taking another chance, instead of thinking it he said out loud, “Show me your pussy!!!” Again, without a hint of question, the stranger lifted her dress and exposed her hairy pussy to him!!! He reached out and quickly brought her to orgasm with his finger while she stood impassively holding up her dress!!! After zipping up he said, “After I leave, wait a minute before you leave, have a nice day!!!”

Sitting in the cafe around the corner from his office he decided to have some fun with one of the waitresses as he thought, “Your pussy itches like the devil and you have to scratch it!!!” Standing in the middle of the restaurant, as if she were alone, the waitress slipped her hand inside of her jeans and worked over her slit like there was no tomorrow, and of course, before long, everyone in the place was pointing and laughing at the lascivious behavior of the young woman with her hand in her pants!!! Drew noticed one woman who was making more fun of the waitress than anyone else, so he decided to have a little fun with her so he thought, “Stand up, take off your top and play with your tits!!! Again, as if controlled by a strange force, the middle aged woman stood up and did as she was told!!! The whole place was a buzz as they watched one woman rubbing her cunt, while another was calmly cupping and manipulating her big jugs!!! One of the woman’s friends was trying to get her to sit down and cover herself, so Drew gave her the message to take off her panties and masturbate for the crowd!!! Oooooo’s and ahhhhh’s came from the crowd as the young lady sat on a table top and furiously fingered her dripping pussy so that everyone could see her!!! Again using the power of suggestion, he ordered, “Beg for someone to eat your cunt!!!” Now in a fit of extreme sexual arousal, the little masturbater pleaded, “Please, somebody eat me, I need to have a mouth on my cunt!!!” No one moved, not wishing to get involved in such a wild scene, until Drew suggested that the waitress with her hand in her pants orally satisfy the begging little bitch!!! The crowd actually cheered as the mouth of the waitress attached itself to the pussy of the masturbating cunt!!! Drew chuckled as he dropped some money on the table for his lunch, and just before leaving, showed some mercy on the out of control women and thought, “Just for another five minutes!!!” And then he left!!!

On elevator was packed with men and women returning from lunch, but for some reason, all of the women began rubbing their vaginas right through their dresses and skirts!!! The men just stared as all of the females itched their pussies wantonly before them!!! As Drew stepped off at his floor, he gave one final command to the women, show the men your pussies!!! As the door slid shut, he could just make out several of the women pulling up their skirts and pulling down their panties!!! Now secure with his power, he wandered through the office making everyone strip, both males and females!!! One more quick suggestion and all of the men were getting blown by their female work mates, all that is, except for Jill, the cute little mail room girl!!! He had her follow him back to his office where he had her sit naked on his desk and masturbate for him!!! She had a very cute pussy and it didn’t take her long at all to rub herself to a really hard orgasm!!! He asked her if she had ever sucked a pussy, and she when she said no, he went over to Blair’s office and had her follow him back to his office, where upon he had Jill suck Blair’s hot cunt to a shattering climax!!! The he tuned them around and had Blair suck Jill off!!! It was evident that both of them were very oral, as each of them brought the other to climax very quickly!!! While Jill was petite and trim, Blair had a very large set of boobs and a big fat ass, so Drew decided it would be a good idea if Blair nursed Jill with her large breasts!!! Jill lay in the arms of the bigger woman, with her he nestled against her chest and her mouth eagerly sucking one Blair’s big hard nipples!!! Even though both women were normally heterosexual, Drew made sure that he suggested that from now on, they would take turns sucking each other off at least once a day!!!

The big boss, Mr. Cotter, had the corner office overlooking the lake, but when Drew looked inside, he wasn’t admiring the view, instead he was getting his cock sucked by Gretta, his secretary of twenty odd years!!! At fifty five she was kinda old and saggy, but it was obvious that this wasn’t the first cock she had ever sucked!!! He chuckled a bit and was about to return to his own office when low and behold he ran into Mrs. Cotter, she must have come down town and was stopping in to see her husband!!! Drew decided to have a little fun, so he said, “Hi Mrs. Cotter, let me escort you to your husband’s office!!!” He opened the door just in time so that both he and Mrs. Cotter witnessed her husband losing his load into his secretary’s mouth!!! Mrs. Cotter stood stunned, frozen in her tracks as she watched in utter dismay as her hubby was getting a good suck job from Gretta!!! Finally when she was able to speak, she was about to scream a string of expletives at her husband, but instead, she calmly asked if Gretta would kindly suck her pussy for her!!! The sixty year old matron began undressing while Gretta led he over to a large chair where she sat her down and lowered her mouth to the older woman’s dripping hot box!!! Her husband watched with a bemused smile on his face as his secretary sucked his wife to a hard quick orgasm!!! Just before he closed the door and left the happy threesome, Drew suggested that Mr. Cotter fuck both of the woman one after the other!!! As the door silently shut, Drew saw both women lay down on the floor and spread their legs in anticipation of a good hard fucking!!!

That evening back at his home, Drew ordered a pizza from the local shop and sat down to watch a little television! When the door bell rang, he grabbed a twenty from his wallet and opened the door, only to be faced with a pretty red headed pizza delivery “man”!!! She handed him the pizza, he handed her the twenty, and then, with just a thought, she came into his living room and showed him her fiery red furred pussy!!! As he buried his face into her hot muffy he thought, “Just like the advertisement says, we deliver it hot or you get it free!!!”

Part Time Job

It had been over three weeks now since Lindy and her boyfriend had broken up and the sexual tension that had slowly been building up in her plump pussy was now becoming almost unbearable!!! Even her secretary had noticed that for the past several days she had barely been able to concentrate on her work!!! Ever since her freshman year at college, she had always had a boyfriend who would naturally take care of all of her sexual needs, but now for the first time in her life, she was going through a period of time without a man on the horizon!!! At five minutes to five, her secretary Betty popped her head into her office and asked, “Got a couple of minutes to spare, boss?!?” Looking up from the report strewn all over her desk she replied, “Sure, Betty, it’s almost five, come on in!” Taking a seat in front of the imposing desk she began slowly, “Uh, I don’t want to seem impetuous or any thing, but it’s pretty obvious that you are having a little difficulty with your break up with Stan!!!” Lindy was about to interrupt, but thought better of it and let her secretary continue, “I think I know exactly what you’re going through, because if you remember, the same thing happened to me about a year and a half ago!” Lindy nodded, and mumbled something about recalling such and event as Betty went on, “Well, I was climbing the walls after a couple of weeks without a man, but I found a solution that while it isn’t the thing you’d like to do everyday, it kept me from losing my mind!!!” At that point, Betty slid a copy of a magazine that covered all the adult night life in the city, and in large black print scribbled on the front cover was a page number!!! “I think that you should at least check it out,” she said while walking towards the door, “and one last thing, even though I have new boyfriend, once in a while when I get the urge, I go down and spend and hour or two just to get it out of my system, anyway, it helped me and I think it can help you, too!!!”

Lindy sat in silence while wondering what in the world Betty had been yammering about, but her curiosity got the better of her, however, and she quickly opened the magazine to the designated page and with an open mouth stared at the ad with the circle around it!!! After reading it at least three times, Lindy laid down the magazine and said out loud, “She’s nuts if she thinks I’m gonna do that, what kind of a girl does she think I am!!!” It was just about at that very moment, however, that the gnawing in her pussy became even so intense that she was forced to cross her legs to try and suppress the mounting tension!!! She then picked up the telephone and dialed the number listed in the ad and made an appointment!!!

