Pool Party

Tammy and I were hanging out at Steph’s house late one afternoon, as we often do. Steph’s parents have a big two-story house only a couple blocks from campus, and it’s a nice place to escape the dorm scene for awhile. We were lounging in Steph’s bedroom, drinking coke and sharing some gossip.

Steph mentioned that her parents were going away on vacation next week. Tammy, who never misses an opportunity, blurted out, “You are so lucky—you get the whole place to yourself, to do whatever you like. Party week!”

Steph licked her lips and said, “Oh come on, like I’m gonna turn the place into a frat house or something!”

I chimed in. “You know, I could sure use some serious recreation right now. It’s summer time, and we’re not even really enjoying it. Summer session really bums me out sometimes. I haven’t even had a date in months.”

Tammy chortled. “That’s nothing, Ann, or little miss Stephanie here’s never had a date at all!” She tugged playfully on Steph’s bare leg, causing her to tumble backwards onto the bed.

“You’re such a liar!” screamed Steph in mock anger. “I have too had a date!”

“You uncle Bubba doesn’t count.”

“Greg and I went out lots in high school. But after he hooked up with Jen, I just got disgusted. Figured I had better things to do with my time.” Steph’s face wasn’t showing much emotion, it was clear she’d gotten used to talking about the breakup with detachment.

“But don’t you get horny?” I asked. Steph blushed. “Sorry,” I quickly added. “I didn’t mean to get too personal.”

“It’s OK,” said Steph. “I just usually don’t talk about things like that. But it’s OK. I fantasize sometimes, but that’s it.”

“Come on! Tell us! Tell us!” Tammy was now on the bed next to Steph, prodding her in the side. Tammy was one of those active, healthy-looking people that make the rest of us feel inadequate—smooth-skinned, toned, proportioned. Steph is small and delicate, with short dark hair and a kind of little-kid look. I could tell she was uncomfortable with Tammy’s rough-housing, but didn’t want to seem uptight, so she put up with it.

“Not much to tell, really. Mostly I fantasize about getting guys turned on . . . strangers, usually, but sometimes guys I know from class. You know, flirting, getting them worked up, maybe flashing some skin. It’s not really about the guys, it’s more thinking about myself acting sexy, that’s the turn-on.”

“And how far does it go?” I asked her.

“Well, sometimes I imagine it going on to sex, but usually I get off before then.” Steph blushed again.

“I have those kinds of fantasies too,” I confessed. “I know guys look at me a lot, and sometimes I’d really like to cut lose and play it up, you know. But then you realize everybody knows everybody, people will start to talk, and all that.”

“That’s the great thing about spring break,” said Tammy, “you’re a zillion miles away, and you know you’re not ever going to see these people again, so you can be uninhibited. I started flirting with this guy on the beach, and two hours later we were screwing in my motel room.”
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Fucking My Sister In Law

Some days, after work, I go to my mother-in-law’s apartment. Last week, when I got there, she wasn’t home. I waited in my car for her, listening to my new CDs. My sister-in-law Sylvia, lives in the same apartment complex, and five minutes later, she was outside asking if I wanted to wait inside with her. I noticed that she had a button undone on her shirt, which she never does. As she bent over through the window I could see into her shirt (or was I staring?)

Sylvia is about 5’8″ and has a slender build. Her dark hair curls around her ears and cascades over her shoulders, down to the large breasts she tries to hide with oversized shirts. The few times I’ve seen her in anything other than baggy pants, I noticed she has a nice ass, small and round. Her beautiful face showcases exotic eyes and a smile no one can say no to.

Once inside, I sat down, and Sylvia offered me a drink. When she bent down to put my soda on the coffee table, I could clearly see most of her double-Ds. I couldn’t see everything, but I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. When she stood up, I saw cleavage, cleavage that she has never shown before. Except for the tight short or pants she sometimes wore, she always dressed very conservatively, always a high collar shirt or buttoned up to the top. Even the mini skirt that she changed into when we came in was every unusual for her.

Sylvia had her drink of choice, wine. Though she wasn’t slamming it like a shot, she was not sipping it like most people do. I have seen her get really drunk before but never taking-her-clothes-off drunk. 15 minutes and three glasses later, one more button was open on her shirt and her skirt was moving up. I wasn’t sure if I wanted my mother-in-law to come home (this was my sister-in-law in front of me) or if I wanted her to have more wine.

