Busted While Fucking The Boss

My closest girlfriend — the only person besides myself who knew some of the surreptitious details — asked me what possible reason I had in seeing a married man.

“You’re playing with fire, girl,” said Stephanie, a woman I met in high school and whose friendship I treasure years later. “It can only lead to trouble! Trouble, with a Capital T.”

Steph didn’t know all the details of my relationship with K. Linford Little. Heck, she didn’t even know about my clandestine relationship with my former boss until after I had broken up with the man. It was in the weeks following the breakup where I revealed to the woman how I had been seeing my former boss for several years, how I fell in love with him, and how I broke things off when I finally came to the realization that my objective and his weren’t in tandem.

I had wanted something long term, while he was using me for a fling, and that was that.

Stephanie was understanding and supportive at the time. But, months later, when I resumed my relationship with Mr. Little, she was anything but. She emphatically told me that being with a married man who had no desire for anything other than “secretive companionship” was a prelude to disaster.

I, on the other hand, looked at it in a different way. Unlike the old days when I really thought I’d one day become Mrs. Little number two, the new me and the new relationship with the man was completely different. We were, well, play toys for each other, getting together for friendship, companionship and, yes, sex. With no strings attached.

Mr. Little remained married to wife number one and only, I dated several guys before hooking up with and eventually moving in with a great guy, and from time to time my former boss and I would secretively get together for some secluded rendevous.

It’s not easy to explain my need to see Mr. Little or his need to see me. Sure, our brief time together normally ended in a sexual situation, but that’s not the only reason for our serendipity. The sex was great, satisfying and wonderful, but the time together was too. We liked very much our time together. For me, I went home with my head held high and with great memories after each meeting.

Well, at least most of the time. Sometimes, though, I sensed my good friend Stephanie might have been a little bit more than correct in her assessment of my walking the tightrope of danger and trouble my having an affair with a married man. Especially given some of the settings for our meetings.

As mentioned in prior stories, Mr. Little and I agreed early in our relationship that his office was not the appropriate place for us to, uh, frolic. That is where it all began, of course, back in the days when I worked for the man years my senior. But we quickly realized that the danger of being caught in the act in his office was something that would not be career enhancing to either of us. So we took our show on the road, so to speak, meeting in mall parking lots, no-tell motels, parks, recreation centers. Of course we found many ways to mess around in his car, getting into all kinds of compromising positions, acting like horny teenagers. I think the car and sex go together, always have, as just the naughtiness of being in a semi-public location with the threat of being caught sends good shivers up my spine and excites my love buds.

I’ve chronicled a number of these activities and locations, but what happened Saturday was an outright doozy of a situation. It’s one that still gives me chills and, of course, brings Stephanie to mind, lecturing me on being stupid.

At 9 a.m. my cell phone rang, and Mr. Little asked if I could talk. “Hi sweetie, can you talk?”
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You Can Call Me Jo

The night air was cool as we walked out of the club but we barely noticed, the drinks had really dulled the senses and the evenings’ entertainment had our minds on things other than the weather. John had come home on leave from the army and a boys night out had seemed like a really good plan except now it was 3:00 A.M. and we were pretty drunk not to mention pretty horny. Against my better judgment we decided to call my wife JoAnn. After about ten minutes of serious bitching she agreed to pick us up but not before making it clear that the strippers in the club were going to be the last bare titties I was going to see for a while.

The ride home loosened JoAnn up a little, John and I are very happy drunks, and as we got closer to the house I started thinking that a little two on one might make for a fun end for the evening. The only problem with my plan was my sweet little wife still wanted to be mad at me, although we had mellowed her out a little with our drunken antics on the way home she still wouldn’t respond to my advances. Every time I would put a hand on her thigh or try to cup her firm little titty she would push my hand away or move my arm from around her.

JoAnn and I had only been married about a year but we had been dating for three years before that and the one thing I knew is that, at twenty, she was the only woman that I’d ever met with a sex drive equal to my own and it wouldn’t take to much convincing to get her in the mood. Sure enough by the end of the thirty minute ride to the house, though she still would not admit it, she was ready for a good hard fuck. The only thing left now was to convince her to take me AND my best friend at the same time, that proved a little trickier . . . but not much.

When we arrived at the house I immediately started heading JoAnn toward the bed room, kissing her ear and rubbing her sexy 32 b’s through the T-shirt she wore. She was really starting to respond now but right before we got to our bed room she asked “What about John? Should I get him a blanket and pillow for the couch?” “No” I said “I think he should join us baby” “Hey that sounds good to me!” I heard John laugh from behind us, already peeling his shirt off. “You’re both crazy if you think I’m going to be your ten-dollar hooker for the night!” She said as she turned to go into the room. I grabbed her from behind in a big bear hug nibbling on her ear and slipping my hand down the front of her sweat pants, her panties were soaked and I could feel her legs quiver as my fingers brushed her clit through the thin fabric. “Aw come on Jo It’ll be fun” I heard John from behind me. Now you have to under stand my wife hates to be called Jo and John usually only does it to piss her off so when she turned to cuss him and only said “Well I guess we could” I was shocked, then I looked behind me to see that John was now completely naked. At six foot two we were the same height but his Army training had really built his muscles and his semi erect cock was already at least seven inches, the length of mine erect. “Lets see those sexy little tits of yours Jo” John added grinning “All right guys” She said turning to enter the bedroom and stripping off the T-shirt “come on and quit calling me Jo!”
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Strip Poker Creampie

My wife and I have a regular poker game with two other couples every Friday night. It had started out innocently enough, but you know what can happen when liquor is flowing and a joint gets passed around.