She took a cab to the address given to her over the phone and entered a non descript office on the first floor where she was told by the receptionist to take a seat and someone would be with her in a few minutes!!! More than once she felt like getting up and running out to the street and to get away, but the tension and hunger in her vagina were making her contemplate doing things she never would had done in the past!!! All at once an inside office door opened up and a woman nodded and motioned her to come inside! After they both got comfortable the woman behind the desk asked, “Do you know what we do here at Pleasure Inc.???” “Uh, not really,” Lindy replied, “actually a friend of mine recommended you, all I know is what I saw in your ad!!!” Leaning back in her chair the woman, who was named Steffi explained, “We have a clientele, who demand absolute anonymity, so we here at Pleasure Inc., make sure that their needs are taken care of in a most discreet manner!!!” “Both our male and female members,” she continued on, “receive sexual gratification through small openings in a wall separating them from the providers!!!” “The only thing visible to either party is the sexual organs of the other, thus total discretion is assured!!!” “Being a provider for men,” she explained, “you will sit in a small cubicle and wait for a member to stick his penis through the opening onto your side of the wall, where you will either turn away from him and let him take you from the rear, or if he so desires, you will go to your knees a fellate him to completion!!!” “Of course,” she added, “you will be paid for your services at the rate of fifty dollars per customer, do you have any questions!?!” “Uh, how long does a shift last,” she asked softly, “I mean, how many men will I have to service?!?” “It varies,” Steffi replied, “we like you to be available for at least and hour at a time, but if for example you’d like to do a half hour on your lunch break we can probably fit that into our schedule, and as far as how many clients would you be servicing, it can be up to three or four and hour depending on how busy we get, but two is the norm!!!” Lindy’s head was spinning, how could she even be thinking about doing this, it was nothing more than glamorized prostitution, but incredibly, she heard herself asking, “C-could I start right away!?!” Steffi picked up her scheduling sheet and replied, “You’re in luck, we have an opening to fill right now, follow me!!!”

Steffi ushered Lindy into a small dimly lit room that was fitted with a large comfortable easy chair as well as a small stool that sat in front of a six by six inch hole situated in the wall!!! On a table next to the stuffed chair was a reading lamp, radio, clock, telephone, and various magazines as well as the daily newspaper!!! “During down time,” Steffi said, “we have a few of the comforts of home to help you pass the time, and over in the corner is a sink with hot and cold running water and a small fridge filled with soda and mineral water!!!” When you have a customer, we’ll ring you up on the phone giving you instructions on what the client desires, although he may communicate with you personally if he wants to change the program!!!” “So,” she said with finality, “get out of your things, put on this robe, and get ready!!!”

Sitting in the easy chair, Lindy tried her best to keep her mind on her reading, but it was hopeless, as she mostly sat and stared at the phone waiting for it to ring!!! She was glancing down at her text when the buzzing of the phone nearly gave her a heart attack!!! She picked up the receiver and a voice on the other end said smoothly, “Fifty year old male wants to have sexual intercourse.” The line suddenly went dead and for a second or two panic set in, as she was frozen in her seat unable to move!!! She was belted back to reality when she heard a knocking on the wall and a large thick penis appeared through the opening !!! Getting up from her chair she crossed the room and gently took the organ into her hand reveling in the fact that she actually had a man’s erect organ in her presence once again!!! She knew that this was to be straight sex, but she just had to have it in her mouth, so without asking, she slipped the head into her mouth and gave it a loving tongue bath, taking great care to probe the tiny slit that was now drooling precum into her mouth!!! It had been so long since she had enjoyed the sweet sensation of having a hard pecker in her mouth, and for sure she was going to enjoy it to the max!!! Although the hunger in her cunt was insistent, she still felt an over powering need to have this beautiful penis fill her mouth with its life giving fluids!!! Letting the big dick slip from her mouth, she put her face to the opening in the wall and whispered fiercely, “May I suck you off and then fuck you!?!” From the other side of the wall she heard a soft reply, “Please, be my guest!!!”

Now taking the hard pecker back into her mouth, she worked up and down the thick shaft with a vengeance, furiously tempting the cum from the nut sack that was surely tightening on the other side of the wall!!! “What an invention,” she thought to herself, “the male sex organ was a marvel in physics as well as engineering, and just as an after though, it drove the female half of the population right out of their collective minds!!!” Make no mistake about it, women think about what’s hanging between a man’s legs about as often as men think about the various sizes of women’s boobs!!! The incredible urge to orally satisfy a man is so ingrained in the female mind, that she would do as Lindy was right this instant, that is, suck off a complete stranger just to get the rush of having him ejaculate into her mouth!!! As hard as he was, Lindy could sense immediately that her invisible paramour was about to unload as his pecker stiffened imperceptibly, foretelling the explosion that was about to occur deep in her throat!!! A deep moan from the other side of the wall, and bang, it was cumming, surge after surge of sperm blasting into the back of her throat, so plentiful, that she nearly choked from its shear volume!!!

The fury growing in her cunt was now all but unstoppable!!! Panting hard now, she grabbed the long shaft and guided it into her bulging lips from the rear until her ass was shoved flat against the opening!!! By pushing hard into his meat, she signaled that she was ready to be taken, and taken hard!!! He go the message, and with a brutality usually reserved for wild animals, he viscously slammed his eight inch member in and out of her helpless but willing pussy like a trip hammer out of control!!! Sweet mother of god,” she moaned loudly, “you’re fucking the shit out me, do it , do it to me harder!!!” Even with a wall separating them, a man always knows when the woman he’s fucking wants it harder, and this bitch wanted it all the fucking way!!! He had fucked hundreds of women, but never, never had he experienced a woman who was so determined to get her cunt so brutally taken!!! It was like jumping off a cliff together, you’re both gonna die, but you’re doing it at the same time!!! She hoped the rooms were sound proof, because the man giving her the fucking she so desperately needed was now roaring at the top of his lungs, driving the spike between his legs into her like he was trying to kill her with it!!! But this time, his cock had met its match!!! Her pussy was like an endlessly deep well that swallowed up any and everything that fell into it, and this time, it was his cock that was being devoured, and he just didn’t know it!!!

Again she felt him harden slightly, the precursor to his orgasm that was certainly near!!! Now letting herself go, she abandon any pretense at holding back, and encouraged his pecker to unleash its load of life giving cum deep inside of her vagina!!! On the edge together for so long, it was like getting hit by a car, you never knew when it was coming, then wham, both of their organs were seized by an outside force that sent lightening into their loins, driving the cum out of him, and constricting her pussy around the spurting fountain, causing both of them to break apart and slide helplessly to the floor like so many bags of flour!!! Satiated at last, Lindy crawled over to the chair and lay half on and half off, unable to gain the strength to climb all of the way up!!! With cum dribbling down the inside of her thigh, she reached for the phone and panted into the receiver, “You’ll have to give me a few minutes here, I’m too wrecked to have another client right now!!!

The next morning at work, Betty stuck her head into the office and asked, “So, how are we doing today, boss!?!” Lindy looked up from her pile of paper work and said with a big smile, “Relaxed, baby, totally relaxed!!!

The Divining Rod

Walter Jonas pulled his van into the lane leading to the Circle Double Bar Ranch and drove the quarter mile or so to the house that sat on a small rise at the end of the lane. The big red letters on the side of his truck told it all, WATER DIVINING, W.B. Jonas, Prop.! This was hot country, southern Texas, where the temperature could stay above 100 degree for weeks at a time, and where water was more valuable than oil, well, you can’t go that far, but it was pretty darn precious in its own way!!! Walter pulled his van to a stop and was ready to hop out when out of nowhere a giant sized German Shepard began circling his vehicle while making menacing sounds that indicated he had better stay put until help arrived!!! After blasting his horn a couple of times, a forty plus woman came out of the house and approached the van! Walter rolled down the driver’s side window and said, “Hi, I’m Walter Jonas, I was going to come ring your door, but the dog kinda gave me the shivers!!!” “Oh, don’t mind him,” she replied in a friendly voice, “old Bart wouldn’t hurt a fly, come on outta there and come on inside for some coffee, and by the way, I’m Vivan Danforth, but everyone just calls me Viv!!!”