I was halfway done with my soda and she was getting a fourth glass. When she sat back down, she sat with her legs slightly open, and I could see she had on blue panties. I was finding it harder not to stare. ‘This is my sister-in-law,’ I told myself, ‘I can’t look,’ but at the same time I was hoping to see more.

Unexpectedly, she quickly stood up, unbuttoning one more button. Her double-Ds seemed ready to fall out. She walked over to me, lifting up her skirt. I could see little butterflies on her panties. She opened her shirt, allowing one of her breasts to show, then quickly covered it. Sitting in my lap, she put her arm around my neck and drew my face into her open shirt.
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Getting Pegged

Hank always thought his sister’s significant other Lisa was sexy. Even though she had an air ‘butchness’ about her. Lisa’s hair was done up feminine. She wore dresses occasionally to work and she used makeup. But she had a mannish way of walking and talking. She relished dirty jokes and just like men she made the occasional inappropriate sexual remark. She clearly was the ‘man’ of the relationship with his sister even though they both said that the relationship wasn’t about masculine/feminine stereotypes. Lisa was always in the man position during cuddling or snuggling. Eva, Hank’s sister, always wrapped her arms around Lisa’s neck during kissing. It their whole relationship it seemed that Lisa was the man and Eva was the woman. And Hank was jealous that his had found such a sexy and masculine woman.

Hank liked to fantasize that Lisa would make him have sex with her. Make him lick her cunt and suck hard on her small but perky tits. And for the finale, she would strap-on a dildo and stick it up his ass and fuck him til they were both exhausted.

Hank was a wimp and he had known this since he was little. He was always taken with the women who were masculine. He enjoyed watching women bodybuilders, they always turned him on. So Hank naturally thought of himself as the femme side of the equation and wanted to be with women who would be the masculine side. Hank loved to masturbate to fantasies about women doing him in his back door. From a young age he fondled and then eventually penetrated his ass. And from the first time he penetrated himself he knew that he would love a good ass fucking. When he moved out on his own he even bought a dildo to use on himself. He spent many a night in anal ecstasy picturing that a woman was giving it to him good. Now at the age of 23 he wanted a women to fuck him. Especially if the ass fucker was Lisa.

Lisa and Hank got along well because they were both big sports fans. She was a Giant fan and he was a Dodger fan. They would tease and mock each other throughout the baseball season. But since he had moved to SoCal a year ago they didn’t go to any games together anymore.
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The Blowjob

I drove away from my house in a hurry, downshifting for speed. As I got near town and started fighting the traffic, I thought about Janet, the chick I was on my way to see. She worked at the record store downtown, and told me when I was there earlier that if I came by at closing, I would probably get lucky!

We have been flirting over the last 6 weeks or so, every time I go in there. She is college-age, kind of freaky. She has her hair dyed black and a nose-ring and wears ALL KINDS of eye makeup, but you can tell she is really pretty underneath and God, what a bod!

She has nice hips, a slim waist and a perfect set of gorgeous 36C’s! She’s always wearing these jeans that drag the floor because she has them pushed way down her hips, and tight t-shirts that aren’t quite long enough for her. This shows off her flat tummy and navel in the sexiest way.

Anyway, as I pulled into the parking lot, I could see the closed sign was already up. I walked up to the front door & peered in. She was in the back, but she saw me. She sauntered up to unlocked the door & let me in.

“You look good!” I shouted.

“Huh?” She couldn’t hear me over the loud music. That’s ok, I hadn’t gone there for the conversation.

I followed her into the back of the store, where the grimy office was. She had me sit down in an office chair that was pushed up against the wall. She then sat on my lap, facing me, and sort of clutched my legs with hers and started gyrating her hips against my crotch. My cock was already hard at this point and it started to drive me a little nuts. She held her lips about an inch from mine, we were both panting. As soon as I went to pull her top off of her, she grabbed it and pulled it off herself.
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Club Quickie

This all started when my buddies wanted to take me out to a club since my girlfriend recently left me. I’m a 26 year-old man, two semesters away from a Bachelor’s Degree. Anyway, the first club we went to was not happening. The music was not good and their drinks were too expensive. The second club we went to was perfect. We had a booth and a billiards table. The music was good and the atmosphere was fun. After an hour of drinking and playing pool the club was getting more packed and really happening. A group of five women came with their drinks and stood next to out booth. They were the type of women that if you were walking past them, you couldn’t help but to look.