The other couples, Jackie and Steve, Mary and John were both about the same age as Joanne and myself – 30. Jackie has dark hair and a very hot body that she likes to show off, and Mary is petite with long blonde hair. My wife Joanne is an aerobics instructor who has well defined muscles and just about the best ass on the planet. Her tits are medium sized, but all natural which is just how I like them.

Steve is about 6 feet tall with brown hair and broad shoulders, and John stands a couple inches shorter and has been working out since high school. I’m in about the same shape, as John got me started on the gym a couple years ago.

One night we were playing and after a few drinks and a couple hours Jackie suggested strip poker. Well, that night ended up with my Joanne stark naked and giggling, and Mary in just a thong. I still had my pants on when the party broke up, but Joanne treated me to just about the best fucking of my life when we got home.

She told me how hot she got when she stripped off her panties in front of everyone, and how she couldn’t wait to ride my cock all night. Needless to say, strip poker became the norm and within a month we had all seen everything everybody had.

Steve and John both told me about how hot their wives got after our weekly games. Seems that Joanne isn’t the only one who gets off on a little exhibitionism.

Anyway, at our last game Joanne was the big loser and had just stripped off her panties. She said, “I’m out of clothes again, guess we’ll be calling it a night soon,” as she waved her underpants to us all.

“Let’s play a few more hands,” said Jackie. “Maybe we should have the loser do a truth or dare challenge.”

We all looked at Jackie, who was still wearing her skirt and underwear, but was topless. I was down to my underwear (which were starting to show a wet spot thanks to Joanne’s naked ass) and Steve & John both had their pants on. Mary was the winner and so far had only lost her blouse.

Joanne spoke up and said, “I’m game, let’s have some fun.”

No one had any objections, so I grabbed the cards and dealt another hand. Joanne lost again, and since I dealt that hand I got to put the question to her. “Truth or dare honey, what’s it going to be?”

She smiled at me and said, “Dare.”

I thought about it for a couple of seconds and then said, “Ok, I want you to bend over John’s lap and let him give you a spanking.” John had always admired her ass, I figured it was the least I could do after all the free workout advice he’s given me over the years.

Joanne pretended to be shocked, but I know how much she loves to be spanked. I knew that when we got home she would be hotter than ever and I would be happily rewarded for that dare.

She stepped around the table to John, who had pulled his chair back a couple of feet and sat there with a giant grin. Mary rolled her eyes at him and then looked in my direction. She arched her eyebrow and nodded a little bit, the look telling me that if I lost a round then I’d better choose “Truth”, because I might not like “Dare”.

Joanne bent at the waist and leaned across John’s lap, her thighs touching the outside of his. Her perfect ass was displayed, and I could clearly see her pussy poking out from between her cheeks. It looked quite moist, and I just wanted to shove my tongue up there right then and there.

John raised his hand and slapped her ass, and Joanne squirmed a little. Then she wiggled her bottom and said, “Thank you sir, may I have another?” John happily obliged, and after about 10 more slaps Joanne stood back up, her ass a merry pink. I glanced at John’s pants and saw he had developed quite a stiffy.

Joanne went back to her chair and gingerly sat back down. “Oh, that stings a little. Mary, I believe it’s your deal.”

Mary obliged, and once again Joanne lost. She had no luck this evening, or maybe she had all the luck. I began to suspect she was losing on purpose.

Mary said to her, “Ok, truth or dare.”

Joanne thought for a second and replied, “Let’s try truth this time.”

Mary smiled wryly at me, and then said to Joanne, “What’s your hubby Tom’s dirtiest fantasy?”

I almost choked on my drink. I have lots of fantasies, and I have no idea which one is the dirtiest. I couldn’t imagine which one she would say, and I sure as hell didn’t want everyone here to know what anyone of them was anyway.

Joanne laughed and said, “God, it’s hard to pick. He can be a real pervert sometimes. Do you mean things he talks about when he’s – you know – close? Or things he tries to get me to agree to before we even get to bed?”

I stared at Joanne, but she wouldn’t take her eyes off of Mary. Maybe I shouldn’t have volunteered her up for that spanking.

Mary said, “We want to know about what he’s thinking when he’s about to come, that’s when the real truth comes out”.

“Well then,” Joanne said, she looked up at the ceiling and thought for a few seconds. “He sometimes says that he would like another man to fuck me, and that he would eat the cum right out of my pussy.”

I wanted to die right there. I couldn’t believe she just told my friends about that. I turned bright red, but my cock grew to its full length instantly. I didn’t say anything, and my stomach was suddenly filled with butterflies. Joanne smiled at me and licked her lips; she knew she was getting the fucking of her life later.

Mary leaned over to check out my crotch. “Ohh, someone’s got a big wet spot! We find out about one dirty little secret and it looks like you almost came in your BVD’s!”

That was it for me, my underwear felt uncomfortably tight and if I didn’t get out of them I was going to cum soon. I quickly reached down and lifted the waistband over my swollen cock head and lifted my ass a little so I could pull them down to my knees. I took a deep breath and concentrated on relaxing, and tried to ignore Mary’s smug grin. She definitely got even with me for the spanking I had let John give to Joanne.

Steve dealt the next hand; Mary came out on the losing end this time. She immediately chose “dare”.

Steve said, “I dare you to suck Tom’s cock.”

Mary froze, and no one said anything for what seemed like an eternity. Mary looked to John, who shrugged and said, “It’s up to you babe, he’s a buddy and I trust him. I dare you to do it too!”