Walter followed the vivacious woman into the house where she poured both of them a cup of some of the strongest coffee he had ever smelled! After both of them had taken a sip, Vivian spoke first, “So, do you think you can find me some water, my cattle will be in real trouble if we don’t get them some water real soon!?!” Since you called me, I must assume that you know of my reputation and requirements,” Walter replied, “I always find water, and during the process of discovery, you have to keep my rod in peak working order!!!” “Yeah, I heard about that part,” she replied, “and I’m so desperate to find a new well that I’m willing to do anything to get it!!!” “That’s very wise,” Walter replied softly, “because I’ve found that in many cases, the only way to find the water is with my stiff pecker, it just somehow seems to be attracted water, much like a water witch, only better!!!” “Before we go any further,” he went on, “I have to be sure that you really will be able to perform in the field, and so for that reason, I must insist on a demonstration of your oral ability!!!

Walter stood up and calmly dropped his pants and shorts down around his ankles, leaving his long cock and heavy balls exposed to Viv’s very hungry eyes!!! “My, oh my,” she said under her breath, “you are definitely a “big” boy, Texas size I’d reckon, just let Vivan take care of that big pecker for ya!!!” In all of his years of divining, Walter had had his meat sucked by hundreds of women, but there was something about having a new woman sucking his dick that was always a little more exciting than usual!!! “You have a nice mouth, ma’am,” Walter sighed as the Texas rancher settle to her knees and let his big head slip into her warm mouth, “you must have sucked a lot of cock in your day!!!” It was a rhetorical question that required no answer, but Viv let the big pecker fall from her mouth and replied, “I’ve sucked a lotta cock in my day, Walter, but I think that your cock is one of the sweetest I have ever tasted!!!”

After she went back to her sucking, Walter relaxed for a while, savoring the feeling of having his pecker in the mouth of a very attractive woman!!! It was always such a turn on to look down and see his thickness filling a pretty mouth, and even more so when he sensed that she was becoming sexually aroused, as was the case with Vivian!!! “Vivian,” he whispered softly, “I have a favor to ask, “if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, do you think you could take off your clothes so that I could see your pretty body, it would help me a lot!?!” This time she didn’t answer, because as the old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words”, and in this case, Vivian was almost desperate to get all of her clothing removed as quickly as possible!!! “Mmmmm,” Walter hummed, “you have a very attractive body, and your boobs, they’re huge, just the way I like them!!!” Proudly Vivian cupped her heavy breasts, lifting one to her lips and sucking her own nipple!!! Walter reached down between her legs and with his middle finger, began probing her wet opening!!! “Oh, dear,” she said haltingly, “I’m afraid that I’m extremely wet, may I ask you a favor now!?!” “And what would that be,” he replied, even though he already knew the question!?! “C-could you stick that big cock of yours into my hot cunt,” she panted, “it’s been a long time since I’ve had a dick in me!?!

Walter sat down on a kitchen chair, and with his cock sticking straight up out of his lap offered, “You’re a real cowgirl, so hop on Walter’s dick and go for a hard ride!!!” The lean rancher positioned her dripping muffy over Walter’s erection, and slowly, almost excruciatingly slowly, settled her pussy down over the thick penis, carefully lowering herself down to its base!!! When she was completely impaled, she rocked her hips back and forth, making sure that the huge invader was all of the way inside of her, while her large chest jiggled from side to side do to her hip motion!!! Now facing each other, they kissed deeply as Viv crushed her tits hard into Walter’s hairy chest, while at the same time grinding her pussy up and down on Walter’s manhood!!! In between kisses and shallow breaths, Vivian asked, “Do you do this to all of your customers!?!” He chuckled a bit and replied, “Just the women, the men are on their own!!!” “Well,” she sighed, “the men don’t know what they’re missing!!!

After another ten minutes of fucking Walter asked, “Have you ever been hung on a big cock!?!” “I don’t know,” she replied, “how do you do that!?!” “Like this,” Walter responded quickly, as he stood up with her still impaled on his shaft, leaving her hanging in front of him with his cock still jammed all of the way inside of her pussy!!! With her legs hanging down and her feet just off of the floor, the only way to take the pressure off of her cunt was by holding on around his neck, but the sensation of hanging on a hook was unmistakable, and of course her clit was now making direct contact with the top of his shaft, which was beginning to send her over the orgasmic edge!!! “I-I’ve never done this before,” she moaned through gritted teeth, “I’m just fucking hanging here on your pecker stump, it’s so thick and hard that I can just hang on it, I-I cant’ help it, I’m cumming so hard, m-my pussy is just exploding around your thickness, I feel so helpless hanging here, but it feels so fucking good, ohhhhhhhhhh, god, I’m cummmmmmmmming!!!” And she did too, with her cunt convulsing around his organ, he couldn’t hold back any longer as his cock filled her cunt with a hot cum shooter!!!

Afterwards, she asked seriously, “Well, did I pass the test!?!” That was the deal,” he replied, “it’s over, as he pulled out a map of her property and made and X where to drill!!! “You mean that’s it,” she asked incredulously!?! “Yep,” he replied, “that’s it, my cock is so sensitive that it can tell me from here in the house where to drill!!!” “Are you sure,” she asked doubtfully?!? If I’m wrong,” he responded quickly, “you get your entire thousand dollars back!!!”

Walter parked his van on the main street of the little town of Georgeville, pulled out his map, and said under his breath, “let’s see, about twenty miles to the next ranch, that oughta give me plenty of time tonight to get out there and find the water using my good old Magnetic Hydro Generator,” which he pulled from under the seat and removing it from its leather carrying case!!! And then while chuckling out loud exclaimed, “And tomorrow, Miss Sadie Ann Olson will gladly give me some head just to help me “find water”, is this a great country or what!?!”


Marie lay tensely, if not quietly on the examining table while Dr. Sadler gently probed her vagina with his glove covered fingers! “Mmmmmm,” he hummed before announcing, “Well, Maire, there’s just no doubt about it, you’re pregnant, congratulations!!!” Tears filler Maire’s eyes as the enormity of what the doctor had just told her slowly sank in!!! For over three years she and her husband Ron had been trying to have a baby, and for one reason or another it just didn’t happen!!! At age thirty nine, Marie had started to think that she would go through life barren, but how, her prayers had been answered, she was going to become a mother!!!
Dr. Sadler pulled off his rubber gloves, tossed them into the waste receptacle, and while opening the door to leave, looked over his shoulder and said, “You can get dressed now, Marie, and I’ll see you back here in a month, good luck!!!” Marie, with here legs still in the stirrups, lay there for a moment, just basking in the joy of the news she had just received when Nurse Jordan whispered softly, “I’m very happy for you Marie, but I can see from looking at your vagina that you are in a very highly aroused state of sexual tension!!!” Marie was taken aback at the forwardness of the nurse, but what she had said was exactly correct, from the second Dr. Sadler had informed her of her pregnancy, she had the overwhelming sensation of complete sexual awareness!!! Nurse Jordan sat down on the stool the doctor used during examinations, and much to Marie’s shock, casually leaned forward and began tonguing her wet pussy just a calmly as you please!!! “Oh, my god,” Marie gasped, as the insistent tongue wormed its way up and down the length of her hairy slit, “oh, yes, do my clit, oh, my, that feels so good, do me, do me harder!!!” With her legs pulled wide apart and her pubis thrust forward, there was an natural tension tugging at her pussy, but the added stimulation of Nurse Jordan’s active tongue was more than Marie could stand, so of course, her wet pussy contracted hard while a gut wrenching orgasm slammed into her cunt like a hurricane off the Florida coast!!!