Dressed to kill and smelling like Bath and Body Works with figures of erotic dancers. One of them made eye contact with me and smiled. I smiled back. She started to walk over to me and I knew she wanted to talk. Now you know I was like “hell yeah”. She was wearing a skintight tank top shirt that hugged her very busty breasts. She also had on tight black pants that complimented her ass. She had a voluptuous figure. But shit, her tits were the most obvious. My guess is a 38DD.

We started talking and introducing ourselves. We had to talk really close and in each other’s ear because the music was so loud. I was buzzing and you know what, I could tell that she was buzzing too. She told me her name is Shyla and she liked my shirt. I had a dragon on the front of my shirt. That started a deep conversation.

We went and stood by the bar and got to know each other better. After two more drinks, I was getting horny talking to this woman. I was looking in her eyes, but I could still see her busty breasts. She finished her drink and leaned over to put her glass on the bar counter. As she did this, her tits brushed up against my chest. That kind of made my dick twitch. I look directly at her tits; obviously I’m drunk and feeling brave enough to do it. She said ” do you like them?” Oh after that my dick is springing up. I said, “Yeah, it’s making me want you” I was feeling so brave to tell her the truth, but you know what, she wanted me too. She stood even closer to me that her big tits were touching my body.
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Tanning Salon With Perks

We live in a college town in Missouri. My husband and I own two small tanning bed salons on each end of the University campus here. We have a pretty steady client business, but it definitely picks up a lot before spring break as everyone tries to get that base tan before they head down to the beaches.

As a whole, it is a pretty easy career. We sign people up for packages and then they come in, scan their card and head on back to the bed. All I really do is collect the money and then I have to disinfect the bed after someone lies and sweats in it. What I have learned though is just how horny college guys are. They can’t even go 13 minutes without jacking off. I know, because I empty the garbage cans. They usually clean up the bed pretty good, but the tell tale sign is the wadded up paper towels in the garbage that sometimes have the look of cum on them.

So about me, I am 43 years old and in pretty good shape. I am 5’4 and weigh 128 lbs. I have a pretty face, great tan, and a nice C cup on top. Scott, my husband, is a good lover and we have regular sex and I have never really felt an urge to be with another man.

Now when the peak season starts just before spring break, we keep one store open 24 hours. Scott and I take turns working the midnight shift every other night. I do a lot of reading and we have cable in there so it’s not too bad…especially when I see the numbers at the end of the month.

Working at the tanning salon, I see every shape, good bad, ugly and good looking. One young man who I always remembered was Carl. He is 19 years old and he plays football for the school team. Even though he is a great looking kid, it’s his personality that is his strongest characteristic. He always asks how my day is going and has a warm smile every time he comes in. On the looks side, he has it all. He is about 6’2 with sandy blond hair and has a very fit body that I have seen get bigger from the football workouts in the year that he has been coming to our store.

Our store has 48 beds and all the rooms are small and private. Customers come in, head to their bed, apply tan accelerator lotion, and then hit the bed for 13 minutes.

One day, Carl came in a week before spring break and he had a cast from his elbow to his wrist. He told me that he had broken his wrist playing pick up basketball and that he now wasn’t going to go to spring break, because it would be too much of a pain between the beach, the pool, and the sand. He was upset, but I guess those are the breaks.

A few days went by, and then spring break officially started and the hustle and bustle of our college town had deteriorated to a ghost town. When 35,000 students get a break, they take off. Since the rush was over, we scaled back to our regular hours where we close at 11pm.

It was 11:05 and I was cleaning up getting ready to leave when Carl showed up. “Sorry hon, but we closed at 11. We went back to regular hours.”

“Any way that I can get in for a quickee? I didn’t know and I need a pick me up. Please!! I’ll be quick and the bed will be spotless.”
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Wifes Date

Angie finished drying her long red hair and looked at herself in the mirror thinking how good she still looked at thirty. Angie turned and looked at her profile in the mirror checking out her firm round ass and tiny waist along with her 38 D cup breasts.

Angie placed the palm of her hand near her cleavage tracing the line on her skin from the sun that afternoon. Angie had pale skin, which was speckled with red freckles and had to be very careful not to get too much sun otherwise she would burn.

She tossed the towel onto the bed and opened the dresser drawer and starred at the stack of panties that filled the drawer. Angie looked at the dress hanging on the back of the door which she bought special for her date that night and decided not to wear any panties at all. The green dress she bought clung to her body and the panty line showed and looked ugly and if she had taken more notice when she tried it on she would have picked another material to wear. Angie brushed her teeth leaning over the sink watching her large full tits giggling as she moved the tooth brush around inside her mouth. She couldn’t believe she was actually getting ready for a date with another man.