At that Mary jumped up and quickly stripped off her remaining clothes. I looked at Joanne who had a wicked smile and one hand in her lap. I could imagine what those fingers were up to. Mary told me to stand up, I couldn’t find a reason to argue – my cock was way ahead of me and seemed to have grown even more. As I stood everyone saw it jerk and a big drop of pre-cum leaked out of the tip and ran down my shaft.

Mary laughed and said, “Whoa boy, slow down – I haven’t even started yet!”

She knelt in front of me and flicked her tongue at the head of my dick. Then she ran it up and down the length a few times. I groaned and tried to think about baseball. This worked until she licked my balls, which made me think about Mary licking my balls. My cock started to spasm and she quickly stood up and said, “Was that a little too exciting for you? I wouldn’t want you to cum all over, so maybe we better get back to the game.” She licked her lips and sat back down.

I got myself back under control and sat back in my chair with a heavy sigh. Joanne was looking at her drink, but she knew I was looking at her. She pulled her hand out from under the table and licked her fingers. I was the only one who saw it; everyone else was making a joke out of my discomfort. I could tell how hot she was and my balls started to ache from the need to cum.

Jackie’s turn to deal, and it turned out to be John’s turn to lose. When she asked the question he replied, “Truth”.

“What’s Mary’s deepest darkest fantasy? She’s always been tight lipped about what she likes,” Jackie asked with genuine curiosity.

John smiled and said, “That’s easy, she’s always wanted a three-way with me and another guy. She wants to be in charge and make us do nasty things to each other, and call her ‘Mistress’”. He looked at Mary, who sat there with her mouth open and said, “Sorry honey, she asked for the truth. My turn to deal.”

This time I lost, and I chose “Truth”, since I was just getting my cock to calm down and didn’t feel like getting blue balls by whatever dare John might come up with. He thought for a bit and then said, “What’s Joanne’s favorite sexual position?”

“Her favorite is sitting on my face and grinding her pussy into my mouth.” That was definitely true, she likes to fuck but she always wants me to eat her out. We’ve spent many a happy hour with her blissfully riding my tongue.

Now it was Joanne’s turn to deal, and I lost again. “What’s it going to be this time babe, are you brave enough to go for ‘Dare’,” she said with a smile.

I knew it was a challenge, she was really worked up and wanted to see how far she could get me to go. I figured what the hell, the worst thing that could happen is I have an orgasm in front of everyone, and that’s not so bad. What’s an orgasm between friends? “Ok,” I said, “I’ll take dare – do your worst!”

“I want you to fulfill Mary’s fantasy for her, do whatever she tells you and John to do.”

My mouth dropped open and nothing came out. I couldn’t believe she wanted me to do that, I’d never seen this side of her.

“This I gotta see,” exclaimed Steve.

Jackie laughed and said “Me too, come on Tom – are you up to performing for Mary?”

Mary and John were whispering to each other and smiling at me as Joanne crossed her arms and said “Well? What’s it gonna be big boy? Are you too much of a wimp to do the dare?”

“Fine. I picked dare and I’ll do it,” I replied. Inside I was shaking like a leaf. I’d never done anything with a man before, but if my wife was pushing me I wasn’t going to back down. I turned to Mary and said, “Command me, Mistress.”

Mary let out a squeal of delight. “All right then, let’s get down to business!”

She first had John strip out of his remaining clothes, and told us to stand facing each other. Everyone else got a fresh drink and sat down to enjoy whatever show Mary was going to think up.

“First, I want you to touch each other’s cocks. Masturbate each other, but slowly – take your time, and make sure you don’t cum yet.”

I reached out and gently touched John’s hard cock. His pre-cum was already generously leaking out and I wiped it up and down his shaft. The entire length glistened and he moved his hips forward spontaneously, trying to rub harder against my hand. He was really into it; I could tell he wanted Mary to thoroughly enjoy her fantasy.

I felt him take hold of my cock and spread my wetness up and down, and then all over the head of it. I groaned as he grasped harder, and then slid his hand down to cup my balls. I returned the favor, and he let out a deep moan. I played with his balls, spreading his juice all over them, and then toyed with them one at a time. He spread his legs wider to allow me easier access, and I did the same for him.

I looked over to see Jackie sitting with Steve, who had also removed his pants and was displaying a giant hard on for her. She was copying what John and I were doing, and Steve squirmed a little as she manipulated his balls.

Joanne and Mary were sitting on the couch taking in the show. Joanne whispered something in her ear and Mary smiled. “Rub your cocks together, I want to see you two get really wet.” Obviously, that was Joanne’s idea but Mary seemed open to new ideas.

“Yes Mistress,” John replied, “anything to please you.”

When he said that she smiled and her hand went right to her pussy, which was quite easy to see as she now had one leg thrown over the arm of the couch. She ran her fingers over her labia lips, and then plunged two fingers deep inside of herself. I got distracted as I felt John’s cock touch mine.

We each grasped our cocks at the base and touched the wet tips to each other. We maneuvered them in a circular motion, and God it felt wonderful. I slid the head of mine down his shaft and under his balls and rubbed it there for a bit. He did the same for me and then we just pressed them both together and slid around. Now we were really wet, our whole cocks and stomachs were saturated.

I looked over to see that now it was Joanne who had a couple of fingers in “Mistress Mary.” She never took her eyes off of John and me as she pulled them out and ran her tongue over them. “Mmmmm, tastes so goooood,” she drawled.

Mary said “I wonder how all of their wetness tastes, look at how soaked those cocks are! I think our boys are really enjoying this. Tom, get on your knees and taste John’s dick.”