After it was all over, Nurse Jordan dislodged Marie’s ankles from the stirrup, helped her get to her feet, and then led her to the dressing room! When she was all dressed, a slightly embarrassed Marie came back into the examining room to find Nurse Jordan writing some notes in her file!!! “Oh, there you are,” the nurse said quickly, “you have an appointment for the eighth of next month, so we’ll see you then, and by the way, what happened between us earlier, is quite the norm for pregnant women, that is, they have an heightened awareness of their bodies, especially in the nipples and vaginal areas and it’s not unusual for a woman to have two or three orgasms a day during her pregnancy, so if you feel the urge to relieve yourself often, just remember that it’s okay and you shouldn’t hesitate to bring yourself to a quick hard climax!!!” “Now,” the nurse went on, do you have any questions!?!” “You said my nipples would be sensitive,” Marie replied, while opening up her blouse, “is it normal for the nipples to be hard like this!?!” With her blouse open, Marie’s full chest could be seen resting heavily in her low cut lace bra, but also her hard nipples were clearly visible poked through the thin material like the erasure heads on a pencil!!! “Oh, dear,” the nurse said softly, “you have it bad and it’s only the beginning, here, let me help you off with your bra so that I can orally satisfy your pretty nipples!!!”

“Oh, that feels so nice,” Marie sighed while Nurse Jordan gently sucked and licked her large pink nips, “you have such a nice mouth, I’ve never had my chest feel so wonderful, mmmmmmmm, that’s a good baby, suck on mama’s big nipples, that’s right, do her really nice!!!” Although she had gone through this a thousand times before, rarely did the nurse get emotionally involved with a patient, but this case was different, as the combination of the cute baby talk from Marie, and the incredible beauty of her chest were causing a whirlwind of activity in her own pussy, so it was just a matter of time until the nurse said in a thick voice, “I-I need help desperately, can you p-please help me!!!”

Less than a half hour before, Marie had had her first lesbian experience, albeit a more or less non participatory one, now here she was, staring at the neatly trimmed blonde pussy of Nurse Jordan! Taking in a deep breath to muster her courage, her nostrils were filled with the unmistakable aroma of a freshly aroused vagina, which naturally acted like an unbelievable aphrodisiac to her already aroused senses!!! Like a magnet is attracted to metal, Marie’s mouth was drawn directly to the dripping organ that was oozing of sensuality!!! Upon contact, Nurse Jordan began writhing on the table, pressing her crotch forward in an attempt to put more pressure on her super heated slit!!! “Oh, please,” she begged, “don’t make me wait for it, just do my clit for me, it’s absolutely on fire!!!” Marie, knowing exactly how the poor woman was feeling, still took her time as she lazily let her tongue slide in and out of the dripping cunt, while taking great pains to avoid the hard little clit sticking out between the folds of flesh at the top of the wet pussy!!! “Y-you’re torturing me,” the nurse panted, “please, I’m so close, make me cum, please!!!” Just listening to the nurse plead with her was a turn on, but finally, showing a little mercy, Marie took the little nub between her teeth and gently nipped the erect organ until an orgasm swept through the nurse’s pussy like a tidal wave!!!

Her face now smeared with the nurse’s juice, Marie pulled away from the drooling cunt only to be confronted by Dr. Sadler!!! “Well,” he said softly, “that was quite a performance you two put on, would either one of you care to have me stick my pecker into your pussy!?!” From the top of the examining table Nurse Jordan panted, “Yesss, please stick it into me, give it to me fucking hard and fast!!!” The doctor pulled his thick erection from under his white jacket and stepped between the nurse’s spread thighs and said, “So, you wanna get your little tight pussy fucked, do you, well I’m gonna fuck you to within an inch of your life,” and with those words, he plunged his organ hard and deep into the quivering pussy of his slut nurse!!! This was all so incredible, up until today Marie had been completely faithful to her husband of ten years, but now, she had just finished trading suck offs with a woman, and now was masturbating her hot cunt while her gynecologist rammed his seven inch piece of meat into the pussy she herself had just finished eating!!! Over and over Nurse Jordan’s pussy exploded in hot hard orgasms as the doctor’s penis pistoned in and out of her like a battering ram!!! When she finally couldn’t take it any more, the doctor pulled out his cock, turned to face Marie, and said, “Okay, you little cunt lapper, let’s see how you do on a hard pecker!!!” Again, she was breaking new ground as the thick cudgel rammed into the back of her throat, nearly gagging her!!! Locking her fist around his shaft, Marie began working her mouth up and down his length, while swabbing the big head with her tongue after every pass!!! Her finger was furiously frigging her own clit, when all at once she felt a warm mouth engulfing one of her nipples!!! The nurse had taken a position along side of her and had again begun nursing on her hard nub!!! She hungrily devoured the cock meat into her throat, working it in until she was deep throating the doctor’s love muscle!!! The groan from deep in side of his chest told her that it was cumming, as a gusher of cum blasted into her mouth, while her own orgasm commenced at the very moment his cum was jetting from the end of his hot dick!!!

After they were all totally spent, they looked a little sheepishly at each other until the doctor said, “Okay, now, we’ll be seeing you in a month, so take good care of yourself!!!” Licking the juice off of her wet hand Marie replied, “Don’t worry, doctor, I surely will!!!”

His Bidding

Montana Scott flopped down on her queen size bed and just lay there for a few moments, too tired to even throw back the covers! What a day, run, run, run, and not a second to relax. As her eyes slowly closed and blessed sleep began to over take her, the jangle of the phone on the night stand jarred her back to reality. Fumbling for the receiver, she answered, “Hello, may I help you?!?” “Montana,” a deep voice on the other end of the line responded firmly, “this is Sir James, are you ready to obey!?!” Instantly a shiver ran through her body, seemly whisking the tiredness right out of her, and causing her pussy to drench itself in a bath of warm cunt juice. “I won’t ask you again,” he snapped, “are you ready to obey!?!” “Oh, yes,” she gushed, “anything, I’m am ready to serve you.” “Very good,” he replied smoothly, “but before we go any further, I want you to lay down and bring yourself to climax, is that understood!?!” “Yes, master, I understand,” she answered huskily, before letting her hand slide between her legs to find her seat of pleasure. After it was over, and it was over rather quickly, he gave her an address on the other side of town and told her to be there in twenty minutes, and then abruptly he hung up.

For the second time that evening Montana shivered, the first time from the sound of her master’s voice, the second, from the appearance of the building matching the address Sir James had given her. It was a private residence that looked absolutely gothic, with a front consisting of large thick stones, turrets, gargoyles, and of course covered with thick hanging vines! Montana unconsciously pulled her coat tighter together in front of her, and then with a little trepidation, climbed the stairs and rang the bell! For almost a minute nothing happened and she was about to ring the bell one more time, when all at once the huge carved door creaked and slowly swung open! It was almost as dark inside as out, as the only light that she could see came from several oil lamps hanging from the wall. Gothic wasn’t the word for it, this place looked positively medieval. Gingerly stepping inside, she was taken aback at the sight of a dark robed person with a hood over his or her head. Once inside, her usher closed the door behind her, and without saying a word motioned for her to follow him/her down a long dark corridor that was made even more chilling by the flickering of flames of the oil lamps that caused the shadows to jump from one spot to another. With her heart pounding, they entered a large room that was at least thirty feet long and just as wide! What she saw, however, turned her tummy into and knot and stunned her into motionlessness. The room itself was lined with more of the oil lamps, which of course gave off the eerie flickering light, but what really scared her, was what dominated the center of the room. It had the makings of a tenth century torture chamber, complete with a stretching rack, pillory, and naturally an apparatus that would hold someone spread eagle in a standing position. She was so transfixed by the equipment that she at first failed to notice that there were three other figures dressed in hooded robes sitting in a semi circle in front of the “toys”.