Angie got angry every time she thought about the mess her husband Walt got them into with his gambling. Walt had made a bet with someone at a poker game and when he told the man he was short of money and couldn’t pay off the debt they had made another agreement with the man.

Walt had said the man was very angry with him and Walt had to come up with an idea to keep from getting himself beaten up because Walt said he was at least 6′ 7″ and massive in size. In addition to this big man, Walt said he had a couple of big body guards with him that night and they looked very intimidating and Walt was afraid for his life.

The man’s name is Bruce and he had mentioned to Walt before the game that he loved redheads’ so that gave Walt the idea that he could fix Bruce up with a redhead just like he had mentioned.

Walt told Bruce that he could arrange a date with a redhead just like he had mentioned before the game and said it was his sister and he would make all the arrangements.

Walt didn’t tell Angie what had happened until the next day and Angie could have choked him on the spot. Angie was so angry with Walt and made him promise that he would stop gambling. Walt was in tears the night he explained everything to Angie and had said that he was sorry and he would never put them in a situation like this again.

Angie stood in front of the mirror applying her lipstick than looked at the amount of cleavage that was showing and tried to pull the dress up further but tugged it back down. She had wished she had picked out something that wasn’t so revealing.

Angie wanted to be nice to this man but at the same time didn’t want to give him any idea’s that he could go further than dinner and maybe a little dancing tonight. Once finished, Angie walked into the bedroom and slipped her wedding band and diamond engagement ring off her finger and placed it in a small drawer in her jewelry box. She would be Walt’s divorced sister for the night and get it over with.
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Covered With Cum

It was Saturday night – a few days earlier in the week, Rick asked me whether I wanted to go to the Club that weekend – as it turned out, it was “schoolgirl night,” and anyone dressed as a schoolgirl (knowing the Club, I assume that didn’t only mean women), would get in admission-free – the schoolgirl and her date, whether handsome football player or not. According to the Club’s Web site, the dress code included saddle shoes, cotton panties, and bobbie sox – none of which I owned. In fact, I not only was bereft of cotton panties, I owned no underwear – some eight years ago, Rick had tossed all of my underthings – cotton briefs included – out his car window. So, on Saturday, Rick and I took a shopping trip – cotton panties and bobbie sox were relatively easy, the saddle shoes a bit more difficult. However, we managed to find a pair of tennis-shoes, black stripes up the side, that – at least in the dark – would look saddle-y enough. Size 6 and only ten bucks!

So, it was Saturday night, and I was dressed in a short plaid skirt, a lacey, almost see-through white blouse, bobbie sox (Tommy Hilfiger with a palm tree print!), the not-quite saddle shoes, and, of course, the requisite cotton panties. (Rick grimaced at those!) In addition, I put my hair – long, reddish and curly – into two ponytails – a look I never wear, and never wore even in high school (though I had been a cheerleader, I usually went for the Pat Benatar look – you know, short hair with the big pouf in front). After I dressed, I walked into our bedroom – Rick was turned away from the doorway, searching for his own appropriate outfit. I started cheering, clapping my hands in rhythm, “Rick, Rick, he’s our man, if he can’t do it, no one can! GOOOOOOOOOOOO Rick!” Rick jumped, then started to laugh, “Got right into it, did you girlie?”

We drove into the City – the New Jersey Parkway and the Turnpike were no problem, but, outside the Holland Tunnel, we drove into the worst traffic I’ve ever seen. We tussled with a few SUV’s, trying to ease our 1988 Fox Station Wagon into the appropriate lane, but ended up being squeezed into the EZPass – which we don’t possess. Rick grumbled, “Good Lord, I wonder what the ticket for that will be,” and I admit that I thought longingly of my bed, a glass of wine, and the thick Antonia Fraser tome on King Henry’s wives that currently lay on my bedside table. Once through the tunnel, though, our trials weren’t over yet – we drove around for another 40 minutes, desperate for a parking spot. Finally, we found one, and I muttered to myself, thinking of the wine, the book, the bed once again – Is this really worth it?