“As you wish Mistress,” I replied quickly. Truth was, I was really getting off on doing this for the women. Joanne had done a three way with another woman and me when we were dating, and I had never returned the favor. She was now on the edge of her seat to get the best view of me giving a blowjob.

“Use a lot of tongue, honey! Do it just like when I do you,” Joanne called out.

I knelt down and was face to face with John’s purplish cock-head. I stuck out my tongue and licked all around it, and as I pulled back a stream of juice hung from my lip to his cock.

Mary clapped and said, “That’s it, I want to see more nastiness like that! Jackie, Steve – did you see that?”

“We sure did,” purred Jackie. “I’ve got just about the same going on over here!”

“Ok Tom, now lick his balls like I licked yours.”

“Whatever pleases you, Mistress” I replied. I slid my tongue down and quickly and roughly licked John’s balls hard. He groaned and then spread his legs so I could lick better. They drew up a little from my ministrations, so I took them both in my mouth and sucked hard, just like Joanne does for me. John pulled away and his cock jerked involuntarily – he had almost cum, which Mary had told us not to do.

“Excellent, you suck like a pro. I’ll bet Joanne couldn’t do better herself. Did you know that when she was in college she once blew the whole football team?”

“Mary! You said you would never tell anyone about that,” Joanne cried out. Apparently, there are a lot of things I don’t know about my wife.

Mary smiled at her and said “At least I didn’t tell them about how you used to eat my cunt. Maybe that’s why you like sitting on Tom’s face, do you think about when I used to do that to you? Maybe we should keep you busy like that while John gets his first lesson in cock sucking.

I was shocked, but even more shocked as Joanne quickly positioned a couple of pillows on the floor and laid down. She smiled at me and then said to Mary “Anything you want, Mistress.”

Mary wasted no time and knelt down with her knees on either side of Joanne’s head. She slowly lowered her moist pussy down, and Joanne stretched her tongue as far as she could, anxious to taste that lovely blonde slit. Tongue and pussy gently made contact and Mary made a low moaning sound. Then, she just dropped her whole pussy down, covering Joanne’s mouth. Happy slurping sounds emitted from Mary’s crotch as she pulled on her erect nipples.

Mary seemed to notice John and me again and said, “What are you waiting for John? Put that cock in your mouth and start sucking!”

“Yes Ma’am,” he said, and promptly inserted my whole fat wiener in his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down. He reached up between my legs and simultaneously massaged my nuts as he sucked. Once again, I closed my eyes and tried to think about baseball.

When I had things under control a bit I opened my eyes and looked to see Mary still writhing on Joanne’s face, but now Jackie was holding Joanne’s legs apart and Steve was pumping away in her pussy. I couldn’t believe it! Joanne was licking for all she was worth, and getting fucked as a bonus. John stopped sucking and stood up to enjoy the spectacle with me.

Mary screamed, “Oh my fucking God, I’m going to cum on your face. That’s it, that’s it, lick me hard, lick my fucking clit you fucking slut! Uh Uh Uh Uh YES!!! I’M CUMMING NOW!”

Mary rubbed her spurting pussy up and down Joanne’s face as she came, the juices running down my wife’s cheeks as she shoved her tongue as far as she could up that sopping hole.

Just then Steve yelled, “I’m Cumming too!” and Jackie started spanking his ass as he spasmed and pumped into her cunt as hard as he could.

Mary rolled off Joanne’s face and turned to kiss her. I watched in fascination as their tongues entwined, and Mary tasted her own cum. I could see her thighs quivering from the intensity of her orgasm.

Mary looked up to Jackie and said “Have a seat, I warmed it all up for you.” Jackie didn’t need any coaxing as she quickly positioned herself over Joanne’s waiting mouth, and then she groaned as she felt the tongue enter her.

Steve pulled out and a stream of cum hung from his cock to Joanne’s pussy. I looked and saw cum leaking out and running down into the crack of her beautiful ass.

Mary said “John, why don’t you help yourself to some sloppy seconds while Joanne is busy with Jackie?”

John gave a very enthusiastic “Yes Mistress! Anything you say!”

I watched as he positioned himself, and slid his dick up and down Joanne’s overflowing pussy, rubbing it against her clit and sperm smeared labia lips. His cock quickly became covered with Steve’s cum, and he grunted as he entered her. He started with long, rhythmic strokes, and was accompanied by deep slurping sounds from the over wet cunt.

Joanne moaned as Jackie rotated her hips and slid her pussy all over her face. “She licks so good, I fucking love how it feels! What a fucking whore, she can’t get enough!”

Mary and Steve each had one of Joanne’s legs, which were bent at the knees, and held them spread apart so John could really fuck her deeply. The splooshing sounds increased as John started fucking her faster.

“Oh God, Mistress – may I cum in this whore?!!! Please let me cum, it feels so fucking hot and good,” shouted John.

I couldn’t believe how excited I was. I stood watching as there was no room anywhere for me, and my pre-cum was running out of my cock, down the length to my balls, and dripping off from there.

Mary started to spank John’s ass and said, “Do it baby, cum hard for me – fill the slut with your cream!”

John’s ass bucked and he cried out as his load sprayed inside Joanne, mixing with Steve’s. Jackie, still rubbing on Joanne’s face, let out a squeal as she came from the diligent probing of Joanne’s tongue. Her pussy clenched and unclenched, releasing a torrent of her own cum into Joanne’s mouth. Joanne eagerly lapped up every drop as she lay moaning for more.