She was startled from her trance as a hand took her by the arm and led her to a place in front of the rest of the group! A male voice coming from under the hood of her usher ordered, “You have agreed to obey and will do the bidding of your master?!?” “Y-yes,” she replied in a shaky voice, “I will obey you.” She had never seen her master face to face, but after having heard his voice many times over the phone, she was positive that the person speaking to her was not him, but she couldn’t be sure that he wasn’t one of the three other’s sitting before her. The voice from under the hood then continued, “Please remove your clothing, right now.” Montana slipped her leather coat from her shoulders and then slowly began removing the rest of her things until she was shivering in the middle of the dark dank room. Again taking her by the arm, the usher led her to the wrack and had her climb up on it’s table top and extend her arms over her head where metal bracelets were then attached to each wrist and ankle. After she was safely secured, the man in the hood asked, “Are you sure you want to continue, as this will be the last time you will be asked, from then on, you will do as you are told without question.” With her nipples now sticking up hard in the cool air and she replied softly, “I will follow your orders completely.” “Very good,” he replied sternly, “then let us begin.”

Looking around with more than a little fear, she watched with dread as the hooded usher slowly began moving the arm ratchet back and forth, which slowly but surely began retracting the chains attached to her limbs. Each movement of the arm incrementally moved the chains only a fraction of an inch, but in only a matter of minutes Montana’s arms and legs were pulled tight almost to the point of pain. Moments later, she was surrounded by the three other hooded figures who at first only watched as the pretty young brunette was stretched to her limit. “Does it hurt,” he asked softly?!? “Yes,” she replied truthfully, but there must not have been enough pain in her voice, as immediately he moved the lever another notch, which ever so slightly pulled harder on her arms and legs. The low moan that escaped her lips must have pleased him, because for the time being, he didn’t make another move to stretch her further. Instead, however, one of the other hooded figures held a burning candle over her nipples that dripped hot wax onto her vulnerable skin. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that burns,” Montana moaned, “please, no more.” Quick as a cat, the hooded usher reached out and clicked the ratchet ahead a notch, causing her to moan even louder as the pain in her shoulders and hips intensified. “Don’t ever tell us to stop,” he admonished her, “retribution will be quick and sure, do you understand me!?!” “Y-yes,” she stammered, as her eyes began to blur from the pain, “I understand.” “Very good,” he continued, “now, be a good girl and ask for some more wax.” “Oh, please,” she groaned. “Please what,” he demanded. “P-please give me some more wax,” she said in a wavering voice.” “Very good, my dear,” he replied softly, while more burning wax dripped slowly onto her erect nipples, “you have a lovely body, but I fear that it is a touch too short,” and with that, that ratchet moved another notch and her moan was now loud enough to fill the room.

“Does is hurt, dear,” the usher asked softly, while massaging her full chest?!? “Oh, god,” she moaned, “it hurts so badly, p-please, no more.” “Well, dear,” he said still more softly, “we have something else planned for you, that I’m sure will be a great deal more palatable!” “W-what are you going to do to me,”she asked nervously, as her body was being pulled tight like a bow string!?! Her answer came soon enough, when she felt warm oil being gently rubbed into her full bushy vagina. “Oh, myyyyyyy,” she moaned, “that feels so goooooood, please don’t stop.” “You have a very hirsute vagina,” the usher replied, while still caressing her chest and softly twisting her nipples, “it’s so hairy we can’t see your pretty labia, so of course, we have to shave it for you.” Upon hearing that, Montana automatically stiffened, while thinking about a sharp razor gliding over her bulging pubis. “Now, now, dear,” the usher said soothingly, “you’re so tense, maybe this will help you relax a little,” and with a swift jerk, he ratcheted the handle on more notch.

While more oil was being applied to Montana’s pussy, it was inevitable that her clit would be brushed over and indirectly massaged by the swirling digits. The pain, especially in her shoulders was growing more intense by the second, but much to her consternation, the fury building gradually in her pussy was making it hard to distinguish between agony and ecstasy. The usher produced a long bladed straight razor that he carefully made sure Montana got a good look at before moving down to her pussy and gently cutting away her thick bush. The cool air on bare skin was a new sensation for her, which made goose bumps break out all over her body, as well as causing her nipples shrivel up like it was the middle of winter. When she was finally smooth as a baby, oil was again applied generously to the bulging mound, but this time fingers eagerly probed her opening, searching out her love button, and masturbating it shamelessly, which of course made her pussy convulse in an orgasm that seemed to last forever.

Cradling her head in his arms, the usher asked softly, “Did our little cunt enjoy her orgasm?!?” Barely able to speak, all Montana could do was whisper, “Yes, it was wonderful, thank you so much.” The usher continued to caressing her cheek and breasts while adding, “Of course, you will cum again and again for us, but the next time, you will be violated viscously by this,” as he leaned over and shoved a thick black dildo deep into her defenseless vagina. Her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets while the usher rammed the thick rubber invader in and out of her pussy at lightning speed. She tried to move her body to time his thrusts with those of her own, but she was being held so tightly by the rack, that all she could do was lie there and take it, as orgasm after orgasm slammed into her cunt like a sledge hammer.

She finally passed out, from both a mixture of pain and orgasmic exhaustion, but the next thing she realized, she was awake and dressed, and standing next to the front door with the usher, who pointed her in the direction of a cab which was waiting at the bottom of the stairs in the street in front of the old house. Gingerly she took and awkward step out the door, but had to grab the hand railing to keep from falling on her face! As she began her slow descent down the steps, a voice from inside the door opined, “Have a safe trip home, Montana Scott, we hope to see you again sometime, goodnight.” The big door then swung slowly shut and Montana struggled to reach the cab for her ride home. Finally back in her apartment, she was just about ready to slip under the shower when the phone rang, “Hello,” she answered softly! “Did you have a nice evening,” the master’s voice asked quietly?!? “It was, shall we say, interesting,” she replied. A chuckle came through he phone line and he replied, “Sleep well my child, you never know when the next call will come.”

Womens Club

The meeting of Conway Street Masturbation Club was just about ready to come to order as President Teddi Graves called for order, “Okay ladies, let’s quiet down and get ready for business.” The twelve naked females between the ages of 26 and 58 all sat down and waited for Teddi to start the meeting! “It looks like were all here,” she began while surveying the crowd, “I guess everybody has the “itch” today.” A titter of laughter rolled across the room as the women looked sheepishly at one another, but Teddi quickly asked for order and continued on, “As usual, we have a young man from the local college to entertain us, and I’m sure that you’ll all be more than pleased with his performance, but we also have a special treat for all of us tonight.” Everyone’s interest was piqued when Teddi mentioned a “special treat”, and an excited murmur quickly passed among the women. “As you probably all know,” Teddi added, “that Katie has missed quite a few sessions do to her pregnancy, but I’m happy to announce that even though she’s seven months along, she’s with us tonight and will be actively participating with the rest of the group.” While Teddi asked Katie to stand up and take a bow, everyone broke into a round of applause and cheered the young mother to be.
Several of the women gathered around Katie, shaking her hand and kissing her on the cheek with congratulations, but it didn’t take long until one forty year old housewife took one of Katie’s hard dark nipples into her mouth and began nursing like baby. “Oh, my,” Katie said with a sigh, “that feels so nice, lately I’ve had an unbelievable urge to breast feed, it’s incredible.” The women helped Katie to the couch where upon her other nipple was gobbled up by another club member. It was a very sensual sight to be sure, with the young pregnant woman contentedly nursing two older females who were of course masturbating at the same time. “Katie,” one of the onlookers asked, “may I suck your vagina for you, it’s absolutely dripping!?!” In a very shallow voice Katie gasped, “P-please, yes, suck my pussy, oh, god I need it so badly.” The thin blonde quickly took her place between Katie’s open thighs and rested her mouth against the furry opening. Upon contact, Katie involuntarily sucked in her breath and moaned loudly, begging the blonde to do her clitoris, and that of course, is exactly what she did.”