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First Time Anal By The Pool

It was a hot day and as soon as I could finish work I headed home with the intention of having some cold drinks and lazing round the pool. I’m in my early 40s (OK, 44) and live alone with my 18 year old daughter, Suzie. My divorce was settled recently and I’ve got no plans other than seeing Suzie through university and living a comfortable uncomplicated life.

I had just changed into swimming briefs and was pouring a scotch over a tumbler of ice when the doorbell rang. It was Jamie, one of Suzie’s friends from school days, who lives nearby. Suzie doesn’t have much time for her, and they share little in common, but Jamie doesn’t know when she’s not wanted. She hadn’t been around for a couple of weeks – not since a row caused by her trying to race off Suzie’s boyfriend (frankly, in my view, Jamie could have the worthless prick). But I suppose it was too much to hope that she’d stay away for long.

Today she was in high heel clogs, white hot pants and pink halter top, the ring in her belly button on display as well as her recently bleached hair with pink streaks, pink nails, and overkill makeup. ‘Hi Mr. D!’ she said, in a voice overly cheery to hide her insecurity. ‘Is Suzie at home?’ Jamie has long been a regular visitor, using our place as a refuge since she first started getting in trouble with her folks about four years ago – smoking, underage drinking, truancy, unsavoury boyfriends, drugs.

‘Sorry, Jamie, she’s got a couple of late lectures and is staying over at her mother’s place.’

I moved to close the door, but Jamie piped up again. ‘I was just hoping to chill out by the pool for a while, you know, ‘cos things are a bit tight at home just now.’ I raised an eyebrow and she went on. ‘I dropped out of TAFE yesterday – again! tee hee – and went round to Jay’s and got ripped and the olds are real pissed.’

I have trouble keeping up with Jamie’s misadventures. Having dropped out of school in year 11 her parents enrolled her for secretarial school. That lasted a few months then they got her into a vocational college for animal handling, but she dropped out of that. I think the last one was jewellery making or some such. As for Jay, he’s the latest loser in a string of doped up, dropped out, pasty-faced, hollow-eyed wasters that she’s hung out with.

I really wanted to be on my own but shrugged OK and she walked by me heading for the patio door, tottering on her clogs. I finished fixing my drink and debated whether I should change out of my skimpy briefs and into something more modest. But what the hell. Jamie had seen me round the pool in these togs and the shorts didn’t exactly reduce my gut or anything. I went outside, she was sitting on a lounge in a skimpy pink bikini, sunglasses perched on top of her head, applying sun cream to her legs. I sat and watched her as I sipped. Her skin was quite pale – despite having spent half the summer over here – and smooth. She was still quite adolescent in shape, a bit of puppy fat, smallish breasts, but shapely legs and her butt filled out her bikini nicely. Very nicely.
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Coming Out Party

It’s eight o’clock on a warm June morning here in New York. While my exhausted wife is sleeping soundly, I’m sitting at the desk in our hotel room writing an account of last night while the lurid details are still fresh in my mind.

I fly to The City nearly every month. A couple of times each year my beautiful wife accompanies me. Let me introduce you to Stacy because this is really about her. She has a stunningly beautiful face framed with long dark brown hair. On perfectly-shaped legs she stands five eight and weighs a trim 120 pounds. She could have been as successful as any super model but instead she chose marriage, children and making an ideal home for us in the suburbs.

As we cuddled in the afterglow of making love the night we arrived, she surprised me by asking, “Bob, for years I’ve wondered if you ever think about making love to other women?”

I confessed, “Sometimes I do. How about you Stace, do you ever think about sleeping with other men?”

“Oh, not really,” was her careful response.

You should know that when Stacy crawled into our honeymoon bed nearly twenty years ago she was a virgin. But, from that first night she has been the most passionate, multi-orgasmic completely giving lover imaginable. My cock size and endurance are average. I knew that Stacy’s potential sexual appetite was not. Even though our lovemaking was always incredible, I felt certain Stacy had never climbed the sexual peaks she was capable of reaching. So, as you might expect, I had many secret dreams about her and her as yet unleashed sexuality. For some reason I decided that this was the moment to share a fantasy, one that had become an obsession. Cautiously, I said, “Honey, its not the thought of sleeping with other women that makes me hot. Do you want me to tell you what does?”

With child-like eagerness she begged, “Yes! Tell me!”

With some trepidation, I said, “Well, here goes then, I would love to watch or hear about you fucking guys with huge cocks.”

She seemed confused for a minute then laughed and said, “Oh, I get it, you’re kidding.”

“I’m absolutely serious,” I assured her.
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