John pulled out of Joanne and laid back, exhausted. I looked down at her pussy, fully coated inside and out with cum. She had absolutely no modest left at all, her legs were splayed and both her ass cheeks glistened from the mess. Mary helped Jackie stand up, and Joanne lewdly licked her lips for an extra taste of Jackie’s cum.

Mary looked at me and said, “Now it’s time for another fantasy to come true. Let’s see if you can clean up this mess, we all know you want it. Now, lay down and get ready for your treat.”

“Yes Mistress,” I said as I lay down. My cock was just leaking like a faucet, I was damn near as wet as Joanne!

Mary helped Joanne to her feet, and then had her put her knees on either side of me, her feet by my head so that she faced back to my cock. Her splattered pussy hovered inches above my face.

Joanne gently lowered herself and my tongue reached up to taste her clit. She shivered and a dollop of cum dropped out of her hole and into my waiting mouth. The combined juices of John, Steve, and Joanne tasted salty and smooth as I rolled them around in my mouth and swallowed.

“That’s so fucking hot,” exclaimed Jackie. “I want to see more of that,” she said as she began rubbing her nipples.

Mary instructed Joanne to lift up a little so they could all watch cum drip out of her. “Make it nasty for him Joanne, act like the horny slut you are.”

She was above my head again and I saw her pussy contract as she squeezed her muscles, forcing the cum in her cunt to slide out and drop down on my face and mouth. Joanne moaned and one hand played with her clit, the other tweaking one of her nipples. Then suddenly, she lowered herself and completely sat right on my face.

I shoved my tongue into her as far as I could, and she started sliding back and forth, covering my face with the results of her fucking. She started emitting moans from deep inside, as I sucked in both her labia lips and then held them in a soul kiss. I was in heaven, living out my most secret fantasy in front of my friends.

I felt my legs pulled up and bent at the knees, as Joanne’s had been when she was getting fucked. I had hold of Joanne’s hips and was pulling her against my face as hard as I could and I felt Mary’s hand start slapping my ass, just under my balls. I was totally exposed and vulnerable, and it felt great! I knew I was going to have the orgasm of my life!

Joanne ground against my tongue and face harder, she was getting really close.

“Uh, Uh, Uh, GOD – I’m going to…I’m gonna…Oh fuck…FUCK…I’M FUCKING CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!!!” Joanne screamed and her whole body shook with a violent orgasm, the juices literally spraying from her pussy onto my face. She lifted up and dropped down again and again, my tongue darting in and out of her cunt.

The spanking on my ass increased and someone grasped my cock and started pumping. The cunt on my face muffled my cries as I started to climax. Mary stopped spanking and began kneading my balls as my dick started to shoot a giant load onto my stomach and chest. I came for what felt like hours, my cock being massaged by two hands.

Finally, I was done, and so was Joanne. She rolled off of me and laid there, who pussy still pulsing from the amazing force of her orgasm. She turned and started to kiss me, and ran her tongue over my lips, lapping up the flavor of the fucking. Her hand went down to my cock and slid around in the cum. She bought it up to my lips and smeared it around, and put her fingers in my mouth. Then she leaned down and French kissed me for all she was worth.

When I looked up Mary was standing there, her hand over her pussy and she appeared to be trying to hold something in. “Steve recovered and fucked me while you two were making out,” she said. “Are you in the mood for some dessert?”

I looked over to see John earnestly screwing Jackie from behind, as she was on all fours and groaning with pleasure.

“I really love dessert,” I said, “lots of times I’ll even take seconds.”

Joanne just laughed and said “You’re going to have to share some with me, lover.”

As I lay back and watched Mary’s pussy descending towards me I thought, “I wonder who’s turn it is to deal?”

My Wife At The Company Beach Party

About a week ago, my wife Annie and I were invited to a beach resort along with a bunch of her coworkers. She works in the marketing department at a large company which did very well in the past few years, and the employees were starting to get a lot of perks, one of which was the resort trip.

I was eager to go, although I was worried about meeting Annie’s coworkers. Her company had a very informal culture, and Annie would sometimes tell me about all the flirting and pinching that went on during the workday. I worked at a law firm, which was very uptight and professional, and flirting was considered inappropriate. Over the years, some of it had rubbed off on me, and I was becoming more straight-laced and formal. I wasn’t sure I would fit in with Annie’s group.

Annie herself is a knockout. She’s twenty-six, with very short, stylish blond hair and a beautiful face. She’s a little shorter than average, with slim legs leading up to a tight, curvy bottom. She would look like a pixie if she didn’t have magnificent C cup breasts, which look fantastic on her frame. They’re full and round, and they sit high on her chest. We met in college and hit it off pretty quickly, and married soon after we graduated. She wasn’t very experienced sexually, although I wasn’t her first.

The day of the trip, we drove out to the resort. On the way there, Annie mentioned that she bought a new bikini for the weekend.

“Trying to show off for everyone, huh?” I kidded her.

“Maybe,” she answered, with a smile.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked. It wasn’t like Annie to really show herself off. I had a difficult time just getting to wear skimpy underwear.

“Nothing, nothing,” she laughed. “I’ve told you about all the flirting that goes on at the office. This is just another way to tease the guys.”

“What are some of the other ways you tease the guys?” I asked.

“It’s not just me, silly, all the girls do it,” she said. “Just flirting and stuff, you know. Talking dirty and a flash or two.”

“Wait, what?” I practically shouted. “A flash? You’ve flashed guys?”