The loud groans coming deep from within Katie’s chest filled the room with sexual excitement, while the rest of the women not involved in the action sat quietly twisting their nipples and fingering their hot wet cunts. Soon it wasn’t only Katie’s moans that were filling the air, as a chorus of sighs and grunts reverberated off the walls when an orgasm would overtake one of the turned on masturbaters. One fifty year old matron furiously frigged her hot cunt while staring intently at the two women sucking on Katie’s fat nipples and moaned “God, that looks so fucking good,” she panted, as her finger fairly flew over her hard clit, “her tits are so full and heavy, unbelievable, just unbelievable.” The woman sitting next to her, who was also nearing her own shattering climax, said through gritted teeth, “Y-yes, she is so fucking hot, look at how much she loves getting her pussy sucked.” The two women gave each other a quick look and nod of agreement, but then, almost in unison, their pussies lurched as crushing climaxes wrenched the juice right out of their quivering cunt lips.

Katie was now caught in a vortex of sexual tension, with her nipples being nipped and nursed on, while her cunt was being devoured by the cute little blonde. With her head spinning, one of the women sitting close to her, began asking very arousing intimate questions about her sex life. “Katie,” the woman asked softly, “do you remember the day you got pregnant?!?” “Y-yes,”she stammered, “I remember it, why?!?” “Hmmmmm, I just wondered if you had a hard orgasm when your husband fucked you,” the woman asked calmly?!?” “Oh, yes,” Katie moaned, “I came like a rocket, Jim fucked me from the back and it was so goooooood.” “Did you suck him that night,” the woman pressed on?!? “Always,” Katie panted, “I always suck his cock.” “Does Jim have a large penis,” she asked seriously?!? “V-very big,” Katie said between breaths, “he has a really big cock.” “How often does he fuck you, dear,” the lady asked sweetly?!? “Almost every day,” Katie gasped, “he has a very high sex drive, he’s hard all of the time, and needs sexual relief constantly.” “Since you’ve been pregnant, does he like sucking on your nipples???” “Jesus, I’m hot,” Katie said thickly, “and yes, he loves sucking on my nipples, he can’t wait until I can give him some real milk.” “Katie,” the woman continued on, “are you ready to have an orgasm, you seem to be having trouble concentrating on my questions!?!” “I-I’m so close,” Katie stammered, “just a little more pressure on my clit and ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, god, I’m fucking cumming in her mouth, it feels so good to get eaten, and my pussy is absolutely exploding.”

Katie wasn’t the only one having a a climax at that moment, because all around the room fingers were literally flying over distended clits and cunt lips. Hearing seven or eight women cumming at the same time was one of the most erotic things any of them had ever experienced, and just hearing the moaning of other females induced others into having orgasms of their own. It was quite a scene, twelve women, totally drained, and collapsing like so many limp dish rags all around the room. After everyone had seemed to have recovered from the shock of such a hard climax, Teddi hopped to her feet and announced, “Don’t get too comfortable girls, because the main event is still to come, so without further or do, I introduce our feature attraction, Zak.

After having just had their pussies devastated by such brutal climaxes, most of the women were still numb and not yet quite ready for action, this however, was a very short lived situation, as when they saw the handsome young man, prance naked into their midst, with a huge erection, well, you could almost hear twelve pussies beginning to drip like a leaky faucet. Working his way through the crowd, Zak gave each woman a chance to feel his hardon, and if they chose to do so, give it a short quick suck. Usually what happened, after everyone had gotten a chance to sample the wares so to speak, one of the women would take it upon herself to orally satisfy the young man while everyone else sat and masturbated while watching the show, much as they had done with Katie. There was usually some verbal give and take between the young man and the women, and tonight was no exception as one of the older woman asked, “How big is your cock!?!” “Uh, about eight and a half inches,” he replied softly! “Mmmmm, nice,” the woman replied, “do you have a girl friend?!?” “Yeah, a pretty steady one,” he answered quickly! “Does she suck you off,” she pressed, while letting her fingers burrow deep into her slit!?! “She sucks me to completion, if that’s what you’re asking,” he said while fisting his hard member! “How often do you fuck her,” another woman with glassy eyes asked?!? “Oh, it varies,” he replied thoughtfully, “two or three times a week, I’d guess, it just depends!” “Would you consider her a cock hound,” a fiftyish blonde asked?!? He chuckled at that one and replied, “Well, she loves my cock, but I wouldn’t call her a cock hound, she’s a beautiful girl who happens to love to fuck,” and then kiddingly he asked the blonde, “would you consider yourself a cock hound!?!” Before the blonde could answer, “Teddi chimed in, “Doris is definitely a cock hound, always has been, always will be.” The room regaled with laughter at that Teddi’s little barb, but Doris shot right back, “Hell yes, I’m a cock hound, just like every other cock hungry bitch in this room.” That brought another chuckle from the crowd, after which everything turned a little more serious as the women began to frig their cunts in earnest.

After several minutes of quiet self abuse, Zak asked softly, “Are you “cock hounds” ready to see me shoot my load!?!” Throughout the room their was a chorus of “yeses” and “do its”, as the women stared at the thick stump sticking out from the crotch of the handsome young man. “Okay, ladies,” he replied, “watch Zak do his fuck pole for you.” Turning now to face his wide eyed audience, the young man with bleach blonde hair turned his hand into a blur as he powered his fist up and down the length of his thick satisfier. Soft sighs and moans from around the room grew in a crescendo as they raced each other to another stunning climax. Just seconds before his orgasm hit, Zak calmly asked, “Who wants a face full of my jism!?!” Two ladies scrambled in front of him just in time so that each of them took at least two good shots of cum directly into their faces and open mouths, with the rest spurting softly onto their heaving breasts. Again, letting their fingers do the “walking”, the whole group erupted in a mutual orgasms that shook the room to its very foundation.

Twenty minutes later as everyone was preparing to leave, Teddi announced, “Next week, we have a twenty year old coed as our main attraction, let’s everyone be here on time.”

After School

“Finally,” Krista muttered under her breath, “the last period of the day is about over, just three more minutes and I’m outa here.” “Eighth period English Lit, what a lousy way to finish up the school day.” “Okay, class,” Miss Redmond ordered, “pages 213 thru 247 for tomorrow, be ready for a quiz.” While the whole room groaned in unison, Miss Redmond locked eyes with Krista and gave her a small nod, “Oh, crap,” Krista thought, “she wants me to stay after again, and today of all days.” The final bell rang, and all twenty seven students filed out into the hall and headed off for their lockers and then home, except, for Krista, who hung around and waited for her last classmate to clear the room! “Krista, please lock the door while I pull the window shades shut,” said Miss Redmond a matter of factly! Resigned now to the notion that she was stuck, Krista shuffled over and flipped the latch on the door before returning to her seat in the front row! After closing the shades, Miss Redmond sat down on the front edge of her desk and said, “Well, dear, I just want to remind you that you’re pulling about a C-minus, but thanks to our little agreement, you can count on receiving an A on your report card!” Krista leaned back in her seat and replied, “Thank you, Miss Redmond, I certainly appreciate it.” “I know you do, dear, but now it’s time to show me just how much you do appreciate it,” as she hiked up her dress revealing stocking clad legs and garter belt with no panties.”
“As you can see,” the fifty five year old teacher whispered, “today I came prepared for you lovely mouth, can you take care of me with your mouth, please, darling, you do it so well, and mama needs to have her pussy orally satisfied!?!” Krista stared for a moment or two at the unbelievably hairy pussy that was splayed before her, before sliding in her chair between Miss Redmond’s open thighs and gently pressing her mouth into the forest of thick dark brown fur. “Oh my, yes,” the teacher moaned, as the cute eighteen year old slid her tongue into her warm slit wet slit, “that’s it, find mama’a clit and suck it for her, oh, yessss, do mama’s clit just like that.” The aroma wafting from Margaret Redmond’s pussy was strong, but very intoxicating, and even though she hadn’t been up for it, her own cunt was now drooling a line of moisture up and down the length of her crack.” As usual, whenever Margaret sensed that her young cunt lapper was getting into it, her own orgasm would soon fill the pretty senior’s mouth with a shower of hot cunt juice.

“Mmmm,” hummed Miss Redmond, “that was so nice, but now mama wants to see her little pussy’s boobs, do you think you could take off your bra and show mama your pretty tits?!?” Krista slid off her sweater and stood with her hands on her hips, giving Margaret Redmond and eye full of 34c cup boobs in her low cut white lace bra. “Oh, god,” the teacher panted, while cupping the twin orbs through the thin brassiere, “you have such a beautiful chest, tell me again what size bra you wear.” “34c, ma’am,” Krista moaned, “but I think I’m about ready to move up to a d-cup, for the last month or so my bras have felt a little tight.” “Ohhhhhhhh,” Margaret panted, “y-you’re going to start wearing a d-cup!?!” “Oh, yes,” Krista replied sweetly, “Do you like the sound of that, I mean, you know, do you like hearing me say that my breasts are so large that I need a larger bra, one with d size cups?!?” “J-jesus,” Margaret Redmomnd moaned, “you know just how to turn me on, you little slut.” “Little,” Krista asked innocently as she cupped her own breasts, “do these look little to you?!?” P-please take off you bra so that I can suck them,” pleaded Margaret. “You didn’t answer my question,” Krista replied, while shooing Miss Redmond’s hand away from her chest. “”What question,” the old teacher begged, ‘I-I forgot the question!?!” “You heard me,” Krista replied softly, “do you think these are small?!?” “God, no,” she groaned loudly, “they’re fucking huge, now please, take off your bra.” “I don’t know,” Krista said doubtfully, “if I do, will you suck them for me?!?” By now Margaret had turned into a blithering idiot who could only keep her mind on one thing, ‘er two things, that being Krista’s full bosom and she replied nearly crying, “P-please let me have them, I need them so much, please let me suck them.” “Well,” Krista responded while cupping them through her bra, “I guess it’s okay, here mama, suck on baby’s big nipples.” “Mmmmmmmm,” Krista sighed, as Margaret took a nipple into her mouth and sucked greedily, “mama does her baby’s boobies so well, she’s making baby all wet inside.”

Margaret Redmond spent the next ten minutes alternating from one nipple to the other, biting and nibbling at the distended nubs, and generally driving Krista up the wall with lust while her breathing became shallow as the older woman nursed hungrily at her breasts. Now it was the older woman’s turn at teasing, as she sensed the fire between Krista’s thighs had become almost unbearable. Lifting her head and looking the young woman in the eye she asked shyly, “Would baby like mama to nurse on her pussy?!?” “Oh, yes,” Krista hissed through clenched teeth, “p-please, suck my pussy for me, please.” “Hmmmmmm,” Margaret hummed, “I’m sure that I can do that for you, but really dear, are you sure that you want an old woman like me sucking on your cute young pussy?!?” “My cunt’s on fire,” Krista moaned, “I need some head right now, I need your mouth on me.” “Well, if you really want me to,” Margaret said slowly, “I guess I could give it a whirl, tell me, dear, do have on your panties?!?” “Y-yes,” Krista stammered, “but I can take them off right now, okay!?!” “Suit yourself,” Margaret Redmond replied casually, “if you really need to, go ahead.” Fairly leaping to her feet, Krista reached up under her skirt and tore the thin nylon briefs off of her pussy, and then sat back down on her chair with her skirt pulled up and her pussy lips bulging obscenely in an open invitation to the old cunt.

Both women enjoyed their little teasing games, but now it was time to get down to brass tacks. Taking her position between Krista’s lean thighs, Margaret at first gingerly let her tongue caress the young girl’s pouty outer lips, which of course brought a long moan from deep in the young girl’s lungs. “Oh, my,” Margaret sighed, “baby has such a wet vagina, I think she’s close to having a climax, is that true dear,” she continued on, “is baby close to having a climax?!?” “I-I-I’m close,” Krista stammered as she clit was being eaten alive by the cunt hungry teacher, “you’re a fantastic cunt lapper, do me harder, oooooooooooo, yeah, right there, do baby’s clitty just right.” Just hearing the pretty young thing begging to get sucked off, drove Margaret’s tongue to supersonic speeds over the tip of quivering little clit. “Oh, god,” Krista moaned, “I”m fucking cumming all over your mouth, ohhhhhhhhhhh, godddddd, I’m cummingggggggg.”

Margaret finally pulled her tongue from the inside of Krista’s throbbing cunt, allowing the young senior time to let her blood pressure drop back down to normal levels, while giving her soft inner thighs hundreds of sweet soft little kisses. When she was able to speak coherently, Krista offered, “Ya know what, for an old lady you really know how to suck pussy.” Margaret gave her thigh ten quick kisses before replying, “I’m glad you think so, because I think you know what you need.” “And what would that be,” the young girl asked softly?!?” “This,” Margaret Redmond replied, just before burying her tongue deep into the unsuspecting girl’s pussy. This time it was more like a freight train that blew through the contracting slit that pulsated between her legs, “Araggghhh,” she groaned, as her pussy was twisted inside out by another massive orgasm. When she finally stopped shaking, Krista begged, “Enough, I’ve had enough.”

“Do you know what,” Margaret Redmond asked as the two of them got dressed!?! “What,” Krista replied?!? “If I could, I’d give you a grade better than an A, you’ve earned it.”

Disparate Couple

Byron wondered why he even bothered!!! After eight months of faithfully working out three times a week, he still weighed only 135 pounds and had arms that resembled spaghetti!!! “Okay,” he said under his breath, “let’s see if we can do tonight!!!” Lying on his back, he hoisted the barbell into the air in an attempt to bench press ninety pounds, and almost instantly he realized that he was in trouble after he brought the bar down to his chest!!! Desperately he tried to heft the iron off of his body, but the more he struggled, the weaker he seemed to become!!! The first rule about bench pressing is to always use a spotter, and at that very moment Byron was discovering the wisdom of that particular idiom!!! He tried screaming for help, but the air had been forced from his lungs, leaving him in the very precarious position that he may suffocate in a room full of people!!! As unconsciousness began to overtake him, the bar miraculously was wrenched off chest and blessed air filled his burning lungs!