“Oh, sweetie, it’s no big deal,” she replied. “It’s teasing. We just pull up our shirts sometimes. It’s just boobs.”
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Getting His Trophy Wife

This little incident started at a party where there were a lot of good people. And then there was the host and hostess: Brad, the quintessential jerk and his wife, the trophy wife, who was really okay – when she wasn’t being the complete screaming bitch.

I used to work for Brad’s firm and had the good sense to leave it before either I killed him or I got fired. He, to this day, thinks I like him and I, for my own reasons, never corrected that false assumption.

Brad was throwing this shindig and it was his way of trying to show everyone how important and wealthy he was. It was for his associates (employees) and friends, real and imagined – probably mostly imagined, and was in the ballroom of a hotel. To a large extent, I think most of the people here were here to party with each other, have a good time, and have as little to do with Brad as they could get away with and not be obvious about avoiding him. That was certainly my case anyway. Not surprisingly, he and Keri (the trophy wife) showed up late: I assumed they were supposed to be making an entrance of some kind.

I only knew Keri well enough to know that I would love to get her in the sack and sure as hell wouldn’t ever want to live with her; you see, she had a bit of a temper. I had seen her screaming-bitch act on more than one occasion; fortunately, I wasn’t the object of her tirade on any of those occasions. Between Brad’s money and contacts, if he felt she had been wronged, he could make someone’s life miserable – something Keri traded on heavily when she wasn’t getting her way.

In they came, Keri acting every bit the part, smiling and walking with one foot in front of the other like a model. I don’t think she had a brain in her head, but she had, in her own way, done well by marrying Brad. She had on a little, and I do mean little, black dress cut way too low to ever permit a bra – that V in the front went down to just below her belly button. Yes her little navel was pierced, and no, that large diamond in it wasn’t paste. She was short and wasn’t overly endowed, but that worked out well with this dress. She had a nice ass too, and the dress ended just below it. Now and then there was just a hint of stocking tops below the hem of her dress. Yea, it was that short. At least I hoped it was a stocking top that was showing and not part of pantyhose. I had to wonder what she was going to do if she ever had to sit (Shoot a serious beaver?) or bend over (You would be able to tell if she had panties on from the top.). Brad was known to like her dressed in outfits like that – so everyone would know what a sexy little woman he had for a wife. Note that that sounds a little possessive, which is about the way Brad looked upon his wife – as if he owned her; she was his possession. After watching her for a minute or so, I decided that she was putting on a front and that she wasn’t at all happy.

Something like ten minutes after they had made their entrance, I was over at the bar getting a refill when she came over for a drink. “Hi Keri,” I said politely. “You’re looking good tonight.”

“Hi,” she said curtly, and then motioned to the bartender. “Scotch,” she said as he got to her.

“Any particular brand?” he asked.

“Expensive! Uh, a single malt – Glenlivet, and no ice!”

Oh, I guess she was in just about as good a mood as I had suspected. “How’re you tonight?” I inquired casually, and not expecting much of a pleasant response.

“Pissed. I really don’t want to be here,” she said curtly without really looking at me.

Well, she didn’t bite my head off. That was a good start. “Really? Why not? I thought you liked parties, and this is starting off okay.”

“My husband’s a louse,” she said downing her drink. Setting the glass down hard, she motioned the bartender for another.

I though of asking her if she just now figured that out, but thought better of it. “Oh, how’s that?” I asked feigning real interest. If she were to list all the things that made him a louse, I could be here all night – and that’s just the things I knew about.

“He just is,” she said, finally turning and looking at me.

Ah, the short list. “Pretty general description. You looked happy enough when you came in with him.” I lied. I had already decided that she hadn’t looked the least bit happy.

“I guess I act well. I have to. He’s the one with the money, not me.”

Ah, money! I knew she was with him for a reason. I wasn’t going to tell her to keep her day job, whatever that was, because she couldn’t act to save her life. “Well, he doesn’t seem to be short of money. So, what’s money got to do with being a louse?”

“It’s not the money. I think,” she said after a minute and downed the next drink before continuing, “he’s got himself a little honey on the side; probably some little slut who works for him.”
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Virgin Melons

I squeezed Tara’s large D cup tits around my cock and started sliding it up and down between her soft, slippery melons.

I loved titty fucking my girlfriend Tara. She had nice, large D cups, with big red nipples and medium sized areolas. All attached to a perfectly slim, hourglass figured.

I rode my girlfriend’s chest like no tomorrow. My big balls dragged up and down between her cleavage as I thrusted my cock up and down. I could feel Tara’s hands squeezing and caressing my ass and her loud moans were turning me on more and more.

I tightly squeezed and squished her big tits over my cock so I couldn’t see it anymore. I pounded her big tits harder and harder. I loved feeling the bottoms of her knockers bounce against my slick thighs.

“Hmmm Tara! I love your tits. Ohhhh I’m going to cum!” I moaned.

I fucked Tara’s tits for nearly 6 minutes and was ready to explore. I thrusted harder between her soft pillows as my cockhead expanded enormously. The peehole open up and sprayed my girlfriend’s chest and then erupted between her boobs. I pulled my cum-spurting cock from her tits and sprayed the surfaces of her lovely mounds. I rubbed my cockhead against her hard nipples and drenched them as best as I could with my thick jizz.

I alternated back and forth between her big tits, emptying my remaining jizz and cockslapping her delicious mounds.

I rolled off my girlfriend and lied next to her. I watched as she rubbed my cum into her breasts. I reached over and helped smear my cum all over her left breast.

“Hey baby?” Tara said in a soft voice.

“Yes?” I answered as I sat up with my limp dick jiggling between my thighs.

“I have a friend who is a virgin in many ways,” Tara said.

“Oh really?” I answered.

“Yes. She’s waiting for the perfect guy to take her virginity away.”

I started to get a little nervous as too where this conversation was going.

“My friend Merlin told me by her 19th birthday, she wanted to lose her tit-fucking virginity. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and all the guys that would want to fuck her tits are dumb jocks and assholes,” Tara continued to explain.

My forehead began dripping with beads of sweat.

“And so I was wondering since next week is her 19th birthday babe. If you would be the first to fuck her tits?”
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Costume Party

It was Friday night, hanging out with my buddies, we decided to throw a giant party at my friend Tom’s house.

“We’ll have it next Friday, we’ll have everyone we know, and we’ll make it a costume party,” Tom said, I could see the wheels turning in his genius head as to what could happen. The two of us had gone to college together, we both became part of an Internet company, which managed to make rather large stock gains, and us being the only stockholders, we became rather wealthy. Of course, being wealthy men, we managed to get married within 3 years of hitting it big, and our wives are very beautiful, smart women who we loved.

I met my wife in high school, and we had been going out off and on since then, and we got married right out of college, her name was Amber, and she had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was 34C-25-34, 5’8″. She always looks beautiful no matter what else is going on in her life (I’m surprised I go out at all with her waiting at home). After our night of drinking and organizing was over, I headed home, very excited. I told my wife about the party, and she too was excited, she hadn’t been to a costume party, and parties at Tom’s were always an event, we were usually able to get a lot of people who were all interested in having fun.

The next morning I awoke to my wife kissing my neck, always a welcome feeling. I had my arm around her, then she kissed her way down my body until she finally got to the “morning wood” she loves to give me head in the mornings. She loves how my cock is always stiff, almost as if it knows what it is going to get, and gets excited just for her. She slowly put the head of my cock into her mouth, rubbing the head, licking it, and swirling her tongue around it. Then she started putting my cock into her mouth, then she started deep throating me.

I could feel her tongue slide up and down my shaft, as her head bobbed up and down on my throbbing member. I could feel my balls tighten, and I put my hand on the back of my wife’s head (our signal that I was about to cum) and unleashed a load that left me feeling drained, and that my wife happily swallowed. We stayed in bed, I had my arms around her, and I felt her body, her smooth skin, and started fingering her pussy, slowly, teasing her, then shoving my fingers in with more force and purpose, adding another finger inside her. Hearing her screams, and eventually an orgasm. We managed to get out of bed, eat breakfast, and shower (separately). I called Tom and asked if anything needed to be done at the office. He said that he had just scheduled a meeting at his house for this afternoon but nothing until then, I said I would make it over there, and came early, bringing my wife since she would talk to Tom’s wife, Nancy.

We got their and the entire meeting was just about the party, and it was now going to be the day after tomorrow, it was still a costume party, and would start somewhere around 8 o’clock. The guests didn’t need to bring anything, except themselves, and of course, costumes, my wife and I left, had dinner out and both were exhausted, so we went to bed.

The next morning my wife said she would pick up our costumes that night when she went to her friend’s a few miles outside of the city. “What are you getting?” I asked, actually expecting an answer.

“You’re just going to have to wait and see.” She said smiling smugly at me. I kissed her goodbye and watched her drive off. The entire day was spent sleeping, and watching sports later on that night.

Finally, I woke up the next morning and ate breakfast, I sat on the deck in my backyard and read the paper, looking out over the pool. It was so relaxful that I didn’t even notice my wife walk up behind me.

“Miss me?” She asked, making me lean my head back to see her.

“Yeah, what did you pick up?” I asked anxiously, wanting to hear what kind of costumes my wife had picked for us.

“Come on inside, I’d rather show you” She smiled at me, that devilish smile she had whenever she had something erotic planned for us. I followed her in, my cock already stiffening and my mind wandering about what would become of this situation. I waited in the living room as my wife stepped off into the bathroom to change into her costume. It took her a few minutes to get into the costume, but the result was well worth the wait. My wife came out in the tightest, and smallest nurse outfit I have ever seen. It was one piece (kind of like the dresses that tennis players wear) and was button down to the waist, and then was a normal skirt, It went only about 3 inches past her ass, and she even had the hat with the red cross on it. Needless to say, I couldn’t put any words together to tell her how great she looked.
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Glory Hole Slut

I introduced Margie to glory holes three years ago. It was on our second anniversary. I had been renting movies once or twice a month almost from the day we were married. We watched them at home.

I still remember the first one I brought home. It opened with a girl asleep in a bed. She was tossing and turning like she was dreaming. Then she started feeling herself. When she finally opened her eyes her tits were bare and she was pinching her nipples. Then her hand moved down her body and between her legs. She started squirming around as she rubbed her pussy, shoving her panties between the folds of her cunt lips.

When she pulled her panties off she got real serious about fingering her cunt. She spread her legs wide and reached to the side of the bed and picked up a dildo. Looking at her wide-open snatch Margie said, “Oh how gross. Are you really supposed to get turned on by looking at that?”

I didn’t say anything and Margie started to get up. But then a nude man walked into the bedroom. His cock was just hanging between his legs, but you knew when it got hard it was going to be huge.

Margie gasped and sat back down. The guy and girl got together on the bed and ate each other and fucked until the cum shot. The girl got half the cum in her face and half in her mouth. As soon as that happened Margie jumped on me and we screwed like a couple of bunnies.

That was the first video. Margie never said “gross” again. She watched every movie I brought home and she never failed to get super horny.