After coughing for a second or two, he struggled to his feet to thank his savior, but much to his chagrin he was standing face to face with a woman!!! “Hey, dummy,” she said while shaking her head from side to side, “don’t you know enough to use a spotter, you can get killed using free weights by yourself!!!” “If ya want to lift alone, use a machine,” she said while walking away!!! He chased after her and stuck his hand out and gushed, “Of course you’re right, I just want to thank you, I was in real trouble back there, and by the way, my name’s Byron!!!” She gave him a quick once over before breaking into a broad smile and taking his hand in her powerful hand and replying, “Well, I didn’t mean to snap at you Byron, but I just didn’t want to see you get hurt, come on over here, and spot for me, okay!?!” As she walked in front of him, Byron for the first time got a good look at her, and to say the least she was the most muscular woman he had ever seen in his life!!! While she wasn’t pretty, she had a wholesome looking face with a solid Nordic features and a shock of blonde hair that was short enough not to need a comb!!! As she positioned herself under bar that contained at least two hundred pounds he offered in all seriousness, “I don’t know if you should be trying this, I don’t know how much I could help you if you got into trouble!!!” In a quick motion, the blonde giant grabbed the bar and let it down to her chest and replied, “No problem, Byron, this is an easy one for me,” and then proceeded to press the bar ten times quickly before returning it to the cradle!!! After five more sets, she sat up and toweled off her face and offered, “How about a soft drink, I’m buying!!!

They sat against the wall, sipped their diet colas, and talked while absentmindedly watching others work out! He found out that her name was Arianna, that everyone called her Ari for short, and that she had been working out for about five years! After taking a drink from his can of pop, Byron asked casually, “May I ask you a personal question!?! “Shoot,” she replied quickly!!! How much do you weigh, I’ve never seen a woman built like you!!!” She chuckled before answering and replied, “That’s a compliment I hope, but to answer your question, I weigh 225 pounds, give or take a pound or two!!!” “Geesh,” he replied in awe, “I’ve been working out like a dog for over six months and still look like a bag of bones!!!” She put her hand on his arm and said softly, “Some people just have trouble building muscle mass, it has nothing to do with how much you work out, it’s all physiological, kind of like you’re preordained!!!” He was listening to her answer, but what he really was thinking about was the feeling that shot through him when she touched his arm, incredible!!!

With his pulse still racing, he stammered, “So tell me, Ari, does your husband or boy friend work out like you do, I mean, is he all bulked up and all!?!” When didn’t answer, he quickly interjected, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked such a personal question, please forgive me!!!” She touched his arm again, this time letting her hand linger as she replied, “No, it’s okay, it’s just that, well, I don’t have a boy friend, no man in his right mind would ever want to date someone who looked like me!!!” Now turning to face her, he took her hand and replied, “You’re kidding I hope, because you’re about the most amazing woman I’ve ever met!!!” It was then that he first noticed that her eyes were glistening with tears, and he realized that she was really hurting inside!!! He leaned forward, gently kissing her cheek, and said, “Let’s get showered and go have some coffee!!!”

“Two coffees,” Byron said to the waitress in the all night diner they found not far from the gym! Making an attempt at small talk, Ari commented that she had never been here, but that it had a lot of atmosphere! The waitress returned with their coffee, and then left the two of them alone in the back booth! Byron took a long drink, put his cup down, and said, “I know this is may sound crazy, and don’t get upset, but I think that I’m in love with you!!!” The words hung in the air for what seemed like and eternity, until Ari replied softly, “I-I think I love you too!!!” Byron’s head began spinning when he heard Ari’s response to what he thought was an absolutely crazy admission, but incredibly, she felt the way he did!!! They sat in the booth for two hours just talking, trading information about one another, and trying to go slow, even though they were anxious to dive head long in!!! Outside the cafe next to their cars, they kissed under the light of a lamp post, not a sexy French kiss, but a sweet affectionate kiss that new lovers revel in!!! When they pulled apart, each could see it in the other’s eyes, it was electric for both of them!!! This was Wednesday, so they traded phone numbers and made a date for Saturday evening!!! As each of them drove home, they were both positive of one thing, they had each found their soul mate!!!

It had been a marvelous evening, just some burgers and a movie, but it was better than the ballet and a five course meal at a fancy restaurant!!! It seemed that they were made for each other!!! The one thing that at first was a little disconcerting, was the number of stares Ari received because of her overly developed body, but after a while, Byron didn’t even notice or care!!! Later that evening, in front of Ari’s apartment building, the two of them sat in the front seat of Byron’s car and necked like a couple of teenagers!!! After one particularly long kiss, Byron looked into her eyes and whispered, “I love you Arianna, just as sure as I can be, I love you!!!” She kissed him again, and then whispered back, “Come on up stairs for a while, I’ll make some coffee!!!

Once inside of the apartment, Ari led him straight to her bedroom! “I thought you were going to make coffee,” he said with a twinkle in his eye!!!” “Shut up and kiss me,” she said as their mouths met in a passionate embrace!!! When they finally pulled apart she offered, “Well, I guess this is it, the moment of truth,” and slowly began removing her clothing!!! Byron watched in awe and fascination while Ari slipped out of her dress, revealing and incredibly muscled body in a thong bikini bottom and a lycra sports bra!!! “Okay,” she said softly, “your turn!!!” He turned three shades of red and stammered, “this is so embarrassing, I feel so, I don’t know, inadequate, I guess!!!” “Why,” she replied, a little dumb founded, “you’re normal, what do you have to be embarrassed about?!?” “Well,” he stumbled, “you know, it’s just that I’m, well you know, not really that well built!!!” She smiled and laughed affectionately, “Don’t worry, you’re plenty of man for me,” and then proceeded to help him remove his sweater, under shirt, and trousers!!! The incongruity of it all hit them together, that of her being the huge muscled one and him being the proverbial 98 pound weakling!!! “We do look like an unlikely pair, don’t we,” she said lightly?!? With the ice broken he replied, “Like Mutt and Jeff!!!” She looked him in the eye and asked softly, “Byron, can you take off my bra and panties for me, please?!?” He made an audible gulping sound in his throat, but with shaking hands, slipped the tight fitting bra over her head!!! Her chest was like none he had ever seen in person or in photographs, and he sucked in his breath while trying to contain himself!!! “T-they’re beautiful, Ari,” he whispered, “I can’t believe how lucky I am!!!” “D-do you really like them,” she said in almost a pleading voice, “most men find them very unattractive!!!” “My god,” he groaned, “they’re unreal, m-may I touch them?!?” She took in a deep breath which seemed to expand her chest even more, and whispered, “Please, I want you to feel them, they’re yours!!!” What made her boobs so unusual, was that her breasts were pulled tight against her chest do to her massive muscle development, while her nipples stood out erect and proud, almost begging to be sucked!!! At his first touch the air whistled out of her, and she involuntarily pressed forward, encouraging his mammalian exploration!!! Seeing her positive reaction, Byron leaned down and took a hard nipple into his mouth, resulting in a loud moan from deep inside Ari’s throat!!! Growing bolder, he continued sucking, but let his hand slip to her crotch where began feeling her mound through her skimpy panties!!! Between pants she begged, “I want you now, please take me!!!”

After gently pushing her back down on the bed, he casually reached out and tugged the tiny nylon thong off of Ari’s hips!!! Now it was his turn to suck in his breath, because right before his very eyes was the most succulent pussy he had ever seen, which was shaved completely bare, with lips bulging out obscenely, practically begging to be licked or fucked!!! He kicked of his boxers, exposing his erection to her eyes for the first time!!! He wasn’t hung like King Kong, but his six inches was certainly adequate, especially to a woman who hadn’t been fucked in over three years!!! He mounted her quickly, his penis immediately finding her entrance as if it were drawn by a powerful magnet!!! He kept saying to himself to go slow, but in his excitement that was a hopeless ideal, so in one hard thrust he buried it deep into her wetness, a union between two people who both felt like this moment would never happen to them!!! As hard as her body was, her pussy was just that soft, enveloping him, coaxing the seed out of his erection in waves of spurting cum!!!

In the end, size didn’t matter, he was a man and she a woman, and each performed their role like countless other couples around the world at that very moment!!! She out weighed him almost two to one, and in terms of strength, it wasn’t even close, but when it came time, he took her and made her his own, and that’s how it began, for these two disparate lovers!!!