I’ve always thought it would be hot to watch some fucking and sucking live. You know, be in the same room so you could smell as well as see and hear the action. I knew I’d never go to Amsterdam or any other place where you can watch shows like that. And really it seemed to me it would be more exciting if you actually knew the people. So that naturally led to thinking of watching Margie.

When I told her I’d like to watch her she misunderstood. She was very happy to let me watch her masturbate. I didn’t clear up the misunderstanding. I figured I’d do that some other time.

Next I introduced her to flashing. Of course she was nervous as hell at first. The first time was a trucker. Before I pulled along side I reached over and pulled her tube top down. She just thought I wanted to see her tits and didn’t realize what was happening till the turcker blew his horn. She was embarassed but got over it pretty quickly. And she liked it. Eventually she even did some flashing on her own and told me about it later. That always led to some hot sex.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see some other guy fuck her. But I did like the idea of her sucking some other guy. On the other hand I didn’t want her meeting some guy and maybe getting to like him too much. That’s when I got the idea of using glory holes.
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Sloppy Seconds

“Have a good night, Barry.” My wife turned and kissed me as she left to go clubbing again. She looked pretty sexy with her short black mini-skirt and a leather top. Her long black hair covered some of her large 36c breasts but she brushed it aside to show off. “You like?”

“Of course.” I said running my hand over her leather clad breasts. “You sure Sara can’t wait a few more minutes?” My hand wandered under her skirt and between her legs now rubbing at her black lace panties.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get that later, when I get home. You mind if I get freaky tonight?” she asked coyly, a shitty smile crossed her face. She must be horny already.

“Like what?” already knowing the answer.

“I don’t know, maybe giving some guy head in a bathroom?” Her left hand pressing against my hardening cock.

“I don‘t know,” I sighed as her hand slid up and down the front of my pants.

“Please?” She whispered as she kissed at my neck. “I‘ll tell you all about it, like the last time.”

I couldn‘t take anymore of her teasing, she had been doing it all day. “If you want to.”

She turned kissed me on the cheek, and left with Sara, one of her girlfriends. All night I couldn’t get the picture out of my mind that she was probably giving some guy an awesome blowjob and him cumming allover her face in the process. She had been out several times and the last time this guy had her hands down his pants while begging for a blowjob. I didn’t know about it until the next day, she told me while we were fucking, but she didn’t give him head for fear of pissing me off. After thinking of it nonstop I finally went to sleep in anticipation of my wife arriving home.
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My Trophy Wife

When I look back on what happened last month, I definitely blame myself to a large extent. I’ve been married to my gorgeous and sexy wife for 12 years. My wife Lea has an incredible body – the kind that all men dream about getting to screw at least once in their lifetime. She has long legs leading up to a great shapely ass, the most amazing tits that I’ve ever seen and to top it all off, her face is beautiful with stunning eyes and sexy lips. Lea and I met during my junior year in college and after many attempts, she finally accepted an offer to go on a date with me. The rest as they say is history, as we were inseparable from then on.

Also attending that college were two guys that to this day are my best friends. The three of us; myself, Ray and George had a lot in common, from playing division 1 baseball, to partying, to chasing great looking girls. It was in our junior year that we first saw Lea. She was a transfer student that had all of the guys drooling over her, and the three of us were no different. From the moment we saw and met her, she became the most sought after girl for each of us.

Ray, who is a light-skinned African-American was the first to pursue her and George also tried to get a date set up with her. Fortunately for me, Lea turned down each of them multiple times, which still left the door open for me. At the time, she was not dating anyone and politely told anyone that asked her out that she was just focusing on her studies and getting acclimated to the new school. That worked perfectly for me, because even though I was a jock and partier, I tended to be a little quieter, especially around the girls.

So, when I was not playing fall baseball, I was spending time in the library, as Lea was there a lot. I think I spent more time in the library that one semester than I did the entire rest of my college career. But it worked. We eventually became study partners and I even signed up for a Social Dance class she was taking in the spring semester at her request.

I finally got her to accept a request for a date on Valentine’s Day, when I sent her what I thought was a corny card, but it worked. When Lea and I first started dating, Ray and George were always begging for details and trying to steal her from me. But, Lea’s and my relationship just got stronger and we ended up getting married 18 months later, after we each graduated with our degrees.

George and Ray were two of our groomsmen and even after we got married, hung out at our place most of the time for the first few years after graduation. They would regularly tell me how lucky I was to have landed a babe like Lea, and I’d frequently rub it in their faces that she turned them both down multiple times before she started dating me. Eventually George and Ray each found a lady that he was serious about and by the time Lea and I were celebrating our 3rd anniversary, each of them had gotten married as well.

George married Rachel, who was tall and fairly attractive and Ray ended up marrying a white girl named Cindy, who was just over 5 feet tall but cute. Neither of these women had the sexy looks or killer body that Lea did, so over the next few years, the macho talk continued between George, Ray and I. Lea, Rachel and Cindy became good friends, so the three of us couples would go out frequently together, not to mention the ladies going on shopping Saturdays, while us guys played any sports we could find.

It was after one of those Saturdays of playing in a softball tournament that I probably pushed George and Ray too far. We stopped by a bar on the way home to have a few beers and order some lunch. As was pretty common, the talk eventually turned to women and Ray made a comment that he still could not believe that I could have landed somebody as hot as Lea. And even though it had been a dozen years since we all graduated, she still looked as hot as ever, especially compared to their wives. George then made a remark that if she had not accepted that date with me, he definitely would have eventually convinced her to let him take her out and he would have tapped that great looking body.
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